White Supremacist Town Needing Support

    September 22, 2013
    Lindsay McCane
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A small town in North Dakota, population 24, is fighting a battle against a man that moved into their tiny community and is wanting to take over and make it a white supremacist community.

61-year-old, Craig Cobb, purchased property in Leith, a town located in Grant County. He is a self-declared white supremacist and recently made known his plans to take control of the town and local government.

“We need people from across the state to come alongside of us and show support that they don’t believe in what this guy is doing,” Lee Cook, a Leith City Council member told The Bismarck Tribune. “There are a lot of people who could speak up. It’s not tricky. Silence, to me, means that whatever he’s doing is OK.”

The community has started a legal defense fund to help with any legal costs that they may endure while trying to stop Cobb from taking over their town.

Jeremy Kelly of Bismarck said he and the other organizers are hoping to have people from all over the state come join them for a peaceful show of solidarity for Leith. A bus was scheduled to leave at 1:30 p.m. at the Stamart Truck Stop off Interstate 94, Exit 161.

“We cannot accept this racist hatred they are bringing here. Leith is in a crisis and is crying out for help,” Jeremy Kelly, a resident of Bismarck told The Tribune.

Cobb believes that he is superior because he is white and he doesn’t trust people of other races or women.

“I only need 17 people,” he said. “You have to have a majority to win an election. If we get 22 we’ve got a landslide.” He continued saying: “If I’m the only one in Leith forever, white consciousness has already been raised.”

You can make a donation to the City of Leith Legal Defense Fund, Grant County State Bank, 202 N. Main St., Carson, N.D. 58529.

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Video via NDN

  • http://webpronenews Taw Jackson

    You should have a town to go/or live in, where it is safe from the ever present gangbangers. The blacks come in, and home values go down, crime gets worse, just a fact. Many do not have the common sense on how to keep a home clean and fit..
    Where is the web address to give to this guy, instead of the others that want to stop this ?
    When all said and done, and this town starts attracting more blacks, and we’ will see how the liberal residents of this town feel, when their homes get broken into, town residents start getting robbed, and beat up. Yes, we’ll have to ask those town residents how they feel then.
    I say people should have a town to choose from, to live in peace, even though crime has no colors, at least you can keep the break-ins down, and maybe most of the gangs, since 99% of this nations gangs are black/latino, and not white. You damn Liberal’s are ruining this country, and most of the Dem’s too. You two groups already are promoting the break up of this nations families, and you see that this is totally ok with your ideologically views. If I can get this guys website, I am in for a grand. Some times you just have to take a stand, and live your life w/o the chance, and a good chance, that some ghetto hooded boy/man, will rob and kill you, and your family. I am from Chicago’s South-side, Evergreen Park, IL, in fact, and when the blacks found out this was one of the last places in the immed. southern suburbs of the Windy City, they cam in droves, then we had many groups of blacks walking the streets at night, and very few of the white’s would venture out at night, or dark. Then we had more home robberies, and more store/business robberies , and break-in’s, and now we have cameras in our few parks, to keep an eye on these blacks. They have ruined this tiny South-side village, just ruined it. To think of all the small city/villages that they have just ruined, by their coming in, and destroying that area, and the tax base too. Never heard of the white’s moving into an all black area, and do this…They wonder why we are so scared of them, then they use the “racist”word against us….

    • Robin

      You really can’t think of any times when the white man has shown up and wrecked the place… really? Guess you haven’t learned much throughout your life. You don’t need to send that guy $1,000, you should just go live with him.

      • http://webpronenews Taw Jackson

        Hey Racist, name me one…and name me one town the white’s have come in and ruined that towns tax base, and the crime rate went sky high.. C’mon you black lover, answer my Q’s..
        You see, none of you can’t, as I speak the truth. And lets see how you attitude is when you get robbed/attacked by one of your black neighbors kids. Let’s see what you sat then, you frikkin liberal

    • David Chaffin


    • ABDIEL


    • WhiteFang

      More power to you…I have seen the blacks Phuck up a good neighborhood while growing up on the Westside of Long Beach Ca. back in the late 50s…We soon will be the mionority here in our own country…Mexicans will take over this country polically which these stupid ass Democrats can not understand that soon they will be voted out of office and replayce by a Mexican It is not far up the road.. I have watched California slowly taken over.. Its is called Reconquista. Or take back the southern US..which they still think belong to them

      • Reg

        Yeah and you “ignorant” white people phuk up the world and everywhere you go! I hope Mexicans take it over and run you ignorant hillbillies back to the Caves of Europe.

      • Celena

        I guess your not invited to the town, since you can’t even spell or write correctly. Your going to go down with all the people you go against. Good luck!

    • Flatrocker99

      You should be ashamed of yourself stereotyping as you have. I too am white. Who cares? I’m so thankful I am not racist like you! In addition, you need to spell check/proofread before you post. Your English is not very good for someone so prestigious!

      • Celena

        You may just be the only smart person on here.

