Wendy Davis Responds To Attack Ads With More Attack Ads


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Wendy Davis is going head to head with her opponent, Greg Abbott, in Texas' gubernatorial race. Dueling accusations are being thrown and deflected on the part of both campaigns. The attack ads are out in force.

Davis' latest ad accuses Attorney General Abbot of covering up a sexual abuse scandal in the West Texas State School. Meanwhile, Abbot released his own ad saying Davis was engaged in several conflicts of interest during her time on the Fort Worth City Council.

“Sen. Davis can distort the facts in her ads," Abbott’s communications director Matt Hirsch told the Star-Telegram, "but no amount of distortion can cover her despicable practice of repeatedly using public office to personally profit.”

“I think that’s ironic,” Davis responded back, “What he’s doing right now is attempting to deflect from a record where he has sided with insiders, time and time again,”

One thing is for sure: the race to become governor of Texas is heating up.

In addition to fending off attack ads with attack ads of her own, Davis has faced down the Dallas Morning News over an alleged multimillion-dollar divorce settlement. "The figure cited by the Dallas Morning News' conveniently anonymous source is factually inaccurate," Spokesman Zac Petkanas said, "A request for retraction has been submitted and two requests for documentation of that figure by the Dallas Morning News have not received responses."

Davis is set to debate Abbott Friday at the Edinburg Conference Center at Renaissance in the Rio Grande Valley. According to connectamarillo.com, the public can tweet their questions for the candidates with the hashtag #rgvdebate.

There's bound to be some crossfire, since the contenders will also be able to ask each other questions.