Yahoo Mail Still Frustrates Users A Month After Switch

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Yahoo Mail Still Frustrates Users A Month After Switch
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Last month, Yahoo finally killed Yahoo Mail Classic, about six months after launching a major redesign for Yahoo Mail. During most of the first half of the year, users still had the option to use the old version, but starting the week of June 3rd, older versions went away, forcing users to use the redesigned experience.

No big deal right? Companies redesign their products all the time. Usually it’s for the better, and the inevitable complaints from users who don’t like change die down after a short time. Well, this time, the complaints have been fast and steady, and are still going strong over a month after Yahoo made the final switch. A lot of users really just don’t seem to be happy.

Do you use Yahoo Mail? Do you like or dislike the new version? Do you miss Yahoo Mail Classic? Let us know in the comments.

It was quite evident right when Yahoo pulled the plug on Yahoo Mail Classic that some were pretty displeased. We even felt it necessary to write about this back then because there were just so many complaints. An article about this we ran in the WebProNews newsletter still continues to get search traffic on a daily basis, accompanied by more and and more complaints in the comments.

Let’s look at a few examples:

“I loved it now I hate it. I cannot do any of the things I did before the middle of June 2013. When I reply I cannot use the spell ck the bold etc. I cannot edit something to forward it as I could before or just send a reply without all the previous conversations. If it does not get back to normal or better I will be forced to get rid of it which I hate as all my friends and companies have my e mail address. Who ever was the brain that changed something that was working well needs to be fired. Next time ask people if they would like the change. I guess because it is free one cannot complain so my next step is to move on. I hope Yahoo gets the message. AOL seems to be the best next default mail. Also it seems to be one long e mail of all the sent and resent things so if you want to keep some of it guess what you have to keep all of it pics etc.”

“I think the new Yahoo webmail is atrocious, it’s a crime to force people to use such a piece of junk. It’s slow, ignores clicks, seems to repeat clicks and delete items you were expecting to delete. In terms of design, it’s awful. The size of emails is no longer on the main list, so you can’t defer opening large emails until later. You cannot adjust the size of columns. The folder list rolls off when you scroll the email list. You cannot easily delete multiple emails from the main list at once — you have to go one by one…

“I’ve been having problems with my Yahoo e-mail ever since I switched over from classic. The biggest problem is that the e-mails don’t load correctly when I click on them, leaving a blank screen, and requiring me to close the message, and click on it again, and again, and again; in order to get the message to load. Often, after multiple attempts, I have to refresh the whole page and start over just to finally get the message to load.”

“Also, though there is a supposed procedure available for users to opt-out of receiving ads; when I tried to opt-out of all advertising, it did not work correctly, and gave me a message something like: You have successfully opted out of receiving ads from 84 providers, but the process failed with these 16 companies”

“The same thing happened with the Ad Partners opt-out… And so, even though I took the time to opt-out, I am still bombarded with annoying ads; and further, I don’t know what content in my e-mails they are scanning, but the ads are totally irrelevant to me, dating services (I’m married), credit scores (not interested), criminal background checks (I’m not hiring at this time), English lessons (LOL), the list of irrelevant ads goes on and on.”

“Yet even though I receive literally hundreds of e-mails per day from my horse racing website (clockerscorner.com), I have not seen one single horse racing related ad, EVER; which leads me to believe that in fact, Yahoo isn’t attempting to send me ads which are relevant to me (although it sounds good), but instead, Yahoo is just bombarding me with ads from whichever advertisers they have available at the time.”

“For all of the above reasons, I think the time has come to abandon my Yahoo account. The problem is that I have been using it for about nine years, and I have messages being forwarded to that account from other accounts, so let’s just say it won’t be easy to migrate away from Yahoo, which I suspect is what they are counting on, that they have 280 million users’ proverbial “nuts” in a vise.”

That’s just three comments with close to two hundred upvotes among them. There are hundreds more where those came from if you want to read them.

Even a simple Twitter search for “Yahoo Mail” returns a seemingly endless amount of people experiencing issues with the service or just complaining about it in general. Here are a few just from the past hour. Again, this is a month after Yahoo Mail Classic was shut down, and there are plenty more.

Suffice it to say, the Yahoo Mail Twitter account has been busy with replies. So has the Yahoo Customer Care Twitter account that the Yahoo Mail account has been referring people to. So has the Yahoo Mail Support team at the Yahoo Help Community where the Yahoo Customer Care Twitter account has been referring people.

