World Record For Largest Observed Snowflake Celebrated With Google Doodle

    January 28, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Update: More on that flake..

If you go to Google.com today, you will notice a new Google doodle celebrating the 125th anniversary of the world’s largest snowflake. Then, you might ask yourself, ‘Where does Google come up with this stuff?”

The doodle is animated. A flock of birds flies away as the giant snowflake falls from the sky, to land as the second “O” in the word Google. A cow looks at it for a second, then goes about her business.

According to Wikipedia, which Google presents as the top organic result when clicking on the doodle, it was this day in 1887 when the largest snowflake was observed at 38 centimeters (15 in) in diameter in Fort Keogh, Montana.

Those visiting Google might also notice a message that says: “We’re changing our privacy policy and terms. Not the usual yada yada. Learn more.”

If you haven’t been following, Google announced some major changes to its privacy policy this past week, which is essentially a consolidation of policies across Google services. What it boils down to is that you should consider using any Google product (other than a few select products) the same as using Google, because they fall into the same terms, and Google will use data across these different services. Here is some of our coverage:

Your Grandmother Will Love Google’s New Policy Terms

Google Privacy Changes: What Do They Mean To You?

Can Consumers Opt-Out Of Google’s New Privacy Policy?

Google Privacy: “The Real Story”

Google’s Policy For Government Contracts Unchanged

Google’s Privacy Approach With Danny Sullivan and NPR

More Backlash From Google’s New Privacy Policy

Yes, Virginia, Google’s New Privacy Policy Lets You Opt Out Of Sharing Your Data

  • Elaina Brownell

    So how exactly did u get the recording of its size without making it melt?

    • ethan

      y do u cuse so much u dont sound cool

      • Tim

        Kids still learn how to type, and some even learn how to spell the words they type correctly. They think they grow older if they type curse words. In reality, they only age as fast as any other person, animal or object in the world. They are just too young to realize it.

      • brittany

        Thats a good question Ethan.

    • Roy

      Good question Elaina… Stupid way of asking it.

      • jade

        i agree!

    • Heather

      By measuring it outdoors, where it was very cold, missus potty mouth! 😉

    • Justin

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    • MBJ


    • Danielle

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        • flagfreak99

          um,hi jon, i am 12, going on 13, and i do not appreciate your foul language.. expecially not when i am trying to look at somthing.. so quit!! thanks.. :\

        • LaKeesha

          F***in A right Jon, It’s just a f**king word! I’m so f**king glad someone else sees it the way I do. A f**ing parent should be monitoring their f**king kid on the internet anyway. Otherwise some sicko is gonna lure them into a trap. But I would assume Danielle is out there s**kin c**k and gettin her c**t stretched out like the w**re she is!

        • Kissy

          Look, maybe they’re not monitored because the parents would think that looking up a snow flacks information wouldn’t involve so much cussing, and there is a such thing as internet etiquette, you just don’t use language like that when it’s public. Use it when you’re messaging friends but that’s very disrespectful and harmful when you’re using it where everyone sees it. It doesn’t make you look mature, it makes you look like an idiot. I guarantee if you’re an adult that you never made it far in life. You look very uneducated using that language. Get over yourself and quit attacking people on here.

      • tacoman

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      • Johnathan

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      • Conn

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      • moni

        Crack heads should not be allowed on the internet

      • LubuxNonsense

        Words say much about a person… filthy words express a filty mind.

      • Dj

        I completely agree with you ma’am, but this is the internet. The most vile place not on earth. Whether you like it or not, somehow children will be exposed to their parents do not want them to. It’s a fact. There are billions of users on the internet, with trillions of pages. The only way not to expose children to it is to not let them go on the internet. It’s just a matter of life. 90% of the internet is filled with this, so it’s best to just ignore it :/

      • Asha

        Conn that is really ignorant of you to say. How could you say that words are just words? Words hurt people and “society” says that these words are bad because they are used to hurt people so why should we teach kids early how to use bad words becuase by doing that you are encouraging them to be mean and spiteful. I understand that everyone uses them at some point, even I do, but I don’t do that on public websites and even when i do use them i at least understand that they aren’t “just words.”

    • Jim Kirk

      Someone wasn’t hugged enough as a child

      • Jess

        Haha….i know right!!!! Them should watch their mouthsss…

    • anne

      Instead of raising a stink on here, why don’t you do some of your own research? And while you’re at it, get a dictionary. Cussing isn’t very creative.

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    • Steve

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    • Blossom

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    • Dave

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    • Indie

      Very carefully, and yoiu should go wash ur mouth out maam <3

    • Kyle

      I would imagine they used a folding ruler while the snowflake was still on the ground.
      (to keep from breaking it, also.)
      Which leads me to my question about you:
      are you an internet troll, or just stupid?

