Yahoo Mail Still Frustrates Users A Month After Switch

    July 11, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Last month, Yahoo finally killed Yahoo Mail Classic, about six months after launching a major redesign for Yahoo Mail. During most of the first half of the year, users still had the option to use the old version, but starting the week of June 3rd, older versions went away, forcing users to use the redesigned experience.

No big deal right? Companies redesign their products all the time. Usually it’s for the better, and the inevitable complaints from users who don’t like change die down after a short time. Well, this time, the complaints have been fast and steady, and are still going strong over a month after Yahoo made the final switch. A lot of users really just don’t seem to be happy.

Do you use Yahoo Mail? Do you like or dislike the new version? Do you miss Yahoo Mail Classic? Let us know in the comments.

It was quite evident right when Yahoo pulled the plug on Yahoo Mail Classic that some were pretty displeased. We even felt it necessary to write about this back then because there were just so many complaints. An article about this we ran in the WebProNews newsletter still continues to get search traffic on a daily basis, accompanied by more and and more complaints in the comments.

Let’s look at a few examples:

“I loved it now I hate it. I cannot do any of the things I did before the middle of June 2013. When I reply I cannot use the spell ck the bold etc. I cannot edit something to forward it as I could before or just send a reply without all the previous conversations. If it does not get back to normal or better I will be forced to get rid of it which I hate as all my friends and companies have my e mail address. Who ever was the brain that changed something that was working well needs to be fired. Next time ask people if they would like the change. I guess because it is free one cannot complain so my next step is to move on. I hope Yahoo gets the message. AOL seems to be the best next default mail. Also it seems to be one long e mail of all the sent and resent things so if you want to keep some of it guess what you have to keep all of it pics etc.”

“I think the new Yahoo webmail is atrocious, it’s a crime to force people to use such a piece of junk. It’s slow, ignores clicks, seems to repeat clicks and delete items you were expecting to delete. In terms of design, it’s awful. The size of emails is no longer on the main list, so you can’t defer opening large emails until later. You cannot adjust the size of columns. The folder list rolls off when you scroll the email list. You cannot easily delete multiple emails from the main list at once — you have to go one by one…

“I’ve been having problems with my Yahoo e-mail ever since I switched over from classic. The biggest problem is that the e-mails don’t load correctly when I click on them, leaving a blank screen, and requiring me to close the message, and click on it again, and again, and again; in order to get the message to load. Often, after multiple attempts, I have to refresh the whole page and start over just to finally get the message to load.”

“Also, though there is a supposed procedure available for users to opt-out of receiving ads; when I tried to opt-out of all advertising, it did not work correctly, and gave me a message something like: You have successfully opted out of receiving ads from 84 providers, but the process failed with these 16 companies”

“The same thing happened with the Ad Partners opt-out… And so, even though I took the time to opt-out, I am still bombarded with annoying ads; and further, I don’t know what content in my e-mails they are scanning, but the ads are totally irrelevant to me, dating services (I’m married), credit scores (not interested), criminal background checks (I’m not hiring at this time), English lessons (LOL), the list of irrelevant ads goes on and on.”

“Yet even though I receive literally hundreds of e-mails per day from my horse racing website (clockerscorner.com), I have not seen one single horse racing related ad, EVER; which leads me to believe that in fact, Yahoo isn’t attempting to send me ads which are relevant to me (although it sounds good), but instead, Yahoo is just bombarding me with ads from whichever advertisers they have available at the time.”

“For all of the above reasons, I think the time has come to abandon my Yahoo account. The problem is that I have been using it for about nine years, and I have messages being forwarded to that account from other accounts, so let’s just say it won’t be easy to migrate away from Yahoo, which I suspect is what they are counting on, that they have 280 million users’ proverbial “nuts” in a vise.”

That’s just three comments with close to two hundred upvotes among them. There are hundreds more where those came from if you want to read them.

Even a simple Twitter search for “Yahoo Mail” returns a seemingly endless amount of people experiencing issues with the service or just complaining about it in general. Here are a few just from the past hour. Again, this is a month after Yahoo Mail Classic was shut down, and there are plenty more.

Suffice it to say, the Yahoo Mail Twitter account has been busy with replies. So has the Yahoo Customer Care Twitter account that the Yahoo Mail account has been referring people to. So has the Yahoo Mail Support team at the Yahoo Help Community where the Yahoo Customer Care Twitter account has been referring people.

Now to be fair, there are probably a substantial number of users who are fine with the changes. Yahoo Mail has a ton of users, and content users of any product tend to be less vocal about their experiences than disgruntled users. This is perhaps a sad reality, but it is the truth. That said, this is a lot of complaining to still be occurring over a month after a product’s final roll-out – a product, let’s remember, that has actually been available since December.

Even the guy who ran Yahoo Mail since 2009 left the company (he now works at Disney), and rumor has it that his departure was not amicable, and that he left because he didn’t see eye-to-eye with CEO Marissa Mayer on her decision to overhaul Yahoo Mail.

And we haven’t even touched on Yahoo’s plan to give away inactive account IDs and email addresses, which at least one noted security expert has called “moronic”. That situation has its own set of opponents.

On the positive side, Yahoo did recently add some new Flickr integration to Yahoo Mail.

Is the new Yahoo Mail an improvement over the old one? For any of you who are actually happy with the product, here’s your chance to speak up and counter the naysayers. Let us know in the comments.

  • http://yahoomail jennifer mercurio

    Everytime I try to get on yahoo the pay is down. Its constant how do I get my mail. Idl this new version of yahoo

    • Johnnie

      I want my Classic back now. Right now.

      • Josephine Trevathan

        I do not like or want the new e-mail I want my classic email back it sucks bad

        • http://noidonotlikenewstuffbecauseican'tgetittomyemail larry

          i still can not get into my e mail

          • Mark

            It Sucks…i have the same problem, can see my messages but yahoo will not open them. Last week it worked better but I could not send attachments from my puter…now it is worse.

            The new design is to bomb the user with even more ads. Now they have done it…all ads but a useless e-mail account…money for nothing.

      • S B

        In want the old Yahoo format back.
        I hardly function at all anymore…
        The send button vanishes.
        I can’t download attachments…
        I can’t underline, etc……
        PLEASE, CARE.
        The Yahoo format was fine as it was…
        These ads at the top are problematic. Should not be there.
        The new format was ill conceived. It is a MESS!
        When we err, we stop, and comply with the demand.
        Bring back the normal Yahoo as we all knew it.
        Thank you.

    • Andy

      Is it me or is no one capable of writing a complete sentence anymore? Everybody writes like a f*c*ing moron.

  • madhusudan

    please switch over to old classic version pl.Otherwise i will close my account.

    • Miranda

      So will I!

  • http://YahooMailvsYahooMailClassic Warren Atkins

    Both my wife and I are very upset at the loss of the old Yahoo Mail Classic AND the poor performance of the new Yahoo mail. Neither of us like the design, the layout NOR the function of the new Yahoo Mail. We both continuously have delivery issues with both sent and received emails and frequently receive non-delivery notices saying that the mail service tried to deliver the mail for too long a period. Friends that email us report the same error messages for their emails addressed to us. Bring back the Classic Mail service as it is something we could depend on, and it worked!!!!

    • Colin Instone

      Totally agree with comments!! Cannot understand changing anything
      “for change sake” Espcially something that is considerablly worse than the previous version? “If it aint broke don’t fix it!!”

  • Jess

    Absolutely DETEST everything about the new Yahoo Mail. LOVED Yahoo Mail Classic … it was just that … CLASSIC … so good, easy on the eye, easy to navigate and functional … nice blue colour (as opposed to the dreadful purple) had large, bold, easy to read fonts … yes … it was CLASSIC. Why did some idiot have to change a good thing … or at least, not give customers the option to keep Classic if they so desired. I know of hundreds who are now looking for other email options … and once they find one that suits (and Telstra.com, which is similar to the Yahoo Mail Classic, springs to mind) they WILL NOT RETURN to Yahoo Mail. You will have customers leaving in droves … and so you deserve what you get! Whatever happened to the adage ‘THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT”?! It would appear that Yahoo thinks they are a law unto themselves. I have read thousands of complaints on Yahoo “suggestions” boards, but get the impression that these “suggestions” boards are just for show and you DO NOT LISTEN to what your customers are saying. If you are, then that is worse, as you are totally IGNORING them! Very disgruntled soon to be ex Yahoo Mail user here!

    • Derynos

      Poor Yahoo! Corporate suicide ! Or was it sabotage?

  • Maggie

    In typical Yahoo! fashion, they’ve fixed something that isn’t broken. Why do they continue to frustrate their users (13 years for me!) redesigning something that works just fine!

    Trying to compose a new e-mail, the “new” feature is gone (compose instead) and it won’t even format the text on the page correctly.

    Also, if you choose “Basic” instead of the “fancy” version, all the “options” such as going back to Yahoo! classic are gone.

    Also, composing a new mail, hovering on the “To” record, won’t get your “Contacts” box to come up.

    Nothing “new” about Yahoo!’s lousy service.
    the “options”, such as going back to Yahoo! mail classic are gone! It won’t even format the text on the

    • Ronald Greene

      It is a nigthmare. I cannot type anything as it just quits and then suddenly this stupid thing open up and I can not turn it off
      and it is driving me nuts. Please do someting right for once.

  • Miranda

    Quite simply … heads need to roll with this disastrous decision!
    A “classic” example of someone with power that’s too big for their boots … it’s gone to their head … and they have not considered what others want. Why didn’t they get their users to vote before removing “Yahoo Mail Classic” permanently?! It beggars belief!

    Oh, well … at least all the other “free” email sites will be applauding this move … they will be picking up users in their thousands … and I’ll be one of them!

  • Arhtur Fietze

    Why can’t we comment on news like we used too a month ago…In these times it is impotant…We need the fredom to comment, so the world can improve…It is like a world wide election format…This is what is supposed to happen…Don’t turn yahoo into a “Bernie Madoff” enterprise, where profit for the few is the only goal….

  • maureen

    I do not like the new yahoo!!! How do i go back???

  • Marilyn Winterer

    I would like to revert to a more classic style of yahoo mail or at least have my address book back to use cc, bcc, etc.

  • Diana

    I think that the old classic version was the best for people that are using a desktop. You do not need most of the other things for a laptop. The old classic version for email was easier to use. I do not see the need for the change!

  • http://NEWYAHOOMAIL Elaine

    I am legally blind and only able to see via microsoft magnifier what the cursor is pointing at. I cannot see a whole of portion of a page.
    I use email from memory. Classic has served me well since 1999, I didn’t know I would be forced out until this a.m., since I can’t readily read anything I didn’t pay notice to the prompt.
    Last time they tried this I was able to get back to classic.
    The mensa brain that dream this crappy new page should look up the word classic…….an he/she should be fired or sit here and listen to a 77 yrear old lady cry because something else has been taken away from her.

    • Michel St Denis

      I think that if you are legelly blind you could bring them to court and sue them for the hardships they are causing you.



  • tara

    The page has no definition, no distinction. It just seems like a big, grey, muted mass of words. Did anyone from the graphics department take a look at it? Ugh! Bring back the classic version!



  • Carl Bradley

    I hate the new mail—it takes me four times as long to look through my inbox. I will be switching to Gmail and dropping Yahoo entirely as I cannot waste my time like that. (Gmail was inferior to Yahoo classic, but now it is 1000% better than this crap they have dumped on us.)

  • Toby

    Forcing yahoo customers to switch to the worthless new yahoo is extremely rude and not allowing email access unless we comply to the new yahoo is tyranny.
    Yahoo classic was the best; the new yahoo is too prone to being hacked and is already flood with viruses, not to mention it is not user friendly, fire the developer that designed it and fire the software testers for not reporting the bugs.
    Has Yahoo has been hiring illegal aliens? if so, then that is the cause yahoo is getting so dysfunctional.
    Listen to your elders: when something works great don’t change it.

    • Mario Castaldo

      Yahoo classic was great,never any problem,the new
      version it-is garbage,got mi so infuriate,non able
      to stay in communication with friend and family.
      The solution;get the CLASSIC back delete the garbage you want us to use before we all switch to others.

  • http://yahoo glenadine ruppert

    Why do think this new format is better. I can only see a few emails at a time and it very frustrating. It is not clear and everything is all scrunched up. I am very unhappy with this. It makes me want to scream.

  • http://www.mindmagic123.com Holistic Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy – Los Angeles

    I can only echo the sentiments of others. I sent emails to yahoo after the switch, demanding Classic, not even a reply. There are both functional and design issues. Why are we now unable to read the full email title if it is long? A fact that always irritated me on gmail. etc. etc. Slow, difficult to read. Commands are flawed.

    I think it is designed to look better on mobiles, but why not allow classic on desktops? This is my business email, and integrated into it for years. I also pay for their professional service, $20.00 per year, otherwise I would leave in a flash.

  • http://toypoodles.co.nf John

    I didnt realize that yahoo had changed. It has always been harder to use as a mail service than my outlook but is more transportable.

  • http://toypoodles.co.nf John

    Nope. I didn’t realize that yahoo had changed. It has always been harder to use as a mail service than my outlook but is more transportable.

  • Vittoria

    Marissa Meyer is a power freak who, apparently, sought to overhaul Yahoo mail for no other reason than to say she did. It’s a slow, unwieldy, unsightly piece of crap.

    The “improved” Yahoo mail,
    Universally panned,
    Should lose Yahoo users
    And get Meyer canned.

  • Corinne J Walker

    This new version is ugly, not user friendly, having trouble entering multiple addresses when I want to forward. Please return to original e-mail format.

  • tony poe

    Everything is slower and when I try to forward an email there is a delay. I have to save it to a draft and wait several minutes before I can send. There was nothing wrong with the Classic version. I don’t know why they changed it. I am not happy.

  • Gregory Waldron

    All of a sudden I am having to sign in every 10 – 15 minutes. Yahoo Plus was suppose to stop that from happening. After paying $19.95 for Yahoo Plus I still have to sign in every 10 -15 minutes. As an online affiliate marketer who also holds down a 12 hour a day “regular”job. I do not have the time to sign in every few minutes. I have went to the Yaho Help pages and followed all instructions. No help!!If things remain this way I will drop Yahoo completely.

  • Panos Diotis

    The problem is not the design. The problem is that the new UI has BUGS! It stays in some sort of loop very often, were NOTHING happens even though you have selected a folder to view its mail.
    The most annoying thing is, that when you delete something, sometimes it takes a few seconds, you ‘re not sure if it’s working, you click again “delete” and then it deletes of couse both the selected item and the one that is next below…:)

    • tara

      …and…the design is also a problem.

  • Sherry

    I am continually receiving lessons on patience when trying to use the new yahoo mail! most of the time, I cannot get it functioning properly. Messages ie” cannot load mail sorry there seems to be a problem, try again later, etc. etc. OR mail will not load at all and when it does, it is as slow as a snail. I have also had to resend emails to business associates because they have either NOT received what I sent them OR I have not received what they have sent me. My time is valuable and I depend on a functioning email service to manage my emails for my business. I am not very impressed with the NEW yahoo email service…I would like my old one back, if possible! It works fine – IF IT ISN’T BROKEN, DON’T FIX IT!!!

  • Ghis

    I’ve used Yahoo mail for more than 10 years. Since I’m from french Canada and because there was no french version of Yahoo.ca at the time, I used Yahoo.fr but I also created some emails in yahoo.ca when they added a french version.

    The Problem is that when they redesigned, they combined every accounts of mine in a single one (which might seems good) but by doing so they turn-off access and view to some of the older accounts (and the stuff related: agendas and so on), leaving the agenda continue to send advises and so on without access for me to change anything. It’s like there are agandas running with nobody to take care of!! There’s no way I can access it as they allways switch to the main account as soon as I try to connect with another email account I had!

    I’m Very angry! A real mess!

  • Vittoria

    The New Yahoo Mail’s slogan: If it ain’t broke…Break it!

  • http://condommachines.com C. York

    I do not like the “NEW” E-mail. Pls. go back to classic.

  • C

    New version of Yahoo Mail is absolutely one of the worst pieces of PC software/ultilities I have ever struggled with. Hoping Yajoo gets their act together real soon or I like others will be switching off to something else that works.

  • http://www.grecosystems.com Vito Greco

    Yahoo can’t seem to improve anything without creating more problems than it’s worth. I prefer classic because it was stable, making it useful for our business. Now I’m considering a change in our corporate approach.

  • Blaine


  • michaEL JOHNSON


  • aloysiousfarquart

    We were not forced to switch to the new (basic) Mail until today. Imagine our amusement at finding it relatively unchanged except for fonts and colors, but the “Select all” function is now gone, and we assume some nitwit considered this some sort of “improvement”.

  • Rick

    Yaho mail sux. Whoever changed it had never heard “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

  • judy s

    I hate the new yahoo mail. Half the time I don’t even know who it is from…I can’t to the “edit” portion of spam to block email. I hate it and am think of getting rid of yahoo. Please let me go back to the old classic yahoo…..bye the way….the first day I got the new yahoo I was hack by a yahoo virus…..thanks guys!

  • R Larrison

    I hate it!!!! Boy talk about messing up a good thing!

  • Charlie

    Yahoo appears to be trying to get rid of customers. I am waiting for a new company to get thier email system operational and I will transfer all of my activity to “Startpage”. Yahoo will not have to worry about me after that. The new Homepage is horrible, the new email system is horrible. It appears the CEO might be working for more than one employer. If Mayer stays at Yahoo for a few more years she will be $200,000,000.00 richer and Yahoo will be a memory.

  • Khon

    I rarely use the website for anything more than sorting stored mail. Thunderbird is the front end I use. It also has it’s quirks, but you can get use to anything if you want. My wife & mother don’t like the hotmail replacement of outlook.com, using livemail keeps a semblance of consistency for them.

  • http://www.telphotographjy.com Ted E. Lane

    I want to add my two cents along with all the other disgruntled e-mail users. The change in e-mail format has not been explained, just “forced” upon the users. I’m afraid I may be “forced” to change carriers, too. There’s no place to click to reply to a message, and the forward, and even delete buttons don’t seem to work. I can’t even find a place that guides me as to how to make the change. This is frustrating to the point of withdrawing !!!!!!!!!!

  • joe karr

    As you all know, yahoo promised that there would be no loss of data, when one was forced to change from yahoo mail classic , to basic, or enhanced yahoo mail….ah yes, the promise of nerds…..I LOST ALL MY FOLDERS, IMMEDIATELY, WHEN I SWITCHED…..and, of course, there is no way to contact yahoo about this…endless menus of q and a, followed by a text in italics, saying “we can’t help with your problem.” Also, if you comment under a yahoo news story, the “bell” that let you know that you were answered by someone, and present on the opening mail classic page, is now in My Yahoo…one again, .it used to be on the opening mail page, in mail classic… and finally, the top news stories on the mail classic first page, are gone , no news, on the basic page – just mail….the folder disappearance issue is absurd, but many other functions that were fun to use, or very handy, in mail classic, are now GONE in the “improved” yahoo mail. this kind of nonsense seems prevalent, now, in internet land, where bright eyed nerds can NEVER leave well enough alone……

  • Sally

    I don’t like that you have to scroll and scroll to the e-mails. I liked it better when there were a number amount of e-mails to a page and you clicked “next” at the bottom to get to the next page.

    I don’t know if others experience this, but what’s up with the advertisements? I especially hate the one on the right. It keeps maximizing and covers my entire e-mail.

    I’m switching to gmail.

  • http://webaukhosting.net Morris

    Classic all the time. and I miss it

  • Jim

    The new yahoo email still sucks after a month.
    Defeatured piece of crap!
    Can’t search emails by selection of folders
    Can’t easily search by date.
    Can’t easily search by field or combination of fields.
    Can’t open an selection of emails without immediately jumping to that email…… I used to open several in new tabs from the inbox, and then go read them…. now as soon as I select one to open… I’m placed in that email…. and have to go back to the inbox to open the next one.
    Looking for an alternative, but have probably 20 years worth of yahoo mail…… could be more accurate a month ago, but can’t sort by date, or jump to the oldest anymore….. so just have to estimate…… yet another reason to hate the new version.

    • http://yahoo nichole

      I won’t da OLD yahoo back I don’t like this at all

  • Cory Carrier

    I HATE the new format. I don’t see any advantage to me as a user, I just see a lot of “Big Brother” stuff going on. I know that Yahoo Mail is FREE, but still why do I have to be forced into a new format that SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Chris

      I am a pay yahoo mail customer, and would gladly remain one if I were able to keep my classic format

  • Hollyce Jeffriess

    I hate the new yahoo mail, I can’t find messages, and can’t opt to read only unread ones!!!! just switched me yesterday, GRRRRRR! :(

  • http://www.zeussystems.com James Coulombe

    As a person involved heavily in Web & Information systems, I think it’s really important to continuously strive to improve and refine your products & services. In 2011, Yahoo provided a new upgrade to their mail but allowed users to switch back to their classic mail. This was a wise choice for loyalty, but then they need to support two web based systems all the time, addressing browser/security and user issues so really this is not cost effective for any organization. I don’t think the grass is greener with the competition though, as all the web based interfaces seem to be more and more confusing with new & innovative but seldom used features. This coupled with with crammed advertisements in virtually every corner that distract us with context sensitive ads mined from the very words in our own emails! At the end of the day, it’s really hard to complain about a product that is free and expect it to be a complete solution that never changes or evolves. What I find more interesting is people are becoming less and less receptive to adopting a new way of doing something. The younger audience will take to a new information system portal much easier than one like the radical change that Yahoo has done. Do I like it? NO! But I will get used to it. What we should be more concerned about is the philosophy of a company that recycles old email user names opening up security nightmares for it’s user base. One thing is for sure, with only 8% of market share, we all forgot or were forgetting about Yahoo until this shake up, so kudos to them for making this a marketing opportunity that grabs headlines and puts them back on our radar.

    • jerome

      Sounds like you work for Yahoo

      • bob

        Seconded,what a scumbag company.Too bad they already shot themselves in the foot,I would have liked to have done it myself.

        Did you get that NSA?

    • Vittoria

      Yeah, Jerome, speak for yourself. Yahoo Mail’s not “free” for me. I paid for Yahoo classic, and now I’m paying for buggy piece of shit. And you sound like a shill.

    • Derek

      James, sounds like you have never actually used Yahoo’s new webmail interface. It’s not about ‘a younger audience’ or a changing philosophy. It’s that the UI doesn’t work. Consistently with this ‘new’ version buttons or messages or changing folders – simple one-click actions – just don’t work. The interface hangs or takes several minutes to respond. It’s absolutely ridiculous how poor the performance is. It’s not about new and innovative features, it’s about basic functionality, plain and simple.

    • Steve Beck

      James how much do they pay you to shill for them? It’s a piece of garbage that’s getting worse day by day. Yahoo management has the intelligence of a turnip.

  • F Goulet

    I am thoroughly frustrated that I can no longer use nicknames but have to type a letter or two then move my hand to the mouse. So wasteful. Makes me think we’d better evolve a third hand soon.
    I am also disappointed that my signature box cannot be modified to adjust font or anything else but perversely sticks to the format I use for the letter.

  • http://allthingsparchmentcraft.blogspot.com Vickie D.

    I absolutely HATE the “new” mail. If I didn’t have to use it at all, I would be one happy camper…..please tell Yahoo to get their heads out of their butts and either fix the “new” version or bring back the old, good version that always worked!!!!!

  • Kim

    I have been struggling with this crap for a month. The format is awful, there are delays when changing screens, some screens will not come up, you can’t click “to” for some people, “cc” for others, and “bcc” for others, but have to keep going into contacts and picking for each bar, catagorys are impossible to use for “bcc” you have to put them in the “to” bar, then copy and paste to the “bcc” bar, struggling to edit e-mail contacts, the dual window makes you have to keep scrolling up and down to change font or bold or etc, when you change files you have to keep scrolling back up to the top of the page to get to the files, jerky movements, freezes in place, constant buffering, getting kicked out of my own e-mail…I can’t stand it anymore!!!! I have sent feedback to company in “Customer Feedback” because when I finally had to resort to calling on the phone as no one would help me on line- and found out no one will answer the phone!
    This morning it finally reduced me to tears as I could not get anything done. I NEVER CRY!! I hate this so much that I am going to change service. It is going to be so hard with all my contacts, files, etc but it can’t be as hard as this e-mail!

    I HATE you Yahoo!

    • Dave Hayes

      I could find no way to use Bcc at all.
      To the right of the “To” line there is a small “CC” button, & only after you click that do you get a “BCC” button. One of MANY really stupid “features” of this “upgrade”.
      I’ve ONLY ever used yahoo for e-mail, but they may have talked me into trying something else.
      People who like G-mail won’t change to something else for copying G-mail, & people who liked Yahoo, generally won’t like something looking different. Is that really so hard to predict!?