    • Phil Rayfield

      I have to agree with this guy. While he may not be the most diplomatic in his verbiage, the man is correct. I am shocked at the number of thumbs-down votes his entry has gotten. What did he say that was so terribly wrong. Is it that he has the courage to tell the truth – the historic pattern – of the American cities and suburbs becoming uninhabitable by the white race? Perhaps those offended readers should look into their own lives and take a stance against the hard truth of their history of destruction of their own race. It’s not about the skin color; it’s about the black culture and that culture’s unwillingness to take responsibility for the actions of its youth.

      • Renee Terrell

        I find it very sad that all these comments about the black race, being responsibe for the messed up economic condtion of this country. apparently , this country has been run by the white man since the beginning of time. even though behind the scene a black man brain was being used. and whites given credit for the success. still happening today. when you people vote, it has all way been to keep the superiorority of the white race, what you people fell to realize about the black race is this, in American black educated people only want the best for all people.to be honest with all you want to be superior people,in case you don’t know, all man and woman has the ability to be intelligent, it does not matter what the color of your skin. you people need to stop trying to ride the race card, in making American the greatest country. you need to look at the facts. President Obama did not create this economic down fall of this country , your then President Bush, is the fall guy , who alone with his republican party, is the one who almost bankrupte the country, and like all ways when the white man screw up so bad, they want to bring in old colored boy, as they would say back in the day to clean up the mess. and when he clean up the mess, they created, they want to make it appear he’s the fall guy.insead of every one trying to point finger here, you need to be paying attenion to what the people you have elected to run this country are doing. you see as the old saying go, we are all in this shit togreater, you can’t hurt one without hurting the other. the black man did not sit and plot to put the whole American people out of jobs, neither did he foreclose on all the hard working people homes. neither did he decide to spend money in Iraq and all these other cuntries who does not pay taxes to the American government. while all Americas can barely pay their mortgage. or as far as that goes , have a job to go too.you people need to get your minds right.if you want to play the blam game, give credit where credit is due.this is what happen to society when people begin to fear,they have no faith in their own government, bacause of all the lies being played out. in oredr for this country to remain strong , all people have to come togreather as one, and do what is right for all people. for get the race game.

        • http://webpronenews Taw Jackson

          You ghetto black HOE.. You talk like a pure racist, and you are using the race card here. Bitch/HOE…Come back when you learn how to spell, and construct a sentence.

        • http://webpronenews Taw Jackson

          Hey HOE, your just pissed because you still living in Section 8 housing, and you are black hoe, who hates anyone that pushes themselves to get ahead. Like most of the black culture does. Better wake up, and stay in school.
          You also talk about who is bankrupting this country, it is the Democratic people, as yourself, that is always tax and spend, and the GOP is against this. Take a civic class, or a Govt class, and learn the diff of these two parties. You also don’t know that the stupid obamacare is costing a trillion dollars, and is helping to break the country’s finances, obama and obama only is taxing us and spending money we don’t have. Nobody wants this obamacare, except the freeloaders, like you, the food stamp people who vote Dem, so they get free checks, free housing… Gooooood, you are a ghetto hoe.

  • jim

    Shoot the bastard.

    • http://webpronenews Taw Jackson

      Lets shoot you,you fairy goof..

    • WhiteFang

      Up yours Ifo one does not what the to be around abunch of gang banging thugs then let it be.. I would not call it white supremisty however..

    • http://webpronenews Taw Jackson

      Jimbo, you are a sorry person, and are most likely a black, wait until you get robbed by yo peoples…..I will laff at you, and will not say, ” I told you sooooo”…

      • Celena

        Yeah maybe he’ll get robbed by you since your the one talking all ghetto.

    • http://yahoo walleye

      you must be a black,muslim,wetback or some other bstrd race that has wreck the school system,broke the housing industry,broke heathcare ect ect the money will soon run out for you free loaders and the whites will for certain be able to take care of themselves when the sht hits the fan.

      • AJ

        Sorry trailer trash white people broke America long time ago. Remember we couldn’t own anything or vote back in the days. That means you white supremacist ran the country and drained it like you’re trying do all over again. Too bad that you don’t know that the system was discovered by you and will fall be your greed. Don’t blame any other color of people, look in the mirror and you will see America at its best.

  • Bill

    If blacks panthers can block people at the polls,this guy has the right to do what he’s doing!

  • Flatrocker99

    Feel the love . . . I still haven’t given up hope that one day everyone will love one another as the Lord has asked us to do. That’s all he asks of us. It sounds very simple, but takes a lot into consideration. But, imagine the world we could live in if we simple loved others as we (apparently)love ourselves.

    • Flatrocker99

      *Simply, not simple!

    • AJ

      You can’t get the devil to love anyone. Hell he hates himself.

  • Obama is a disaster

    We’ve seen a steady downward spiral in the last 5 years. The erosion of American principles by Obama – Gun haters, black violence, lower standards, etc.
    We need a hard nosed President who will escalate back to where we need to be.

