When Will ‘American Horror Story’ Season 2 (Asylum) Hit Netflix?

    September 26, 2013
    Chris Crum
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With the third season of American Horror Story (Coven) on the way, fans are wondering when the last season is going to hit Netflix. We haven’t heard a date for when it will be available for streaming yet, but it does come to DVD on October 8th, and Netflix confirms that it too will have the discs available on that date.

You might think that we could expect Season 2 to become available for streaming at the same time, but that remains to be seen. Netflix has been a little late getting some of the FX shows this season. It still doesn’t have the last seasons of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia or Sons of Anarchy available for streaming, though they’re both currently available on DVD, and the new seasons have already started.

They are still getting FX content, however. Last year’s season of The League recently made its Netflix streaming debut, and the latest season of Louie just became available.

I would imagine we’ll be seeing American Horror Story: Asylum hitting Netflix streaming sometime within the next couple months. Keep in mind, the second season was already underway on FX last year before Netflix announced the availability of Season 1 in November.

Season 3 will debut on FX on October 9th. Here’s star Angela Bassett talking to Arsenio Hall:

Image: Netflix

  • Kristin Williams

    Is there a link to the screencap, I searched Netflix, and could not find Season 2 to save in my queue, any help would be appreciated greatly. Thank you for your time.

    • Julia

      That’s because it’s only going to be available in their DVD service on the 8th. If you only have streaming, it’s not going to be available yet.

      • crystal

        weird. i have discs/stream subscription and i can’t find it in netflix to save in queue either.

  • http://twitter.com/JasP2711 Jasmin

    Season 2 will probably come to Netflix around the same time the first season did, which was a few days before Thanksgiving.

  • Carla

    I just signed up for Netflix streaming AND the DVD service and I can’t find it either place. Please don’t post that something is “available” on a certain date if you’re not entirely sure!

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/chris-crum Chris Crum

      The DVDS are on there. I have them in my queue as I type this. You can also see the availability date in the screen shot at the top of the article. That said, disc 1 is currently listed as “very long wait” for me, with the other discs on “short wait,” most likely due to high demand and other people having the discs.

    • joanne

      There nothing on there ashley. I checked

  • Ashley

    If you type in American Horror Story in the search section on Netflix the first season will show up in the results. At the bottom it will give you the star rating as well as the play/disc buttons. Click on the disc button. It will take you to a different page. Scroll down and there will be a season list. Click on season two to add the discs to your DVD queue.

    • http://AddtoQueuefromiPad Julie

      I had to search for season 1, then click “Also available on DVD” link to sea season 2. I was able to add it to my list after that.

  • http://webpronews Ian Walker

    I am really looking forward to this hitting netflix, i have recently started to watch this program and i don’t really wanna wait forever for the next season.

  • M

    When is season 2 going to stream on instant??

  • jon

    Will the 90s Tv show called 7 days ever be on netflix