    • m.j.

      One of the things people are consistently avoiding discussing is the fact that AS OF JULY 9TH when (those of us who were holding out as long as possible) were FORCED to accept the NEW change…was that, in the fine print, you were accepting that Yaboos! scan the CONTENT of your email “for marketing purposes”. If you watch your task manager, it’s sucking up so much bandwidth while you’re account is open, that it literally slows EVERYTHING down! I HATE THIS OBSESSION WITH HAVING TO CHANGE and be FORCED into having your PRIVATE EMAIL scanned.

      That’s the reason the other “user interface” commands have suffered… they’ve become a low priority for Yaboo! …while they get busy scanning our emails for something else to sell us… or worse.


      WHY do we think it’s okay now, when it happens to be in cyberspace instead of on the street?????

  • http://Yahooclassic Cary Grandstaff

    I don’t like the new design ,if I would have then I would have made the change a long time ago . I’ve used Yahoo mail for a number of years ,but this may mean I switch .Shame on Yahoo ,for forcing people to do something they would rather not.

  • http://YahooMail Lori

    It’s super slow, small window cluttered with ads everywhere, deleting an email is “click and pray” that it takes or at least it deletes the correct one — a nightmare.

  • molly schell

    I hate the “new” version of Yahoo Mail. It’s much less user-friendly and is very cumbersome! I want my old Yahoo back!

  • D Fuller

    I was a beta tester for yahoo mail. I have used it ever since. I tried the new interface when it was released and after 2 hours, switched back to Classic. I was able to use Classic until today. Sadly for me, it looks like I will be leaving and moving to another service. It still hangs, disconnects and the type is still too small.

  • elsie hunter

    I think the new yahoo e-mail is not user-friendly at all. I get so frustrated I just turn off the computer and then have a back log of stuff to do….everything about it is awful. I, too, will be changing soon if not corrected. I really liked the old yahoo version.

  • Jim

    What’s there to LIKE about new Yahoo? Because of the guess-how-to-get-into-your-account feature to the chuckle-chuckle-no-you-didn’t-get-it-right-again feature to the heck-no-we’ve-got-no-support-for-you feature to the yahoo-don’t-give-no-damn-about-your-e-mail-problems feature, I’ve given up.

    I’ve had my little ole Juno account since the days when Juno was powered by a kerosene lantern when the gerbils got tired of running on the wheel. I will stick by Juno and a backup account at G-Mail that I use so I can use Google Phone. Yahoo can go to blazes. (I have this fond fantasy that the Rapture occurs, and an angel stands with an outstretched hand calling “Everyone eligible goes except Yahoo e-mail employees!”

  • DT

    Classic Yahoo email worked quite well and was intuitive!

    The ‘new’ yahoo email is the WORST software I have ever used!!!


  • Christian Bardo

    This morning I tried to write an email (5) times and the YAHOO server kept
    yanking me to the yahoo home page. I could never finish my email Because of this.
    They placed a timer on my emails, having to resend my email pages again and again.
    I never had this problem with YAHOO CLASSIC. Another problem I never had to hit Printable form to actually see my entire email that i recieved. If this is supposed to be STATE OF THE ART ISP EMAIL, give me back my classic PLEASE.

  • http://askwsi.com Alexander

    I was an early adopter and must say I like the new design and color schemes. However I observe slow operation and even time-outs while loading including requests to login again. And it happens at least once per session that processed and moved emails reappear in the inbox. I prefer and use now Hotmail as my favorite email account.

  • R.S.

    Though I preffered Yahoo Classic mail the new mail was OK until a few days after switching when it began freezing all the time when loading advertisements. It forced me to constantly close windows and re log in.

    It really became frustrating especially when printing labels from orders.

    So I opted for the Mail Plus. The problem went away and the conspiracy theorist in me went into to gear. What a great idea. Force the old freeloading clients into a new product that creates enough headaches that they will be funneled into Yahoo Plus. Would love to see how much the revenue numbers went up in that line item.

    Now granted $19.95 for a year seems reasonable for the product especially since the labor involved in switching to another free product and updating all the websites with a new email address.

    Pretty slick Yahoo !

  • http://www.thecollectorshub.com The Collectors Hub

    I don’t like the new Yahoo mail interface. Its hard to switch between business accounts, everything is monochrome purple and all the text blends together. Give me back Yahoo Mail Classic!

  • Mark

    I’ve used Yahoo mail as my primary mail for over 10 yrs… things come & go.
    I dropped ‘Classic’ a couple of years ago. I like the new offering; yes problems happen, but, they are resolved.
    I prefer Yahoo to Google (I have both, but, I forward Gmail to yahoo).
    I have not come up against anything that would have me think about changing.

  • Greg

    Yahoo unfortunately believes the Google pablum that is the end user should be used for testing in order to save costs. This only works with certain software sectors and usually only free services. Unfortunately many companies agreed with this philosophy and we have had many years of terrible software – Yahoo continues to avoid the obvious problems that they have – much like other firms to be fair but since they affect core functionality it is a problem.

    I am a long time yahoo user and have been loyal even with the painful switches that have forced me to have 3 different browsers on my laptop at all times.

    When they just forced everyone off the old version (not even classic) to the new faster version it was horrible because I was not even aware it was going to happen. There are many user interface issues with their software that I can not believe Yahoo can’t find talented programmers to fix – but it would help if they actually tested the stuff before they threw it into the public domain.

    Yahoo does not seem to understand that they have to win back trust and being open versus ignoring the users would be a good first step for I am sure many, including myself would be willing to help them.

    Anyways – I continue to limp along – opening and closing mail to get it to work — at least I do not have to click on next over and over – my god that was horrible ….

  • g bell

    I hate it. I hate it. I hate. I don’t know why you have to force people to change when they are satisfied with what they had. You know the old saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”…I need help and don’t know where to get it. HELP..

  • A


  • http://Yahooclassic James Mitchell

    I am certain Yahoo realizes that the new yahoo is a garbage product.
    Obviously, it probably can be traced to either money or some senior
    management ego. I am going to accept the new as long as it takes to
    figure out how to switch to google or aol. Yahoo obviously has
    choose to ignore the fact it is a service and not a mini U.S. Government.

    • http://Yahooclassic James Mitchell

      Since most of were strong armed into this New Yahoo, perhaps
      someone will provide instructions on how to move your account
      intact, to a service which provides freedom of choice. There
      truly Is no incentive to regress to this “New Yahoo”…..

  • jerome

    They brought out New Coke–enough customers complained and it was nixed.

    They haul out new Yahoo Mail—if enough customers complain, will it be nixed?

    Someone should start an online petition.

    • http://Yahooclassic James Mitchell

      If enough leave, they will change or go under. So after the
      senior individual responsible for this garbage and the forcing
      of customers into it, is incouraged to seek
      other opportunities, yahoo wil reoffer the classic with
      perhaps some sutle changes to make it look like a new product.
      The question then will be can Yahoo be trusted not to again
      sell out there subscribers. Corporate culture rarely changes
      unless it happens at the very top. Yahoo has most certainly
      demonstrated their cultural identity wit this move.

  • Skip

    I was forced onto Yahoo when att turned their email over to them. Didn’t much care for it then , but absolutely hate it now! A real pain not to be able to find emails quickly by scrolling down. Seems to be constantly resetting itself, when going through new emails, it soon fills up its tab system and you have to clear it. Intermittent problems with contacts coming up – all in all its not gotten any better and in my opinion has taken a giant step backwards. Trying to decide how much the inconvenience of changing email address that I have had for 15 years is going to be to my contacts and all of the people that I deal with! It is fast becoming evident that it will be worth the trouble caused by making a change away from Yahoo

  • http://Yahoo Nancy Emery

    I do not like the new version of the Yahoo Classic.
    I want my old classic version of Yahoo back. E-Mails take too long and I can’t even get any support regarding how to get the old Yahoo classic back !
    This is very fustrating !

  • Lisa

    What a pain in the *** this new version is! I can’t get anything done! It freezes ALL THE TIME, shuts down, I can’t send attachments or even a simple email half the time – and for DAYS at a time!! This is why I NEVER switched until forced — I say “If it ain’t broke — don’t fix it” which in this case that statement doesn’t even apply because It’s NOT even fixed…NOW IT’S BROKE!!! Thinking of trying another service. Thank’s Yahoo :(!!

  • Conran

    The most surprising thing in all of this is that ANYONE is still using Yahoo! Google or Microsoft for their email. You may as well just CC the NSA.

    Grow a spine people, sick up for something, boycott the companies handing over your personal information to an unaccountable agency. Stop bitching about the tech issues and grow some balls.

  • Ron Bombard

    I don’t like it at all. I didn’t know anything about until I logged in. I thought I must have clicked on a button by mistake. I then asked yahoo and they told me the old version was no longer available. That stinks.

  • http://www.TieredRealEstate.com Ryan

    I am one of the users that has been so unhappy with the forced switch. The options that they offer don’t work right and now my inbox is getting even more bloated because I can’t keep up (no more showing 200 emails at a time, you have to have the scrolling feature despite the options offered) and Yahoo doesn’t seem to care. Ugh! Tough to switch after having the same e-mail address after 15 years but I may have to…


    The new design for lack of a better term, SUCKS!! It is extremely slow and sometimes just locks up and will not do anything unless you close the program out and start over.

    Yahoo Classic was perfect as far as I was concerned. Now it takes a trial and error approach to figure how to navigate the system. As the old saying goes “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”

  • “J”

    I concur with almost all of the comments regarding wanting Classic Yahoo back. Additionally, the viewing function (on the “Classic” version with the availability to decide whether I wished to view 10, or 25, or 50, or 100, or 200, or 500 e-mail listings proved to have been wonderful…receiving MANY e-mails daily this allowed me the additions of deciding (with other mail functions)to “pull-aside”/highlight many or a few items/e-mails to transfer to various e-mail folders, delete. or place in “Spam” in one “fell-swoop”/push of a button. The new yahoo (as reviewed by many others) makes for a much slower process with all its pitfalls and narrowed parameters of use.
    Alternative suggestions: Allow those wishing to be able to revert to the Classic-version to do so; Allow for a paid-for Classic Yahoo.com with constant continuation of same for those of us endeared to its use; VASTLY improve the “New” version (see other e-mails above this e-mail on the subject) for retention of many Yahoo users….”J”

  • Corinne

    Really hate the new Yahoo mail. I think the platform is a step backwards, not an improvement.

    I liked being able to isolate unread mail, starred mail, etc. Now all you can do is sort your e-mails so that these appear at the top of the list, but you sill have all of your other emails listed below them.

  • http://www.webpronews.com/ Cliff

    And I wonder if Yahoo ever question why it’s such a small company in comparison to Google. They offer the exact same services(and Yahoo offers even more), and they started out around the same period. If they could just stop doing things that make difficult for customers. Companies provide SOLUTIONS for customers in order to retain them, NOT obstacles.

  • doug

    I HATE the new Yahoo Mail!!! I resisted switching until they made me and now I’m really pissed!!! It STINKS!!!!

  • Metamagic1

    I am overly displeased with the new yahoo mail. I have to go threw every email in order to delete and most of it is spam which didn’t go to spam mail box. The classic was just that classic and user friendly. This new style has pushed me to get another mail account elsewhere that is user friendly.

  • v.dobbs@yahoo.com

    HATE, HATE, HATE the new Yahoo format and interface !! I am looking for a new email service now. I hope there is SO much negative fallout over this moronic move that that stupid CEO Marissa Mayer gets fired. I hope this turns out to be another JC Penney type situation.

    • Chris

      I am looking as well, any ideas ?

  • Jim

    I fought the change to the last minute…. I do not like this new version… I will give them and chance to change it back, if not hello G-MAIL. At least I will not have to pay G-MAIL $20 a year to use their premium service…. BBBOOOOOO WHOOOOO

  • John

    PLEASE switch us back to the old yahoo mail. The new one is terrible!!! It is NOT an improvement at all. Not sure what you’re thinking. It’s awful.

  • Judi

    I do not like the new Yahoo mail…Please let us have the option of going back to the Yahoo Mail Classic..I use Yahoo for all of my e-mail accounts and this is very upsetting to try and deal with the new design..Not user friendly..

  • John

    Yahoo is following in Google’s steps by taking away our freedom of choice.
    Its a shame that they choose NOT to listen to people who use their products and instead they would rather take away our options and force things upon us.

    Like many others have stated, perhaps it is time to find a company and / or a product that actually listens to the users and move on.

  • Yolee

    Attachments now HAVE to be downloaded to be viewed…what a hassle!

  • Steve

    Why did they change…the classic version worked great. The new yahoo email s**ks

  • http://medicalbillingbizhq.com/medical-billing-books/ Paul Hackett

    Has Yahoo never heard the saying “If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It”! I’m hoping they listen to what their users are saying on the internet and switch back to the Classic version. If they don’t respond to our concerns within a month I will close out my account and completely stop using any of their services (search engine, web hosting, etc)!

  • john rossi

    I want my classic format back!!!!

  • lrrh

    I’M slowly switching everything to another site. Don’t have features that the classic had….this new version sucks! Can’t get my contact list to come up when tyring to forward an email. Doesn’t have the back arrow ??????? So much trouble on this site…..I loved the old Yahoo – who is the new Yahoo, it’s dumb! BYE

  • v.dobbs@yahoo.com

    Why can’t they just freakin leave what actually works alone? I HATE the new Yahoo experience. Seems like another JC Penney type move..new CEO wants to “prove” herself so makes sweeping changes WITHOUT concern or input from actual users and causes massive amounts of frustration and irritation…with any luck she’ll get fired the way Ron Johnson did. Yahoo now looks a lot like Gmail and if I wanted Gmail I would have signed up for it but I don’t like Gmail’s interface and format. They are clearly trying to force people to pay for their email service by crippling some of the features we are use to AND making the ads way more annoying. I would gladly pay their $20 a year but ONLY IF they were willing to restore classic. Way to go Marissa Mayer !!!

  • John

    New yahoo mail is just awful!! NO improvements at all. Not sure why if it wasn’t broken, why try and fix it. I liked the old yahoo mail just fine. This new yahoo mail I can’t even click on compose and start typing a name and it suggest an email address from my address book anymore. Why!!! Why!!!

  • Helen

    I went to check my mail and was forced to upgrade to the NEW YAHOO. Its NOT USER FRIEENDLY FIRST, TAKES A LOT TO LEAVE Open on my browser, slows my pc AND I HATE IT. I WANT MY CLASSIC BACK NOW

  • Carla D

    It does not make a damn difference to me… I get my mail… I read it and I deal with the content …. life’s too short… and I’m too busy to worry about such trivial issues!

  • jim

    Everything about the new yahoo mail stinks, especially the ADS- HATE EM, HATE EM!!!!!!!!!!!! I am using another account. Yahoo mail can go th HHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elaine Waldron

    I absolutely detest the new Yahoo Mail and told them so. Then I get an email from them telling me there are errors in my account information and they are going to suspend it, if I don’t give them the information they request. So I did. I admit I was a bit ticked, though. I have had a couple of email addresses with them for several years. I even pay for one. I hate the fact that one can’t just log out. I end up having to log out a couple of times. And I liked the old Classic design better. And I was allowed to keep it until recently. To answer your question — NO! I do not like the new Yahoo Mail. I loved the old Classic.

  • Bob Florst

    The “New” Yahoo “Mail” is total FUBAR! I’m stunned about all of the functionality that has gone away. All of my established filters disappeared without explanation. I cannot even locate a filter section. The Yahoo Mail “Help” doesn’t match my new format. WTF!!!

  • http://toniallenauthor.com/ Toni Allen

    Today I was forced to swap to the new Yahoo mail and it’s dreadful. I ahven’t been able to turn off those dreadful adverts that flash along the side and affect my site. I can get rid of them for each mail but it’s a chore. At least with the ads along the top I could scroll down and avoid them. Anyway, what’s the point?! I’ve just purchased something off the company they’re advertising, and I don’t need to shop there again!

    The layout is messy and non-intuitive. It took me ages to find the reply button. Like, what was wrong with teh word reply??? The colours are morbid and dreadful, the pale blue was much more relaxing…oh yeah, I can have snowflakes in July if I want cool.

    The red flag has turned into a star. No, I’m not rating email, I just need a reminder to answer it…as some point.

    It’s a pity they’ve trashed it. I’ve read some other comments and I haven’t tried doing some of the functions they mention yet…perhaps I never will be able to again. The worst insult is that they’ve taken the chicken away on the emoticons! That was my sign off chicken…now I’m reduced to a boring smiley.

  • Glynn Burkhardt

    Whoever designed this new Yahoo mail need their head examined. Its difficult to use and a mess compared to the old mail system. As the COO of a publicly trading company I don’t have time for this B.S. so I have started using my G-mail account more and more. Even though its a pain as well, it’s still easier to use than the new Yahoo mail.

  • Joyce

    I really loved the classic Yahoo. Now I cannot get it back…what to do!!!??? Just got slammed into using what I didn’t choose. Change when not asked for is hard. Will Classic ever com back? Hope so.

  • Vittoria

    p.s. The “improved” Yahoo mail just moved three emails from my inbox to my trash folder. I did not delete them.

    Oh, boy.

  • http://www.powerweeder.com mal C

    yes to all of the above-i click on an email to delete(spam) and it opens it-i click on an email to read and sumtimes it deletes it, then i have to go to trash to find it.if i have to reply to a few emails i go to basic mail then change back after. i’m not quitting as i like yahoo, but i sure hope they fix it soon, or like many say let us have classic back as our choice???

  • R Guenther

    I have had it with yahoo mail I am quitting and moving to gmail.

  • Frank

    Till a few weeks ago I used the payed yahoo mail plus version for 7 years in a row. Yahoo lost a customer. I discontinued the paid service since I am forced to use the “new” interface. I don’t like it, there are things I cannot do anymore (like blocking entire domains, now only individual E-mail addresses can be blocked). The new purple interface also looks awful, tasteless. I used the they called “classic” interface for >7 years and was very happy about it, one of the reasons I chose yahoo as my main E-mail client. Now Yahoo mail has dropped in the dirt for me. It’s just like all others. Not to mention the scanning of the content issue. For me I don’t care as long as I could use the classic interface, but now they crossed a line of user unfriendliness. I am going to look for alternatives…

  • http://voidjudgements.net Jeff S.

    Don’t like it, at all.

  • http://Yahoonewemail Laura Smith

    Dreadful. Didn’t they test it first? One problem after another. Now cannot edit a forwarded email. Give us a break – we need a workable server. Not FRUSTRATION

  • melba Feemster

    The NUT that came up with the change ought to be FIRED!!

    and many , many Cuss words!!!!!

    “if it’s not broke don”t fix it”

  • G2K

    Luckily, I don’t use the web to view my Yahoo mail. I stopped after they started changing things around approx. a year or so ago. I use Thunderbird on all of my personal computers for all of my mail accounts including Yahoo Mail. On my iPad, I use Mail. Fortunately, I don’t really depend on reading the latest messages that I receive through Yahoo mail.

  • joe dohn

    every few years they do this, and it gets worse each time.
    They should send the programmers to, say, Siberia, I read that there is much labor needed.

    And the decisinmakers, too.

    I have a paid email account and am forced to use this crap?

  • Chris

    The new yahoo mail SUCKS buckets of ASS ! I want my classic back !

  • Augusta

    I want my old Yahoo Classic Restored !!! Why couldn’t the person keep the original format when upgrading???? What was He thinking ?
    The original was perfect. No complaints !! How can we get back the original look?????
    Augusta Simone

  • rishi

    I have been a regular yahoo user. I would say, the company is doing a WOW job. Sometimes these decisions are taken, like testing a new platform and there is a learning curve. We should not relate this to negative performance of Yahoo, but how Yahoo care for its subscribers.

    God Knows, you are going to get a new version soon.

  • J

    Melissa Meyer needs a overhaul. This new mail is the worst. Cannot read unread only no pages of emails I can look,through if I wish. It is the worst. Time like coke did to bring back claccic.

  • Glenn

    For those of us who access or organize by personal relevance, the Yahoo homepage is also a mess and obviously advertising revenue is driving some of this. For the first time I am considering a switch.

    EMAIL: I have used Yahoo for personal email since the Yahoo Startup. Navigating Yahoo email is more than irritating……it may stall frequently or it may not respond at all.

    Marissa Mayer may be building a better portal, but if Yahoo remains unresponsive to user complaints the exodus will start.

    • edward teyssier

      I don’t think that this change was an accident. I think Yahoo is trying to get people to move. I just wish they’d mad-up and say so before burdening us with this “switch”.

  • http://bahur.com bahur


  • Ginger

    Ugh! We now have ‘stars’ instead of flags and retrieving flagged/starred email is difficult. Just generally confusing and I’m NOT getting used to it. Emails don’t load properly and then time out causing me to reload.

  • http://webpronews.com r. walker

    I want my Yahoo Classic back now!

    This is the worst “improvement” in anything I have ever seen. It may look cool, but it is absolutely USELESS. Change back, or expect me to look elsewhere, even if I have to pay to do so.

    I positively HATE this change. The non-functionality is amazing. “New” is garbage if it is unworkable.

  • edward teyssier

    The new yahoo email is a terrible downgrade from what they had before. The only explanation is that AT&T doesn’t want to provide email services anymore so this change is to get everyone to start migrating to other internet providers. But, sheesh! Why not simply say so and then give everyone sufficient notice that you’re closing it down?

  • http://www.lizmoneyweb.com/ Lizzie

    I really had a hard time too. I just switched to classic view to be able to read my emails. The new one takes ages to load. Not only that, most of the time, it is just loading white/blank screen. I keep on refreshing for nothing!

  • Jackie

    I am having a horrible time actually getting any emails to delete. Very bad design.

  • edward teyssier

    We need a good article on how to get out from under the new Yahoo email interface. I really don’t want to change my email address but the new email version is unworkable. Can I transfer to a new email provider and keep my existing email address?

  • http://internetexpoler Joe Sigety

    the new yahoo mail suckes only had for a short time but,it not even close to the classic e-mail very slow very difficult to send mail to several address at same time lots of problems no good !!!!

  • Joseph M. Calisi

    Where do I begin to complain about the new Yahoo?

    When I checked email addresses, I could do ‘To’, CC and Bcc athe same time – now I have to do it separately

    I’m a photojournalist and have had to re-login while I was attaching images and start over

    Logging out is a problem as I’m forced to update a profile I don’t have

    I like using 12 point type – from email to email I compose, the size changes

    I can’t cut’n’paste email addresses from a previous e-mail to another new one

    Using Yahoo Mail is now a more laborious process than ever before

    Navigation is more difficult as I don’t always get to where I want to go

    The only thing I like is to drag and drop images into a new email

    There’s more negatives but I don’t remember everything right now

    The bottom line is – BRING BACK CLASSIC – It was much easier to use!!!!!!! I know the new version makes money for them but what a price as a user!

  • sharon

    I want my classic yahoo back. I don’t know why anyone would change to what we had & expect people to be satisfied with it. It is not worth crappppp. I hope who ever did this has the good sense to know that it is no good & changes it back.

  • lee surowiec

    I do not like , nor do I want the new email set-up …
    I want classic restored

  • Debbie

    I have not been happy with the new Yahoo at all. Sometimes, it won’t show me the email in my inbox and it will delete stuff I didn’t mark to delete. Sometimes, I can’t respond to emails. Other times I can’t edit. I don’t like the extremely limited fonts. I pretty much think it sucks.

  • Johnny

    I hate the new Yahoo. I had been subscribing to the Yahoo Plus mail for at least 8 years and was content with both the email format and the price. Now it is free but terrible. Slower, more combersome … just plain stupid.
    Scan THIS.

  • http://foxfire Betty

    I hate the new mail

  • Harry Marbury


  • Rick M.

    They have taken something “Awfully Simple, and turned it into something Simply Awful!”

  • dick timm

    Horrible, and the worst thing is that there is no redress. Its predecessor has been killed. Looks as if I have to move out of Yahoo to save my sanity.

  • http://www.pranavaj.net Pranav Ajgaonkar

    I no longer use my old yahoo a/c it is one of my oldest active a/c i hold.

    I moved over to gmail the 1 month when the new interface was introduce it was too slow and the experiences of quickness the classic provided was lost.