    • Keith

      If Obama was so bad why did he get elected again? Surly he didn’t get reelected because of the black vote. He had to have the vote of others, such as whites, Hispanics and other races. And if they or others thought he was wrong he wouldn’t have been reelected.

    • Keith

      Dude, you don’t know what you are talking about, nor do you know how good you have it here living in this country. Try living in the Middle East or some parts of Africa. Then come back and talk about how bad Obama is. You sit around and complain and talk about bad Obama is, go live in Syria or some other part of the middle east, under a real dictator, and then come back and talk about how bad this country is. We take so much for granted here; we have no idea just how good we have it here. We complain about running over pot hole in our street, how about running over bodies by the hundreds, or we lose it when someone cuts us off in traffic how about seeing people cut to bits with a machete, try that with your morning latte. Half of the American people don’t realize just how good we have it. We should get down on hands and knees every day and kiss the ground that we walk on and thank god we don’t live in those places.

    • AJ

      This country has been in this position for the past 100 years. There whasnt a black president then. Don’t blame you BS on a black guy who’s trying to get you out of the trailer park.

      • Obama is a disaster

        AJ – We’ve been catering more and more to blacks. Lower standards, lower expectations and lower efforts. More drug dealing than ever. Obama is giving guns to Al-qaeda!! God help us!!

  • Robert

    Maybe we need more white people sticking up for themselves. I have been sick and tired of blacks blaming whites for everything. You Aframs are all cowards and lazy s.o.b.’s! Now that we have Ovomit for president he exemplifies everything about blacks!

    • haha

      Listen to you. That’s whats wrong with people today

    • Ann

      you are such an ignorant, prejudice, racist person.

    • AJ

      Blame it on the alcohol!! GWBush

    • Frank Klopstine

      Ovomit – I LIKE that one!

  • K.Moser

    The ignorance in most of the comments are astounding. People trying to sound like they have ‘facts’ on their side and simply lack the ability to separate from their preconceived notions a reality. Truth is, they have no facts. They are merely the plague they have always been on humanity–just ignorant racists who will seize and b.s. supporting their ill-supported ‘beliefs.’

  • KMD

    I’m sure they can get a lot of folks from the south side of Chicago and Detroit to come over help. Within a few months they will be wanting the ‘white Supremacist’ to come back.

  • http://yahoo walleye

    fk a bunch of ngrs

    • haha

      What’s wrong? Must of been a black guy who stole your girlfriend. Lol

    • AJ

      Your boyfriend got you already. You know once you go black you’ll never go back. That’s what your boy told me.

  • Gary S

    Why not?

    The Tea Party gave instructions and posted videos describing how to take over local election boards and get their candidates on the ballot to compete with regular Republicans.
    The result? They took over the Republican Party.

    The Republican Party has been helping and taking advantage of American White Supremacists since the mid-1960s.
    For instance: on August 3, 1980, Ronald Reagan gave his first post-convention speech in Philadelphia, Mississippi.
    Before that, Nixon’s Southern Strategy after LBJ signed the Voting Rights Act.

    Today, the old Republican Party has been all but eclipsed by the Tea Party.
    The Right Wing Supreme Court has struck down key parts of the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

    Why shouldn’t White Supremacists get their own town?

    • ashley

      Just a few statistics for Mr. Cobbs and others who think that a “white town” would be crime free to consider when they initiate their segregated town:

      32.9% of the prison population is white
      95% of serial killers are white
      70% of America’s convicted child molesters are white
      39% of welfare recipients are white

      Wondering if Mr. Cobb is taking this into consideration?

      • Keith

        Ashley you are absolutely right.

  • mike

    Ever been in North Dakota in January or February? He can have it!

  • http://www.christianrevivalcenter.net Rachel Pendergraft

    Congratulations to this gentleman for wanting to have a nice community. It is too bad that more people don’t have that courage to speak out in defense of the true global minority; white people! Whether he is successful in winning a majority in local government, at least he has a platform upon which to voice a warning to white people everywhere. Smart women and men will be open minded and listen. If you love your children or grandchildren, shouldn’t you just maybe consider what has been said and look at the facts? I think it is prudent to do so.

    • ashley

      You assume that he will have a nice community because he plans to only allow white people into his town? What a preposterous assumption. White people commit crimes, white people do immoral things, white people are slobs, drug addicts, child molesters…. there are bad white people. There are good white people. There are bad black people. There are good black people. Why not base his town on credit scores? Arrest records? Church attendance? An FBI background check? Why race? Because he does not want a “good community” he wants a white community.

