We're All Sick and Depraved for Loving Breaking Bad, at Least According to This Letter to the Editor

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And we're all sick, depraved, and corrupted for loving The Sopranos too. That we could be entertained by such fictional characters - it's just a sad comment on humanity. Call it a day, people. We're all screwed.

At least according to Gordon Drennan of Burton. A redditor posted this letter to the editor from his local paper to the r/BreakingBad subreddit...

Whoa there, Gordon. Jesse? His best student? Gordon, I'm beginning to think that you've never watched an episode of Breaking Bad in your life. Please, please tell me you didn't craft this letter to your local paper without even watching the show of which you so vehemently oppose.

What is good television if not a medium to explore, through weekly entertainment, our own dark sides? What is good, and what is evil? Are they choices? Are they one in the same? What is our own capacity for depravity? How in the good goddamn can we try and justify the actions of Walter White week after week. Why is Vince Gilligan the master of puppets? What is my life? Why is it over this weekend? I'm all alone. We're all alone.

Maybe Gordon is right.

But are we all sick, depraved, corrupt viewers? Us who watch and those who bestow Emmys?

Josh Wolford
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