  • Norman

    I had Yahoo Classic until 7-8-13, when it wouldn’t work any more. I was forced to except the new format, which lets me read 8 or 9 E-mails before telling me to clear the messages which I don’t have. I have to reboot to resolve the problem. This is a time consuming process since I only have an old Gateway from yesteryear, as well as I’m old too. Why the bright programers thought this one up, must hate old people, want to get rid of us like some old pile of books. Find another site? I know, you couldn’t care less. But that’s just what many will do. Too bad, but then, we are only the little people who give the others jobs.

  • Donald Gaines

    NO, NO, NO I have just dumped them yesterday and will never go back. Formerly captaindon53@yahoo.com

  • Sullivan

    My two cents for the new yahoo email program is it is crap, crappy, crappier and crappiest! I echo everyone above and WANT MY CLASSIC ACCOUNT BACK!

  • ceebee

    First Yahoo! destroyed Flickr and now they have wrecked Mail… and behind it are changes to enable scanning of your mail to push advertising.

  • lexy

    It’s horrible I hate it. When will you listen to the voice
    of the people. Give me my old classic yahoo back. It was clean
    and easy to navigate. This piece of junk is disgusting.


    very displease. I guess I will just have to switch over to Gmail

  • http://internetexoyer pat

    I want yahoo mail classic back or I will go to some other mai

  • http://yahoo Nancy vernand

    I hate it. You have made it very complicated to suit your damn needs. You utt in to my personal business..suggest bullshit you have no business reading in the first place. Set up stupoid lists that I certainly want removed. This is my business and I want you out of it! This is a mess. Yahoo classic had class. This must saved you money or something. If you think for one minute you are going to play me like Facebook does, I am gone for good. Stay out of my business. If I delete something, I want to never see it again so get rid of it. Do not suggest any lists for me. Stay out of my business. This is very difficult to use..your e-mail sucks and he mos favorite words you use are OOPS we have encountered an error blah blah or We can’t locate the page you are searching for which usually means all e-mail and anything i have stored. Whoops, try again it will work again shortly….yeah you guys really blew it. All I can say is that this is the biggest pain in the ass anyone coold dream up. It is a hassle..always will be..No one likes it and it will not be long before you are gone and totally replacd by brilliance. and convenience. This sucks big time.

    • http://yahoo Nancy vernand


  • Dickson

    Very unpleasant with the new mail reader. It is poorly design with many “decision pull down” floating around the screen. The positioning is out of control. I choose basic instead of premium on the switching page. Many and many malfunction being experience to the extend not wanting to spell any further……… In fact i do not want to switch and was force to do so…… the new version simply does not work well. Of course it is yahoo place. Yahoo can do anything he likes.

  • john

    New Yahoo mail is very frustrating,slow,confusing,and riddled with annoying gliches.

  • Martin

    I agree with all the others. I LOVED Yahoo email…with them 15+ years/never considered changing/no way. Now I HATE it. I understand new systems are hard to learn/ where the right buttons are/people don’t like change. But that is not why I HATE it. The new system didn’t take the old one and make it simplier and add more to it. The new system does SO MUCH LESS than the old Classic one. Just read the comments of all the things mail no longer does.

    I am so frustrated. If the Classic doesn’t come back I am looking to go where has convenience of the old Classic email. It will be a big hassle to change email address but not as bad as trying to live with this new screwed up new email

  • http://www.technogadge.com Sandy

    New Yahoo mail interface is a complete failure. Lots of yahoo users hate the new version. Need proof? Since 2011 my article on switching to classic mail (http://www.technogadge.com/how-to-switch-back-to-yahoo-mail-classic/) received more than 1 million page views. If users love the new (broken) baby, why would they want to switch?

    Looks like they have orders not provide any customer support on this issue. This is wrong & will surely harm yahoo. They could have easily kept both the versions running. I moved my important mails to own hosted account. But that is not possible for all users. So other providers will get a share of the pie from this Yahoo drama.

  • http://www.opace.co.uk Internet Marketing Company

    I’ve never been a fan of Yahoo, with other options such as gmail it’s hard to imagine why anyone would go with Yahoo for mail..

  • http://www.easypaydayrevolution.com Gary

    For as long as I can remember Yahoo as always given the OPTION to use the new version or not. Why they would go away from this now I have no idea. I am ALL for moving forward and getting new things. But there should always be the option for those who do not like the new version to be able to use the classic version. I just do not see how this hurts or effects them in anyway at all? Why can’t we all just have our classic version back?

  • Georgia

    I’m sick and tired of Yahoo continually making changes that don’t improve a @%*# thing..Why does Yahoo continue to “fix” what is not broken?
    If the employees are so bored that they have to mess up what works..maybe they should just do their nails or drink on the job to kill time. Why change what works?

  • Martin

    The new Yahoo Mail is terrible compared to Classic and I can’t live with it. I contacted Yahoo’s Board of Directors and you should too.


  • Georgia

    This so called help community is absurd. I attempted to complain but when I was asked for my security questions, & jumping through their other hoops – just to make a complaint – when my ID and password should suffice. If this doesn’t change I’m leaving Yahoo.

  • Chuck

    Yahoo mail now takes forever to load, and often freezes in various browsers. Half of the content is hidden, such as the “from” email, so you can’t just copy and paste an email, it takes two extra steps. Nearly every time I use it I encounter some type of glitch. I absolutely hate it and after 10 years and migrating to my own proprietary email account. Goodbye Yahoo, your corporate reputation as idiots is well deserved.

  • Charles

    The new Yahoo!Mail stinks. Give me back the classic. The ew system is confusing and useless

  • Gary McGee

    I have a problem with yahoo’s new mail it seems that there is no more auto fill features (auto e-mail sign-in) etc. I get an invalid ID or password on e-mail accounts that I have been using for several years. This fix for this problem according to yahoo’s help site is so complicated that most users will never get be able to do so.

  • karin


  • Greg

    Sorry but your new system really sucks,it makes it harder to get from page to page,and takes more time,
    I will start to use another site,Greg

  • Ben

    It’s a piece of crap! The mail classic was great. In fact, it was so good that someone had to screw it up,in the name of improving it.
    How can anyone in their right mind think that this is an improvement?
    I guess that a lot of people have “The Coca-Cola Mentality.”
    Will they never learn?

  • Louise Connors

    I have only just started using the new version and I hate it! When I view an email and delete it, instead of going to the next message, it takes me back to the inbox. And there’s no “unread” option as there was on classic, to just show a list of emails that haven’t been read. That was very useful. Much preferred the old classic version.

  • Mary

    I do not like the new version of yahoo, I need my old version back or I close the account.


    I want to return to yahoo classic.
    The new one is really a mess.

  • http://fullmoviesbox.com/ fullmoviesbox

    I don’t like yahoomail by many ways, even i deleted my own created group, Mess With YahooMail.

  • bzet1

    new yahoo mail… in short:

    IT F00KEN SUX!

    now why?:
    1. extremely sluggish responces
    2. no bottom bar (delete/select)
    3. did i mentioned sluggish responce?
    4. do not perform operations from within opened e-mail, or do it so slow, that you usually went for coffee break and still have time for breakfast before operation finishes, this is especially true for “delete” (usually just go to next message), or “next”, where do not mark message as read, even if you spend several minutes reading say your “webpronews”…
    5. i forget to add sluggish responce…

    in general, not all “new” is an improvement, in case of yahoo mail, definitely it is not…

    with regards!

    and thanx for raising the matter again, we, as free e-mail users do not have voice in yahoo matters, we just do not exist for g-ds of yahoo…

  • George Lewycky

    Fire the Einstein & upper management who came up with this idea. Yahoo “had” the best email around, AOL is 2nd….

    Yahoo’s customer service…Does it exist ??? I have to use TWITTER to reach Yahoo??? Are you kidding me ?

    I paid extra for more space and features with Yahoo Mail and this is what I get for being a loyal customer. Did you hire staff from Microsoft, have customer feedback about this?

    Overlooked many beneficial features especially “check all” messages and choosing “read or unread” and how many messages to display per screen…….

  • joan grandy

    How Sad….Too bad that all the negative comments won`t help resolve the DISSATISFACTION so many customers feel!!

  • Jo Ann Garrett

    I HATE THIS NEW MAIL. Wish it was some way to go back to the other.

  • http://yahoo jonty

    i dont want new version. send me a link for yahoo

  • John Edwards

    The new yahoo mail is not user friendly, and does not allow you to use the “back” button. Some of use don’t want FOLDER on top of FOLDER when looking at mail. And for some reason, I can read the inbox easily. The stark, two-tone appearance is hard to look at, let alone find that certain email you were looking for.
    The worst part of this is that the company refuses to listen to its users, as if they were the only game in town. To that idea, all I can say is I will Google you about it. Bye, Yahoo. Dummies.

  • http://yahoo jonty

    i dont want new version. send me a link for yahoo classic

  • jewel

    If you go on their forum you’ll see thousands of us ALL HATE IT TOO!
    I have a feeling that we will all be leaving… in droves… It’s
    probably due to better NSA spying that it changed and it really sucks that Yahoo DOES NOT respect it’s customers opinions… VERY UPSET!!!

  • Satan

    The new Yahoo mail sucks donkey balls! Fire the moron who forced this crap on millions of us and bring back Classic.

  • http://karras-bommer.blogspot.com Karras Bommer

    I’ve used Yahoo mail for over ten years and I’m stopping it. Not because of the different layout but the bloody blinking adds. I find it so irritating when trying to read an email and adds are “yelling” at me. Screw you yahoo.

  • Marissa

    Yahoo, are you listening? You’re stupid, and we hate you.

  • http://yahoomail David Earle

    I hate this new page and find it hard to get my yahoo mail classic back .

  • http://yahoomail David Earle

    Did Obama have some part in this mess… looks like his work…

  • Mike McHugh

    I can’t seem to do mass emailings with this new version. Considering switching to Gmail. Not happy.

  • rick

    Been with yahoo since 1996. The new one is aweful. Horrible.

  • http://firefox HELEN SCHNEIDER

    please help me to get out of the new yahoo format. i cannot use the email form for sending duplicate addresses; i cannot find underling, spellcheck, or the smiling faces that were on the space bar across the message. I DO NOT LIKE YOUR NEW FORMAT. IF THE OLDER FORMAT WAS FINE, WH7Y CHANGE?

    • Marissa


      Because their stupid and can’t write software that works. They write crap that doesn’t work worth a crap and when it does work it’s slower than crap so you hate it. And they dont test it. They’re new mail makes you sign a spy on me for NSA and advetizing scum phuckers.

  • carfen

    I am not getting emails that people are sending to me. They are not in spam. I don’t know what is happening with my Yahoo account–May have to close it.

    • Marissa

      Dumass yahoo management is what is heppaning with you’re yahoo account fire the dumass bring clasic back!

  • jim

    This new one stinks the old one was a lot easier to use & i am an older guy & do not like the new one at all.
    I woulsd like to go back to the old yahoo mail as it was a lot easier to use
    Thank you

  • anne

    I also hate it that we have no choice. I was used to using the yahoo classic. When the rest of my family changed to gmail, I stuck with yahoo, because it just saved my precious time to not have to deal with change. We should at least have been told that you have one more chance to copy your contacts or any old messages that you need before being essentially cut-off with the new yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! argh!!!! and argh!!! again!!!!!!!! I especially feel for the blind lady. Can’t “big business” like Yahoo, have any empathy for individuals?!!!!!!!!!!!
    Guess we need to enact a new law….any lawyers or congress people out there? Thanks for the opportunity to down load my upset feelings. Reading of others frustrations made it easier to deal with my own.
    Will be researching which other email server will do the job…looks like I’ll have to change now whether I wanted to or not!
    by the way that email above will probably not be my future one…

  • http://yahoo.com rachel mendez

    What have u done with the classic yahoo? so far I have had nothing but problems,to say the least,and keep getting all kinds of junck mail and not able to stay on -line without getting booted off to other screens and not able to even finish my e-mails”””””””so so,so,so bad.””””””””””””””””””””””””””

  • Susan Chilton

    I dislike the new Yahoo and have only had it a couple of days! Does not perform the same, efficient way. The Yahoo Mail Classic at least had a large Help database that answered many questions. Thinking of switching from Yahoo and AT&T…too much trouble working with them…especially having to deal with customer service outside the USA. The new Yahoo is cumbersome to say the least.

  • Marissa

    Yahoo you’re new email is fooking crap and you should be ashamed of yourselve. Cant deelet only one at a time cant make a new folders. Its fooking crap like written six year olds child. Clasic was good enough got used to it alot bring it back right now ghoddamits!!!!!! You suck fooking amateurs crap sfotware written by idiot!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://yahoo Sherri

    I hate the new and (improved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) yahoo mail.

  • http://www.starrgates.com Caryn Starr-Gates

    Wow, I thought it was just me – I am not a fan of the new Yahoo mail. Glad I use it for only one specific area of my life and therefore not often. It’s really annoying and seems to have lost all its decent functionality.

    • Marissa

      It sucks dick.

      • polyanna

        you are rude! yahoo mail is the best!

  • Tammy Pierce

    I hate the new yahoo I want the old version it was so much easier to use and the last 3 days everytime I try to sign into my email it makes me change my password 7 times in 3 days This is ridiculous

  • brad neff

    i hate this new version of yahoo mail..i created a google account and use them mostly to email..i want my classic version of yahoo back

  • An American citizen

    King Hussein Obama Hitler The Coward in Chief is behind it all, he redesigned yahoo mail on the golf course while plotting to give away our country to illegal aliens and destroy our heathcare system while letting Americans die in Benghazi.

  • J Leary

    What is needed is a class-action lawsuit and an injunction to force Yahoo to restore Classic email until this piece of shit known as the ‘upgrade’ is debugged with due diligence, which certainly has NOT been done so far. On 9 July I was forced to the “basic” upgrade and astounded at how bad it is in both design and operation – having been in computing since 1962, as a programmer, software engineer, software quality assurance engineer since then, for close TO 51 years, I can say that this product is the most ill-conceived, ill-designed, ill-operative pile of garbage I have ever seen in my career. It is not even alpha-test quality and the upgrade will harm millions of users, so cavalierly treated by Yahoo, even if it is free – Yahoo will have cost its user community hundreds of thousands of man-hours in trying to get this new load of crap up and running correctly: it is entirely FUBAR (fucked up beyond all repair), and Yahoo is treating its users as if they were a group of asses without critical needs of their own. Someone at yahoo who authorized release of this abortion should be summarily fired, from the lowest tp the highest level. I will be moving to a new email provider (even if it is no longer free) as soon as I can recover from the damage, if ever, done by the upgrade. Yahoo deserves to go bankrupt, and will eventually as the public wises up as to what a monster you have created.

  • http://medianet theresa cook

    i wish they would have left it along?i havent been able to ck my mail for a mouth now!i did everything they said and i still cant get in. it really pissesme off because i had all my stuff.ive lost so please put it back the way it was,simple and is to use. and bye the way yesterday would not have been to soon for me and alot of other

  • http://medianet theresa cook

    i wish they would have left it along?i havent been able to ck my mail for a mouth now!i did everything they said and i still cant get in. it really pissesme off because i had all my stuff.ive lost so please put it back the way it was,simple and is to use. and bye the way yesterday would not have been to soon for me and alot of other

  • http://yahoomail mike

    im so tired of this bullshit, i never asked for an upgrade and i tried to keep my old yahoo, ive been with yahoo faithfully for years and years. well its time for me to look elsewhere. your yahoo mail is a piece of shit and if you dont like that kind of talk, then dont force me to use upgrades that i want no part of. did i complain to you that i want something new, did i email you and say please try something new,
    i would love to force you to change something that you been used to for many years and no i dont want to get used to the new yahoo. it dosent work right, dosent run smooth, too much crap to do that same as the old yahoo mail. give us our option back, for old mail. i thought the idea was to make yahoo better, this is not making it better, all you did is change the face and move things around and slow it down. its like a game of chess, yahoo says there not looking lets move the pieces around and thell never know and they might like the new look. im pissed right now, i used yahoo mail for my work and pleasure and entertainment, it no longer is usefull to me.

  • http://yahoomail mike

    oh yea me again, yahoo tried to change before and we hated it and yahoo let us change back if we didnt like it, by deleting our cookies, it brought back our old yahoo. does anyone remember this, it was a few years back.

  • Debbie

    I have this — Give me back Classic.

  • robert dwyer

    I HATE your new format!!!!! Yahoo is the only email I have ever used and have been happy with it until now when I am FORCED to switch to your new version. PLEASE – for those of us who don’t like change, let us use what we are familiar with. If I have to switch anyway, I may look for different options other than Yahoo which I really don’t want to do but………

    Thank you,
    Robert Dwyer

  • http://AttorneyMonroe.com William Monroe

    the new Yahoo Mail is a disaster. It takes 5 times longer to do things and freezes up my computer for about 10-30 seconds every time I ask the new Yahoo Mail to do anything. For the first time in 13 years, I am seriously considering switching to another mail provider.

  • Dorothy Kramer


  • J Brennan

    Nothing but problems with the new Yahoo mail and there’s no easy way to communicate the problems to Yahoo. This morning while trying to Delete a bunch of messages, with nothing happening after pressing Delete, I decided to search and find whether anyone else is experience problems. I can click other areas and get a response, but there seems to be a problem all of the sudden with the Delete buttons. The system is slower and is even more delayed in response than before. For example, you click on something and try to move to another area, and several seconds later, the screen is bouncing along like Yahoo finally realized the buttons you clicked. I noticed it also separates pages, so if your deleting some but not other messages, a bar separates one page from the next page of messages. However, if you delete one, Yahoo occasionally bounces you back up to the top instead of letting you continue moving down the messages and deleting them. This has been going on sporadically since the switch.

  • aimee Parent

    i don’t like the new yahoo mail.. i hate how its all on one page. thats annoying… i also don’t like how they changed the “sort by sender” option. before you could just highlight a particular email and sort them by that particular sender…

  • Marissa

    The new yahoo mail is unusable. Forced on us by a moron. Written by incompetents. Tested by idiots. Released by fools. Fuck you yahoo.

  • Marissa

    The new yahoo email is nothing but business mismanagement stupidity. Someone should be fired for this incompetence. Obviously too stupid to be allowed to touch a computer.

  • Marissa

    Oh and I forgot to mention that the new yahoo email is a steaming pile of crap. Kiss my a$$ yahoo.

  • Vittoria

    This piece of junk is also crashing Adobe Flash in Firefox. And no, that’s not Firefox’s doing; I didn’t have that problem with the GOOD Yahoo Mail Classic.

  • Vittoria

    The headlines, even on this site, announce Yahoo Mail integrating this, and developing that, all the while completely trashing their core product. What the hell good is the sizzle if the steak is inedible? I’ll be moving my mail to another provider soon.

  • http://Yahoomail Me

    It’s just terrible I want my Classic Mail Back
    There is so much I can’t do now . Bad Move Yahoo

  • Len

    Hate it! It bogs down, locks up and the task manager says it’s no longer responding…So what can we do, seek out a different mail service? That’s what I’m thinking of doing..Oh and I use Firefox and the mail still bogs down and stops on Internet Explore…Never happened with the old mail..Man, am I angry.

  • martin mack

    I HATE it…hardly ever use it any more…design is horrible and when my Inbox says I have 2 letters it will not open when I click on it..I have to re open Yahoo to get mail…also…only shows 4 letters at a time…I hope they shoot the idiot that designed this

  • Chuck


    I think the new yahoo email lacks alot to be desired. I much
    preferred the older classic version. I don’t like all of my email loading at one time;harder to manage.

    Your Friend Chuck

  • http://mozillafirefox mary

    I hate the new yahoo mail.. I want the classic mail back….Please change it..I HATE HATE.IT

    • Chelim Yrneh

      EXACTLY what I feel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://mozillafirefox mary

    I hate it, I want the classic mail back!!! I hate hate it..

  • vixiv

    I despise the new yahoo mail. The lack of information in the message list, bad layout, inability to open messages in a new tab… there are just too many things to list. The most annoying part is AT&T internet users are forced to use yahoo mail.

  • keith kochis


  • virginia moniak

    I switched to the new yahoo mail.what a mistake i made i want classic back.Guess i will have to find another mail provider to go too if they dont put it back on

  • BeckyS

    I do not like what has happened to Yahoo mail! I hate to have to switch, I have so much in my folders and would have to get a new email its like moving! what happened to the PAGES??? it is one endless page, it is awful! And the blasted email system keeps White paging on me and then sends my mouse arrow all over the super long page.. somebody please help get Yahoo to see the errors of their ways! I MISS THE CLASSIC VERSION!

  • Diane

    I do not like the new Yahoo mail. I do not want to see ads though there may be a way to eliminate the view of them. Also, I do not see the date or for that matter the top header as in the classic Yahoo mail.

    I want to go back to the Classic version but looks like I can’t.

  • http://N/A quanystar@yahoo.com

    My home page is Yahoo and the WHOLE PAGE is a mess, not just e-mail and I could continue on, but what I want to know is, are you going to fix the d*** thing ? or are we going to switch all our contacts to a new mail provider ? Not a friendly thing for Yahoo’s current users. I thought I had a big computer problem, now it appears it’s you, not me.

  • http://www.naturalmdsearch.com Eli

    I’ve used Yahoo’s SBCglobal for my personal email for about 10 years. Instead of getting better it just gets worse. I’ve also worked in the software industry for many years in product management and product marketing and thus I am even more frustrated by the slow progress. I guess they don’t take this product very seriously at Yahoo. I have resigned to search for an alternate email program. It would be interesting to see what people are using and to what degree they are happy with the program.

  • Patrice

    I despise the new Yahoo. First of all – I just love the way that Mail Options “recommends” the full featured version but lets you “choose” to keep the basic – then forces you to use the new version. I immediately began to experience problems with it – features were missing, changing, moving around. With every logon, my email screen looked different. Example: At first I had no tool bar for fonts, text color, etc then it eventually “showed up”. I still haven’t found spell check. Oh – that’s right. THERE IS NO SPELL CHECK!! I used to save time by deleting an entire page of read/unwanted email at a time. Not anymore! Now I have to click each box separately to delete. And it’s slow, SLOW, S-L-O-W…..so slow that I start thinking my computer has frozen up as I sit, and wait, and wait, and wait…I’ve never had so much trouble with a mail server as this. What were you people thinking??? What chowder head decided to change a popular and user friendly program into this mess?? I keep hanging in there, hoping that Yahoo will LISTEN to people and fix some of this stuff but I am quickly losing patience. I hate to change my email address because of all the accounts I have set up but I need to do something because my blood pressure is rising. Are you listening, Yahoo??

  • DH

    I absolutely despise the new Yahoo Mail…. Classic was Much better and fast as well. The new version is extremely sloooow to load and also to compose an email. Many times as you type, there is a delay from the time you type a letter and when it appears in the email. When clicking on “Compose” to write a new email, there was at least an 8 to 10+ second delay for the new page to start loading.
    Totally unacceptable….
    Also, you can’t control click on an email in the Inbox, to give the option to open it in a new browser window. A number of other features in Classic, are not in this new version. The old saying “If it ain’t Broke, Don’t fix it” certainly applies here. A Major and Unfortunate Extreme FAIL with this version.

  • http://YahooMail Jennelle Rice

    I hate it and want my old email page back as,pleaseap

  • Bev Kennedy

    I HATE Yahoo’s “new” email. It is horrible! I can no longer see the addressee (I use several addresses) — and I am an AT&T customer, so Yahoo gets paid. The old email color-coding is gone, so my disposable email addresses don’t stand out. And these are just for starters.

    In the case of Yahoo “new” means going backwards. That’s just plain stupid.

  • Raul

    mail.yahoo.com USED to be preferred with the classic mail access.

    Now I hate the the whole thing. I HATED the other roll-out versions to replace mail classic after trying each one, so I always looked for a way to bypass and return to classic. But no more. They are FORCING US OUT. So I am looking for a site which does NOT STRONG-ARM US!!!

    Will be moving on as soon as I find a decent replacement.


  • Brenda

    Add me to the ever growing list. I, too, am very disappointed with the new Yahoo Mail.

  • kathryn

    I have been a yahoo user for years and years. I LOVE the Classic Yahoo. When FORCED to choose, I chose the basic hoping it would be like the classic. WRoNG. It is years behind the Classic!!! It is ugly!!! I am told that I cannot go back to classic. And, I don’t know how to get out of the basic. WHY did this have to happen? I hate to leave Yahoo….but……..

  • DD

    YAHOO NEW MAIL SUCKS!!! I hate you YAHOO! Why did you have to mess with a good thing??? I am open to change when change is for the better but there is NOTHING better about this version. I am in the middle of a major move, a job change, and personal crisis and this has complicated my life tremendously! I need to go on email and not get reduced to tears every time because nothing works or is easy anymore. I’ve been a loyal customer for 10+ years and always found a way to switch back to “Classic” during your trial periods of “New”. I dreaded July 9 2013 and resisted it to the very last second. I kept hoping for someone to figure out a way to make it not happen… The fact that you have soooooo many pissed off loyal long-term users should tell you something. As soon as I come up for air and land in our new location, I am switching services. I hate that you did this to me Yahoo!!

