Xbox Live Account Regional Migration Now a Reality

By: Josh Wolford - January 16, 2013

Good news, traveling Xbox LIVE members. Microsoft has just announced that Xbox LIVE region migration is now available to all users.

Region migration lets users easily transfer their LIVE accounts with them if they happen to move. This means that you can move your account – including your gamerscore, achievements, and Microsoft points with you. In the past, changing regions meant losing all of your progress, which for gamers who have worked years for their accolades was more than a real bummer.

Of course, moving regions will still trigger some hiccups. Some things that could be affected include certain subscriptions, licensed content that you’ve already purchased (think games, videos, and music), and other services. Moving to different region with different rules is going to cause some problems, so this shouldn’t be a surprise.

There are a few restrictions to who can migrate their account to another region, including people who have already done some within the last three months and people with suspended accounts. To read more of the specifics, check the Xbox LIVE support page.

If you want to go ahead and get started with your migration, you’ll want to head here.

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