Yelp Brings Something Yummy to the State of Denmark

By: Drew Bowling - April 23, 2012

Attention Dutch gourmands both green and seasoned: ready your palates and forks and save room for your typing skills because Yelp has announced that their network of customer reviews and rankings of restaurants and businesses are now available to your country.

As of this past Friday, April 20, the online community-powered site that is often the first resort for people looking for reliable customer feedback is now offering Danes the feature to create accounts on in order to share their raves and revulsions about local businesses. For those on the go, Yelp’s apps for Android and iOS will also be made available in Denmark.

Miriam Warren, Vice President of European Marketing for Yelp, anticipates that the arrival of input from the denizens of Denmark will offer some straight-forward if not amusing reviews for Yelpers. “When you add the infamous honesty and dry wit of the average Dane to their attention to detail in all that they do (especially with regards to food preparation), we believe we have the perfect fundamentals for a thriving Yelp community,” she said in an official statement. will support a variety of languages, such as Danish, Swedish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, English, and Spanish so as to bolster the Yelp experience to an international level. Denmark is now the twelfth country to get Yelp support in Europe.

Initially, Yelp says that it will develop the Danish site in country’s capital, Copenhagen, and then branch out on a city-by-city basis.

Lastly, but not least for businesses hoping to take advantage of Yelp’s launch of a Denmark-specific site, business owners will also have access to Yelp for Business Owners. This feature will be of special importance now that Yelp has begun to offer an improved set of metrics to business owners so they can better promote their businesses on the website.

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