William Shatner Sends Letter to Real Captain Kirk

    April 14, 2014
    Mike Tuttle
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On Saturday, the Navy christened its newest – and most technologically advanced – ship ever seen: the USS Zumwalt. This large $7 billion guided missile destroyer is completely electric and is manned by Captain James Kirk himself.

No, not that one.

James A. Kirk was commissioned into the U.S. Naval Academy in 1990 and has since served on destroyers and cruisers and, mostly recently, is serving as Executive Assistant to the Director of Service Warfare.

No doubt he has heard his share of Star Trek jokes, but the best of all had to be when Captain Kirk himself, actor William Shatner, sent a letter and autographed picture to the crew of the USS Zumwalt last week prior to the ship’s christening.

“Unfortunately I can’t be with you when your vessel is commissioned and obviously your captain, Captain Kirk, is dear to my heart,” Shatner wrote. “So forgive me for not attending, my schedule won’t allow me, but know that you are in our thoughts — Mr. & Mrs. Shatner — and that we bless you and hope that you have a safe journey wherever your ship takes you.”

Barbara Zumwalt, niece of the late Elmo Zumwalt, for which the ship got its name, posted a photo of Shatner’s gifts on Twitter.

Initial operating capability of the USS Zumwalt should be reached by 2016.

The letter and autographed photo from Shatner are displayed at Bath Iron Works in Maine.

In a recent interview, Shatner was quoted as saying, “The thing you have to remember is that life is for the living. You only have this minute, this little particle that goes kachung! – and then is gone. You have such a short time to live and you’ve got to help other people, be kind and just love.”

The crew of the USS Zumwalt indeed felt that kindness lately from the original Captain James Kirk.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • Phil Blank

    I passed it on.

  • Ivalee


    • Michael Gardner / Kingston, TN

      Star Trek is awesome, Kirk is awesome, and Shatner is awesome. You should be ashamed of yourself for accusing someone of murder with no evidence for seemingly the hell of it. If he accused you of such a thing, you’d probably sue him because he is famous and has money. Your comments are disgusting.

  • Mayan M

    Debbi – you know nothing. Shatner isn’t a lush; the wife who drowned in the pool was. He is, in fact, a clean-living outdoorsman; and you should only be as sharp and together at 83 as is this guy. Star Trek was initially made in the 1960s and it was far ahead of its time in nearly every way. The fact that it survived in a variety of different forms for 50 years is pretty amazing. Our own space program named the shuttle “Enterprise” in honor of ST. Probably you like stories like Gossip Girls; that seems about your speed.

    • debbi

      Since I watched every episode in the 60’s of this cruddy program only because my younger brothers thought it was cool – give me a break – all the actors with the exception of Leonard Nemoy and the lady that played Agura (sp?) were someone to watch. Yeah he’s in his 80’s and still marrying women the same ages as his grandchildren. He’s nothing special and as far as any leading man role – face it he’s butt ugly. And no I couldn’t even tell you what a Gossip Girl show is….I watch movies and I must say they are never about the Star Trek shit. Ahead of it’s time because of the beam me up laser toys – I haven’t been beamed up as yet…I think you should try for a new cell phone and maybe get your kicks. Survived only because there are goofballs like some many Mayan people that flock to watch and participate in this cornball goofiness. Are you like how old? 20 something?

      • JDS

        Agura? AGURA? That’s not even CLOSE to ‘U’hura’. If you can’t name the woman responsible for the first ever black/white kiss on television, the rest of your opinion (And indeed your claim to be even remotely familiar with the show and it’s history) is on it’s fase completely false. I also find it hilarious that you reference the cell phone, a device it’s inventor directly claimed that Star Trek was responsible for him inventing. If you honestly think Shatner and Star Trek has had no effect on society, your head is so far up it’s ass that you need some additional oxygen — you’re clearly not functioning at full brain capacity. (Not to mention you have clearly unresolved issues of your own that you should address.)

  • James Genovese

    Too bad Shatner wasn’t so loving and kind to Nichelle Nicols and George Takai back in the day; perhaps they’d still be speaking to him.

  • Oraliztion

    The ships name is after some guy named Elmo? AND the Captain is Captain Kirk? This is a joke ship I think. Just sitting around telling jokes. Money well spent, no need for wars, here comes Capt Kirk and the USS Elmo.

  • Doug

    What a serious dumbshit. Uninformed moron. Stop wasting space idiot.

  • Morton LaBongo

    This article ROCKS! Awesome to see real-life US Navy and Star Trek crossover.

  • Marsha Brady

    The captain should change his middle initial to a “T”. :)

    • Olog Hai

      That was already taken by the mayor of Elizabeth, New Jersey that Gene Roddenberry named Shatner’s character after.

  • Brian

    I think he overestimated the value he placed on his presence at the christening and launch of the new ship. Nice of you to think you were missed Bill, good luck in your current endeavors if there are any.

  • David B.

    Touching and honest of William Shatner to send such a nice note to the ships new captain and crew. As Capt. Kirk once said as the Enterprise left space dock for the first time,” Take us out Mr. Sulu”

  • debbi

    Most boys, men and males in general really liked this cornball show…what can I say the female today and yester years just could put up with all the dumb and dumber, corny – so unbelievable subjects that it was boring and any body that says this is an intelligent television show is already nuts. Oh, and JDS or whatever that stands for, I could care less how to spell anyone’s name on the show…duh, Captain K and all the rest….I only could watch a minute or two when Spock…was doing something funny or interesting. I didn’t dwell on this cruddy show because it was a big waste of brain power and energy to sit there and try to convince myself that whoever put this junk together should go back to laurel and hardy days…at least they were entertaining.