  • C. Stanley

    Since when is wanting to associate with our own kind is a crime? Or either immoral, for that matter. Blacks do it all the time, and at all levels, and I didn’t hear of a white raising funds to legally stop them. There’s a “congressional black caucus” (ever heard of a “white caucus”?) there’s “Ebony” magazine (have you seen the “Ivory” mag yet?) there are “Black” movies (talk about living in an imaginary world!) and so on. This site (WPN) is obviously slanted against the guy, they give the address of the town legal fund, but not where to send money to Mr. Cobb, if we so consider. Mr. Cobb seems to be “low tech” meaning no web site or E-mail, and he’s not listed in the phone directory, maybe doesn’t even have a phone. Yet the town is jumping to get money for lawyers, to neutralize his efforts. Why doesn’t the “town” instead make some parcels available and invite blacks from all around the country to come settle there? Now that’s an idea, to show what lovers of minorities they are, and show Mr. Cobb! And after a few black families settle there, Mr. Cobb’s little project will be as good as dead, right? Of course, they wouldn’t do this, because then they’d have to suffer the consequences, unintended as they may be, of their own stupidity! Or, maybe it’s them that are the racists, after all!

    • Sick N Tired

      C and you are not a racist? What about the white skinheads – you don’t see Black skinheads; what about the White Ku Klux Klan – you don’t see a black one; White supremacists – don’t see any black supremacists; what about the White golf clubs – don’t see any black ones; the white resorts (one called Ni**er Head owned by a congressman); what about the whites who stole blacks inventions and royalties and even named the writer as their children who hadn’t been born yet; – don’t see any black ones; how about the whites who shoot up innocent school children – no blacks; whites who report missing children when they have already murdered them – no blacks; whites getting lost hiking and wasting taxpayer money searching for them – oops no blacks; and who introduced drugs into the black communities – look at the movie Panther – whites did. Most magazines and movies are white – some don’t post or hire any blacks or people of color; and No blacks do not collect money for “their own kind” all the time. Get a life; get a clue. You listen to too much Fox faux lying news. Go ahead if you want and move to that town without women because he also said he didn’t trust them either. You deserve each other!!


        black panthers.

  • ashley

    I truly do no understand how anyone with any common sense at all can label and stereotype entire races/ethnic groups. Every single HUMAN BEING is an individual. There are good people and bad people in every single racial group. To say that all whites are good, all blacks are bad, all Mexicans are illegal, is simply the most asinine thinking possible. Do you truly judge everyone you meet based on their race? Do you not look at people as individuals? Are you prepared to be judged solely on your appearance and not on your actions? Maybe praying for you is the only thing left to do- pray that you learn to judge people for who they are not what they look like.

    • C. Stanley

      You voted for O-barfa because of his “appearance” didn’t you? You racist!

      • ashley

        Nope, C. Stanley I surely didn’t vote for our BI-RACIAL (just as white as he is black!) president based on his looks. I exercised my vote to right based on the positions of each party. And while who I voted for is my business, you may be surprised by my vote. My point is anyone that chooses to judge a person based SOLELY on what they look like obviously lacks some social skills and most likely suffers from low esteem issues.

        • haha

          Thank you Ashley at least there is one person on this page with some common sense

        • jeanette

          Billary Clinton got off to such a fast political start because a lot of Arkansas women voted for “the cute guy”. Which proves looks ain’t a good indicator of character. I agree Obama is a lousy president – but not because he’s black (or half- whatever) but because he is s-t-u-p-i-d!!!
          I know blacks that I would give my life for (and they for me) and whites I would not Pee on if they were on fire (same for some blacks). PEOPLE should be taken as they come!!!


          C. Stanley brings up a valid point. I do not think that this is the conversation for it at all,but he does have one. But when you communicated it like a jack-ass,it makes it very frustrating out there for those of us that sit on the same side of the fence.

          Liberals are not all hippy,welfare loving drains of society. Republicans are not all bible thumping,”god,guts and guns red necks”.

          but MAKE NO MISTAKE, all those who sit up top and look down from the thrones of industry are the real players running the show

          • ashley

            I do see the validity of his points. This is America and we as individuals are blessed to be free to make so many of our own choices, and we should be. We are absolutely free to communicate, associate, and live with whomever we want. The issue arises when we tell our fellow Americans who have the same rights that they cannot do things that we are all entitled to do. Like live in a TOWN, not this man’s home, but a town in America. At that point this becomes a hatred/bigotry issue not a freedom issue. In addition to this, C. Stanley appears to be an idiot and he should not be elected as the spokesman for the white man’s rights.

    • Keith

      Because they don’t have common sense.

    • Keith

      Because they don’t have common sense.

    • Case

      Can you run for political office, I would vote for you??

  • Caligula

    Ahhh man! A town that’s quiet, clean, no crime, no theft, no rape, and no drugs??? I want to move there! I’m half Mexican, but half German too! Am I allowed in??? I don’t listen to salsa music and I hate Mexican food. PLEASE!!!

    • jesse

      You think whites don’t rob, rape or do drugs? What are you smoking?

    • Sick N Tired

      Caligula, what’s stopping you? Go ahead and move either there or out of the country. You are stupid to think there will be no crime, theft, rape, or drugs because in prisons dominated by Whites that’s all there is!!! And. .it was Whites who took drugs into the Black communities. There will also be no women there because he also hates women. Enjoy the mall killings, kids in school killing, children reported missing when the family has killed them, brotherly incest, no government assistance of any kind, etc., etc.