  • Tom

    Obviously Yahoos’ ((Management, Systems Engineering, Software Engineering, Test & Quality Assurance)) groups have failed us.
    I feel my experiance is similar to placing my mail box into a vault and not giving me a combination or key to access it. This should be a Federal offense and therefore I feel the federal government (US Postal Service) should have some control over this malicious use of power.

  • Gene

    The new system is the worst I have ever seen. It is hard to maneuver from mail to mail, the ads all over the place are more than a distraction-they are obscene, it is functionally illiterate, the address book is completely dysfunctional. It takes many more keystrokes to do what used to be easy in Classic.. How can they say it is easier and faster? It will cost me much money to switch as I have had this address for my business over 20 years going back to Prodigy. Whomever approved this change needs to be fired. What is worst, after all these complaints going back to December 2012 nothing has been done by ATT/Yahoo to change anything or even to recognize anyone’s complaints. Guess they really don’t care about their clients!

  • http://AT&T Mel Winestock

    The classic was much more convenient and intuitive. Was much easier to make deletions and to move back and forth in time. Bring it back.

  • ray reedy


  • Vigi

    I have been used yahoo mail since 1999. This is the worst experience for me in new yahoo mail. Why yahoo remove the classic mail. I don’t like new yahoo mail. i switch to gmail. Bye yahoo

  • nolakat

    My original Yahoo account is so old that I had a three-letter password! Until it was hacked and I had to change it, during the Beta testing (which I was not part of) for this new atrocity.

    I say that by way of explaining how insanely loyal I have been to Yahoo — CLASSIC! I have so many Yahoo accounts for personal, business and non-profits that if I change now, I will have to change at least a dozen accounts, with all the associated websites and domain names. Not to mention online services and accounts. BAH! BAD YAHOO!

    Also, I am disabled, can only use a desktop, and do not own a smartphone. For me, ALL the changes seemed aimed toward jeering at us dinosaurs. Well, for all the hype, there are good solid reasons for retaining some of the old technology and interfaces — simply because they work. Not everyone wants to be tethered to devices 24/7. Especially if we ourselves are not mobile.

    I second all the people who said “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”
    Bring back Classic, please! This new version is hard to read, hard to navigate, ugly, slow, frustrating, buggy, and irritating. And very lacking in user control and choice. It truly sucks.

    It’s not just adapting to change that makes this new Yahoo hard for users — it’s the fact that it was a good and easy product, and it was really Yahoo. Trying to make it more like some other product is making it the worst of all worlds. Less and less Yahoo to love.

    The recycling of inactive user IDs is reprehensible! This ought to be actionable. If anyone hears of such an action, please let me know.

    The ad business is equally reprehensible, whether it is simply profit-driven or is plucked from keywords in our emails. STOP IT! None of the ads are anywhere near relevant or important, and most of them are sent out by bots using that infomercial “get-rich-by-spamming” butthead’s method. Seriously, if ads are what keep it free, then at least make it graphically attractive, and not part of the user interface! It doesn’t serve the advertisers, either. Cripes!

    So, all you at the Top, in the rarefied atmosphere of competition and profit, remember that you wouldn’t have such a big office (or head) if it weren’t for us millions of loyal users — and you will have only yourselves to blame when we take our loyalty elsewhere. Don’t think for one minute that just because it will be difficult for us to change, that we won’t do it.

    I, for one, have had enough of being taken for granted by Yahoo.

    • Chelim Yrneh

      I so AGREE with you, nolakat – I cannot fault ANYTHING that you say here.

      IF IT AIN’T BROKE DON’T FIX IT #1 in Business Studies 101

  • Vicki Dan

    I think the new Yahoo Mail sucks.

  • jaquetta

    It’s hard to understand and use. I really want the classic view back. Sometimes new isn’t always best.

  • Sam

    I used MS Works for simple spreadsheets to do the calculating and then copy/paste into yahoo email as plain text (no messing with attachments on either end). No sweat, the spreadsheet would appear as plain text in an easily read slightly altered format. After three hours of trying I found that I can now paste only Excel and the format is completely messed up so that I have to do major editing to the email before sending. Thank you Yahoo.

  • Bob


  • me

    Yahoo, like Adobe, is ignoring the reason they exist – the users.

    Both companies could care less about what the users want – it’s all about what the company wants.

    It looks like slow e-suicide to me.

  • me

    Yahoo/Flickr is so egotistic … they know what’s best for us – their users. NOT !!!!

    Well, most of the users would like to tell yahoo/Flickr that the old versions were more functional, easier to use, and just plain better.

  • Bob

    Miss Classic Yahoo to the max!

  • Ted

    I can’t imagine why customers were forced to switch to the “new and improved” version of mail. We were told us it was to “better serve us” and “enhance our experience.” Well it has never worked well and tonight it is not working at all.

    If you go to contact yahoo for help all you get are drop downs and after you fill them out you answers to questions you didn’t ask. There seems to be nowhere for an opened ended narrative. The help system just goes around in circles. You just end back up on the page you started from.

    What kind of customer service is this? Maybe if enough people close their accounts and revenue starts to fall they’ll get the message. AOL here I come. Or maybe even another provider?

  • http://yahoomail Denise Holiday

    This is horrible! Classic Mail was so easy to access and now I can’t do anything like I used to do, Please switch back to classic mail and end the frustration!

  • http://yahoomail Denise Holiday


  • Dobbelina

    The new interface sucks and loads terribly slow.
    Often you can’t access the mailbox at all due to untested beta crap!!

    Notepad where i had many notes totally dissapeared as well.

    Bye bye yahoo after over 15 years of usage!!

  • Scott

    Classic was awesome, and very intuitive to use.Most importantly, it WORKED. I was paying 19.99 a year fir Mail Plus. I won’t be renewing it when my due date is up this year. It wasn’t broken until those yahoos at Yahoo tried to fix it.

    • Chelim Yrneh


  • http://yahoo Feyi Ogunade

    Whosoever design this junk, needs to be fired and surcharged. Why change something that works so well. Honestly, for want of a better word, it sucks. I am so frustrated. I just can’t do all the things I used to do with the ‘Classic.’ It is not user friendly, slow and just basically boring. Can someone please help me get back to Yahoo Classic or I would just have to vote with my feet or maybe this time with my hands.

  • VickieT

    Since CEO Marissa Mayer there has been many changes in yahoo. NOT for the good , it seems with the email changes . I had the old version up till 2 days ago. I was happy , then poof, here comes the new improved version..HAHA…FUNNy ..April Fools day is way past!!!
    Someone took and reinvented the wheel , with a flat side. WHY do you try to fix something that isnt broke?? NO one likes the new version or wants it. Give us back the old version PLEASE. I am on slower connection , through my verizon company, high tech that it is . BUT I live in the country and my connection is far from steady or constant. The new yahoo mail , stalls, reflashes the pages, etc etc.. NOT GOOD. I am going to have to pay more to watch a page NOT load. I only get 5 gig from verizon and that is now ticking away faster and I have to pay for nonpage loading , no fast yahoo.com email ability..

    I raise my hand…I dont like it and due to cost , if it doesnt get better, might have to change after 15 years of being a happy camper with my yahoo acct.
    Sad sad.
    CEO Marissa Mayer , you might want to rethink your “NEW” way of thinking and stop revising!! unless it “IS” for the better. Your choice with this change , is a major OOOOOPs .
    How many have to leave yahoo email accts before you put it back in service, KNOWING it was a bad change to start with??
    I just dont understand progress these days, maybe?

  • Chloye Bailey

    I loved Classic Mail and am very dissatisfied with the new e-mail — it just about takes away all the joy I had in corresponding by e-mail! Please give us the option of Classic Mail again!!

  • barb fries

    I hate,hate,hate the new version of the e-mail page. I especially hate the pop-up to the left of the page. I will boycott anything that is advertised there. The person that did this should be fired. Who did they satisfy with this change. I haven’t heard anyone (except the shill) say anything good about the new e-mail.

  • Mary

    I put off the switch for as long as I could and finally couldn’t skip it. My biggest problem is at one time you could either click a button at the top to ‘check all’ and delete or you could click one, hold down your control key and click all you wanted to delete while leaving those you want in the in box. Now you have to click one at a time. I am about ready to go completely with GMail. Very frustrating.

  • Jo Hall

    It has been a nightmare! I found myself on a new home page. IP kept closing. CLICKS DON’T WORK. As I must enlarge 125-50 percent to read I’m 84), BIG ads kept popping up obscuring the page and, clicked off, return rapidly, over and over, Can’t file letters: finally found key, which doesn’t work, at bottom of file list! Searched everywhere for Yahoo help and ended up on some scam page requesting $400 (later only 250) to fix my computer mail, etc. Tried to change to an email that would forward my Y mail for a month, which it would take me to change all my addresses, but YAHOO REFUSED TO FORWARD, UNLESS I PAID FOR A PREMIUM ACCOUNT. The Y account may be free, but I think they owe us for the damage they have done (if not for “pain and suffering”), and should offer us a simple way to go back to the classic mail and cure the damages that have been done. What worries me, is are our other devices which can access our mail damaged, too–I am afraid to even look!

  • http://yahoo peckham

    I despise the “new” yahoo mail format.
    Why cant you just leave a great working system alone, or at least allow the option to stay with what works for so many.
    You should call it “Yahoo Care”, the plan no one wants but is shoved up every ones a** anyway.

  • dale pierson

    I had a love affair with yahoo classic email . Everything was just perfect and convenient . It was colorful and easy . Now it is so dull and boring . Guess I will try to find a more interesting home page .
    adios my old friend

  • http://Yahooisstupid Jerome tjon

    MagicJack had a problem when they changed their format. I left to a another cell. MagicJack called me saying, come back. I said NO!!!! Are Yahoo people stupid dumping the best e-mail they had???? Bring it back……… Jerome Tjon

  • stephen garcia

    yes Yes YES.It is a shame to this free service and for higher profits. A request Yahoo. Charge a yearly fee of 35$ for the classic.ste

    • Vittoria

      Won’t do any good. I pay for premium, and I’m in the same boat. Why they scan my mail for advertisers is beyond me.

  • http://www.fittobetiedyoga.com bonnie fayssoux

    I loved my yahoo classic email. I have had it for over 15 years. I count on it’s reliability and all it’s old features. I am not interested in a new look or layout or ease of use or any other reason that may be used to make me switch. If you feel you need to be able to put pop up ads specific to my personal needs, do that! But, don’t mess with my Classic Yahoomail!!

  • Alex

    new mail is so bad, i am ready to switch after more than 10 years.


      Me too am very close at this point

  • http://Yahoo Donna Henry

    I do not like the new Yahoo e-mail. A lot of times when I try to sign in,they say I am using the wrong password. I am not. after about 20 trys I finally get in. I hate it. I want the classic back.

  • Dorothy Lambert

    I do not like the New Yahoo Mail, Sometimes it won’t let me open some of my mail. I’m just really disappointed in this new one. I’d rather have the Basic one than this one. If I can’t have my OLD Classic, please let me have the Basic of the new one. Thank You. Dorothy L

  • James

    i hate this new e-mail and want the old version back1!!!!

  • http://none june plummer

    The new format is not user friendly. The purple scheme is hard to read. When trying to forward mail there is no place to check all contacts. Then the “send” is not available. Also the whole thing is moving much slower than the previous format. Please go back to the previous format. Thank you!

  • M P

    I hate the new ymail I am forced to use. I was used to “classic” ymail knew where the menu items, etc. I used the feature of sorting through my inbox, only looking for mail from contacts, this was quite a time saver, did not have to sort through all the “junk” mail. I have yet to find that feature or how to activate it . If I don’t find it soon I will be looking at other options and move away from using my ymail account. M.P.


    I don’t know why yahoo keeps on forcing ppl ! May be for more money from ADS! But I bet if they would have left older mail classic they could make much more money. Problems with newest yahoo mail 2013:–
    1] I can’t see any mail when click on an INBOX mail but all of a sudden it would show ; mostly when I click REPLY then only then I could see original mail.
    2] FREEZING: It does FREEZE the WHOLE PC or laptop occasionally.
    3] NO WAY of going to SIMPLE YAHOO: Once you switch there should have been an option to go back to BASIC NEWEST YAHOO mail which had no spell checks etc.. but nooooooooo way
    4] LOGOUT is hidden but SIMPLE mail had a button.
    5] MANY MANY commercial ads ..popups are showing in this newest yahoo mail 2013.
    Come on YAHOO guys I know you are reading this so ;really if you want to stay in more business with public and want to make more money and want to keep us all HAPPY bring back the OLDER classic OR at least provide an option to switch back to your NEWEST BASIC!!
    Thanks Yahoo

  • joyce harris

    I hate the new version of yahoomail I definitly want classic yahoo! back please

  • joyce harris

    please let me have the classic yahoo back the new version is very frustrating for me

  • Chelim Yrneh

    Tell the new CEO at the top – Marissa Meyer- to get her ** butt in gear and RESTORE Yahoo Mail “CLASSIC” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Don’t ** about – just DO IT. The new Yahoo mail is a ** DISGRACE – and if the intention is that we should pay $19.99 per annum to re-establish some semblance of functionality on Outlook (whilst paying Yahoo $20 bucks a year for the privilege) then at least be a bit more HONEST. JUST ** *** DO IT you ******-bags Sorry, (but u deserve far worse language than this)


      I agree 100%


      Why try and fix it if it’s not broke

  • http://yahoo Grace Whitehead

    Don’t like the new one.

  • Bev

    I hate the new Yahoo mail. I usually just go with the flow, thinking I will just get used to the new format. However, it’s been over a month and it just keeps getting worse. I have emails arrive days after being sent, random email contacts on group lists deleted from messages, inability to send messages to certain contacts…and on and on and on. I’m ready to try gmail or something else. Grrrrrrr….

  • dianne lanteigne

    hate the new one. Nicknames in contacts don’t work. love the classic!

  • Jason

    I can’t say anything positive about it. A big problem with me is that when you finish composing an email, there is no active “Send” button. So you have to save draft > refresh > go to drafts folder and then hit Send which is now active.

  • Judy Dubin

    I use this as my professional and political email address, now, and may switch to gmail. It’s too hard to use.

  • Stopped Using Yahoo

    I experienced many problems with the new yahoo mail–the classic worked just fine for me for years. I’m back to using my old AOL account. The only trouble I had with classic yahoo mail was when I had to attach large files (still under their limit) to emails–didn’t work, and AOL always attached them. So I’ve been using aol more and more anyway. With the switch, it’s just a mess. No send or forward buttons. Things look scrambled. Trying to reply, I get technical errors only to learn later that the reply was sent multiple times. I’m done with it.

  • Kay Anderson

    I HATE the new Yahoo email. I really liked the Classic. PLEASE, PLEASE go back to it. This new one drives me crazy. I click on emails to delete and it won’t check, or I check them all to delete and it won’t let me uncheck the ones that I want to keep. I really don’t like the stars in the middle of the list to highlight emails. I don’t know if my forwarded message got sent. It is in my sent box, but I’m not sure how many times it got sent. Finally figured out how to import my forwarding addresses. I DON’T LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!

  • Landis

    “New” Yahoo mail doesn’t have anything to do with improvement,
    it is all about page count and ad count. In other words, MONEY.
    As in money for Yahoo and crap for the users of Yahoo mail.

  • http://yahoo Linda Merlin


  • http://yahoo Al C Schilousky

    If this is an example of the intelligence [etc. yahoo mail] NO WONDER this Country is in TROUBLE

  • http://yahoomail walter

    I don’t like this new yahoo mail its nothing like it use to be and its hard to see or read my mail

  • Don

    Yahoo Mail, to me, is not the problem. I sent them the $20 to eliminate the ads. Now, even though I am signed in to Yahoo Messenger, I get an ad page asking for my password. Never used to have to do this. Calls to the Customer Service go unanswered and the type in problem page doesn’t give me enough characters to describe my problem.

  • LIsa

    I am one of the frustrated people who hates the new yahoo mail format.
    My theory about the change from a functional mail service to the ugly, useless product it is now is that Marissa Meyer is a saboteur who either aims to boost the value of her google stock by driving users away from yahoo OR she (or partners) are working on a new alternate mail service and is laying the ground for mass amounts of new users when it’s introduced.

  • http://pcbsunbirdcondo.com Linda

    The classic had color labels that I relied on heavily with all my disposable addresses. Was able to see which emails were important with the color code. Now, they all look the same. Also, when I try and delete a lot of emails at once, I get a server hangup message. Anybody know of a similiar email to yahoo classic? I will change in a heartbeat.

  • marina

    I can’t open my mail, because I don’t want switch to new yahoo mail.

  • SomeGuy

    I used the new yahoo email as soon as it was introduced and was fine with it — until some time in June 2013. Since the 1980s i’ve always sorted email by date w/ oldest on top, newest on bottom. PROFS, Outlook Express, Eudora, Thunderbird, etc. I’m baffled as to why i’m allowed to have such a sort in yahoo, but only for the session, not as my permanent default. I’ve hooked Thunderbird into my yahoo acct and will use that as my main access for yahoo email. The arrogance here is astounding, especially for something so simple as user preferences. I’m close to moving away from yahoo to something else…

  • Sally

    I agree with everybody’s criticisms of the new yahoo. I want Yahoo Classic back. It was perfect, everything worked. This one just doesn’t work, not even for the simplest things — sending and receiving emails. You’re losing this customer!

  • PK

    I too hate the new e-mail. Its too confusing to use. I keep getting this annoying server error. Many times I cannot even open my e-mail. There should be an option where you can change the colors. The purple is so hard on the eyes. Please bring back the classic. Sometimes change is not for the better as is in this case.



  • Dave

    I forgot to add that I really want to be able to see (without reading all long alphanumeric code in the full headers) the other recipients of my incoming mail, so I don’t either send out duplicates or else assume that someone’s seen a message they didn’t receive.

    New Y! Mail just says something “Sent to X and 3 other recipients” without showing you who was in the To: line and who in the CC: (unless you click “Show Full Headers” under Options).

  • jim

    If you like frequent error messages like “server hangup” then the new Yahoo mail is for you. I for one prefer Yahoo Classic Mail. Too bad that Yahoo got rid of a good thing. You suck Yahoo.


    It’s a shame that we are told what e-mail we are to use, and we are paying for it too. I hate the new version of Yahoo mail, and am thinking of changing to something free, and get what i want

  • Ronald Gates

    I totally despise the new mail version. When I use mail I must change screen resolution and then change back. A pain in the butt.

  • http://nil Ahmad

    i want to use old version of yahoo mail please guide me

    • Vittoria

      There is no longer the old version of Yahoo Mail.

  • wle

    filters [send to spam, send to trash etc]] are NOT working
    delete message sends me back to @#$ing inbox
    things disappear off right edge if magnified screen too much

  • saul roe

    I have used yahoo mail almost from its start. I rigt click on mail and open it in another tab, so i can keep viewing the inbox. Csnnot do this anymore

  • http://yahoomailnewversion pat colorito

    Remember when Coke changed to new Coke…..same thing
    do not mess with success.
    Less is more. hate it. thinking of moving away from yahoo and that would be a lot of work for me, but it may be worth it.

  • Celia Quinn

    My husband and I both hate the new yahoo email. It simply does not function well. PLEASE give us the option to return to classic version.

  • Celia Quinn

    Truly awful.

  • Mario Castaldo


  • Karl

    If you want to pare your base down you are on right path . Classic was beautiful … The new format is an abortion…Email only patiala shows new emails…ads everywhere with stupid instructions on how to opt out…frankly thinking about going back to AOL…. I used to love email with classic .. Now it is a wrestling match. Not fun. … Fire the SOB that forced the dinosaur on us …. Ksrl

  • James Dunsdon

    If the new yahoo mail had been designed by a drunken village idiot with no arms and only his forehead to smash the keyboard with – it would be better than what they came up with. The whole yahoo mail staff could have gone on an all expenses paid world cruise with a fraction of the money doubtless wasted on the new crap and Yahoo Mail would be better than it is now. Not only is Yahoo mail slow and constantly seizing up now – but so are 50% of other websites I use. F.Y. mean anything to you Yahoo Mail CEO?

  • Vittoria

    Still HORRIBLE. You click on a folder and wait…and wait…and wait…and wait… Then just close the browser and try again…

    Yahoo has completely trashed a perfectly, pleasantly usable utility. I’m disgusted. And yes, I’m a paying Yahoo Mail customer.

  • http://www.ihate-newest-yahoo-mail-2013.com BOBBY

    ANOTHER STARNGE THING:- I searched my own email for a word/name; guess what YAHOO’s SPY came up with 3 suggestions right in my own email FIELD. This proves YAHOO is WATCHING YOU 24/7 and you have NO MORE PRIVACY with yahoo guys. I am removing all my YAHOO accounts. Not to mention there is NO WAY of removing this NEWEST SHIRT of so called better newest email of yahoo and no chance to keep the same old shirt(classic or at least BASIC NEWEST)They simply LOCK YOU to SURF without JAVA to keep BASIC. AND they keep an eye on you. THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION TO GO BASIC. So as soon as you switched your JAVA on, YAHOO would FORCE THE NEWEST MAIL ON YOUR SCREEN. THIS NEWEST VERSION OF 2013 is dead SLOW, freezes the PC, has NO VISIBLE ICON for LOGOUT [hidden ICON] and a BIGTIME SPYING on all your emails. TRY to search your own e-mail see what yahoo comes up with!!

  • User

    I have had my yahoo email for 15 years, so let me tell you the new (current) Yahoo email ABSOLUTELY SUCKS beyond belief. Whoever design, implement, checked, or approved of this version of Yahoo mail should be SUMMARILY FIRED. They do not deserve a job, a paycheck every two weeks, or a cubicle even though it’s the decrepit Yahoo we’re talking about here.

  • Kat

    WTF!! I refused for ever to switch to a newer version and stayed with Classic as long as I could. Finally I was forced to the new one. I HATE it. Now let me clarify, I am tech-savy enough to figure out the functionalities of the new one…..BUT what gets me is that you sit there and sit there and WAIT FOR EVERY LITTLE THING YOU CLICK ON OR WANT TO DO…..AND WAIT AND WAIT. Everything goes at a snails pace or is HUNG UP or does not even respond when you try to click on something. Yahoo, are you trying to drive the population insane???? I have used this email account for over a decade and don’t wish to switch. It has been my portal to home from anywhere in the world and I now feel like I am being shut out!!! THE NEW YAHOO MAIL HAS VIRTUALLY BECOME SLOWER THAN OLDSCHOOL POSTAL MAIL!!!!! PLEASE YAHOO simplyfy things and streamline it where it is quicker and faster to use. I don’t give a crap about all these special features etc. There were plenty of features in the classic mail, it worked just fine.

  • rick

    Yes I absolutely hate the new Yahoo mail. My friends do as well, and so does my father!

    Whoever thought that people should be ‘pushed to make the switch’ is a
    moron, and should be have his/hers job terminated.

    Every time I log in I just can’t believe it! and the POP On from the side is driving me crazy.

  • Rick

    I hate the new email I am thinking about going away form yahoo mail

  • David LaQuay

    Please let us return to classic Yahoo mail. It was familiar to use and always dependable. It wasn’t broke so why try to fix it??

  • Rhoda becker

    Mail message space too small to read entire message. Poor design.
    Miss news headlines. Spam not in bold to indicate unread messages.
    Awkward to move from message to message.
    Very unhappy with this change.

  • Pam

    I am having a terrible time with Yahoo. When I type an email, the font gets HUGE and it goes to wide spaces between lines. I can’t get the formatting right. Ready to give up an use another email address. Help!!

  • Vittoria

    And now mail delivery is stalled? What the HELL are you doing, Yahoo? Integrate your Flickr, or whatever you’re doing to hang up our mail, on your own damned time. And yes, I PAY for this.

  • Bruce

    The new yahoo mail is complete CRAP! Slow and less functionality than classic. Many bugs. Stuff doesn’t work.

    Yahoo, I am starting to hate you!

  • Denisa

    This new version of Yahoo mail is absolutely horrible!! Give me back the classic or I will be forced to move on!

  • http://none John Austin

    It is nearly impossible to find My Yahoo! on the new (and untested) version of Yahoo Mail.

    You really need to pretest a new version ov Yahoo Mail before dumping it on your customers!!! The new version is buggy and incomplete.