    • Just Another Kid

      stop trying to be cool by cussing. and why do you get so angry because you don’t know how they measured it? calm down and google it. gosh

    • sayhi2yourmom4me

      Ahh internet rage…something about being online can give some people tourettes..lol

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      • Thomas

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        Sorry if I rambled or anything like that, this message was slightly rushed.

    • Mike

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      • LubuxNonsense

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        They should stay that way.

      • Matthewnova

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    • Really? REALLY?!

      People like you disgust me. I got on hear expecting to read a little something about a SNOWFLAKE and then scroll to the comments expecting things like, “Oh My Gosh, that’s one big freaking snowflake,” or crap like that. What I did not expect was a disgrace like you to show up and troll around.

    • Megan

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    • Baboon Hunter

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    • Asha

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    • Daniel

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      • stop the maddness

        you guys I’m starting to think we should stop this. Part of the reason that people troll is because of all the attention they get from it and look how many peole have commented on what she said. People like Lakeeesha enjoy this, maybe we should stop.

  • Pam

    How amazing! I have seen some large snowflakes in my youth, but Montana must make some super snowflakes! A fifteen inch snowflake would be beautiful.

    • Tia

      I agree. It must have been awesome finging it and even better seeing it fall. Amazing.

      • surfmonkey

        im more curious about how fast it fell thru the air… did it kinda float all snowflaky the whole way or was it more like snow falling off a branch- fwump and a bunch o snowdust….

        • LubuxNonsense

          Thats interesting to think about:
          “hey Jon! We should head up this path~*THWACK!*”

  • Harley

    I’m sure that whoever wrote this news report worked extrememly hard to create a report that was worth reading. Please, show some respect for her hard work. If you want to spend your day posting inapropriate comments on a public news site, please go else where.

    • Conn

      On the internet man, this is as good as it gets. No respect on the internet.

  • Harley

    *His hard work: much apologies to Chris Crum.

  • http://NaziKillaz.everyoneIsGayButMe.cum Oofie McGoofy

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    • http://google shaz

      Half of u on ere need f off talking bout snowflakes is ok.

  • backlash

    Do cows graze snow?

    • Shannon

      I thinks is a great story! its amazing what can be discovered! And yes backlash cows do graze in the snow. you must not be around farms.

    • Dan

      yes they do, when it is in their pasture of grass

  • Weat Mattis

    Seriously… an EIGHT SIDED SNOWFLAKE!!!
    Epic fail!

  • Rick H

    WOW only 3 lines out of 24 to tell you about the snowflake!

    first section about googles doodle then ONLY three lines about the snowflake.

    Then MOST of this story is about googles changes to its privacy policy! I WANT TO READ ABOUT THE SNOWFLAKE!!!!!!

    • edufornication

      Yea! I wanna hear about the 15in snowflake, but the story and the majority of these comments have almost nothing to do with it. :-/

      • wow

        Seriously… I only read the comments to laugh. but sometimes it is very frustrating to see the ingnorance of immature idiots with their inability to communicate. Unless of course these really are children cussing, then I can undertand the adolecence. It doesn’t excuse their potty mouth, it just explains it…

  • http://layoffthebooks.wordpress.com Cathy (Lay Off The Books)

    Very neat! Thanks for sharing.
    And when I clicked on the doodle, your site came up above Wikipedia. Pretty impressive :)

  • Thomas J.

    That’s retarded. Most of its about the privacy policy. Retards, I want to read about the snow flake.

  • Sid

    No one made you click on the google animation and read the story. Why should she get frostbite and die? What a ridiculous thing to tell someone.

    • paige

      let me just say life sucks and then you die….

  • Nathan

    I at least thought there was gonna be a photo – wish we had flakes like that in the UK

    • erin

      This snowflake was discovered in 1887.
      Color photographs were invented in the 1940’s.

      • http://www.fluidstonestudio.co.uk Fluidstonestudio

        a black and white photo would have been ok

        • surfmonkey

          lol, smart*ss

  • sushi

    so you think putting * makes the words safe e

    • dbcad7

      No… “*” doesn’t help.. ALL words are dangerous “*” or not.. best not to read at all, and burn unacceptable unapproved books while your at it.. also all children under 21 should have a net nanny that only lets them go to disney.com and parents who don’t enforce it should go to jail for child abuse… any other problems need solving.. am willing to help.

      • fucking anonymous

        Umm yeah because 16 year olds really wanna go to Disney.com right. I’ve got essays due all the time and Disney.com will never suffice for an essay about the Origin of Rock and Roll. Righhht because if my parents let me do homework on another site it’s child abuse. And words are just words it’s because of stupid people that people say they’re bad.
        Oh and just to be nice….Snowflakes are conglomerations of frozen ice crystals which fall through the Earth’s atmosphere. They begin as snow crystals which develop when microscopic supercooled cloud droplets freeze. Snowflakes come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Complex shapes emerge as the flake moves through differing temperature and humidity regimes. Individual snowflakes are nearly unique in structure. Types which fall in the form of a ball due to melting and refreezing, rather than a flake, are known as graupel, with ice pellets and snow grains as examples of grapple. (your probably thought I was stupid or something.)

