White House “Racism” Story Exposes Cruelty To Muslim-Americans

    May 8, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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The White House Correspondents Dinner is a big to-do every year, drawing in huge names from across the country in almost every field imaginable. When one has the opportunity to go, one goes. But Muslim-American physician Seema Jilani may not be going back next year after experiencing what she says was blatant racism.

Jilani attended the dinner as a guest of her husband, a journalist; as the spouse of the invited guest, Jilani wasn’t allowed to attend the actual dinner, but instead would be spending the evening in a designated cocktail area with others. Soon after they parted company, however, Jilani realized her husband had her keys. Upon realizing she couldn’t contact him on his phone, she approached a group of security officers and asked if she could go into the ballroom just to get her keys. That’s when the trouble started.

“They refused to let me through,” Jilani wrote. “For the next half hour, they watched as I frantically called my husband but was unable to reach him. Then something remarkable happened. I watched as they let countless other women through — all Caucasian — without even asking to see their tickets. I asked why they were allowing them to go freely when they had just told me that I needed a ticket. Their response? “Well, now we are checking tickets.” He rolled his eyes and let another woman through, this time actually checking her ticket. His smug tone, enveloped in condescension, taunted, “See? That’s what a ticket looks like.”

Upon pressing the security officers as to why they would let others in without a ticket, Jilani was threatened by the guards, who said they would escort her out. Outraged, Jilani wrote a seething editorial on Huffington Post, where she spoke about the injustice done to anyone with dark skin and a foreign name, now more than ever.

“I explained that I am a physician, that my husband is a noted journalist for a major American newspaper, and that our guest was an esteemed, Oscar-nominated director. They did not believe me. Never mind that the American flag flew proudly outside of our home for years, with my father taking it inside whenever it rained to protect it from damage. Never mind that I won “Most Patriotic” almost every July 4th growing up. Never mind that I have provided health care to some of America’s most underprivileged, even when they have refused to shake my hand because of my ethnicity,” she wrote.

As of now, the White House has had no response about the incident, though that is likely to change soon; Ms. Jilani’s story has gone viral.

  • Citygirl

    If it were up to me, I’d block all Muslims from entering the country. I’m just saying…..

    • Thomas

      I don’t think all Muslims should be held responsible for actions of there leaders. I also believe every racist American should be put to death

  • PLorena

    As an African American who was born in this country, I would say to Jilani: “Welcome to my world.”

    • ladyrainicorn1

      PLorena got it right! I just had to laugh at that one!:) Sucks so much but this is life for most of us black folks everyday. Then Obama wants to go & give illegals amnesty. How about more national programs to fix problems with inequality & racism for black people. Those Mexicans & illegals from other places join the racist bandwagon & try to push blacks further into extinction in this country.

  • peter

    you know, it might help matters if ‘muslim-americans’ who are presumably so peace-loving and law-abiding would come out once and for all against islamo-terrorism! you can’t blame americans for assuming muslims therefore are all ‘cut from the same cloth’! moreover i find the free-handed use of the word ‘racism’ pretty offensive, considering how the African American civil rights movement NEVER ONCE threw bombs at innocent americans in public places!

  • Michael

    Racism???? Are you kidding me? This was a case of security, with someone that did not have the proper credentials. For this fool or ANYONE else to try to elevate it to a case of racial prejudice is laughable at best. Clue to the race baiters, the people that look for the specter of racial inequality in all facets of daily life- sometimes it is only about YOU. Don’t flatter yourself to feel you represent an entire race or social issue.

    • anon123

      Did you read the full incident. or just what you wanted to hear.

      Numerous white women were allowed in without tickets.

  • Racistnot

    This does not seem racist to me. Why would you go if you couldn’t actually go to the dinner. Why did she need those keys so bad, was she going home? It sounds like good security to me. I wonder how many people besides her tried some bogus excuse to get into that dinner. You mean “I’m a doctor” didn’t get her in.

    Sorry Dr. Jilani, I do not see the racism here. What I do see here is elitist entitlement. “Never mind that I have provided health care to some of America’s most underprivileged, even when they have refused to shake my hand because of my ethnicity,” she wrote. I guess you figured that entitled you to all access to the White House.

    Dr. Jilani, may I suggest you spend time learning the difference between protocol and racism before writing about them. Don’t enjoy all the privileges of this country only to complain when they don’t work to your advantage. Go back to your entitled life and forget this one incident or use it to grow personally not to start your journalism career.

    • abraham

      your a Jackass,, and Ur retarded,, Its so called Americans like that think Ur a special case when it comes to Racism,, U need to be insulted enough about who for some times just so U can feel actually like the ones that others experience in their Lives… Get ur Finger out of Ur ass .. Its blinding you from reality…

  • Amber

    I think this whole article and her complaint is BS!!! Ridiculous people need to stop crying racists around here. If you stop portraying yourselves certain ways then you won’t be treated differently. Enough common sense also after the whole Boston Bombing tragedy of course people are going to be on edge..can you be mad at them for that. 9/11, Boston…I mean really??