    What happened to the Currency Conversion table? I need it. @#$&^

  • http://yahoo Cheryl Carruth

    I have to sign in – all day long – every 5-10 minutes. Waaaaaaaaaay too many times, way too time consuming and very, very annoying!!!!!!!!!

  • http://yahoo Cheryl Carruth

    I have to log in every 5-1 minutes – all day long – every single day for approx. 5 weeks now. Way too many times, way too time consuming, and extremely annoying! I have called Yahoo customer service twice, held for 1 1/2 hrs. both times. You can not get a rep. to answer the phone. Must just be 1 person that works there! Very frustrating.

  • http://yahoo Cheryl Carruth

    Meant to say – have to log in every 5 to 10 minutes all day long – rediculous.

  • http://sbcglobal.net Brunhilde Ornellas

    I hate this change why can’t they live well enough alone.My Address book is gone can’t get it back.They are a lot of older people who don’t have that much experience.Some Idiot had the Idea to make that change for better ???? This is the worst disgusting.

  • http://sbcglobal.net Brunhilde Ornellas

    I hate this new system disgusting.

  • Lorraine Nations

    Yes, most definitely

  • Peter Naiman

    I want the old classic back. The new Yahoo format sucks.

  • bob ross

    the new yahoo version is a CRAP! FROM ALL POINTS OF VIEW!

  • Steven Levy

    I am very disappointed with the changes that have been foisted on the users of Yahoo! Mail. The previous “Classic” version worked very well, and Yahoo! should have given users the option of using there “new,” castrated, version, or the well-honed “Classic” version. Shame on you, Yahoo!! Please bring the “Classic” version back.

  • Laura

    HATE the new yahoo now…horrible. You cannot even reply to anyone’s email unless you are on your phone. It’s simply beyond RIDICULOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://precambrianmusic.com Phill Sawyer

    I’m having most of the bad experiences people are reporting. Plus, my own expanding list: Check for new external mail, then get the list of them and a greyed out, unusable ‘edit’ button. Takes 3 or 4 extra strokes to be able to delete or move any emails. How ’bout writing a long email and then deciding to save it as a ‘draft’ and realizing you can only delete or send it. And the worst part is that Yahoo thinks we either don’t notice, don’t really care – or are too befuddled and clueless to figure out how to switch to Gmail after all these beers…

  • Kathleen Egan

    Who was the genius who decided to force millions of happy customers to switch to an inferior, clunky, disfunctional email program that doesn’t work? Thanks, Yahoo. Since the switch I’ve probably spent thirty hours waiting for my email to load, with a blank page showing where emails should be; when I use the search feature to find something I get a list of more than 10,000 items that looks like my inbox, without any highlights to tell me where the email I’m looking for might be; I’ve had to shut down and restart my computer at least once daily to unfreeze the damn email program; my 50 yr. old eyes can hardly focus on the new undifferentiated list of emails, the list that was so happily and clearly visible a month or two ago…. I just don’t get it. Why “fix” something that isn’t broken?

  • Mary Newton

    I really can’t understand why Yahoo would replace a perfectly good email system like Classic with this buggy new version that lacks a decent search function and so much else. If it’s not improved I’m going to have to switch to some other system. I don’t understand what’s happened to the Yahoo I used to love!

  • Liz Plumb

    The new mail is dreadful, I cannot now preview or print off my e mail, only can download attachments.

    Yesterday for the first time ever my e mail was hacked into from Nigeria. So have now had my primary e mail address suspended. After I had changed my password as requested on line, put a seal for protection on it and now can not get back into it at all and cannot find a telephone number to ring for help as on line help does not recognise my security pass words

  • James

    After 2 months of using the new yahoo mail design, I still can’t get used to it, I am so frustrated that I will switch to some other email provider!

  • maria digna comia

    i want an old version of yahoo mail classic…i don’t like the new one

  • donald green

    the old mail classic would give you the option when forwarding e- mails to insert addresses with out typing them in one by one. I liked the old classic much better.

  • Michael

    I quite simply cannot use it half of the time. Between splash error screens coming up saying it can’t load, to the inbox being blank and not loading, to messages opening in empty boxes, to sending mail crashing (error)…. my most often hit key now if I want to try to use Yahoo mail is Refresh Page just to try to get to reload the mailbox so maybe maybe I can use it again…

    I’ve been using computers since data was kept on cassette tapes. I had one of the first IBMs, and I still remember hours on an Apple IIe. I have a degree in programming and many years as a tech under my belt, and I honestly believe this is the worst experience I’ve ever had with an email interface. At least the other times I could fix the problem, this time I just have to wait for Yahoo to take care of it, and being that I was automatically upgraded months ago, the wait is really stretching out.

  • ed

    After repeated calls for assistance from my Mother and two trips of over an hour each. I decided that there was no way in h#%% I was going to switch to the NEW YAHOO MAIL and started another account elsewhere. My answer is to use my phone to look at the emails into the Yahoo account and forward the ones I was interested to myself at my new account. I receive updates, news articles and a few other things to this account. I sent the NEW address to the friends I want to be able to send emails straight to me. The rest can sit until I get around to looking at it. If Yahoo ever pulls its head out of its butt and gives us a email program that’s just a email program and not some sort of un-workable production I may start actually using it again, but until then it’s my magazine and junk mail repository.

  • http://none Charlene Ayers

    I HATE the “new” yahoo email format in general, and the daily changes in that are infuriating. A couple of days ago, BCC disappeared from my normal headings. I “automatically” put a bunch of addresses in where the BCC used to be, but was now the CC. Imagine my surprise when all those people were “outted.” Tonight, the reply, send, and forward have been moved to the bottom of the email. I cannot edit a forwarded message, and everything and everyone who ever commented on the original email is captured in the subsequent emails. This really sucks.

  • Clay

    This is why I have my own email with my website. no problems. however, when I was with Yahoo Mail. I hated noticeable ads and tired of all the crap like you have to pay to use pop3 or imap with your email client? that’s so cheap! then I switched to gmail and never had one problem with gmail. they updated it and it’s even better than before and I can use my email client with them. never ever going to use Yahoo again. everything about that company sucks.Yahoo Answers,Geocities,buying Jumpcut and then shutting it down a year later etc… F Yahoo and their entire company!

  • Debbie Cusick

    I hate this new version. Aesthetically, it’s unpleasant and overcrowded, and I’ll be da**ed if I’m paying to not see ads. But today (7/31/13), I discovered that I can’t attach documents to emails. I’m looking for a job and this is more than an inconvenience. Tried using IE, Firefox and Chrome. Nothing. Used two different computers – at home and at library, and still could not attach documents. Yeah, I need to find another email account. Tech support is useless – canned excuses and no fixes. Time to say “see ya.”

  • Joan McRobbie

    My yahoo email changed format yesterday, July 30, 2013, and I almost can’t stand using it now. Instead of displaying my list of emails, it shows just the most recent 4 or 5. The space is taken up by a box used for open email–which is blank if I haven’t yet opened an email. All this means that everything is scrunched–I can’t see my whole recent email list (so I risk missing emails). And I have to keep scrolling to read a long email, since the size of the box is circumscribed. It’s ineffective and aggravating, since it causes a big waste of my time, plus concern that I’m going to miss important emails. There does not appear to be a way to go back to the old format, which was working just fine. Count me among those who hate this change!

  • e v

    hate it!!!

  • Barb

    Awful. I constantly get messages that they’re having technical issues, and the delays are ridiculous (not in a good way). I am in the process of moving to another provider (setting up my website and am going with the host). I’ve been with yahoo for about a decade, but it literally doesn’t work most of the time. Change is bad enough, but at least you’d expect an “upgrade” would work. It’s like going back in time and waiting for stuff to download. It doesn’t make any sense. I stopped using Flickr as well

  • Ra Hughes

    I can not stand the new Yahoo mail. I miss the arrows for next and previous and so many emails per page. Now I have to go down the list of emails I have kept to get to the new ones and I don’t want to read new emails before reading ones that came earlier. Somebody should bring this to the Media to get some coverage, than maybe something might be done.

  • http://webpronews emma williams


  • Mike Schmidt

    I have been using Yahoo Mail for many, many years. Although I had set up a Gmail account some time ago, I had not had a sufficiently compelling reason to switch before, that is before Yahoo killed Yahoo Mail “Classic” and forced me to switch to the new Yahoo Mail. I really don’t care about the scanning / ad aspect, but the new Yahoo Mail doesn’t work reliably. Many times I am unable to add attachments, or more basically am not able to send email. In general, the new Yahoo Mail is MUCH too slow.

    This deterioration of the Yahoo web services seems to go hand-in-hand with the recent changes to Yahoo News, which I used to find excellent, but now is no longer appealing to someone serious about reading the news.

    I’ve taken the first steps to switching my active use to Gmail, and for the last months have been using Google News instead of Yahoo News.

    I know Yahoo has been struggling financially, but what kind of second-rate executive team would take a world-class service provider and wreck it like this? The Yahoo executive team deserves to be sacked!

  • joni hansen

    I absolutely HATE your new format!

    Please stop messing with something that works so well!

    How do I return to the old version?

    • Terk

      You can’t

  • Mary Lee Arnold

    I hate the new mail – it frustrates me no end!

  • markh

    It’s … well, shocking… that such a POS could be offered by a major web/software company in 2013. Virtually no customizability. Dreadfully unattractive interface that’s difficult to read. Using the Back button when reading an email doesn’t get you back to the Inbox… it sends you back to the page you were on before visting Yahoo Mail. LOL you must be kidding. So now I have to remember, “OK, if I want to get back to the Inox, I have to click Inbox, not Back.” Brilliant, Yahoo. Grade D-.

  • jr

    the “new” yahoo is maddening.. why would yahoo give their customers this garbage.. I FKN HATE THIS JUNK.. i never get mad, ever, until this TOTAL nonsense by yahoo..

    shopping around for a less frustrating emailer..

  • jr

    where is the improvement., ?.. not one single improvement, just a frustrating, buggy, horrible mess now.. GIVE ME BACK CLASSIC YOU MORONS..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ill be forwarding all my emails out of yahoo to somewhere else..

    • Terk


  • Carol

    Appalling, atrocious, ghastly, hideous, dreadful, …

    The solution for me is a major waste of my time and effort – change email providers.

    The solution for Yahoo is easy and inexpensive. ALLOW US TO SWITCH BACK!!

  • Pat Abel

    I hate the new Yahoo mail; I loved the Yahoo Classic. I have trouble accessing my email that I never had with Classic. Classic was pretty and pleasing to look at and work with; the new one is ugly and hard to work with. Give us our Classic back.

  • Brian. Stafford

    The New Yahoo Mail is crazy and whats the use of asking for comments when theres no Option to change to the Old?

  • Vittoria

    Oh, EXCELLENT. I just refreshed my Yahoo Mail screen, and got all the elements except the text. What a piece of CRAP this is.

  • Cindy callis

    I cannot stand it when companies change stuff just for the h-ll of it, just so somebody in R&D can feel like they have a reason to draw a paycheck. This is the question: Did anyone at Yahoo actually try USING it before launching it???
    This thing is a hot mess and Yahoo does not care how unhappy their previously satisfied users are. How many negative comments do we have to make before you DO SOMETHING about it??

    • Terk

      They could give a squat.

  • Marty

    The new Yahoo Mail is a complete NIGHTMARE!!! It takes me three times longer to compose an email with all of the font size changes the program makes all by itself… Don’t even try to format your message properly, Yahoo will change it prior to delivery. I guess Marissa Mayer does not believe in paragraphs. I can’t even talk about it anymore I’m so disgusted. GOODBYE YAHOO AFTER 10 YEARS – IT WAS NICE KNOWING YOU, AT LEAST UP UNITL JUNE 9, 2013.

  • W Mc Carthy

    I thought it was just me as a slow old fart. I accept that a free service needs advertising to pay for it, but the loading and reloading of adverts slows up the service and can take up to 1/2 my memory. I now find I can type faster than the system can take and I use just two fingers. Moving to a new provider looks like the best solution, if I can be bothered with the hassle.

  • Hazeezat

    The new yahoo mail is terrible. Messages don’t load and its quite frustrating. Pls bring back the yahoo classic or better still fix the new mail.

  • Richard

    I am among the most frustrated customer to have missed the yahoo mail classic.

  • Richard

    Before they force people to switch to a new yahoo version, they were supposed to send an email to users and get comments on yahoo mail classic visa vis a new yahoo design. Far more they were supposed to leave the old yahoo mail classic live like before to enable those who prefers to switch to it from time to time and not to completely liquidate it..

    • Vittoria

      Unfortunately, Richard, Yahoo is “supposed” to do whatever they decide they’re supposed to do. Formerly, they’d offered to allow users to stay with the product as-is. This time, they’ve left no option but to change. Even worse, I read in a tech blog somewhere Yahoo’s very cynical view that while they anticipated users’ annoyance at change, they really didn’t care because they knew we’d “settle.” Yeah, ok, I’ll go along with the idea that people don’t like change and would have to settle. But how cruel is it to force us to settle for a “change” that completely screwed up their product to the point where it is practically unusable?

  • Robin Clark

    I really do not like the new yahoo email page – I wish you would’ve left it the way it was! I hate that the send button is at the bottom and I also hate the way the conversation recall is – Sometimes changes are not for the better & this is one of those times !!!!!!!

  • Vittoria

    Another day, another annoyance. I marked an email for deletion. There was a long, long delay, so I hit “delete” again. New screen finally comes up and, guess what? When I hit “delete” again, it deleted not only the email I intended to delete, but also the next one down the list…even though THAT one was not checked.

    Also…I won’t see an email list view if there are one or two emails “open,” which I didn’t even intend to have “open.” It’ just that if you click into one, it stays open in a tab. Completely, fricking pointless and unnecessary.


  • Terk


  • Surya Prihadi

    The new Yahoo Mail is a piece of shit.
    I been avoiding it till one day I was forced to use it.

    No multiple windows possible, all stuck in one main windows. I use 2-3 screens to work and I assign different emails to different screen, when needed.

    Email adddress entry another stupid thing.
    If I Blind CC a group of people, I can not anymore copy and paste that SENT email addreses to a new email, as it is not a text form anymore.
    I do not want to keep all email addresses automatically like now.

    I been paying Yahoo since 2001 for private name and extra storage.
    Dropbox is not something I like using, now Yahoo limit attachment total size in this day and age of cheap hardrive to still a poor 25MB, 100 MB should minimum…..and I will pay if required.

    Reliability sucks big time too. Screen refresh is so slow on SENT and NEW email.

    Search function is so stupid now, it is much more comprehensive on older interface, where I can search with lots of criteria. Now Zero criteria.

    I been keeping my emails in Yahoo since 2001 and hence I paid extra quota ( when it was still chargeable ). I been doing “clouds” since 2001 with Yahoo as I do not like to use Outlook. Now they limited my email database to shorter years and I lost a few earlier years.

    Whoever is head of design for the new Yahoo interface and capability is totally an idiot.

    The only good thing now is I can drag attachment directly to Yahoo interface, that is the improvement I see.

    I would love the very very classic Yahoo email back with improved :
    – search function, more accurate algo
    – 100 MB attachment
    – Current drop n drag attachment method


  • Terry Tucker

    After 15 years, I’m done with Yahoo mail.[WAPITA] The new version SUCKS. Can’t believe a big company could release something so poor.
    Off to “The Google” I guess!

  • http://yahoo jeffrey caiola

    Add me to the list of users who HATE the new email. I didn’t even like the constant tweaking of the Classic version.I found the “improvements” to be more aggravating than beneficial. Now THIS! It makes me feel like it’s NOT my PERSONAL computer!!!! NEW isn’t always IMPROVED, no matter what the geeks at Yahoo might think. They either don’t have enough work to do or are trying to maximize profits at the expense of their customers satisfaction….which I realize is standard business practice for virtually all companies.

  • http://yahoo jeffrey caiola

    Glad there is another chance. I ran out of space. I,too, am unhappy with the S-L-O-W refresh/load times.I miss the ability to search by page number, and I was less than thrilled when they changed the word “favorites” for a yellow star with no explanation.I know I’m old, but I’m sick of hearing how computers are “intuitive”!! Maybe to the programmer/formatter, but not to someone who is “stuck” with an excellent command of the english language.

  • John

    The new configuration of Yahoo mail sucks. Where is the BCC function now?
    I hate what you have done…every time you change something that works it is worse..I am tired of you and your stupid tech gurus who wont leave well enough alone. I am going to go to gmail.

  • Tony Cruz

    Yahoo has ruined their best product, the email service. Please bring back the classic format.

  • http://none Spencer

    Yahoo email keeps getting worse and worse, cluttered, almost unreadable and headache – rendering. The version they just foisted on a zillion users this month (October 2013) is grotesque. Once I decide on a new email address it will be worth it sending out notices to all my contacts and changing my business cards. They made something that was sort of OK, horrible. Well that’s the end of my rant.

  • Arman P

    Since October 9 new yahoo mail has become even worse than it was before. Now you just cannot open several emails at a time! I am going to change my yahoo to something else, not stupidly updated…

  • Howard

    This new change to Yahoo mail really flippin sucks!

  • Mark Leach

    New Yahoo mail very frustrating and difficult to use (Particularly for 74 year olds like me)….the ‘classic’ one was much better.Have they never heard of the old Engineering saying “If it ‘aint broke, don’t fix it”….

  • Jennifer Turner

    Why on earth would Yahoo put the send button on the bottom of the page, so that you have to scroll???

    And why does the original email stay open after you send the mail?

    The new interface is not user friendly, the section that you write in is way too small, and if you add an attachment, it pushes the body where you can type even smaller. Again forcing users to scroll. I for one am really not liking the new version!

  • sue

    I most definietly do not like the new yahoo mail. Unless it is changed back to what I had before ….or something better I shall ditch my yahoo address for hot mail or something else

  • Lukose

    The new Yahoomail format is horrible! It makes me mad! I only hope yahoo will get back to the old (classic) style!

  • Pat

    I HATE HATE HATE the new Yahoo mail.

    I loved the old version. I have several gmail accounts as well and I HATE theirs and now Yahoo is looking just like gmail – HATE IT!!!!!

  • Joy

    yes I HATE the new version!

  • todd cook

    I despise the new yahoo mail design as passionately as I can hate anything.

  • Maria

    the new yahoo mail is horrible, it disabled some really useful features and it put instead … themes ! stupid!

  • Rhyne

    Mail will not load unless i refresh the page. And it just doesn’t look right. I don’t like the reffering to mail as conversations. It’s mail , not conversations.

  • Ingrid Williams

    I’ve been extremely frustrated for awhile now, with not being able to adjust column widths; this didn’t use to be the case. Added to that was the loss of being able to sort by size, sender, & subject (depending on the info I needed at the moment). This latest ‘improvement’ now does not even allow a sort by sender. This makes file management impossible. I tried one of the scenic themes and ended up with a dark background for my emails so as nice as the theme was, I had to go with one of the plain ones just to be able to see my emails with a lighter background (there doesn’t seem to be an option to change it). Like other people commenting, many of us have been long-time users and faithful to Yahoo; could have easily switched to Gmail, Outlook, etc. but didn’t. Hopefully Yahoo will wake up and change some of these ridiculous changes.

  • Don

    I loved Classic email. the change made in June was horrible, the recent change this week is even worse. Email wasn’t broken, why did they think they had to “improve” it. The latest version is confusing, complex, and I can’t stand the Me in the address line. Also the sayings when you clear trash and spam is too cute and makes you feel like you are being played for as a baby. If you have any influence with Yahoo tell them to stop making changes just so they can say they made a change and bring back earlier versions of email.

  • martina

    I want YAHOO mail , not gmail,
    what the hell were they thinking to copy all that confusing gmail crap…
    Have been with yahoo for 15 year, but will have to leave if they keep that new format.
    I am frustrated beyond believe by how much time I waste to read and to reply to emails. all is collapsed, dates are inverse, tons of scrolling needed, hate the merging of reply with incoming mails, hate having no tabs on top where i could always go back to my original draft
    mail.com…. here I come and stay! Thanks for showing the world that there is an easy way to do emailing.
    just hate that “new” invented Gmail crap format.

  • martina

    why in the world do you think I stayed away from Gmail? Because I hate their format. And now Yahoo haunts me with that same crap.
    Un-Happy Yahooween…..

  • marti

    Yahoo just made some more “improvements” and it is worse than ever!!!! I am now switching everything over to g-mail. They should fire the idiots at Yahoo that have made a complete mess of what was once a wonderful e-mail server. Maybe when enough people leave they will realize what a disaster it is.

  • marti

    Does anyone at Yahoo know how much their faithful users HATE HATE HATE their new so called improvements? Do they listen to the public? Do they read these postings? How can we contact them?

  • marti

    Even g-mail is better than yahoo at this point.

  • Disgruntled

    REALLY sad day for the internet. I won’t be surprised if Google owns Yahoo and is just killing the “competition”.
    We chose Yahoo because we don’t want a flashy, heavy UI. We want functionality, the ability to multi-task, & cross reference.
    I’m definitely closing my account and I encourage others to do the same.

  • Lisa Clark


  • Cheryl Butterworth

    I am devastated at the sudden unexpected change to my Yahoo Mail accounts. I can’t believe that such a fantastic …no PERFECT design has been tampered with by people who clearly have no idea about what is good and not even the interest in their customers to ask for opinions before forcing the change. As a loyal Yahoo user for over 10 years I have often sung it’s praises when compared to the dysfunctional Gmail and other competitors. Anyone know another email provider that is similar to Classic Yahoo? I will have to look for that and change as Yahoo seem to have no interest in the users so pointless to comment really…..what a shame.

  • seafoam

    I really have to laugh at this comment ” Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer: We’re A Personalization Company” Actually I think it is more of a dictatorship because what they have done is remove options people had and were able to use with what someone decided I was going to like no matter if I like it or not! A long, long time user, I’m looking at other providers and will switch as soon as I determine which one I like best. I never had to waste time doing this before because I felt comfortable and at home with my yahoo home page, customized to what I like, I could find emails when I needed them, etc. I really didn’t like gmail’s ui and now (surprise) Yahoo’s looks like a clone of it! You lost search and now you will lose users. What you have done is piss off your users and alienated them from their own email while you scan it to spam them? Right, good move – NOT! You have ruined their productivity. She may be riding high now but I suspect you will have many less users in the very near future. Good luck with that!

  • apio70

    Yahoo classic is the simplest format. Yahoo keeps changing its format and it will lose them customers. These design decisions are made by a bunch of techies. If the techies had their way, apps would be redesigned continuously once every week week.

  • http://safari judith barker

    Yahoo mail seemed to switch on it’s own a a few days ago. I cant figurenout how to forward an e-mail and dont’ like the “me” in the mail. also don’t like a few words of the mail printed out before I open it. I’m using a mac book about 2 years old. HELP!

  • Chad

    I hate how they change Interface every 6 months. By the time you get used to the old one BAM! They Change it AGAIN!!!! I swear it’s a bad case of programing narcissism. I DON’T WANT TO SEE YOUR NEATO NEW CODE! I just want to check my E-mail, and not have to re-learn where you think things might be better placed. I don’t want to scavenge hunt for usability, when you change your mind AGAIN on placement!!!!!! Oh yeah, AND if you want just basic, they purposely leave out things like a REPLY BUTTON on your E-mail interface! @$$ Wholes!!!

  • KristaIsNotPleased

    I HATE, HATE, HATE that Yahoo NOW won’t let me have multiple drafts at once, AND if I highlight something, like something in a Chrismtas list, as soon as I do that, Yahoo goes right back to the top of the page. AND it’s that stupid purple color that looks like a format from the 90’s!!

  • Deepa

    Tired of the new Yahoo mail, classic was classic for a reason. We want classic back

  • Joseph

    Check out all the complaints on the Facebook page for Yahoo Mail https://www.facebook.com/YahooMail
    This comment sums up how Yahoo is treating their longtime, loyal users perfectly. It’s very sad & frustrating:
    Yahoo, listen up. The people who still use your email service are mostly in the 30+ age range. The last interface change you forced down our throats in July drove most of the under 30 crowd to Gmail. They are not coming back just because you made your service look like Gmail. I hate to say it, but you are not going to be able to compete with Google. Why don’t you smarten up and try to cater to your user demographics. After you killed Yahoo Classic, those of us who stayed with Yahoo because we find Gmail difficult to use for business, grew to appreciate it. Then you take everything useful and throw it out the window. We are not kids sending emails to our friends. We are business people who need an intelligent way to communicate. We need tabs so we can compose mail and research prior messages at the same time. We need to be able to save drafts with one click. We need to see the complete email address of senders in the header. We need to preview attachments prior to downloading. We need our folders available at all times (by the way, I can’t open any of these hidden folders unless I switch to basic view). We need “themes” that do not make the font impossible to read. If we want to have a “conversation” we know how to pick up the phone and call our colleagues and associates. Change this horrible product back to the way it was yesterday so your users can go back to work and not waste boatloads of precious time trying to figure out how to accomplish what should be the very basic of tasks.

