Winter Storm Ion: It is Really, Really Cold Outside

By: Aleyia Dixon - January 6, 2014

Today’s winter storm has been brought to you by the polar vortex, guaranteed to bring you unforgiving wind chills, snow and severe overall discomfort.

Winter Storm Ion has brought high inches of snow with promises to bring much more. Weather forecasts of -31, -25 and -15 will be seen in some states (mostly Midwestern states) throughout Wednesday. States in all regions will experience low temperatures in the single digits with freezing rain if not snow.

According to Time Magazine, at this time Winter Storm Ion is responsible for 16 deaths and over 5,000 flight cancellations since Wednesday. Stay warm (and bring your pets in too), and travel safely so that you’ll be able to tell the tale of having survived the polar vortex to your grandchildren.

If help is needed for ourselves or others:

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    its so cold outside dying