    • Cara

      Hey Caligula I’d love to move there too. I’m Finnish, Lithuanian, and South Korean. I think the area would be perfect for my mini farm plus the property and land if affordable! But I also have a white boyfriend, will we be shamed by the white supremacists there because of our interracial relationship? Aren’t we contributing to the “white genocide” these nuts rave on about?
      A lot of people, no matter the color, are involved with crime.. I’m currently in California a.k.a. commiefornia and a lot of whites here can be just as trashy as a poorly raised black.

  • Celena

    Its funny to see how many people that have commented think that minorities are more dangerous, when all the disgusting serial killers are white! you don’t hear about a black man or a mexican man murdering his own family do you? No I didn’t think so. We shouldn’t have any segregated towns. For those who say there are towns full of only blacks or mexicans, well thats not really by choice. It happens to be that towns like that are towns with no money and minorities are the people most common with less money. Think people!

    • C. Stanley

      About the “killers” being all white, there was a guy by the name of Aaron Alexis who, if he’d be still alive, would beg to differ. He’s as white as… the ace of spades! So there. For the rest, please consult the statistics of crime, not your racial bias.

    • http://att/yahoo Jim

      A Hispanic guy murdered his wife and children in Norcal several years ago, I believe it was in Napa Co. There are plenty of minorities that have wiped out their families. I believe it was a black guy who murdered 12 people at the Naval station in DC. And it was a couple of black snipers who murdered 10 people in DC about 10 years ago. In my area there are latino gang bangers who kill plenty of innocent people of other races. I’ll acknowledge that whites can be devils but other races can be plenty violent. I live in a segregated owner occupied town house complex and everyone gets along fine.

      • haha

        How about that newlywed wife who shoved her husband off a cliff? James Holmes? Newtown CT, Shooter? Get your head out of your anus buddy. Jerry Sandusky?

      • http://att/yahoo Jim

        CORRECTION: Integrated owner occupied town house complex.


          LOL!!! I looked at your first post for about ten minutes thinking i HAD to of missed something.. LOL. Glad no one thumbed it up

      • Sick N Tired

        Jim, There are plenty of whites too who have murdered blacks, have sent blacks to jail when they weren’t at fault, have killed many in malls, have murdered schools full of innocent children, have shot up postal facilities, have sent poison thru the mail, have murdered their spouses on cruise ships and flipped their bodies overboard, have put poison in their husband or wives drinks, have killed blacks for their lottery winnings, have killed blacks for their land and holdings, have lied about their children being abducted when in fact they themselves have already raped and/or murdered them. Yes, whites can be plenty violent too.

        • AJ

          Don’t forget about the rapes, torture, lynching, burnings, of black people for the past 400 years in this country. There’s a list that goes on and on, and there’s nothing to be done about it. Racism didn’t start here in America it started in the European countries against themselves thousands of years ago. Let’s just enjoy life while we can, because life is too short to worry about negative people. Trust me they won’t get to see the light!

      • AJ

        People are going to do whatever their minds tells them to do. Doesn’t matter what color they are its nature and the act of GOD. Perfection is not a gift to us, so bear with the imperfections of life. The world is coming to a end in our very own eyes and we are too blind to see it. I bet all the hatred and supremacy isn’t going to mean a thing when the bombs start falling upon our backyard. So wake up America and stop hating for no reason. THINK!!!!

  • Lynne
    • AJ

      Seems like only morons are recruited by this website. Never heard of it, I guess that’s why I don’t see any commercials.

  • http://yahoo the baron

    why is that anything the white race want’s to do is racist and the blacks are and have leeches on the backs of whites for 150 years. they have been GIVING blacks everything and enabling them to want more and more. if you don’t like it go back to northern and central africia

    • Case

      We were actually doing fine there until people brought us over to build the cities and towns they now live in because they were too lazy to do it themselves…

      • Hutuch

        1. “SOLD by their own people” is a more accurate statement.
        2. Slavery in Africa certainly didn’t start in the 1500’s (peep out your Bible before thinking of arguing)
        3. If I look at any one area in the world that is doing “just fine”, I would HAVE to agree it’s Africa. I mean, I almost-hardly-every-single-hour-of-every-single-day read an article or see a news report about one group chopping up another group (Kenya mall attack anyone?).

        Yep…that continent has been a virtual Utopia for nearly all of recorded history. But don’t let facts get in the way of your brilliant statement.


          I mean, I almost-hardly-every-single-hour-of-every-single-day read an article or see a news report about one group chopping up another group

          Maybe you should expand your thirst for knowledge on subject non African. Especially if your reading news media “every-single-hour-of-every-single-day”

          But I will agree with your first point. Before they start turning to uncle sam talking about reparations..they need to look at the mother country for being sold out.

      • Frank Klopstine

        Not so – most Africans came here were POWs and criminals – it wasn’t like Spaniards were roaming the jungle capturing stray darkies – I have been to Goree island off the coast of Senegal and could feel the anguish from millions of people departed thru a small doorway to and unknown fate in an unknown land.