  • Fawad Manzoor

    Like the new designing only if it works better.

  • Chris

    The new design is totally irritating and not user-friendly, as many function are missing/not working and simply speaking not logical. Since I have started to use my yahoo mail account in 1998 I have witness many updates, but the were always improving and making the use much easier. But this is the worst decision by yahoo and Ms. Mayer. I assume she is not the right CEO for the company by destroying a perfectly good working product.
    In addition to the forced advertising there is also the lack of security, as yahoo observes the content of mails.
    There should be the option/or possibility to choose the previous classic mail.
    I assume, yahoo and the CEO cannot acknowledge this immense mistake and will force it upon it user. If Yahoo is not changing back to the previous version I will search for a more suitable mail service.
    Br Chris

  • Charis M

    It is really bad, why they did this to thousands if not millions of people?
    I have everything connected to my yahoo mail, especially my business, before I was able to have multiple emails open at once, go back & forth for references, sent graphics (im a graphic designer) while I read other emails and do other multitasks.

    this sucks so much, that it effects my business literally, I don’t use the word hate very often either I like wishing someone to get fired, but in this case, the frustration is so big, that I truly wish the appropriate department that controls the group who make that change to either move them somewhere else or get them fired.
    They are complete ignorant about the vital benefits of the previous design & they thought some features wasn’t necessary? like tabs? are they from idiotland? did they live at a cave or something? do they have any idea what they did?

    I seriously hate the new yahoo, plus it is super buggy. It confuses me.

  • Bob

    There is something called user interface. unfortunately these people forgot what a user is. Spell check made a mistake in a memo. So they work on the Inyourface instead. Great job in making is suck so bad.

  • Bea

    I dislike the new version. It looks and feels like gmail, and the only reason I had yahoo was because it was not a gmail experience. Also the adds are annoying, the screen is smaller and there is no way to get the adds off or in a smaller size.

    Very dissappointed with new version,

  • Marcia Williams

    I think the new yahoo is horrible. I have opened a gmail account and am in the process of changing from Yahoo.

  • howard

    You new and improved email sucks. I like to forward good emails to my friends and family. Noe that seems impossible. When something works as good as Yahoo email did, why screw it UP???

  • Lynn

    Please forward my complaint to yahoo.com that we are switching. Yahoo mail has become impossible to use and is the WORST carrier in America. I can’t track email, I can’t separate responses from my original message to someone, I can’t forward attachments, I can’t find attachments, it deletes posts when I try to separate responses from the original message. I can’t tell if a message has been sent after clicking on the SEND tab, (it keeps spinning)…and more miseries that I’m at a loss to explain in brief terms. I can’t reach anyone to complain to because all complaints seem to go in a loop and I’m back where I started. YAHOO WON’T ACCEPT COMPLAINTS! Something very wrong happened to this once fine email system.

  • bc

    This change was just forced on me today. I finally found some “forums” on Yahoo with hundreds of negatives; I agree with all of them but voting is all closed. Apparently this has been rolling out for a while. I’ve gone back to “basic” several times: once I got the classic which I wanted to keep but it went away — probably due to stuff that was left over from the session.

    My primary hates: Conversations; lack of tabs to work multiple emails simultaneously (probably can’t have this capability with conversations); can’t have personal folders displayed with basic “folders” (spam, trash, etc.); themes (the one I picked is extremely out of focus and I can’t select None.

    I could get used to the visuals, but some of the new “features” are really unfeatures that may make me look for another email service.

  • http://collectivepsych.com Jerry Kroth

    I absolutely hate the new Yahoo mail. I can’t figure out when I sent an email or not. And I don’t want to see every email I ever sent to someone, just the email I wanted to reply to. Subject headings are awful; print is too light; everything is a regression back to stupidity.

    Jerry Kroth

  • Maddy

    The new yahoo mail is terrible.. mail sent is NOT getting to receiver for days.. one took a week for them to get..my banking which is posted everyday now takes 2 days.. going to look for a new email program as yahoo can NOT be trusted anymore.. Changes are for the worse.. not better.. Why do these company’s change what works to a mess that works nothing like old one that did it’s job well.. garbage now.. can not be trusted..

  • lily gold

    Why doesn’t Yahoo just give its users the OPTION TO CHOOSE which version of Yahoo mail they want to use instead of shoving this new version down our throats. Why don’t they actually FIX the problems instead of spending their energy trying to discredit all the naysayers as old folks who just don’t like change? Yahoo redesigned the mail,and replaced function with pretty pictures(-it reminds me of the Sex Pistols-“you’re so pretty, you’re so pretty, pretty VACANT”). I now get a message for a 6 year old when I empty my spam folder -“you’re my anti spam star!” This crap would be funny if it wasn’t seriously affecting so many peoples ability to communicate and conduct business.

  • Alfredo Barroso

    New yahoo mail system SUCKS. I HATE IT.

  • http://yahoo Bridgette Stone

    just to let you know I HATE HATE this new yahoo page I can’t do any thing I want to do with it , its driving me mad to the point am thinking about leaveing yahoo all together now. I know loads of my friends who feel the same . why oh why do you have to keep changing things all the time, if was ok why change it ? that’s what I say .. Bridgette.

  • http://yahoo rita payne

    I don’t like the format that they are using when reading me emails , don’t like back ground how do I get it of as its driving for mate they have put send at the bottom where it was it the top of page . can we go back to the original format please it was so much easier but plain and simple I hate this version big time. a 76 old lady Rita . thank you for reading this .

  • mac

    Cannot delete e-mails and very slow.

  • Robert

    I do not like the new Yahoo Mail. Maybe it would have been nice to understand why they fixed a machine that wasn’t broken. No longer can I drag a formated JPG pic right into the field. It shows as an attachment. No longer can I click a client in my inbox, click the reply button, change the subject, delete the field and start anew. That was my favorite thing about the old Yahoo Mail. I don’t want a zillion contacts in my contacts folder.

  • http://none Armand

    I absolutely loath the new version of yahoo email.This disaster is akin to the New Coke that debuted years ago.The majority hate it.Please tell yahoo to get their head straight.Why fix it if it aint broke?

  • http://none south grove community centre

    I have tried to work with this .. but I don’t want all my mails linked together nor do I want ‘Me’ to be tagged on to the recipients.. I cant work out what is going on .and when I do I have lost a lot of time

    I have used yahoo for a very long time .. hence the dot com address for someone that is in the UK…. but this change is massively confusing.. and for a tiny business user I am finding it frustrating in the extreme and though most change is for the good .. We don’t need a terabyte of storage.. we edit our mails or file elsewhere.. .. but thank you .. for keeping me on my toes.. and making me think more than I would have to normally ..

    I will look on the net for suggestions of how to change it back .. I am not alone in this.. I don’t want all the mails linked.. that causes problems for who needs to see and who does not.. .. just madness. It worked great before..
    what happened to the old maxim .. IF IT AIN’T BROKE DON’T FIX IT?

  • http://youtube.com/2Bunny2012 Channel 2012

    The new Yahoo! Webmail is a serious joke. I used Webmail classic up until the day before they forced everybody off of it, and then I just started using MS Outlook. It works infinitely better than the provided webmail and blends in seamlessly with everything else that I’m already doing in Outlook. Thank Bill Gates for Outlook, or I wouldn’t even be using Yahoo! mail anymore…

    ::Channel 2012

  • Bonnie Goldsmith

    Why fix what is NOT broken????? We already have too busy, stressful lives…why add to our stress? Please just leave it simple and easy to use…Why make users HUNT for sign out??????

  • David Jones

    I absolutely HATE the new Yahoo eMail interface. It is both extremely ugly as well low in functionality.

    They have moved from being the BEST eMail system in the world to the WORST eMail system in the world.

    Why the hell did they take this backward step?

  • Jerry

    It TOTALLY SUCKS! I am going to search alternatives.

  • Seth Derrick

    I’ve been using Yahoo Mail since it started. The new re-design is horrible. The last straw for me is that I can’t sort mail be “From”. Who thought sorting by whether mail has an attachment but not who it’s from was a great idea? One of the worst redesigns that has screwed it’s users, on par with what happened over at AllMusic. A wonderful service that millions of users made popular has been screwed with, almost certainly in an effort to attract more ad revenue. I hope this backfires to the point where Yahoo goes the way of Alta Vista.

  • http://www.boek2.nl Ardi

    The new yahoo mail is crap. The option to have more than one mail open at a time was very handy. It is gone completely! It is unusefull to have to open a folder to see your folders. And everytime you file an email, you see a blank page!

  • Ken Walkey

    WHY, why does Yahoo have to change a good, workable web site, just to be changing something? I HATE THIS SO-CALLED NEW SITE, Ug! Please, give me back my “useable, workable” site. PLEASE.

  • Hugo

    I dislike the new Yahoo mail so much I am seriously thinking about cancelling my email and moving on with another provider. In all fairness I will give Yahoo one more month to fix the problem or switch back to the old mail

  • Norma

    I do not like Yahoo new mail one bit. Yahoo, please bring back the old mail or it would be “adios amigo”.

  • Jim Radford

    I hate the things Yahoo.mail is trying to do for me!

  • Jim Radford

    I hate what yahoo.mail is trying to do for me. I will do what I want if you don’t mind!

  • son hoang

    It’s a very stupid new design of Yahoo Mails ! My eyes are very tired to cope with them . And it’s hard to find a proper mail ?


  • Ph A Bopp

    the new yahoo mail interface is a total disaster, I’m already switching to somewhere else, and if they dont change it back REAL QUICK, I’ll complete the switch also ERAL QUICk

  • prion

    Where has my Bcc gone ? ?
    I now have no Bcc to send bulk emails, now I have to send everyone of them one at a time which is very time consuming to say the least.
    Please Yahoo give us back our Bcc asap.
    I am all for change but omitting the Bcc is ludicrous.


  • don

    The new Yahoo is extremely difficult to use. I am now forced to use color combinations I do not like. I do not like being called “me.” That is not my name.(Colors and names are very personal to people.) I cannot delete my comments once sent to a person. I do not want to send the same comments everyone. I must go to top of page and then bottom of page for format messages. I cannot search my files, except by going through every single message. We used to have ability to search 25 or 50 messages. When entering comments the pages keep reformatting and putting my remarks on very bottom, so I cannt see what I am saying in context. There are other problems, but I am beating a dead horse. After years of being a Yahoo user and afficionado, I think it is time I find another e-mail provider.

    This new Yahoo format is really poorly conceived and someone should be fired for making mistakes this large.

  • Judi Sion

    I hate, hate, hate the new Yahoo and I give up. I’m switching to something else. Gmail has also overhauled and I also hate the extra time it takes to find where I must go to change or even read the subject line or italicize a book title, but I still prefer it to the new Yahoo.

    The field is ripe for something new to come along and steal customers. In the meantime, I am leaving Yahoo. They don’t even have an email where I can complain!

  • Sandy Leahy

    This new Yahoo is worthless. I am seriously thinking of changing my e-mail but my world revolves around this website. I hate that the send and recipient is available. It now takes me an hour to find an old email. I had the way you have to move around. Who was the person that developed it? This isn’t used for social networking for me, it is for business and I have to say this is not user friendly nor conducive to business needs.
    Please make it more like the old version.

  • Sandy

    I just found out from several sources that my e-mail is not getting to them. This sucks especially when it is pertaining to business. Losing a job because they think you dropped the ball is not good. Come on folks, go back to classic which worked great and leave it alone.

  • Reigh

    Replying to a sender has never been more confusing on this new version. You click on the wrong row of a similar header and you’ve just sent information to the wrong client.

    Do not get me wrong. I understand that everything evolves and we create programs to be more efficient. Whoever designed this interface has his own non user friendly logic and shoved it down everyone else’s throats. It is foul. The company obviously failed to get a good sample size/users to provide testing and input before this forced roll out. You provide us with free email/storage and we agree to get advertisements. That seems fair.

    This roll out/version is a failure and are currently upsetting loyal users. Switch back to the previous platform, make adjustments to the new platform and thoroughly test it for ease of use before re-releasing.

    RE: Collapsible rows. The search is creating too many results on similar headers/contents and highly irrelevant. Not good for people who use it for business and store a significant amount of emails in folders.

  • Mitchell

    I have to say, this new Yahoo Mail is a disaster. Yesterday I was composing a long, involved email regarding a proposal for my company. It took me half the morning to get all of the facts & figures just right. Before I could send the email, Yahoo logged me off for security reasons which I don’t understand since I was active in the UI on and off all morning. It seems this new version of Yahoo Mail does not save drafts automatically like the old one. My email was gone, hours of work lost, a deadline not met. What Yahoo is doing to their long time, loyal, paid (Yahoo Plus) customers is appalling. Now I need to find a new email provider that I can depend on, take the time to migrate all of my mail and close accounts that I have had for well over a decade. I am disgusted

  • brh

    if yahoo does not bring back classic email version i will switch to a different service and never use any yahoo service

  • Kye Burns

    I do not like the new design. You cannot revert back to the old classic. If users were happy before and something was working why then change? Does not make much sense. How to put in a new signature and business card on new upgrade. Does anyone know? Does new yahoo mail even allow? Thanks.

  • Jenn XY

    I find it very buggy. At first I thought the problem was FireFox related because the same issues were not happening on Safari. I reported the issues on the FireFox forum. Their suggestions made no improvement. So I decided to use Safari for email instead.
    I somehow changed the way the mail appears on Safari & now the exact same problems as with FireFox. Previously on Safari there was a ‘next’ or page number for previous mail. Now it’s just a scroll bar.

    – Attachments showing for the mail in the inbox but not downloadable when the actual mail is opened.
    – Folders not expanded by default. When clicking on folders, the folders appear but inbox vanishes. (I have some mail sent to specific topic folders. So this is highly inconvenient & cannot immediately see when new mail is sent to the folders.)
    – Sometimes I click on inbox and the windows shows up empty.
    – Scroll bar for searching for older email does not always expand down.
    – There are probably more issue symptoms I cannot remember at this moment.

    * I would refer to these symptoms as a combination of ‘Bugs’ and extremely poor design.


    It sucks!!! I can’t select and delete emails I don’t want to read. When I select an email in my inbox, the email page comes up frozen, I can’t scroll the page or delete it, reply to it ,forward it, nada….Hell, I can’t even sign out of Yahoo Mail. I don’t use messaging, won’t go public with facebook so I guess Yahoo is not for me.

  • Jenn XY

    Whomever it was from Canada that suggested going to Options & changing Mail View to Basic view fixed a lot of problems I was having such as attachments not downloadable, custom folders (where some mail is sent) not being expanded by default and when opening it hides all the other links such as Inbox, Inbox sometimes showing up empty, scroll bar not working properly, etc. Basic view has made me decide to stay with Yahoo for now since it can be a pain to change email services. And do NOT click on the link that says ‘Switch to the newest Yahoo!7 Mail’. 😀

  • P. Taylor

    Now we cannot delete emails since the delete button does not work. Is Yahoo trying to crash our computers by making it so we can never delete emails? Their techs and the new CEO need to be fired. I can’t believe I’m actually paying for this inferior service. I am switching to another email carrier pronto.

    • Jenn XY

      Switch to Basic View. Select the emails you wish to delete, click the Delete link. This sends to Trash. You can do the same thing in the Trash to totally delete the emails.

  • Teresa Wilson

    I absolutely HATE the new yahoo. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!!!


    yahoo classic has no comparison.If somebody one’s used it he will never forget it,my personal view is east or west yahoo classic is the best….


    I miss the classic with its functionality

  • Ted Johnson

    I HATE YAHOO MAIL NOW!! I can’t read old messages, the replies that were sent to it won’t allow me to see the whole window. I have to DELETE replies to read my ORIGINAL email. WTF, over?

    I can’t forward an email, without forwarding the entire “email conversation.’ I HATE EMAIL CONVERSATIONS. The only thing I like is CHRONOLOGICAL filing. I can find any email I want that way. Now it’s HARDER to find things, use things, and see things.


  • rupal


  • rupal

    new yahoo is a TOTAL DISASTER

  • Robert

    Yahoo mail used to be pretty good. Now it really blows. I like the old classic version better. Uncluttered, intuitive and easy to use. Now, I have to hunt around to get things done. Also, the latest annoyance is two fold: 1. whenever I sign onto yahoo mail, it keeps telling me to upgrade my browser; and, 2. it keeps asking me to change my theme! The former is not practical to me, and I like my current theme just fine. I’ve asked yahoo for help to get rid of these annoyances, but have not gotten any response…not one iota of information is available from yahoo. My solution now is to tell all my contacts to email me at hotmail from now on, and to hell with yahoo!

  • Robert

    Yahoo BLOWS, BIG TIME! First they got rid of the class mail format, which was intuitive and worked. The new format really sucks a lot of dead air! Now, they keep telling me to upgrade my browser for a “better experience” and to change my theme. I say BULLSHET! It’s impractical for me to change my browser, because some of my plugins don’t work with some of the latest version browsers. And I like my current theme just fine, thank you. I’ve tried contacting yahoo support to get rid of these annoying messages that I have to click through in order to get to my emails, but to date not one response! My solution now is to migrate all of my emails to Hotmail and Gmail. SCREW YOU YAHOO. You used to be great. Now, it’s just garbage ran by that trailer-trash Meyers!

  • Ted

    no you are right the latest yahoo mail is a total disaster

  • Kent Maz

    I hate not having tabs. The tabs made everything about yahoo special. Now they went backwards and they don’t even know it. They should give us an option on two layouts.

  • Jean-Loup

    Why did they take a perfectly good product that had been working well for years, and ruin it? This so called upgrade is a big downgrade, plain and simple… It doesnt work, and is dangerous as emails can become erase accidentaly, or or not even announced in the inbox, instead somehow getting mixed in with totaly unrelated emails!

    Yahoo, switch back to the old version, or loose your clients!

  • Charmaine Lobo

    I HATE the new format. I cannot find my old emails easily and it is just terrible. Ask them to change it back.

  • John

    When a nudge does not work, then comes the push. If the new yahoo mail was so great, why do they have to force people at gun point to switch. Its either switch or you won’t get any emails ever again.

    Software is suppose to get better not worse. Why are they doing this email holocaust nonsense.

  • kevin

    Yes heads need to roll because of the decision to give us an ugly messy obnoxious ‘new’ design for Yahoo mail. The bold letters and the ‘me” throw us off-the format is awful. We should have had a say in the change or asked to make comments first. I can’t work with this mess with it taking longer to send emails, no cc, delete etc etc. I will be abandoning Yahoo regardless of everyone I know having that email address. This stinks and you should be ashamed. It’s a scam. The ads are in the way and programmed to what I type.

  • Sherry Reno Ross


  • Martin Taylor

    Yes, it’s sad that the interface change was forced on people, but that’s the way things go – companies change products, and as we pay nothing for it have little ability to complain in the way that a paying customer would. I’m sure that given time we’d get used to any interface.


    The performance seem to be slow to the point of unusable. To the point of a fault or bug, even. That’s been my experience at least.

  • Carra

    FINALLY! I logged in today on Yahoo Mail and decided that, after all, basic is better than this and, as I had to use yahoo for my job and had to clean the inbox, I changed it to basic. GUESS WHAT! IT CHANGED ME BACK TO THE LAST VERSION! YES, THE DECENT, GREAT VERSION WE PREVIOUSLY HAD! I AM SO DAMN HAPPY NOW! It seems Yahoo cares after all.

  • Fayez El Giheny

    Yes, I miss Yahoo Mail Classic. I could not fined the way to enlarge the inbox font; I followed ALL suggestions by yahoo and all others with no change, the font is still very small like font 3 in MS Word.


  • K. Loh

    I hate the new Yahoo e-mail format. Please can I revert back to the old format?

  • Luca

    Current new Yahoo layout is unusable and on my PC it doesn’t work anymore.
    When I try to vew some messages I get the followng error mesage: Network error!

    I run Windows XP SP3.

  • Hilda

    I am fed up! I can’t delete email efficiently anymore. It takes multiple times of clicking of something to actually stick. My email regularly has loading and freezing problems when nothing else does. I have had a yahoo account for 15 years+ but now I prefer gmail. It sucks. Get your stuff together yahoo.

    • Felice

      I thought constant freezing problem was because of my computer glitch. But it`s the new version that seems to be the culprit. Why does it have to be changed for the worseÉ Doesn`t make sense.

  • m.j.

    One of the things people are consistently avoiding discussing is the fact that AS OF JULY 9TH when (those of us who were holding out as long as possible) were FORCED to accept the NEW change…was that, in the fine print, you were accepting that Yaboos! scan the CONTENT of your email “for marketing purposes”. If you watch your task manager, it’s sucking up so much bandwidth while you’re account is open, that it literally slows EVERYTHING down! I HATE THIS OBSESSION WITH HAVING TO CHANGE and be FORCED into having your PRIVATE EMAIL scanned.

    That’s the reason the other “user interface” commands have suffered… they’ve become a low priority for Yaboo! …while they get busy scanning our emails for something else to sell us… or worse.


    WHY do we think it’s okay now, when it happens to be in cyberspace instead of on the street?????

  • http://YahooMailClassic CK

    Please change back to old version of Yahoo Mail Classic.
    I have lots of trouble how to send messages to contacts on my list.
    I do not want to send out the whole reply but it’s hard to tell if It doesn’t come with other contacts to go along with.
    I am still very confusing. You can’t force Yahoo users to change.
    I try to learn redesign but nothing helps.
    Please change back to old version.

  • Guy Labrosse

    I prefer the ”Basic” mail option.
    With the ”Full feature” :
    1- I can not see the icons,
    2- can not type one letter in ”To”, Cc, Bcc. and get the full email address I need
    Terribly inefficient.
    Every time I start Yahoo mail, it always open with the new ”Full feature”. I have to change it back to Basic. Very annoying. Please let me keep ”Basic” until you fix the problems I mentioned before.

  • sekhar

    new yahoo mail is completely spoiled my interest and it is very complicated and not good.Previous design is good.

  • AJ

    The new Yahoo isn’t user friendly. The send is awkward, font size is a joke, color selection is useless, reading mail is awkward, replying as well…….I’d change in a heart beat if it wasn’t for all my business contacts…This wasn’t a step forward! Change for sure, make another one & go back to what worked so well. This “new yahoo” isn’t very desirable at all..

  • chetan

    new yahoo mail sucks ass

  • S Nadeem

    Yahoo has ben my only email account since 90’s and I have never gone through the pain before. The change is absolutely nonsense and devastating. Honestly this is the first time in the last 20 years or so that I am thinking of moving to another provider. What a shame !!!!

  • bern

    it sucks big time, hate it hate it hate it , more ads and now more clicking and it it horrible , looking for a new email address many are

  • Tamara

    I HATE IT!



  • Hugh Davis

    I’ve used Yahoo mail for many years. However, in light of the new version, I may have to switch. The new version is extremely clumsy to use. Whoever designed this ought to be fired.

  • Cee

    I find the new Yahoo design is frustrating. You can`t even change the message title when you want to reply. And doing some typographical correction becomes annoying when you put the cursor and click to the location where you want to make some editing, it just jumps up onto the top page. Don`t know why that happens. Double click and single click doesn`t seem to work consistently in moving the cursor somewhere else on the page.

  • Kjeld Johnsen

    I dislike the new yahoo mail
    I cannot find smileys. I cannot attach a picture. I cannot alter size
    and it all comes in one big mixmax
    But I can find another provider
    Yahoo has become lousy

  • ACYahooUser

    I’ve used Yahoo mail for a decade and will be running screaming from it now. The loss of functionality is infuriating. What’s worse, I can’t even forward my mail somewhere else so that I CAN leave Yahoo in any reasonable manner without upgrading for a cost of $20/year. Are they trying to just kill their mail client entirely but not brazen enough to make the statement? This is certain to push all users away, so perhaps they’re admirably achieving a goal?!

  • Leonard Thompson

    The new mail is really louse the way its laid out. And you click on anything and never know what will happen or when it will happen.
    Also the “me” on my emails is dumb.


  • http://yahoomail rich

    I feel like a have to be a detective to figure out who i have sent what to who.
    the old way was perfect right in your face from person a to person b.

    now there is hidden (bs) that i need to explore to discover i have sent something to the right person although it appears i resent something back to the person i got it from when you look at it.

    very aggrivating…i give them 1 month to put it back the way it was or i am switching.

    pissed off rich

  • http://yahoomail carol

    No I don’t like the new one, whats worse I am starting to get a little used to it,but now can’t find my sent mail, don’t know if my emails get sent or not. and now when I send email to more then one person my reply’s gets all contacts I sent it to , it’s a mess is what it is,,

  • Chester

    “If’n it ain’t broke, DON’T FIX IT.”