Now to be fair, there are probably a substantial number of users who are fine with the changes. Yahoo Mail has a ton of users, and content users of any product tend to be less vocal about their experiences than disgruntled users. This is perhaps a sad reality, but it is the truth. That said, this is a lot of complaining to still be occurring over a month after a product’s final roll-out – a product, let’s remember, that has actually been available since December.

Even the guy who ran Yahoo Mail since 2009 left the company (he now works at Disney), and rumor has it that his departure was not amicable, and that he left because he didn’t see eye-to-eye with CEO Marissa Mayer on her decision to overhaul Yahoo Mail.

And we haven’t even touched on Yahoo’s plan to give away inactive account IDs and email addresses, which at least one noted security expert has called “moronic”. That situation has its own set of opponents.

On the positive side, Yahoo did recently add some new Flickr integration to Yahoo Mail.

Is the new Yahoo Mail an improvement over the old one? For any of you who are actually happy with the product, here’s your chance to speak up and counter the naysayers. Let us know in the comments.

Yahoo Mail Still Frustrates Users A Month After Switch
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  • http://Yahooclassic Cary Grandstaff

    I don’t like the new design ,if I would have then I would have made the change a long time ago . I’ve used Yahoo mail for a number of years ,but this may mean I switch .Shame on Yahoo ,for forcing people to do something they would rather not.

  • http://YahooMail Lori

    It’s super slow, small window cluttered with ads everywhere, deleting an email is “click and pray” that it takes or at least it deletes the correct one — a nightmare.

  • molly schell

    I hate the “new” version of Yahoo Mail. It’s much less user-friendly and is very cumbersome! I want my old Yahoo back!

  • D Fuller

    I was a beta tester for yahoo mail. I have used it ever since. I tried the new interface when it was released and after 2 hours, switched back to Classic. I was able to use Classic until today. Sadly for me, it looks like I will be leaving and moving to another service. It still hangs, disconnects and the type is still too small.

  • elsie hunter

    I think the new yahoo e-mail is not user-friendly at all. I get so frustrated I just turn off the computer and then have a back log of stuff to do….everything about it is awful. I, too, will be changing soon if not corrected. I really liked the old yahoo version.

  • Jim

    What’s there to LIKE about new Yahoo? Because of the guess-how-to-get-into-your-account feature to the chuckle-chuckle-no-you-didn’t-get-it-right-again feature to the heck-no-we’ve-got-no-support-for-you feature to the yahoo-don’t-give-no-damn-about-your-e-mail-problems feature, I’ve given up.

    I’ve had my little ole Juno account since the days when Juno was powered by a kerosene lantern when the gerbils got tired of running on the wheel. I will stick by Juno and a backup account at G-Mail that I use so I can use Google Phone. Yahoo can go to blazes. (I have this fond fantasy that the Rapture occurs, and an angel stands with an outstretched hand calling “Everyone eligible goes except Yahoo e-mail employees!”

  • DT

    Classic Yahoo email worked quite well and was intuitive!

    The ‘new’ yahoo email is the WORST software I have ever used!!!


  • Christian Bardo

    This morning I tried to write an email (5) times and the YAHOO server kept
    yanking me to the yahoo home page. I could never finish my email Because of this.
    They placed a timer on my emails, having to resend my email pages again and again.
    I never had this problem with YAHOO CLASSIC. Another problem I never had to hit Printable form to actually see my entire email that i recieved. If this is supposed to be STATE OF THE ART ISP EMAIL, give me back my classic PLEASE.

  • http://askwsi.com Alexander

    I was an early adopter and must say I like the new design and color schemes. However I observe slow operation and even time-outs while loading including requests to login again. And it happens at least once per session that processed and moved emails reappear in the inbox. I prefer and use now Hotmail as my favorite email account.

  • R.S.

    Though I preffered Yahoo Classic mail the new mail was OK until a few days after switching when it began freezing all the time when loading advertisements. It forced me to constantly close windows and re log in.

    It really became frustrating especially when printing labels from orders.

    So I opted for the Mail Plus. The problem went away and the conspiracy theorist in me went into to gear. What a great idea. Force the old freeloading clients into a new product that creates enough headaches that they will be funneled into Yahoo Plus. Would love to see how much the revenue numbers went up in that line item.

    Now granted $19.95 for a year seems reasonable for the product especially since the labor involved in switching to another free product and updating all the websites with a new email address.

    Pretty slick Yahoo !

