Wii U Release Date Will Be Revealed Tomorrow At 10 A.M.

By: Zach Walton - September 12, 2012

Today belongs to Apple. They will be announcing the iPhone 5 alongside a new iTunes and iPods. Apple fans have been waiting months for this day, but Nintendo fans have been waiting even longer for tomorrow’s event.

Nintendo announced today that their Wii U event will start tomorrow at 10 a.m. EST. You can watch a livestream of the event on their Facebook page. The event in New York will be live streamed via their YouTube page. Reggie Fils-Aime gave a short notice today about the event and hinted at some Mario news coming our way.

We still know next to nothing about the Wii U, but most are hoping for all to be revealed tomorrow. It’s pretty much guaranteed that the release date and price will be revealed tomorrow. Recent rumors suggest that the Wii U will be available in three SKUs starting at $250 and capping off at $350. The rumors also suggest that the Wii U’s release date has been set for November 11. It seems legitimate, but we’ll find out for sure tomorrow.

More importantly, Nintendo is expected to show off the launch lineup. The 3DS hit a snag because it launched with very few good games. Launch games tend to be somewhat lackluster, but the 3DS hit a new low. Nintendo wants to avoid that with the Wii U and seems to have plenty of star power lined up from first-party franchises like Pikmin 3 to third party hits like Mass Effect 3. We’ll also find out if Nintendo Land is being packed in with the console.

It’s hard to say what exactly Nintendo will be showing due to the company’s secretive nature. What we do know is that this is Nintendo’s chance to redeem themselves after their poor E3 showing. They have to show hardcore gamers that the Wii U is something worth buying. It’s the early adopters that will support the console and a poor showing will lead to poor holiday sales figures.

We’ll be bringing you all the Wii U details tomorrow morning as they are revealed. None of us are exactly sure what to expect out of Nintendo, but it promises to be interesting.

Zach Walton

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  • Ryu

    Its Nintendo… since the N64 (Super Nintendo SNES system and games are still my favourite to play), everything else has been garbage. Who cares about the Wii U. The Wii was lame, graphics were lame, games were lame. Just my thoughts of course as there are many Nintendo fans that may get upset, but Wii just can keep up with Sony PS and Xbox. Sorry.

    • jdge

      As a PC gamer, xbox is garbage, ps3 is garbage, and the wii is fun….. the other two just wish they were good at graphics. Nintendo is smart, they know competing with pc is silly…. once the rest of the world grows up and moves to pc, sony and xbox will be gone. Although i gotta admit not having any annoying children on pc is great… shame when they get there. But really, the wii was meant to be fun… it is.

    • daduas farvas

      Ryu, you are what? A hardcore gamer? Well, let’s look at just how many ‘HardCore’ game franchises there has be today since dooms inception. Mmm you can probably count it on one and a half hands :) call of duty, battlefield, FIFA, elder scrolls, mass effec, halo etc. Now counting these, what else is the benefit of buying any of these other consoles? Glorified PC wannabes. Almost every home has a PC or mac so why get a console? Ok they are cheaper. But all you can do is play games! Once you get sick of the game or cannot progress any further, what do u do then? Turn it off and go do something real! Voila! Your top end bells and whistles superdooper doodah becomes a bit of furniture that your mother hates sitting amongst her wonderful living room decor. Now, if that were a wii, your sister would be waiting to get on it to do some dance moves, your dad would then get on for guitar hero, your little brother will be waiting to play Mario and your grandma wanting to beat her high score in wii sports bowling!
      Ryu, maybe one day you will get it but until then have fun with your psp and xbox360. (which have all tried to emulate the wii and failed miserably which says a lot about the clientele btw!) in the meanwhile, yours and fellow gaming folly’s presence will not be missed :)

  • http://gmail.com zen

    very excited about the wiiu. did not really like the wii system but only liked some of it’s games. but again happy about wiiu zombiu and pikman 3.

  • V

    The Wii U could go either way. It’s good to see that it’s price cap is most likely $350, because any higher than that and the Wii U would just bomb. Another thing that needs to change is the online gameplay. many of my friends have the same complaint; the Wii’s online gameplay is horrible. For the Wii U to actually do well, the online gameplay is going to have to get stepped up a few notches. The fact that Nintendo is awfully protective of their first party games doesn’t help very much either. If they truly want to win over the Xbox360 and PS3 favoring peoples, they should release some of the Nintendo archives out for those systems. Goldeneye 007 would be (In my personal opinion) an excellent choice. The Wii U could go either way, really. It shows incredible potential in both the positive and negative ways. This system could be the best thing since sliced bread or as tasteless as a bread sandwich. Only time stands in our way of knowing, along with the fact that Nintendo is very secretive.

  • james braselton

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