        • dbcad7

          next assignment.. the word “sarcastic”

        • also anonymous

          I remember the first time I copied a Youtube video description to sound smart…

  • Dennis Moses

    Holy moly guacamole that is big!

    • bobby brown

      thats what she said

  • kayla

    Wikipedia isn’t the top organic result.

  • http://www.ChandlersForum.com Chandler

    That snowflake is the size of my computer monitor. By the way, my website is under construction, so don’t be alarmed to get a 401 error or blank page.\

  • Rose Luce


    I realley like your webpage today. I enjoy seeing different pages for the holidays,etc.

    My Grandchild Jessica is going to SVA in New York City and I told here to watch all Google pages so that when she graduates she would be able to get a job

    Please tell the management that I like Goodle front page, etc. Sincerely Rose

  • Moi

    When I clicked the picture the top result for me was this website

    • http://www.fluidstonestudio.co.uk Fluidstonestudio

      I got here too – thought it might be a cool place to leave a link

  • Mika Noonan

    This doesnt explain my question of “Where did the largest snowflake fall?”

  • dr6502times

    were there cameras in 1887 that could capture a snowflake? how do we really know it was that big? just cause someone said so?

    • surfmonkey

      they had only primitive cameras, but im pretty sure they had the ruler mastered by then…

    • Conn

      or u know, someone could have bullshitted the whole story with a made up sketch, fake measurements and false claims. You dont know, i dont know, theres no telling if this even really happened.

      • Thomas

        Don’t use that logic. Even now, photoshopping is so easy. I learned how to do it when I was 7 (the computer’s software I had made it a little easier than normal.)

  • http://www.sharehorsephotos.webs.com Jess

    i think that the snow flake thing is pretty interesting, though its kinda stupid how people are making a big deal of it, sometimes i think people are only leaving stupid or mean comments to get attention
    Believe me, its happened alot on utube (not my channel though)

  • destyn anthony ogle

    i thing that its cool and that Elaina Brownell your right but you could of said it so id appropriate for a 12 YEAR OLD

  • http://www.webpronews.com/world-record-snowflake-google-doodle-2012-01 shania

    i love your doodles you guys>D

    • Deez Nutz

      That’s what she said

  • Peter Andre

    You lot of fecking conts dont know what the feck your on about.

  • colton

    man only if SOPA was passed would we not see comments like this lol

    • flagfreak99

      yea, and you wouldnt see facebook,twitter, and other social sites!!!

      • Conn

        Dont forget about Youtube, Google video, Hulu, and all videos that have any kind of song playing in the background!

  • Ray-Ray

    Hey i posted this from my nook color how cool is that!:-/ :-( :-) 😉 ;-(; any way to read this you tilt yo head to the side( hey guys i am really sorry i have to sound stupid when i post stuff says mi damn manager)!! Well duces yall see ya at the next concerts ya stalkers

  • anon

    i am quite suspicious if this is true, maybe some hill billy just wants to be famous for seeing a big piece of show, herp de derp

  • harlicon

    it appears my earlier comment has been duplicated! Not by me! perhaps this is what you wish people to perceive if you don’t like the comment?

  • http://www.facebook.com/adeleishardcore Adele Briggs

    I think it was a great doodle to recognize the largest snowflake. Love the things Google comes up with. You guys are awesome!!
    DOn’t know why people have to ruin things by being so stupid! Grow up!

  • hannah

    goodness gracious! you people scare me… lol its pathetic..you guys who are trollin! i feel sorry for your children, if you have any. oh, and lovin the tacoman, lol i loooove tacos also!!

  • Libby

    Pix or it didn’t happen

  • cora

    okay,im 12 going on to 13 this a google website where we find out about information.this is not the place to have foul language because kids like me could be reading.so,please calm yourselvesand take your foul language somewere else.also my perants do moniter me on the computer.

    • http://NA Barbara Doan

      Thanks Cora!

  • Rose Scott

    Snowflakes have 6 sides, not 8

  • ***** *****


    (for the guys)

  • Vmm

    You all need to grow up.

  • t

    isn’t the 26th anniversary of the space shuttle Challenger disaster more important than the largest snow flake?

  • Sir

    I once saw a 16in snowflake, it was almost as big as the 20in one that I recorded. Too bad it melted and I didn’t have a camera.