  • http://www.thecollectorshub.com The Collectors Hub

    I don’t like the new Yahoo mail interface. Its hard to switch between business accounts, everything is monochrome purple and all the text blends together. Give me back Yahoo Mail Classic!

  • Mark

    I’ve used Yahoo mail as my primary mail for over 10 yrs… things come & go.
    I dropped ‘Classic’ a couple of years ago. I like the new offering; yes problems happen, but, they are resolved.
    I prefer Yahoo to Google (I have both, but, I forward Gmail to yahoo).
    I have not come up against anything that would have me think about changing.

  • Greg

    Yahoo unfortunately believes the Google pablum that is the end user should be used for testing in order to save costs. This only works with certain software sectors and usually only free services. Unfortunately many companies agreed with this philosophy and we have had many years of terrible software – Yahoo continues to avoid the obvious problems that they have – much like other firms to be fair but since they affect core functionality it is a problem.

    I am a long time yahoo user and have been loyal even with the painful switches that have forced me to have 3 different browsers on my laptop at all times.

    When they just forced everyone off the old version (not even classic) to the new faster version it was horrible because I was not even aware it was going to happen. There are many user interface issues with their software that I can not believe Yahoo can’t find talented programmers to fix – but it would help if they actually tested the stuff before they threw it into the public domain.

    Yahoo does not seem to understand that they have to win back trust and being open versus ignoring the users would be a good first step for I am sure many, including myself would be willing to help them.

    Anyways – I continue to limp along – opening and closing mail to get it to work — at least I do not have to click on next over and over – my god that was horrible ….

  • g bell

    I hate it. I hate it. I hate. I don’t know why you have to force people to change when they are satisfied with what they had. You know the old saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”…I need help and don’t know where to get it. HELP..

  • A


  • http://Yahooclassic James Mitchell

    I am certain Yahoo realizes that the new yahoo is a garbage product.
    Obviously, it probably can be traced to either money or some senior
    management ego. I am going to accept the new as long as it takes to
    figure out how to switch to google or aol. Yahoo obviously has
    choose to ignore the fact it is a service and not a mini U.S. Government.

    • http://Yahooclassic James Mitchell

      Since most of were strong armed into this New Yahoo, perhaps
      someone will provide instructions on how to move your account
      intact, to a service which provides freedom of choice. There
      truly Is no incentive to regress to this “New Yahoo”…..

  • jerome

    They brought out New Coke–enough customers complained and it was nixed.

    They haul out new Yahoo Mail—if enough customers complain, will it be nixed?

    Someone should start an online petition.

    • http://Yahooclassic James Mitchell

      If enough leave, they will change or go under. So after the
      senior individual responsible for this garbage and the forcing
      of customers into it, is incouraged to seek
      other opportunities, yahoo wil reoffer the classic with
      perhaps some sutle changes to make it look like a new product.
      The question then will be can Yahoo be trusted not to again
      sell out there subscribers. Corporate culture rarely changes
      unless it happens at the very top. Yahoo has most certainly
      demonstrated their cultural identity wit this move.

  • Skip

    I was forced onto Yahoo when att turned their email over to them. Didn’t much care for it then , but absolutely hate it now! A real pain not to be able to find emails quickly by scrolling down. Seems to be constantly resetting itself, when going through new emails, it soon fills up its tab system and you have to clear it. Intermittent problems with contacts coming up – all in all its not gotten any better and in my opinion has taken a giant step backwards. Trying to decide how much the inconvenience of changing email address that I have had for 15 years is going to be to my contacts and all of the people that I deal with! It is fast becoming evident that it will be worth the trouble caused by making a change away from Yahoo

  • http://Yahoo Nancy Emery

    I do not like the new version of the Yahoo Classic.
    I want my old classic version of Yahoo back. E-Mails take too long and I can’t even get any support regarding how to get the old Yahoo classic back !
    This is very fustrating !

  • Lisa

    What a pain in the *** this new version is! I can’t get anything done! It freezes ALL THE TIME, shuts down, I can’t send attachments or even a simple email half the time – and for DAYS at a time!! This is why I NEVER switched until forced — I say “If it ain’t broke — don’t fix it” which in this case that statement doesn’t even apply because It’s NOT even fixed…NOW IT’S BROKE!!! Thinking of trying another service. Thank’s Yahoo :(!!

  • Conran

    The most surprising thing in all of this is that ANYONE is still using Yahoo! Google or Microsoft for their email. You may as well just CC the NSA.

    Grow a spine people, sick up for something, boycott the companies handing over your personal information to an unaccountable agency. Stop bitching about the tech issues and grow some balls.