        My ancestors NEVER owned another human being – in fact my Father was a champion of REAL civil rights (didn’t need a bureaucrat to ‘splain him how to get along with other races! – and I refuse to accept any accountability regarding this old, false ‘saw’.

    • AJ

      First of all, blacks didn’t ride on your sorry backs. We helped build this country like all immigrants that was forced to live here or enslaved. Too bad that your situation wasn’t included or noticed. Have a nice day and stop passing out Klan applications. We have better things to concentrate on now and its not white supremacy. Terrorism is what you need to focus on neighbor, we are all failures when it comes to defending our own homefront worrying about who in the hell lives next door to you. Wake up AH!!



  • haha

    There is too much negativity going on right now. That’s whats wrong with America. Everyone is trying to blame someone else for problems that we all have caused. It’s not just blacks, whites, mexicans, who whatever ethnicity you are apart of. Everyone thinks they have an answer to every problem but in reality none of us do. The government can’t agree on anything and all they do is play the blame game. If you want to talk about blacks and the actions of their youth you need to look at other races as well. Casey Anthony?? Jodi??? Geroge Zimmerman???? Newtown Shooting??? Col. Movie Shooting???? And speaking of Youth What happened to Miley Cyrus??? Are you just going to look at sweep that under the rug like she has a positive impact on youths???? Look at the facts before you just start yelling out ignorant banter. Most importantly be happy we can live in a country where we have the freedom to do more than 90% of other countries i wouldn’t hear people complaining like this they lived in Cuba, Kenya, or somewhere else….. So be thankful instead of whining and complaining over pointless garbage.

    God Bless,


      Most importantly be happy we can live in a country where we have the freedom to do more than 90% of other countries

      Another clueless soul. I only pray that english is not his primary language or he is still in school.

      So your saying only 10% of the worlds countries,have less freedoms than the US? Is that what you believe??

      Whats your E mail address?? i know an African diplomat who needs your help desperately.


      • haha

        Listen to you. LOL another clueless soul. Actually I’ve graduated college in 2011 with a degree in marketing and communications. English is my primary language and yes that is what I believe. Who are you? You’re probably a middle aged person who thinks he can could run the country better than everyone else and all of your opinions should be shared on Fox News or Red Eye…. Haha I’m stating what i believe and really don’t care about pompous and arrogant people like you. LOL have a great day…

        God Bless America

  • Neil

    Right on Brother. I lived in North Dakota for 4 years, I loved it, yes even the negative whatever, went hunting one day at -22 and got a deer. Anyways, your making a big deal out of nothing, most Blacks, oops Colored, oops (why is it still NAA’CP’) I mean African Americans don’t live in ND anyways, too darn cold for them, only ones I ever saw where military and they were there because they had to be.I thik Craig Cobb should be Mayor, Chief of Police, Fire Chief, Post Master, Milk Man and anything else he wants. Sounds like a a town of only 24 could use a face lift. Isn’t America great. Over and out, from a German American, oops I mean a European American, not sure, my ancesters came from Germany, So …..??

    • tony

      i think its a great idea for them to have there own town. see nothing wrong with
      it and im black. i hope they do it

      • Tj

        Ya I mean Blacks take over the Ghetto, same with Mexicans. You can’t walk down some streets because you might get shot! Just because they don’t know who you are and don’t clam a number street color or some bs crap!

        You’re right. Wouldn’t be any different then what the Minority has done to themselves!

    • john routzahn

      blacks aren’t alone on the chopping block! perhaps they don’t live there, but you have jews,hispanics,indians,etc. whom they also hate.

    • AJ

      It’s people like you Hitler is why the world is full of MUTTS like yourself. You don’t know what nationality you are because you’re ignorant to the fact that you are not supreme to anything except a damn hamburger. Get a life and we will all be happy. For the people or Anti-Government group good luck because you’ll never be in charge of @&*%$#! Maybe the few mutts running around and the other few illiterates that you will be in charge of.

      • Tj

        Think about what you are saying. Why do you have a heater in your house! A mutt invented it. Who brought you a dryer because you wanted to dry your clothes fast! A mutt brought that to you!

        Be very Careful about what you are saying. Hitler has nothing to do with 90% of the Mutts in this Country! An you sir sound like a Hitler!

        So check yourself and your clueless mind before you step in a coma for thinking to hard!


      • dave scott

        you are a real stupid ass. please kill yourself.

  • tony

    i think its a great idea for them to have there own town. see nothing wrong with
    it and im black. i hope they do it

    • jesse

      So are you a Uncle Tony or a Uncle Tom?

      • Jeff

        what are you talking about, nowadays there are allot of places where white people aren’t allowed to go, so why can’t whites have a town for just themselves?

  • Larry Miller

    People should have the complete right to associate with whomever they want. They should also have the right to not associate with anyone they don’t like. That has always been the American way. Anything else is communism.

  • matt

    What? A town with well cared for lawns, no graffiti and no litter? Low crime rates? How dare they! LOL

    • ashley

      Hi Matt,

      I see that you are under the assumption that “white people land” would be a utopia, here are a few statistic for you, in case you are too busy to investigate things yourself.

