Woman Killed At Costco After Waving Knife At Customers

    May 30, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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A Virginia woman was shot and killed on Wednesday after she stopped handing out samples and began waving a knife around in a threatening manner.

The woman, identified as 38-year old Mhai Scott, reportedly began acting strangely and was saying odd things as she neared the end of her shift. Her supervisor became frightened and called police. When they got there, they found Scott erratically waving a knife and a pair of scissors around in a threatening way, so they tried to subdue her with a stun gun. When that didn’t work–and she came at a deputy with the weapons–they opened fire.

“Everyone was running out of the building not knowing what was going on,” customer Robert Krause said. ”I was a little scared so I got out of there pretty quick.”

One of the officers was wounded after a bullet ricocheted and hit him in the leg, but he is expected to recover. Police say they have no clues as to why the woman suddenly became agitated.

“It’s a tragic situation,” Sheriff Michael Chapman said. “I feel for everybody involved.”

Scott reportedly worked for Club Demonstration Services and was in charge of food prep and sampling at the store.

  • Mark

    Deputies could have easily handled her without firing a shot. They were trained to take down big guys. They also wear bullet proof vests. They did not have to resort to such action on a small woman carrying a bread knife. What the report failed to mention was that the woman was a Filipina who was very depressed battling a custody case of two kids with an American husband whom she divorced. If the woman was white, would the deputies shoot and kill her? Take note the area was predominantly whites. Overkill or racism?

    • Eleazar

      I agree this could have been handled without firing a shot…The way I see it police need to find other ways to handle this kind of problems ….Not just shoot and kill..

    • James

      I think it was both (overkill and blatant racism)! This is what fuels the hatred that other cultures have for white people. This was so senseless!!

  • Brenda

    Cops come to these scenes high on adrenaline. That’s why they become cops, for the adrenaline rush and the power trip. When they rush to a scene like this, they are pumped. It’s a clash of the worst kind. Both parties are out of control. That’s how this always happens. Cops always kill in these situations, either with guns or taser or forcing people’s face in the ground and getting on their back so they suffocate or have heart failure.
    Congratulations power trip cops. Another one for your trophy case.

  • Yfke

    Trigger-happy cops and racism. Well done, America.

  • t

    nothing new here, tried stun gun…check…..she attacks with knives and scissors……time to kill. move along people

  • Damnmyeyes

    Probably killed while having a stroke…can’t we find trained officers in the use of “undeadly” force these days?…you’d think they were all trained in Afghanistan.

  • ralph