  • Ron Bombard

    I don’t like it at all. I didn’t know anything about until I logged in. I thought I must have clicked on a button by mistake. I then asked yahoo and they told me the old version was no longer available. That stinks.

  • http://www.TieredRealEstate.com Ryan

    I am one of the users that has been so unhappy with the forced switch. The options that they offer don’t work right and now my inbox is getting even more bloated because I can’t keep up (no more showing 200 emails at a time, you have to have the scrolling feature despite the options offered) and Yahoo doesn’t seem to care. Ugh! Tough to switch after having the same e-mail address after 15 years but I may have to…


    The new design for lack of a better term, SUCKS!! It is extremely slow and sometimes just locks up and will not do anything unless you close the program out and start over.

    Yahoo Classic was perfect as far as I was concerned. Now it takes a trial and error approach to figure how to navigate the system. As the old saying goes “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”

  • “J”

    I concur with almost all of the comments regarding wanting Classic Yahoo back. Additionally, the viewing function (on the “Classic” version with the availability to decide whether I wished to view 10, or 25, or 50, or 100, or 200, or 500 e-mail listings proved to have been wonderful…receiving MANY e-mails daily this allowed me the additions of deciding (with other mail functions)to “pull-aside”/highlight many or a few items/e-mails to transfer to various e-mail folders, delete. or place in “Spam” in one “fell-swoop”/push of a button. The new yahoo (as reviewed by many others) makes for a much slower process with all its pitfalls and narrowed parameters of use.
    Alternative suggestions: Allow those wishing to be able to revert to the Classic-version to do so; Allow for a paid-for Classic Yahoo.com with constant continuation of same for those of us endeared to its use; VASTLY improve the “New” version (see other e-mails above this e-mail on the subject) for retention of many Yahoo users….”J”

  • Corinne

    Really hate the new Yahoo mail. I think the platform is a step backwards, not an improvement.

    I liked being able to isolate unread mail, starred mail, etc. Now all you can do is sort your e-mails so that these appear at the top of the list, but you sill have all of your other emails listed below them.

  • http://www.webpronews.com/ Cliff

    And I wonder if Yahoo ever question why it’s such a small company in comparison to Google. They offer the exact same services(and Yahoo offers even more), and they started out around the same period. If they could just stop doing things that make difficult for customers. Companies provide SOLUTIONS for customers in order to retain them, NOT obstacles.

  • doug

    I HATE the new Yahoo Mail!!! I resisted switching until they made me and now I’m really pissed!!! It STINKS!!!!

  • Metamagic1

    I am overly displeased with the new yahoo mail. I have to go threw every email in order to delete and most of it is spam which didn’t go to spam mail box. The classic was just that classic and user friendly. This new style has pushed me to get another mail account elsewhere that is user friendly.

  • v.dobbs@yahoo.com

    HATE, HATE, HATE the new Yahoo format and interface !! I am looking for a new email service now. I hope there is SO much negative fallout over this moronic move that that stupid CEO Marissa Mayer gets fired. I hope this turns out to be another JC Penney type situation.

    • Chris

      I am looking as well, any ideas ?

  • Jim

    I fought the change to the last minute…. I do not like this new version… I will give them and chance to change it back, if not hello G-MAIL. At least I will not have to pay G-MAIL $20 a year to use their premium service…. BBBOOOOOO WHOOOOO

  • John

    PLEASE switch us back to the old yahoo mail. The new one is terrible!!! It is NOT an improvement at all. Not sure what you’re thinking. It’s awful.

  • Judi

    I do not like the new Yahoo mail…Please let us have the option of going back to the Yahoo Mail Classic..I use Yahoo for all of my e-mail accounts and this is very upsetting to try and deal with the new design..Not user friendly..

  • John

    Yahoo is following in Google’s steps by taking away our freedom of choice.
    Its a shame that they choose NOT to listen to people who use their products and instead they would rather take away our options and force things upon us.

    Like many others have stated, perhaps it is time to find a company and / or a product that actually listens to the users and move on.

  • Yolee

    Attachments now HAVE to be downloaded to be viewed…what a hassle!

  • Steve

    Why did they change…the classic version worked great. The new yahoo email s**ks

  • http://medicalbillingbizhq.com/medical-billing-books/ Paul Hackett

    Has Yahoo never heard the saying “If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It”! I’m hoping they listen to what their users are saying on the internet and switch back to the Classic version. If they don’t respond to our concerns within a month I will close out my account and completely stop using any of their services (search engine, web hosting, etc)!