      32.9% of the prison population is white
      95% of serial killers are white
      70% of America’s convicted child molesters are white
      39% of welfare recipients are white

      In no way am I insinuating that white people are bad people, I am simply the voice on the other side of your shoulder screaming out; “Don’t be so ignorant! Stop cheering racism. Be proud of who you are, while accepting others for who they are, and not dismissing of people because of their pigmentation.”

      • Hmm

        I worked in a prison for many years. While yes, your statistics are accurate, the reality is that in a prison 95% of all violence in prisons is caused by blacks.

        Also, the numbers of serial killers and true child molesters are actually very low. Many child molestation cases are also extremely suspect. For example, they are arresting people now on these “internet stings” and claiming that these guys are child molesters even though they do not even see people. Most are arrested after they step out of their cars and most have never had a criminal record ever. They are also finding that the people setting up those guys are often mentally ill and have criminal backgrounds themselves. In the end, there are actually very few serial killers and child molestation is not as wide spread as the media would make it seem.

        Like I said, I worked in a prison and the realities are that the people doing the killing, robbing, and raping are most often black. Most often it is the black street gangs, but in general, blacks are just more violent than whites.

        • Yep

          I agree with you. In my home town, a guy was arrested on an internet sting, but it turned out that he was pursued by the decoy for over a year and was invited over 4 times to visit. He ended up having plead guilty because the DA delayed his trial for 3 years and threatened him with a crazy amount of time.

          I have never heard of a “victim” that pursued their attacker for over a year and then invited the “attacker” 4 times to visit her.

          The guy isn’t close to being a molester. He just went to see what the truth was and on the internet, the only way you can do that is by meeting.

        • Jeff

          Indeed, you also have to look at that the US census which considers Arabs and some Latinos as white, so it isn’t an accurate viewpoint to say all those crimes are committed by whites.

          Plus look at South Africa also, ever since Black rule started in that country, its been a Total CESSPOOL, the STD and RAPE capitol of the World.

        • Muduck

          Where in the world did you get those statistics that’s the stupidest thing ever

      • Tj

        Your talking about a Country where it is Prominently white. Which make those facts realistic and not odd at all. How would the minority be ranking higher in percentage. White’s in this country will always have more of they’re people in statics because whites started this country and America is Mostly white.

        So what you basically said made no sense!

      • @Ashley

        Your statistics are very misleading. The numbers of white people in prison relative to the white population is very low. The numbers of serial killers and child molesters are actually very low. However, the number of crimes contributed to gang violence and related activities is very high. Being on welfare has nothing to do with safety — it is simply a matter of economics.

        • ashley

          To all of you that replied to my post, you are correct, the statistics were not composed using the total population of each of the separate ethnicities represented in America, and how that number would then result in a different percentage per ratio. I do want to point out; however, that many of the posters have claimed that whites are quickly becoming the minority, so using the relative to ethnicity statistics would de-bunk that claim. I also understand that child molestation and serial killers are not prevalent (thank God!) but the vast majority of those criminals are statistically white. Finally, I included the welfare statistic because many posters have mentioned that blacks/Hispanics are being provided for by the white community, and in reality this is not the case, Americans are providing for poor people of every race. As for the molestation stings and what not- that would be a completely different forum. I, for one, would not go to meet a 13 year old for sex no matter how long he perused me. I do want to thank you for being intelligent and thoughtful in your responses, as I hope I, a Hispanic woman, have been.

      • TC

        The FEDS errantly and erroneously label Hispanics (illegal Mestizos) ‘White’ when they clearly are not.
        3% of the US Populace (Black males from 14-29) account for 60% of all murders in this nation and fill up most of our prisons. The average IQ for blacks in Africa and here is just above mentally retarded. Check out All Top 100 Most Dangerous cities, they all have something in common-a large black populace. The truth is not polite.
        Meanwhile, the poorest nations/area in USA is white Appalachia, whose crime rate is 50% lower than the Natl average. The experiment with blacks is over, it failed. We subsidize their rent, cash, heat, food and sail phones (OUR TAX DOLLARS) and yet there are over 1 million Interracial crimes, 90% of which are black ON white, annually.

        Good on Cobb for doing what none of us have the balls to do or say.., be careful what you wish for Antis…or it will be the next Gary IN, E St Louis, Detoilet MI, or Philthadephia. No thanks.

        • ashley

          TC- I have never heard of a sail phone, I will have to learn more about this to be able to discuss it with you. Also, the race of a Hispanic person is labeled as white, while their ethnicity is labeled as Hispanic. I would like to point out, again, that the 39% of welfare recipients are white. I do find your word choice of “experiment” very off-putting. Bringing in slaves from another country, liberating them, and making laws for equality was an experiment? I wonder how this whole women’s rights experiment will turn out… is there a homosexual experiment underway as well?

      • James

        White people are, for the most part, blinded by thier kindness, thus making them, the majority, relatively ignorant. I would give my own wife to a black man, if he asked me in a curteous way. Oh, I am a white guy, but does that really matter?