    Yahoo email was working fine until some person, tantamount to a malware creator, altered it a few weeks ago (it is October 25, 2013 today).

    My biggest complaint is that when I reply to an email, I can’t edit the crap lines out of the original email, or delete it altogether to create a fresh message. The only way to do this is to use “Compose” and separately add the email address and use a lot of cut and paste with Wordpad.

    Unless they fix this, I will have to abandon Yahoo email and use Hotmail exclusively.

    But these comments should all be sent to Yahoo, if we want the faults to be fixed.

    Hard to believe that such a lousy piece of software was approved for release. Yet we still have a lot of people who believe in evolution, i.e. the fairy tale that things are advancing.

  • Ariane

    A piece of shit…
    It is sooo bad that it is dodgy (do they want to loose customers? Why?)
    Very mad at them to make me waste my time!

    In terms of design, it’s awful.
    You cannot adjust the size of columns. The folder list rolls off when you scroll the email list. You cannot easily delete multiple emails from the main list at once — you have to go one by one…
    And the Comic sans ms is gone, that was the best lettering.

    R.I.P. Yahoomail, you suck!

  • Reagin

    I absolutely hate the new version of yahoo mail. It drives me crazy when I’m trying to focus on one email and all the other emails are mixed in with the other emails. I’ve been a Yahoo user for years and will consider changing. Not an improvement at all. Not user friendly. If you care about your customers, change it back.

  • brenda

    I was unable to write a long email to a company re a complaint, and could only do a few lines. Why….

  • UM

    After having a yahoo mail account for years, I am about to drop it, because I foolishly clicked on the option yesterday that offered a new background to my account.
    Since then, I have not been able to scroll my mail, enter new contacts, access my Yahoo contacts and calendar. Who did this? The people who did the Obamacare website???

  • Sam

    I can’t stand the new yahoo mail – all I want is simple and fast without any frills

    The new one is incredibly slow to load up, I have to choose to use the basic view from the settings each time despite selecting ‘save’.

    Not happy with it

  • Lois Wadelton

    The new mail suxs I dont want to be forced to scroll down one message at a time..WHAT WERE YOU THINKING..ooops no you WERENT thinking DUMB idiots
    Cant take this crap anymore and moving on. Oh and then theres the reply to a group email..if you want to reply to only one email in the group..you cant just click and return to sender ..oh no you have to delete all the list one by one until you have the one you want to reply to as the last one left…HATE YOU YAHOO

  • J

    I just wish a) it didn’t go “DOWN” all the time—-electricity in Bolivia is more reliable and b) that when it was up it actually worked….latest upgrades drop features I used, added features that don’t work….it’s what you get when you put a Google exec in charge and try to steal Googlesque crap and don’t know how to do it….if I wanted GMAIL I’d have one of their accounts…..I’ve been with Yahoo since the beginning, but it’s getting hard to stay, gateway and all…crash, fail, etc….

  • DS

    Yahoo mail is just UNBELIEVABLY BAD! I can’t tell you how utterly rotten and crumby it is. There is so much wrong with it, I don’t even know where to begin.

    It is so bad, that I am making plans to switch to something else. The whole reason I started Yahoo mail was so that I’d never have to change email address, regardless of ISP. However it is now UNBEARABLE. Words are inadequate to express my disgust.

  • Barbara

    NEW Yahoo mail is awful. It is ridiculously difficult to formatting emails and if I create text in word to copy and paste in to yahoo it adds several lines between each paragraph and does not let you delete logically. I used Yahoo for MANY YEARS I am sorry I let my Hotmail go by the way. I will look into Hotmail again and a few others.

  • Mariette Wilson

    I want my normal yahoo back, I don’t care how clever the designer is, I would like to return to previous format. The STRESS is unbelievable.

  • http://spiritualdirectionmpls.com sue

    I am having a lot of difficulty with the new YAHOO email. I do not like threads. I can’t tell if I am
    responding to the same person….I can’t see their responses. It is confusing. I have lost so many
    emails. It seems as though the emails are being deleted or stored somewhere I can’t find them.

    Seriously thinking of going to gmail permanently.

    • Katharine

      Absolutely agree. I hate this new system. I may have to switch to another email system. Any recommendations?

  • Sam

    Wow, is all I can say. What the heck happened to classic yahoo email? It seems like CEO’s of yahoo email and iPhone practice the same thought process. Force everyone to upgrade and DO NOT allow them to go back to previous versions even though we have bugs and fixed that need to be addressed. What a lousy way to treat your customers.

  • lorrie hammond

    I am very frustrated with your new format. I can not figure out how to edit drafts. It took me a week to find cc. Is is possible to go back to the old format?

  • Paul

    It’s one thing to suck, another to be slow, the new yahoo mail SUCKS AND IS SLOW. Actually, it double sucks on virtually every level. I’m switching to something else after 12 years. The jackass who approved the release of this crap should be given a head check along with virtually everyone else that worked on this useless product. It TOTALLY SUCKS in every freaking way that one could possibly imagine. No tabs, no sort by sender, no ability to forward without deleting portions of the email, no ability to easily use recipients of an email in a new email…and on and on…what a frigging joke.

  • Kerstin

    The new Yahoo mail is a total disaster. When I started with Yahoo over 10 years ago it was excellent. You could send mail + photos as easy as. Now nothing works or takes ages. I do not want to be pushed into using Flickr to send photos to friends. I could go on and on and
    it will only make me cry.

  • Kerstin Sundgren

    I am totally disappointed with Yahoo7 mail. It used to be a really good system when I started using it abt. 10 years ago. It was easy to use and send photos to friends without having to join Flickr etc.
    It was fast, efficient and I loved it.
    Wake up Yahoo your loyal customers are getting fed up!



  • Katharine

    I really do not like the new Yahoo mail. I avoided gmail because of the way they “bundle” messages together (ones THEY think are related!). I’m perfectly capable of putting messages into folders where I think they belong, thank you very much. I wish these techie people would stop trying to help me in ways I don’t need to be helped. I much preferred the old method, which gave me more control over what I file where. Now, I can’t even figure out to whom I’m replying, and I have to click on a link to open up a “conversation.” Sigh. This is not progress.

  • http://yahoo Martha Clark

    Yahoo mail is TERRIBLE It is a complicated mess. One peeve is the inability to delete al the addresses which come with forwarded mail. I DO NOT forward addresses .

  • Steve

    First thing I noticed is that it keeps prompting me to upgrade Firefox (I am using the latest version) and then the Theme. I found that switching to Basic gets rid of this, but it keeps switching me to the new version. Next, I found that if I reply to or forward an Email, I can’t edit the subject. Then I found that when I was typing addresses, it wouldn’t guess the contact and it doesn’t recognize my list names. Verdict, yahoo Email is now a useless piece of crap.

  • ruth schudel

    I hate the new email. Can’tt send to multiple email addresses etc.

  • Alston Sookraj

    The new yahoo mail version is a total disaster. They literally forced users to change into the new yahoo mail. This is the worst I have ever seen in any upgrade !

  • http://Yahoo Janie Rice

    I hate the new yahoo website and e-mail. Just today a new glitch popped up – when I hit delete it goes back to inbox list not the next e-mail. I checked my settings and have it set to go to next e-mail but it’s not doing it!

  • diana

    I hate the new version. I am considering closing my account and opening a new one at gmail or somewhere else.

  • Bob

    When trying to send multiple b cc’s I now am only able to see names either beginning or ending with the letter A and am only able to enter one name at a time. Following that entry it takes me back to my original email at which time I have to hit the letter A again, and then again and again for each recipient where as I used to be able to enter all names, one at a time instead of coming in and out of my contact list for each name as a recipient.

    Even worse is that I have to do the same for each letter of the alphabet and since in doing the A section that includes either the first or last name beginning with A, by the time a get just to the Cs or Ds, then I am seeing names previously shown such as David Anthony while in the D section and quite possibly a name already selected while in the As. I saw no other reviews on this same problem and certainly no way to correct the problem however the consensus seems to be that this is a horrible version so will be moving shortly if unable to correct over the weekend. Bob

  • Wm Hayduke

    Yahoo’s keyboard shortcuts only work intermittently, driving me nuts. I know it’s Yahoo! and not Firefox because it’ll work at first and then, after checking a dozen emails, will stop working (can’t delete, move, etc, via keystrokes). Only by re-starting Firefox/Yahoo will it work again. There are worst things but I’m seriously considering switching to Outlook.com..

  • alex

    This new version of yahoo e mail is TERRIBLE. It is hard to navigate, has no tabs like before, stuffed up with ME ME ME and is crowded out by an ad on the right margin. It was not broken so why did you fix it?

    If the old version does not return I will just transfer everything over to google mail. That will take a lot of work as I have had excellent time in the past with yahoo folders,etc. This is just TERRIBLE.

    Please give us the option to return to older format. OR Goodbye Yahoo!

  • http://yahoomail Mei

    Its getting worst and worst.I’m thinking of moving my personal email to gmail if they keep this up. I don’t mind extra security but the user functionality is retarded.

  • kit

    It’s utter shit, I used to love it but today was the final straw. Apart from the fact that they don’t tell you how many emails you have and don’t allow you to delete all, its annoying to view emails and now they essentially forced me to change me password(it is now required to have to have to include a capital letter (ffs), and a number. It did this by telling me that my password was not valid. I am a 100% sure it was. It now tells me me the answers to my security questions are not valid. Again ,I know for a fact that they are. It has blocked my account for 12 hours. Goodbye yahoo. I’ve had enough.

  • http://www.equinetlccare.com Yvonne Mulgrew

    I want my classic yahoo with tabs back or I’m changing all of my email addresses. This is horrible. They should fire the brain child of this version. Fire that person…now!!!

  • Juan Pablo Vivanco

    Yahoo mail used to be the best because of multi-tasking, tabs and drag and drop, but mostly the tabs. now it’s a piece of crap. I’m considering closing the account just to protest.

  • http://yahoo t. moran

    I comment on stories on my yahoo home page, but no longer get email responses to my comments. Is that part of the new Yahoo. Although, they keep referring me to my email provider which is ATT. I’m confused.

  • http://yahoo t. moran

    Yahoo is my homepage. ATT is my email provider. In the past, I would comment on stories on Yahoo, and I would get emails with others feedback on what I had to say. Now I don’t. Yahoo tells me it’s not their problem, and I should contact ATT. I’m an old man and don’t understand all of this. Is anyone else having this problem.

  • Jeff

    Yahoo has become the ‘New Coke’ of internet arrogance and stupidity. The EASY to USE and CUSTOMER FRIENDLY Yahoo mail is gone. I sm fairly technical..and I am wasting lots oif time trying to figure out how to remove forwarded names..if I want to forward atach,ments to my contacts.

    I predict that Yahoo will become to e0-mail like Sears has become top retrailing. The new CEO is a power crazed idiot. I hate Flickr. It is so cumbersome. So instead of trying to keep loyal e-mail custoimers happy..these ‘Yes-Men’ piss us off.when in fact everything was in place perfectly.

    THey are truly ‘mad scientists.’
    Corporations have no loyalty..I am probably going to use my oulook as my primary e-mail unless Yahoo reverts.

  • bill

    I pay $19/year each for 2 different Yahoo mail accounts to avoid ads and get “better services”. That is until they changed away fro mail classic. The setup is very awkward, so many additional key strokes are required to do what you used to do with a single click. Such as to send BCC, or to delete text that you have highlighted. Also, I have to scroll way down the page to get to the SEND button. Why can’t there be one at the top of the message also? I keep waiting for a release that improves or allows return to the old mail classic. If not, I’m gone, even with the pain of changing my addresses.

  • anoushka

    New Yahoo is a nightmare! It now takes me about half an hour to read two emails. It runs slow, it ignores clicks, it double clicks, it goes blank for no reason, it keeps ‘reminding’ me I can change my background to a variety of awful busy backgrounds that make it impossible to read emails and which I don’t want, when I click to get rid of the reminder the whole process starts again. The formatting is awful with scrolling left to right for new/old emails and the formatting buttons at the bottom. Not to mention the fact they got rid of tabs (the best bit about yahoo) and installed an awful ‘conversation’ feature which no one wants or uses. I am now looking for a different email provider to use, but it’s going to be a nightmare as I have been with yahoo since 2006.

  • Edmund Ashley

    This new program version is absolute rubbish!
    Even supposed new features (or new locations for old features) are pathetic.

    If Yahoo cannot provide a reasonable update pretty quickly I will be seeking another provider.

    What was once very helpful as a productivity tool is now absolute crap!

  • Kaye

    This new Yahoo mail sucks! There’s no place for addresses now in my contacts…and I lost all ability to enter an address when composing emails without going into contacts. When I switch from composing an email to another tab, the email I’m composing disappears and guess what? It’s NOT in Drafts. So frustrated,,,grrrrr,,,what idiot dreamed up this horrific change?

  • http://yahooandgoole Theresa Coleman

    I have tried for several days to access my account even send emails to support and nothing has worked yet. I have alot of things in that accout I need access too. So how do I get back into my account. I have done the 12 hour wait and whet to the link provided. But I still cannot access my account

  • Laura

    I am so frustrate with this new “UpGraded” Yahoo mail, I want the classic mail back. Please recommend if another email style like the old Yahoo classic design?
    Yahoo’s commender, Please re think your decision!

  • Zorro

    I used to hate GMail … Now I HATE Yahoo Crap even more.
    – Can NOT type a freaking message without cursor jumping back and forth.
    – Can not find Smiley’s, since the Icons for all tools are Gone (Hiding).
    – Can NOT open a Freaking eMail correctly.
    Simply Put I am ditiching Yahoo eMail and going back to GMAIL at the Risk of my emails being scanned and read … at leats I can wRITE a freaking email without PULLING OUT MY HAIR.

  • leah eyster

    I HATE the new classic e-mail. can no longer forward my e-mails when i compose. have to save as draft and then go to another browser to forward! Go back to the old version PLEASE!

  • Michael

    The golden rule in life is; ” You must not change a good thing.” Why on Earth did you come up with such a stupid idea? My heart bleeds!!!

  • Beau

    The new Yahoo mail, it is nuts. I open my email. I see the one line descriptors of who sent a message, its subject, date, etc. So I click on it. Then I get a one line descriptor just like the one in my list of messages. Brilliant. Now I click on it again, and then , voila, I get the message. Unless it is in a stream of subject related messages, in which case I have no idea which message is the one I was trying to open. Are you kidding me? What digit head thought this makes sense at YaHOO? Hoo hoo

  • Butch

    I have been a YAHOO user for years dating back to 1990’s and it amazes me just how clueless they are. Do they ever get out and actually talk to live humans that use their product before diving in and revamping their product? I think not. If they really want to follow google and just add flashy stuff to make it look like google, wouldn’t it be easier to simply ask GOOGLE to liscense their stuff? It has gotten so bad with this roll-out that I cancelled my PREMIUM SERVICE that I use to pay for so I wouldn’t have to be bothered with adds. I had paid YAHOO a pretty penny for years, but no longer. I then went and signed up for a GOOGLE account to begin the slow and arduous task of moving my entire mail account to GOOGLE… HELL, might as well since any android device now wants you to have a Google account so you can SYNC with it.. I remember the days when I could sync my yahoo contact list with my outlook email address book. That feature went away and I really used it to keep everything up-to-date.
    On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being love the new YAHOO EMAIL, I will give it a 2…

    How is that YAHOO, plain enough for you tech junkies sitting at YAHOO to understand. Are any of you old enough to know what the reference to “OLD COKE vs NEW COKE” means in the world of business? I didn’t think so.

    • JKill

      On the scale of 1 to 10, I’d qualify the new Yahoo mail revamp as -99.

  • Barb

    It is annoying to have email that I send have the name “me” on it when the person responds back to me. It actually prints To Me … why? I much prefer the classic view and I liked the old calender better also.


  • http://www.yahoo.com JOHN FREEMAN JR


  • Heather

    I absolutely hate the new version and I am usually a person that loves change. It is very hard to read and find things. It also doesn’t allow me to reply to the person if I have forwarded the email to someone else. Help I am going crazy!!!

  • Randi

    After I so called upgraded yahoo mail I had problems figuring out lots of things. That was taken care of by Simply Macintosh. Now, whenever I write an email it sooner or later disappears. ItI only see send no save

  • W. H. Armstead, Jr.

    Thanks also a LOT and a LUMP for not sounding so much like THE HUGE CRYBABY from Tampa Bay, Florida, on the BAYSHORES of a certain said bay called Tampa Bay on the GULFSHORES of a certain said gulf of the Atlantic called the Gulf of Mexico on whose shore we know the Gulf Shore also sits for us….

  • Jul

    The email system is no good for professional people or people who work as its a pain in the neck, for the following reasons:

    1.The emails stick together and sometimes I can’t see if there is 1/2 or 3 stuck together.

    2. I cannot reply normally, but have to wade through all these ‘stuck’ emails to respond to the 1st email.

    3. The last first email hides under the last email, and sometimes I miss them…how embarrassing for professional people!

    It’s really badly designed…who did this work on the emails?


  • JKill

    The new mail is an absolute F’up, total messed up functionalities, flaws, and a whole range of idiocies. Particularly if one compares it to the older yahoo mail version. It would be really hard to find even a smallest improvement.
    It is interesting/amazing(?), that any service company can allow this total ignorance of customer needs and still can stay on the market.

  • judy

    How do I make this new yahoo delete emails from the top down. I keep getting a message, “You are at the first email”, and it will not delete. I have to start in the middle, and keep going back when I reach the top.

  • http://yahoo.com dbg

    Classic Yahoo mail was perfect for my needs as well as the many others that have commented and complained in the yahoo forum. Tabs, Sorting, Underlining etc are all critical for our email uses. The look and feel of Outlook was the most important factor in my choice to be using Yahoo as my main email. Most of us already have gmail accounts already anyway for various reasons, ie. cell phone services and the like. But we choose to use Yahoo as our main email for obvious reasons. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Sounds like a marketing ploy to try to go head to head with gmail – bad idea Yahoo. If we wanted the look and feel of gmail, we would use gmail. But we like the look and feel of Outlook…and NEED the old yahoo back. I hope this issue gets resolved. Until then, I will be looking for a new email provider immediately.

  • arnie akertyne

    I hate it because I can no longer clean previous crap when sending a new message in reply mode, which is how I normally find and send email. When things change its usually easy to go somewhere else but all my banks, utilities and numerous other on-going businesses know me as Yahoo mail.Had I know Yahoo would fool around I would never have left my internet provider’s mail.

  • http://yahoo Jeanne McGeough

    I send emails, I get a “Your message has been sent” message at the bottom of the page and the email never gets there. I use my contact list = same list I’ve used for a very long time so it’s not me typing the wrong address. I hate this new YAHOO format and will try to switch to another user soon.

  • Gabriele

    I also like to voice my dislike with the new Yahoo mail. I tried to use the older version they allow us to use for the last few weeks, but that is a very rudimentary version and does not work very well. Addresses don’t auto-complete, the N key does not start a new mail, the delete key does not delete an email, drafts get lost, pictures or attachments cannot be dropped into the email anymore. It is just awful. My emails are backing up unanswered because I just don’t want to even look at it. Everything was perfect before and easy and fast. If I don’t want a conversation to be completely included, I deleted older ones. Now that does not seem possible. I most liked the feature to sort email by sender, subject, or date. That is not possible anymore. And this was the main reason why I did not switch to gmail. I don’t know yet what to do, but I hate the new Yahoo mail as do all my friends that use it!

  • Mavis

    The new Yahoo mail is so bad, I am definitely considering changing after being a Yahoo mail user for about 9 years. I cannot open attachments easily, the little envelope goes on and on and on and on ,,, yes, boring isn’t it and in the end I give up trying to open it. Also finding it not at all user friendly, now having to go to the end of the page to SEND. In my opinion, it has taken 15 steps backwards and reminds me of the early days of email options .. very limited.

  • Pinar Doruk

    I hate the new yahoo mail. When you involve a third party to a mailing and you want to reply back to the first party, it automatically replies back to the third party and not the first (who’m I was aiming for)!!!!
    Or when I want to erase former mailings when I am forwarding to someone else, it’s not possible!!!!

  • ken standen

    I think every one should do what I have done move to a different email service I have gone to gmx email it works well and is easy to use I also have a hot mail but it is now close to what yahoo is but still a a good bit better than yahoo I have moved most of my folders that are in yahoo will be deleting the yahoo account very soon if a service can not do what most people want than it is best to change to a different service that suits you then the service that likes to do as they wish will have no one so will go broke. Same as a shop if they are not nice to do business with than don’t use them they should not be in business neither should the email service. MAKE THE CHANGE Switch to a different service

  • http://Yahoo Ruel Wilson

    I have upgraded but site continues to request that I upgrade. Don’t know how to clear.

  • dave graham-cave

    Please see this link re the new Yahoo mail, the number so far is nearly 40.000 users, not a couple of hundred, maybe you can do something about this
    many thanks

    follow this link please


  • stefan

    totally crap layout. super confusing. Like many more (re)designs lately (iOS 7) it seems that things are being designed for the propose of the design exercise not for an improved (functional) experience…
    I never used to say things used to be better before (in the old days) but more and more I see no improvements with redesigns just clutter….

  • Richard

    It seems as though Yahoo! has, in recent years, made frequent improvements to Yahoo! Mail until it no longer works. If that’s their goal, they have succeeded.

  • louann

    If I wanted to use gmail I would use it. I didn’t, now yahoo is just like gmail and I will be looking for another email format.

  • http://www.fasttrackthrillers.blogspot.com Suzanne

    It took all of 4 days to decide I couldn’t put up with the new Yahoo Mail–Day 1: I don’t like, this; Day 2: I hate this; Day 3: I detest this; Day 4: I signed up with Outlook. I’ve been a loyal Yahoo user since the 90s, and preferred it over everything else until earlier this year, and this last update pushed me well over the edge and made it worth my time to switch.

  • http://Yahoomail Kyle

    I had been using/paying for the Yahoo Mail Plus for many years and it was ok. Now with the lousy changes that someone has made to “improve” it, I have cancelled my account. Yahoo Mail does not respond to or care about customer complaints or suggestions.
    As a sidenote, I really don’t like the unwanted pop ups that appear dead center in the middle of screen that have to be closed before you can see or do anything. (That includes this website as well)! These advertisers that do this get a black mark from me. If I had been inclined to buy anything from them, that alone would remove the interest!!!!!

  • http://all dan barton

    I can’t figure out ANYTHING AND CAN’T FIGURE FIGURE OUT HOW TO RESEND. I wish I could go back to the simple system! I now hate yahoo!!!

  • Sylvia

    I HATE this new Yahoo email. Classic worked perfectly for me. I have Yahoo Premium and I am going to cancel it before my next billing.

  • Jan

    After all these months once and a while I go back and see if my yahoo mail works…and still it does not. I am still sad cause I loved it.
    I wrote complaints but nada. Each line that I type changes to the next level font size and one day I just decided to see how far it would go…and I got up to one letter Huge, and I sent it to my son who told me to open a G-mail account…which I did. I had important e-mails going to trash. Sorry Yahoo, you can’t function that way and keep folks. So I have given up. I am surprised to see you are still ranked 3rd best…by someone, last by me.

  • http://Yahoo.comemail JG

    Seriously, Att has out thunk itself. The email product ATT Uverse, Yahoo.com mail, att.com(revised) is a nightmare. Bombarded with advertisements in our inbox, tags when we search,? Advertisements everywhere. Please. Word gets around and I do not pitch for ATT or any of it’s products. I’ve closed any and all accounts related to ATT. Lock you into contracts (jail) and suck money out of you if you cancel. How can anyone possibly pay for this distraction called an email, internet, or other services account? Pure desperation for market share at the expense of loyal customers. I don’t know ATT. You’re fixing what isn’t broken and eventually you’ll break it!

  • marian boll

    I’m a retired person who likes to try for prizes so I am on the computer alot…..Every single day….I have to weed through at least 500-600 emails instead of being able to sort by sender. This takes up to an hour of my time EVERYDAY for no reason except I cannot do it my way anymore…

    I HATE THE NEW WAY…where do I sign to protest this!!!!

  • Cynthia Smith

    I hate the newer version of yahoo. I want the classic back I am having to many problems I can’t email multiple recipient any more my personal signature don’t show up because I switch to plain text, I don’t have any more opportunities to send email in fancy print.