    • http://NA Barbara Doan

      I am curious, what state or country was this flake in, and were the other flakes also large. I live in a state that borders MT. Last year we had some large flakes: a bit smaller than a baseball to smaller in the area of a golf ball size. And there were quite a few. We thought that these were big.

  • Writermist

    I thought this was so cute. The cow was a nice touch. :)

    now can someone explain to me…
    why the heck there’s so much foul language?
    A curse here and there…. fine. :)
    But a whole sick phrase? O_o

    Grow down… cause if you grow up I’m afraid of what will come out of your mouth next.

  • Leah

    Er… In religion class we were taught that cursing is not a sin (think it should be though) it just shows a sign of immaturity. Elaina, LaKeesha, and Jon… Would you say those words if Jesus were in the same room as you, or would you say them TO Jesus? If you don’t believe in Jesus then would you say it to your Prime Deity or what? I mean really guys? I’m 14 and approve this message.

  • きそこ

    Wow that was a big snowflake.

  • きそこ

    what made religion come into the mix of it all? this is bout a big snowflake not a stupid argument over what ever. I smell a troll.

    • Deez Nutz

      No that’s your breath, we all smell it.

  • HJLF

    The absurdity and ephemeralness of an enormous snowflake are much like the opinions of people. I applaud Google for pointing out the absurdity of opinions and award winning snowflakes. Couldn’t come at a better time of the year. Question though, is this also an opinion on privacy policies?

  • Snow White

    Who cares about children – they suck and they are a pain in the butt.

  • http://www.upcomingautographsignings.com Dan

    One of the “coolest” doodles I’ve ever seen.

    • mademelolhard


  • Falafel

    Why is there way more comments that are random cussing than people talking about the snowman

  • Falafel

    Snowflake sorry

  • Giorgio Tsoukalos

    I can’t explain it

    …must be aliens.

  • flagfreak99

    Well, how about this!!! All you people that keep cursing have fun at your fast-food job while all of us *cough cough* mature people can have our high paying jobs… So have fun at McDonald’s!! :)

  • 14 Year Old

    1. Please desist from cussing. You and your cussy buddies above may not happen to care, but I wanted to read about snowflakes; not the downfall of the educated man (or woman). 2. If you don’t care about the article… why’d you read it? People like you amaze me.

  • krazeyval

    all this potty-mouthed talk began over a silly snowflake??? wow… really sad.

  • Reallynow.

    This is ridiculous, the article is on snowflakes & all you guys can think of is cussing!? Really now.

  • shayne

    uhn huj ya ok right

  • No Thanks

    “world’s larges snowflake”

  • krazeyval

    Linus and Lucy love to catch snowflakes on their tongues… one this big would knock em out! LOL!

  • Alandra

    I with everyone else who actually is using this web site as intended. Yes, it may be useless information that we all seem to hold onto but, it is interesting. However, people (immature people) have to ruin it for everyone else. I really don’t understand why the immaturity is even thought to be cool or funny in any way. If you are going to post anything that isn’t involved with the topic of the story, leave the site.

  • Alandra

    I am in agreement with the other people who are visiting this site for it’s intended purpose. Yes, this may be in the category of useless information that we all seem to hold onto but, it is interesting. I don’t under stand how people (immature people) find it cool or funny to post inconsiderate, crude, unnecessary, and ridiculous comments. If you are not going to use this site for it’s intended purpose, leave.

  • Lauren

    these comments r funny. How we get from “whoa big snowfflake!” to “stop cursing, u *****!”

  • Lauren

    O.o wow….how u got time 2 rite all of dat? get a life :/

  • Bren

    I find it funny you guys are fighting on a article about a snowflake. I just thought it was a LOL moment.

  • JosieM

    I once thought words were just words
    An expression only to be misinterpreted by the dull of mind
    Yet years have shown that it is I who was the simpleton
    Not knowing, not caring their true significance

    Just one word can break a person’s will
    A phrase or more much more damage still
    Yet most do not realize what pain can be caused
    From simply speaking before thinking of the reaction without pause

    So guilty am I of this vicious cycle
    Many things I have said with no remorse
    To hurt the ones I hold so close

    I look Above and pray for Grace
    To crush this heart of stone
    To mold the pieces of brokenness and hate into a Chalice to be filled with faith
    One day to be filled to the brim
    Then overflowing with love and peace as was meant to be

  • http://NA Barbara Doan

    As I was reading this, what came to mind is: Who is GOOGLE? Who are the owners, the board members, their vision, etc.? Please let me know. You have my email sooo I give you an out-of-order Thank You for your answers, in advance.

  • Yellow-snow boy

    My mom told me not to eat yellow snow. I’ve seen yellow snow before, but never a yellow snowflake. I think it would be in everyone’s best interest to also know the size of the biggest yellow snowflake.

  • Alandra

    Leave the site.