      • Gunner

        Fking Liar.

  • Brenda

    Everybody’s beautiful…in their own way…tra la la la la

  • keyesbaby

    Take out the fact he wants his town to be all white (which it most likley would be because we are not fond of SD unless there is a job out there) he doesn’t. Like women either so freedom to live how and where u want I vote yes but noone should be allowed to promote. Bigtory or bate.

  • Benjamin

    I am an American Soldier and my color is irrelevant. What is relevant is the freedom, I protect. This man whether it may be white Supremacist, Black Panther or other group has a right by America’s law to do whatever he pleases as long as he does not violate the law and do not infringe on other Americans’ freedom. And if you must know I am black…I fight for white, black,hispanic, asian, jewish, women, men, children, ALL AMERICANS…also I hope everybody’s is educated to know there are white Africans.

    • James

      We ALL bleed the same! Thank you for your service sir!

      • Jeff

        lol, Dogs, lizards, and cats bleed red too, dose that mean we’re all the same?? Hell NO!!

        • Br. Trav

          Choke yourself, Jeff. Just choke yourself. Benjamin, I’m a Staff Sergeant. Thanks for serving. I’ve met a lot of South Africans in the US military. Just met one last night at a barbecue, actually.

  • jeff melton

    So, correct me if I’m wrong, if minorities move into an area it’s called diversity but if it is almost all white it’s racist? Why?

    • Ron

      Are you mentally retarded?

    • Turtle

      I like the idea of putting all the racist in one town, Their very own town. One thats all fenced in where they are not allowed out…..Kinda like a modern day reverse concentration camp……if that were the case i would offer free labor to help build on site gas chambers and large ovens for it’s inhabitants.

  • fred

    Based on the government reports on crime and criminals, an all white town would be the safest place in America to live, work and raise a family.

  • AJ

    I am impressed with the threads that I have read and responded to in the past hour. Most of all, it has dawn on me that the world is just coming to a end. People are not getting it through their thick sculls that racism is not our problem, its people without a clue to what is happening around them. Terrorism is amongst us even in our back yards and we’re still hating on black-white issues. Get your heads out of your azzzes and wake up before we all be running to each others home looking for help when the enemy lands on you. It won’t be a white-black thing then. So all Im saying is that we all need to keep our heads on a swivel and watch each others backs. So Mote it be!

    • Br. Trav

      So mote it be, Brother. Eventually they’ll realize we’re all Americans, stop hyphenating their races, and start looking to better this great nation instead of tearing it apart on racial lines. Our dear leader doesn’t help this situation at all, and neither do idiots like this Cobb guy. It’s sad that we’re still on this level in 2013. Just sad.

  • http://webpronews drew

    I think any group that wants to live together with no else is a little strange. However if the town people wants them there then let them all move there together. Let them be in there one messed up little world where we can watch everything they do. Listen to everything they say, and read all there emails and letters. Lets just say thanks to these idiots for making it easier. Thanks in advance you back word ass hicks. Don’t forget to give your cousin a kiss tonight before bed.

  • Frank Klopstine

    I see the race issue more as a political one. Living way too near to DC (and so far from God!) I am concerned that when the crunch comes, when the DC government collapses, that we’re going to have almost a million starving, maddened people flooding out of DC into the surrounding counties like a plague of locusts.

    Sorry, but if you’re ‘black’, you’re very likely a Democrat, who expects the government to be responsible for everything: and as a Libertarian, I EXPECT TO BE SELF-RELIANT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Try explaining to some dumb-ass person like those DCers that maybe they should have some sort of food cache, some back-up power system (even if it’s a battery and inverter) and some other sort of self-generated support systems.

    But NOOOOOOO! instead we’ve some sort of monster in the White House who is hellbent on destroying the last vestiges of any sort of traditional American values, which are ColorBlind (btw, just WHAT has the PO(TU)S actually done to improve the lives of ANYBODY in this nation?)

    Also as a Libertarian, I firmly believe people have the right to association with whoever they choose, for better or worse. Personally, I can’t stand a lot of the ghettoism that I have to drive through to work every day, or where I work – but at the same token, have met some fantastic people of all colors and sexual orientation. I don’t freely associate with liberals if I can avoid it, BUT I also don’t associate with lunatic-fringe rightwingers and fundamentalist theocrats (Baptist and such = Taliban to me)since I’ll find out the truth when I am gone from this existence (hopefully).

    Minorities in this country and worldwide need to get their $hyt together and soon, or else we will have an ‘Elysium’ scenario at some point as people start emigrating from this slum of an Earth…that THEY made.

    • Benjamin

      okay no matter how you try to word it…still sounds like you are racist against blacks…im just saying…not all blacks are doing wrong and not all whites are doing right….this is a new decade Al Qaeda does not care what color you are


    I’m sure the crime rate would be low in their community, maybe that is what everybody is so scared of? A community with no crime? It would make a case against diversity, the kosher people aren’t about to let that happen.