  • john rossi

    I want my classic format back!!!!

  • lrrh

    I’M slowly switching everything to another site. Don’t have features that the classic had….this new version sucks! Can’t get my contact list to come up when tyring to forward an email. Doesn’t have the back arrow ??????? So much trouble on this site…..I loved the old Yahoo – who is the new Yahoo, it’s dumb! BYE

  • v.dobbs@yahoo.com

    Why can’t they just freakin leave what actually works alone? I HATE the new Yahoo experience. Seems like another JC Penney type move..new CEO wants to “prove” herself so makes sweeping changes WITHOUT concern or input from actual users and causes massive amounts of frustration and irritation…with any luck she’ll get fired the way Ron Johnson did. Yahoo now looks a lot like Gmail and if I wanted Gmail I would have signed up for it but I don’t like Gmail’s interface and format. They are clearly trying to force people to pay for their email service by crippling some of the features we are use to AND making the ads way more annoying. I would gladly pay their $20 a year but ONLY IF they were willing to restore classic. Way to go Marissa Mayer !!!

  • John

    New yahoo mail is just awful!! NO improvements at all. Not sure why if it wasn’t broken, why try and fix it. I liked the old yahoo mail just fine. This new yahoo mail I can’t even click on compose and start typing a name and it suggest an email address from my address book anymore. Why!!! Why!!!

  • Helen

    I went to check my mail and was forced to upgrade to the NEW YAHOO. Its NOT USER FRIEENDLY FIRST, TAKES A LOT TO LEAVE Open on my browser, slows my pc AND I HATE IT. I WANT MY CLASSIC BACK NOW

  • Carla D

    It does not make a damn difference to me… I get my mail… I read it and I deal with the content …. life’s too short… and I’m too busy to worry about such trivial issues!

  • jim

    Everything about the new yahoo mail stinks, especially the ADS- HATE EM, HATE EM!!!!!!!!!!!! I am using another account. Yahoo mail can go th HHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elaine Waldron

    I absolutely detest the new Yahoo Mail and told them so. Then I get an email from them telling me there are errors in my account information and they are going to suspend it, if I don’t give them the information they request. So I did. I admit I was a bit ticked, though. I have had a couple of email addresses with them for several years. I even pay for one. I hate the fact that one can’t just log out. I end up having to log out a couple of times. And I liked the old Classic design better. And I was allowed to keep it until recently. To answer your question — NO! I do not like the new Yahoo Mail. I loved the old Classic.

  • Bob Florst

    The “New” Yahoo “Mail” is total FUBAR! I’m stunned about all of the functionality that has gone away. All of my established filters disappeared without explanation. I cannot even locate a filter section. The Yahoo Mail “Help” doesn’t match my new format. WTF!!!

  • http://toniallenauthor.com/ Toni Allen

    Today I was forced to swap to the new Yahoo mail and it’s dreadful. I ahven’t been able to turn off those dreadful adverts that flash along the side and affect my site. I can get rid of them for each mail but it’s a chore. At least with the ads along the top I could scroll down and avoid them. Anyway, what’s the point?! I’ve just purchased something off the company they’re advertising, and I don’t need to shop there again!

    The layout is messy and non-intuitive. It took me ages to find the reply button. Like, what was wrong with teh word reply??? The colours are morbid and dreadful, the pale blue was much more relaxing…oh yeah, I can have snowflakes in July if I want cool.

    The red flag has turned into a star. No, I’m not rating email, I just need a reminder to answer it…as some point.

    It’s a pity they’ve trashed it. I’ve read some other comments and I haven’t tried doing some of the functions they mention yet…perhaps I never will be able to again. The worst insult is that they’ve taken the chicken away on the emoticons! That was my sign off chicken…now I’m reduced to a boring smiley.

  • Glynn Burkhardt

    Whoever designed this new Yahoo mail need their head examined. Its difficult to use and a mess compared to the old mail system. As the COO of a publicly trading company I don’t have time for this B.S. so I have started using my G-mail account more and more. Even though its a pain as well, it’s still easier to use than the new Yahoo mail.

  • Joyce

    I really loved the classic Yahoo. Now I cannot get it back…what to do!!!??? Just got slammed into using what I didn’t choose. Change when not asked for is hard. Will Classic ever com back? Hope so.

  • Vittoria

    p.s. The “improved” Yahoo mail just moved three emails from my inbox to my trash folder. I did not delete them.

    Oh, boy.

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