  • Tatha

    What the hell is up with Yahoo??? I hate the new mail configuration. And the site won’t let you pull up news stories half the time. So damn irritating! Fix it P L E A S E!!! I’m seriously thinking of going to another server who actually knows the meaning of “reliable”!

  • john witten

    The new Yahoo email service absolutely is worthless. There are new problems nearly every day. The spellcheck doesn’t function, the lines are crossed so you can’t read everything, and on and on. I’m not sure why people can’t resist needing to fix something that is not broken, but it is doubtful I’ll stay with Yahoo much longer. Just not worth the annoyances that come up almost daily.



  • st




    I am unable to delete more than 50 messages at a time. It was deleting 200 per time.

  • Sharon and Neil

    Your new yahoo is just terrible, don’t like it at all, there were some things that were working one day, and the next day, nothing, have tried refreshing several times and nothing works. Also your yahoo mail is just as bed.
    We have used yahoo for many years and have never launched a complaint at all, but we feel we have to at this time, Please improve…

  • rita terry

    I cannot type an email as my curser goes ahead all the time before I can tyoe.
    \As of yesterday I cannot get a whole screen on my emails just half.????

  • lee

    New Yahoo mail is a dog. WTF. Unbelievable intellectual giants who not only stuff up a good thing, they convince executives this is a good thing to change. Where are their brains? Its like with the new Apple iOS. Another mongrel bred disaster. It must be the ugliest and poorest performer apple have produced, and I am an apple fan.

  • tina juarez

    Using the new yahoo feels like riding a bronco.. sizing flips, you have to use multiple keystrokes for each doc. I have tendonitus, it is too painful. I also don’t want to send to yahoogroups as It seems i have no control to avoid tagging on the other correspondents’ mail, making READING yahoo groups a pain just as correspondents were learning to delete non-pertinent communications
    pining for PINE? Almost!
    What ever happened to”If it’s not broke, don’t fix it”?

  • http://RogersTahoo J Abela

    A very poor update to what was perfectly good. I could not in all honesty recommend the new Yahoo mail to anyone in fact I am at this time looking for a replacement email program. I was perfectly happy with the Classic Yahoo mail but not now. Bring back the Classic mail or you are going to have without fail a mass movement away from the new mail.

  • James

    Whoever “redesigned” Yahoo should have their face “redesigned” in the same way, then they can change their name to John Merrick.

  • Brenda

    I am being forced to use flickr and dropbox for attachments that are only 43 KB. I hate it.

  • Rolly

    What rights do they have to redesign the frakking Yahoo email without our approval and unable to change back the Classic?????? WOW Too many complaints! Yahoo, wake up and fire dat designer!!!!

  • Deena Batten

    I HATE the new mail version. I am seriously contemplating changing to another provider – and I’ve had this email address for at least ten years, probably longer.

  • vikas jain

    The newer yahoo mail is not good and user friendly.
    the interface color is not appealing as did the blue.
    simple interface that used to be been changed to more complex one.
    it has infilterated user privacy and user data is not secure and privacy is no longer private.

    classic yahoo mail was the best piece of email software existed on this planet earth.

  • Spencer Sky

    Really really really hate the new yahoo mail. This new format is so unusable that its not even funny.

    I might just have to make the slow but necessary steps to switch over to another email systems, especially so if what somebody says about Yahoo accessing our mailbox to send us(and our contacts) marketing materials.

    Sad and disgraceful that Yahoo have to scope so low…

  • compradorajp

    So glad to have stumbled upon all these negative comments about the new Yahoo mail. Now I know it’s nothing I’m doing wrong!

    I can’t get this program to do anything I need it to. Basic works great, but it flips right back when you leave it. Like everyone else who commented,I’m trying to figure out which other account to go to when I abandon this mess.

  • Leslie Kapec

    Please return the ability to sort by alphabet!!!!! It is so much easier to find things.

    Thank you.

  • emma maguire

    Marissa!!!! Sorry, it was a bad decision. I can see what you were trying to do,it looks a lot cooler and slick. If only it operated as well as it looks! but it doesnt. I hate how it now consolidates and resends entire conversation threads. I sometimes have conversations with more than one person – once when this was all new – I forwarded part of a conversation to an induvidual – and it included all previous threads to both people – THOSE HAD PREVIOUSLY BEEN PRIVATE conversations, they were not meant to be read by all parties. As well as this, when replying to an email in a hurry – which is often – on so many occasions, I have found said email in my own inbox! I have replied to myself and not to the original sender. its the most frustrating thing. please end this!! I dont really want to change providers again, but seriously might have to.

  • John Thompson

    With the new Yahoo mail when I open a message I have Previous mail and Next mail buttons which I don’t want and when I respond or forward these buttons change the format of the original by putting in front of each line and makes huge gaps sometimes between sentences and paragraphs and deletes any photos or illustrations. Is there any way to get rid of these buttons?

  • Diane

    It is December and I am so frustrated with the Yahoo new email system. It takes too much memory on my computer, it lumps all emails together so I don’t know what I read and what I didn’t. Also …. I need a piece of music that was attached, it says it’s attached, but I sure as Hell can’t find it to download it!!!!!! DAMN!

  • Bob Hennessey

    What is up with this Frontier/Yahoo mail lately it is a complete failure for past month it has been getting worse and worse now it takes up to 20 minutes for the send function work if it works at all. The compose feature only works half the time. It takes forever to load emails in inbox or sent box or any box . Holy cow what is going on with this. I guess the up side for yahoo is that the ads plastered all over it seem to come up real quickly so guess that is the only thing about Frontier/Yahoo mail that is working. Keeps the bucks coming in to the company and that is all that counts.
    Bob H.

  • Sharon Harris

    I hate it! I can not bring up my contacts when I start typing their name!!!!

  • MiceElf

    Unfortunately, the naysayers are right. The new redesign is horrible and Yahoo is not listening. Worse yet, they are patronizing about it, telling people that they are listening when they have no intention of fixing their huge mistake.
    If we wanted Google mail we would all be there instead of on Yahoo. Now that we have a Google-like interface, we might as well move.

  • Chris Dermott

    Yahoo e mail problem – Temporary error: 15

    For the last two days I’ve found it nigh impossible to use my e mail account due to error message:

    “We’re sorry, but Yahoo Mail can’t load due to a temporary error. You can try back again shortly, or visit our help pages for ways to troubleshoot the issue”, I.e. Temporary error: 15

    In the meantime my expected mails are backing up considerably whereupon it’ll take me hours to read and respond to same – I can do without the resultant time wasting!

    Another typical example of fixing something that wasn’t broken in the first place!!

  • http://yahoomail pat webb

    Several months on I still hate the newish yahoo mail with a passion. Don’t like it, can’t get used to it, attachments disappear to somewhere in cyberspace. If it wasn’t so much trouble to alter my email address on various sites I would be long gone. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it

  • shane

    You didn’t even touch on the loss of “open tabs”. I believe that to be the largest failure of the new design. I’ve read thousands of complaints on the loss of that feature alone. I have been searching for the right alternative to yahoo mail before I split. Changing email addresses is quite a pain, especially when you’ve been a loyal user to one for many years and have a large necesarry address book.

  • http://cox Erika

    Several weeks ago my husband sent me a cute little email. I replied back to him. A few minutes later my brother called and said that he received my reply as well. Now… I did not add his email address to the reply and it was not to be found anywhere on the email page. I sent another email to my husband and my brother got it again. Then I deleted brothers info out of my address book sent hubby another forward and brother got it again. NOW he is even receiving some emails from different businesses which are supposed to go to my huband. Any help out there??….please

  • Chrs W.

    my stored mail and contacts are wiped out. I can log in but not send or receive mail. What a cluster fork.

  • r

    its impossible to really know what’s going on.
    You have no idea what you are doing or have done.
    its a dangerous email system
    not intuitive at all
    after many years – i am going to have to switch to something else.
    bye Yahoo

  • Chuck

    IT SUCKS – enough said!

  • candy

    they also apparently think my yahoo needed to be redesigned. mayer is a crappy leader.

  • Bonni

    I’ve tried to get used to the new Yahoo Mail version after having Yahoo Classic mail taken away(which was wonderful). The new version is terrible! It is not user friendly or practical in the least. Every time you type a contact in, it will no longer automatically fill in possible email addresses. You have to manually look up each individual email every time!! Please switch back to the Classic version!! This is so frustrating!!

  • Ray Worth

    Bring back Yahoo Classic!!…the new set up is rubbish by comparison & I for one have experienced more problems with it than ever I did with the Classic version.

  • Ray Worth

    Bring back Yahoo Classic!!…the new set up is rubbish by comparison & I for one have experienced more problems with it than ever I did with the Classic version.

  • Ray Worth

    Bring back Yahoo Classic!!…the new set up is rubbish by comparison & I for one have experienced more problems with it than ever I did with the Classic version.

  • barbara

    I personally can’t navigate it very well, and wish it had contacts only to be able to turn on, so i don’t have to weed through all the junk mail!

  • Linda

    I can not stand the new Yahoo email version. When I hit Reply to all, it seems to reply to my last person I emailed. And then when I want to reply to just that one person when they are a part of the email chain, how do I know the whole chain is not getting the email to that one person? It is the most frustrating thing I’ve ever encountered. Doesn’t Yahoo know that if it ain’t broke…….well, I pray they plan on changing it back or something similar to what it was. This is the most frustrating thing I’ve ever encountered and is making me think I should change email addresses all together. Yahoo….please please please change the cruddy email version you have now. I do plan on sending this complaint to them directly but having trouble getting through to their customer service number.

  • Mary F. Green-Parks

    I genuinely hate being “managed” I can learn new things and welcome improvements. Yahoo’s new mail is an ultimate failure and only succeeds in having frustrated, angry users of all ages and tech skills levels. At age 72.5 I welcome sensible change and improvements. Yahoo’s new person gets no Kudos from me a woman who enjoys learning new, reasonable and progressive change! Mired in muck is where Yahoo in now, setting things back to the early 90’s!!!!!

  • Elena Studebaker


  • Kirk

    I’ve found it difficult to tell how to do simple tasks in the new interface, and will change email providers because of this.

  • http://none jim

    every time I want to read my e mail I have to change the pass word pissed off guess I have to go to googol any ideas weres the complaint section jim

  • R L

    It's crap now and it's constantly freezing up…almost ike it's scanning my Hard drive when I log in…my pc becomes unresponsive and this happen with any browser I use and yes everything is up to date. This has been going on for quite a while and I'm thinking of ditching Yahoo. Gonna move on to my email client. Yahoo used to be a good provider but now…well…it's just crap. Don't fix something that isn't broken.

  • sm

    I don't like the changes. Seems stupid. The send button is way out of place. I keep receiving as a new email the emails that I send. Stupid. Can not use any formatting. I think Yahoo Mail is now junk.

  • Disgruntled? Yes!!!

    Yahoo; it’s diabolical! I’m really disappointed, but unfortunately in the present climate anything I say about CEO Marissa Mayer, would be considered sexist. Gathering all addresses and moving to AOL

  • DY


    Marissa Mayer, have you never heard the expression “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it”???

  • Cyrus Simmons

    Dear yahoo I’m sure I probably didn’t appreciate being force fed certain foods as a child and that propensity still exists.Being so totally inconsiderate is reprehensible.

  • maureen callaghan


  • maureen callaghan

    AS I SAID SACK MELISSA SACK MELISSA no wonder staff have left and I am also leaving

  • maureen callaghan

    and another thing which I did not finish I am old and not up to speed but up to speed on this woman just got rid of the adds but now cant get full screen because of the space taken up on adds with my emails she is just someone sitting behind a desk being paid to DO THINGS

  • maureen callaghan


  • PS

    It’s not as efficient as it was. You have to click several times to delete something. Or incoming mail stalls everything or freezes. A launch for this version should have waited until all the bugs were resolved not while people are using the product and not happy with it.

  • Bill

    Thank you Verizon Yahoo for “updating” my mail service. I can no longer forward email discretely. My BCC is totally useless. I can put only my email address in the “TO” box and all my recipients in the BCC box but your product is a failure. If I send a message like that, not only will all of the people I sent the message to see all of my BCC list of people but will also see who sent the message to me originally even though I deleted their addresses before I forwarded the message. Your BCC does not work and it does no good to delete the addresses associated on your email.

  • Not Chicken Little

    Aaaand it’s still screwed up. It’s hard to tell what’s being sent when replying to emails, what goes out and what does not is presented so poorly. Whoever designed and foisted this crap on us should be fired. Meanwhile I’m searching for a good front-end for Yahoo email, as Yahoo thinks it’s a wonderful product!

  • Marisa Bortot Dalan

    This new Yahoo really stinks. I just brought a new desk top computer thinking it would speed up my mail, instead it slower now. Like the other comments posted here, it’s so slow in changing windows, I have to wait until the ads on the side are active to be able to get any response. I’m tired of seeing “YAHOO IS NOT RESPONDING”…I’m responding by switching to G-mail…!!!

  • DR

    Yahoo user from almost Day 1.

    The new mail is confusing and unnatural.
    This interface is AWFUL and inconsiderate! I cannot remember ever using that description for software but it is accurate.
    If I cannot find a way around this new interface I’m leaving Yahoo forever.
    Am I alone in this FRUSTRATION?

  • lynn

    I hate it! When I try to type something on a forwarded email it jumps all over, my background has changed and that might be my fault I’m not sure but then it won’t let me forward anything. I litterly am thinking about changing to gmail, this is so frustrating. I didn’t realize there were so many others that felt the same way. I do not like that everyone’s msgs to me go right along with my note. That is not right. Now that I think about it my husbands gmail does the same thing. Maybe I’ll just stick with AOL. I agree with everything you all have said.

  • Fran

    I, too, am very upset and frustrated with yahoo mail. Yes, it freezes up almost daily. Yes, it seems to be scanning the hard drive b/c the busy light never stops flickering. I get a message saying I have 569 new messages and find only several, of which I am glad. Where are these 569 new messages? Who are they from? The tool bar I liked is gone. Where are the ‘help’ people? I just opened a 2nd yahoo account which is associated with Outlook. If that one acts up like my first account, I will definitely drop yahoo and go with another one. Does anyone from yahoo ever respond to these posts? Are there people at yahoo?

  • Kerry

    Still sucks. Cant move mail to folders unless you attempt it 12 times and then go back to inbox, try it again, then open the message, try it again, then go back, etc. Its stupid. Guess I will be using my Gmail account more now.

  • ron naka

    Yahoo Classic allowed you to copy and paste all of your recipients, but the NEW Yahoo you cannot. They merge emails trying to copy Gmail but theirs is not functioning properly? It is hard to distinguish what is being sent when you forward an email with a lot of comments.

    Yahoo is going backward in time and will fade away. Google is all about cutting edge technology. Look at Android, Google Voice, Google Translate, etc. What does Yahoo have other than their email? Do you use Yahoo Search? I don’t.

  • rainy1

    Stupidest move Yahoo ever made, and Yahoo has made a ton of stupid moves with every single design (and supposed upgrade) to Yahoo Mail. And I couldn’t agree more with the guy who commented about the annoying dating ads. I just married my wonderful Christian Chinese fiancee, and she’s not going to understand why photos of all of these women show up just about every time I open my e-mail. No matter how many times I have tried, I haven’t found a way to ban the ads from showing up. Ditto from all the spam I get from dating sites, all of which I have asked to remove me from active membership because I no longer need their services. Yet I am constantly receiving invitations, even from e-harmony, to subscribe to their service — even though e-harmony has been notified on 3 separate occasions that I have met someone and no longer need their service. Nothing against e-harmony personally, as this is where I met my wonderful wife. But there’s something wrong when the dating services are notified multiple times to cancel subscriptions, they do, and invitations still show up in Yahoo Mail to subscribe or resubscribe. I don’t have this problem with other web e-mail that I use, but I don’t use those e-mail accounts often for other reasons, primarily that they are slow and do an even worse job of filtering spam than Yahoo Mail — but at least those services don’t send irrelevant ads that can’t be deleted or banned on an individual account.

  • Wilbut

    What an abomination you have visited on us. I don’t care to be looking through blue glass. I can return email, but cannot forward it. I wish you would quit playing around with this gigo and let us dummies be happy with something that works. Precious little else does. I take it you know what you can do with it.

  • Dee

    I agree with all of you! This new page has ruined our e-mail. I have been so frustrated with it, I don’t know what to do with it. It’s a piece of crap.GIVE US BACK OUR OLD E-MAIL PAGE. I can’t figure out why they changed it when it was better than this one,and they went crazy with all their stupid ads. Hopefully some one will hear and do the right thing.

  • Michael G.

    I just posted a tweet on #SackMarissaMayer and also a tweet #Movetogoogleabandonyahoomail I would ask every one to reply to the #SackMarissaMayer and contact every person you know that owns yahoo stock and contact the Board of Directors who Marissa Mayer reports to. Turn the heat on this idiot. Have them bring back the old Yahoo Mail. Keep posting the #SackMarissaMayer to others on your twitter, FaceBook, Instagram and other social media sites. Bright light is not something corporations like. Turn the heat up on Marissa.

  • bc

    I would like to have the old Yahoo Classic back. Am really disappointed with the changes.

  • Virginia

    I feel victimized – I enjoyed Yahoo as it was and I am frustrated by what it is today. Maybe if we all changed to another provider, they would get the message.


    I can never go to my mail,all I get is this page can’t be displayed,i refresh and refresh and still the same thing,i’m sick of yahoo

  • bonifay22@bellsouth.net

    Piece of junk. Won’t leave a copy of sent mail in sent folder and won’t let you change settings for your folders. Must have been designed by the same people who designed the website for the obama care.

  • bmc

    I hate the new yahoo email. I dont like having string conversations on email. If you want to forward an email but not every single response attached to that conversation you basically have to copy it and paste it and send it again. I have been joking about cruises on email and now I have constant adverts of royal caribbean remind me of holidays I cant afford. And the latest add, highlighted at the top of your new email list, tricking your brain into thinking it’s a new email is just diabolical. I have been with yahoo for fifteen years and I would loath the hassle of changing, but this is yet another company that treats users like they don’t matter, they are probably following closely what zynga does in terms of customer service..

  • Arj

    I totally agree with the overall comments regarding how terrible the new Yahoo email have provided tons of problems. Common issue is ” I cannot edit something to forward it as I could before or just send a reply without all the previous conversations”.
    This is causing me a lot of problem as I cannot remove parts of old conversations that are not relevant to a business email. Also SENT emails are no longer kept as individual items in the SENT folder.
    Time to move on to other email providers like GMAIL.

  • M33H4

    It got to the point where I couldn’t deal with Yahoo any longer, and I’ve switched to AOL
    That’s how bad it was!

  • Ruining everything

    I hate changes. I can’t ask my group email lists. I hate the stories on Yahoo homepage, they are propaganda. I use to like My Yahoo but it is no longer user friendly. FRUSTRATING!!!!!!! And I am sick of having to reset my password all of the time.

  • Nicola

    My Yahoo wont let me Delete a folder, this is so frustrating. I know the folder must be empty etc. Ive searched on how too, but it does not give me edit or delete options.. VERY ANNOYING

  • John Gower

    Was searching for “how to make my Yahoo! mail stop acting like Gmail when I came across this. Fire Melissa ASAP.

  • Pissed Off

    How is Yahoo Mail tied to the Criminal Organiztion About Blank!!!. It blocks you from printing and important pages. I know that by living in Canada you will be sctrewwed repeatedly by the likes of Bell, Rogers etc. But now you can’t even print your emails.Just ONCE i would like to be able to deal with a corporation that isn’t out to screw me. Does such an entity exist?

  • P.O.ed

    My favorite in the world “Yahoo” really SUCKS. Why do you have to scroll for hours just to find an email from a specific date? STUPID, STUPID!!! Is this so difficult???

  • P.O.ed

    You have to mega-repeatedly try to ‘move’ an email to a folder before it works, if at all!! Just trash can this whole mess!!!

  • louann

    I HATE the new yahoo mail and homepage. It freezes all the time. Can’t get to any news items from home page, it just jumps back to the top when clicked. Mail is AWFUL!!. Everything is way out of sink as to where it should be.
    BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL. I am going to ditch yahoo and att mail permanently pretty soon if not fixed. I have already set up for google mail and soon will delete yahoo from computer all together if it’s not fixed soon!!!!

  • P.issedoff

    July 2014. Couldn’t give a crap about the re design, BUT I do want a mail service that works MORE than sporadically. Frequently get this” hsrd.yahoo” redirect on the tab, followed 30 seconds later by “Can’t find page” All this after navigating from the MAIN YAHOO page by CLICKING MAIL! Total f*cking IDIOTS.

  • Nancy

    I hate the new/old by now,7/14/14!! yahoo!! When you forward, you can’t find the original email….You have to scroll down the page to the bottom……It’s a mess!!
    When I hit forward, and highlight the former contacts, it won’t let me delete them most of the time!! Are they going to the government??

  • rose m

    Yahoo sucks at the moment. The number of times you cannot acces mail or cannot aearch is terrible. There is still no solution for the emails you cannot delete. Go for another provider.

  • Frustrated old lady

    You know it is bad enough when you are in your 70s trying to learn the lousy windows 8, but to be subject to frustration each time you try to get into your yahoo email account is ridiculous. I ditto everything I have read from every other frustration person who has listed a comment here.

  • http://honeybyrd.com TooTechnical

    It’s horrible. I have 4 different yahoo accounts. Each one acts differently for Yahoo mail. I use Chrome and am not sure if it has anything to do with the browser. However, in one of my mail accounts, the screen jumps up where I cannot get to the top bar. The area where the search field, the home button, and the sprocket (tools) just disappear. I know enough to move the mouse to the side areas and scroll up and all the other tricks. Nothing works just for this one email account. There is a few ways I learned to get around this, however. If I want to log out, I type in Yahoo.com in the browser bar and log out from their main page. However, if I need to get to the top bar I have to refresh the screen and stop it before it is finished loading.

    The whole experience was and still is simply a pain in the butt. I’ve been with Yahoo since ’98 (I think) and this, by far, is the worse thing I have ever seen them do. I’ve actually started to slowly move over to Google Mail. I will eventually move all my stuff away from Yahoo as I see no benefits any longer to keeping them.

  • lhh

    Can’t begin to say how sorry this change is. You don’t know who you are replying to especially after the second time. You can’t simply add contacts. You have to hunt around to find anything. I have used this for so long I hate to think of switching but it may be easier starting over than trying to navigate this sorry thing. Somebody was trying way to hard on this one. What’s more frustrating is finding a place to complain even their complaint site doesn’t work right.

  • JH

    Yahoo Mail continues to not work. People say change to chrome. My suggestion is to fire Marissa Mayer. The lady seems incompetent in spite of Board thinking she has good credentials. Change if not properly implemented will destroy a company and this is what is happening to Yahoo. A company that has struggled, is still struggling and is losing customers. Yahoo mail is classic case of where haste makes waste.

  • David

    Hate it!!!
    Just like Microsoft when they forced us to move from XP to Vista. XP worked well nothing after that (win 7, win 8, Win 8.1), they all have incompatibility problems and as usual,patch upon patch pile up to make fixes that just start another problem.
    Withe the Yahoo mail “new and improved email” turned to be a pail of problems. the programmers just wanted to get it out fast without thinking of the end user. In the setting options, there is no way to set it that your reply will be at the top. It is always at the bottom. So annoying. So sorry I am using Yahoo mail, sadly I am stuck with them

  • JM

    It looks like 90% of visibility is gone. Why do I see my mail in stripes??? Why Can’t I see the whole page and have to stare at a useless smoky screen?

  • Robert Souder

    I’m getting along with it better; but one of the things I do not understand is why I am unable to sort by sender.

  • diane field

    confusing nothing is where it used to be if it is even there at all …????. after may years ..maybe 20 I think I will ditch it

  • David Watson

    I used Yahoo because it was better and easier now its like the rest crap

  • SandyK

    Now it is November 29, 2014 and I have to scroll down to find the SEND button and/or any Moticon’s to insert. In addition, Yahoo has done away with the small arrow tab to enlarge your email screen. Why are they doing this to the users???
    Very frustrating!

  • jjw5018

    this version of yahoo email is GARBAGE

  • Sir Vin

    Too crap. can’t find the connect with facebook button, now i can’t even access my yahoomail. My only hope to access my Email is gone :3

  • Syed

    What a useless piece of s… it has become and this very company was valued at 19 Billions and not a single word describes how the mail is working. you cannot read nor compose and Google chrome does not allow yahoo mail and this tussle people who have yahoo mail are suffering and both these companies are reluctant to resolve the issue.