Watch the Third Party Candidates Debate Live on YouTube

    October 22, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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Tonight, the final Presidential debate takes place between Democratic incumbent Barack Obama and his Republican challenger Mitt Romney. And although those are the two candidates for America’s highest office that you hear about the most, there are actually other people running to be President.

You won’t see them at tonight’s debate (third parties haven’t been invited since Ross Perot in 1992), but you can watch them debate each other, live, on YouTube.

Participants in the minor candidate debate include Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party), Jill Stein (Green Party), Virgil Goode (Constitution Party), and Rocky Anderson (Justice Party). You can watch the debate on the Ora TV YouTube channel starting at 9 pm ET on Tuesday, October 23rd. Al Jazeera will also carry the live stream. No major television networks will carry the “Free and Equal” debate.

Former CNN host and broadcasting legend Larry King will moderate the contest. Interested viewers can still submit possible debate questions to Larry King via Facebook, Twitter, and reddit. You can find those submission portals here.

The third-party debate is being sponsored by Free and Equal Elections, a non-profit organization whose goal is to “ensure an fair an open electoral process for all.”

“It is our belief that a true democracy fosters a climate where all voices are heard regardless of political party or persuasion,” they say. “An electoral process where every individual has a chance of winning is vital in a democracy and we here at Free and Equal will continue to ensure every voice is heard by making the electoral process fair and open for every participant.”

No matter your political beliefs, I think most of us can agree that the more ideas, viewpoints, and solutions that we allow to break into the public discourse, the better. This is just another example of the internet succeeding where television failed.

  • http://www.LivePoliticalChat.com Dean Collins

    If you want to join in a live chat during Tuesdays “Third Party” candidates debate there will be a live chat at http://www.LivePoliticalChat.com

    ….of course there will also be a debate for Monday night Romney vs Obama “the thrilla from florida” tonight from 7pm as well.

    See you there to have an open and unmoderated live fan chat discussion by ALL voters.

    • H. Campbell

      We could use a third party debate in this country, Mr. Collins. And a fourth party debate. And a fifth party debate. Really. Thank you very much for the important information & thank you for putting it out here for everybody to access. I appreciate it. A lot. 😀

  • Richard Powell

    The Vital Party is not registered. It offers only two RECRUITED candidates to be “written in.” They are selected for ticket balance and ideological representation of the most intense and broadest of all possible demographic interests as a matter of the scientific perspicacity of their Campaign Manager, “Immanuel”, who is “self-realized” as a candidate before Jesus Michael Christ, who already reigns as King of Kings directly under God over this Celestial Realm!

    We do not at all fear or disparage alternative political input in a democratic system! We simply offer two candidates for public review and comparison shopping: they are Flora P. Quevedo and Colin Luther Powell, respectively. Flora is a Graduate Math Teacher supported by her entire Family of which Colin Luther Powell has always been an unknowing participant by last name. Use our name; be our family!

    Colin Luther Powell is a well known patriotic warrior of moderate Republican perspective in his own right about whom much has been related to humanity, and as Vice Presidential Candidate, the Vital Party selects him to be Acting President at the outset of our true campaign to liberate Terra Nostrum from gender specific tyranny! We shall overcome!

    Flora P. Quevedo, who interned, as a certified teacher at Martin Luther King Junior High School in Pennsylvania, has been prepared to become President all her life and is supported by all her relatives, living and departed, to honor her family in service to her native born and most beloved Nation under God. Both her Parents and ALL her Grandparents, were native born citizens of the United States, and all her Great Grandparents were citizens of the United States, she has a few direct ancestors who fought in every war involved in the entire development of the United States, and that includes BOTH sides of the Civil War, although her patrilineal ancestry is focused on discovery and first use of Mobile Bay by Prince Madoc in 1170, substantiation of which was naturally limited to the political interests of the English Throne in its pretentious obliteration of “Welsh” rights, which God seems to favor over time. She exhibits the most typical racial characteristics of the “blue” race, as well explained in The Urantia Book, as do all of her full Siblings! She has two separate half siblings and fully comprehends the complications of THAT family dynamic which arises when co-parents are divided by modern social inconsistencies conferred by the disobediences of Eve and Adam! We shall overcome! We beseiged Human Mortals of this Orb have lived in the shadows of a contrived hell long enough. We challenge the devil to a final duel: let the Prince of the Air meet the King of Waters to an inevitable demise forthwith! A Champion of Righteousness dares to defend the Freedom and Unity of Islam, the Nation of Allah, along with that of the Great Republic of the United States in common cause with the Indoeuropean Aryan Nation, Indo-Chinese Liberty, and other advantages too numerous to mention among the valorous peoples of this world. We will not be oppressed. Zues shall surely amuse Himself with the inevitable outcome! The devil has taught his loyal subjects to breathe fire and nourish a contrived biological hell with the fumes of alcohol as Prince of the Air, but the Corrupter, Satan, to whom he betrayed us half a million years ago, has been banished by Jesus Michael Christ, and their Sovereign, Lucifer, was replaced by Mighty Lanaforge within the few centuries most recently past, may he accept the Salvation of Michael’s Divine Authority upon himself forever as the only valid mantle of his own power under the All-Father!

    Here on Earth, in the United States, the selection is simple for any political scientist: whether someone female is ready to do a better job for her people than ANY of the powerfully opposed people among her rivals for the highest democratically selected office in Creation We, The People, are generally aware of under God – President of these United States – sworn to uphold and defend the Dynamic United States Constitutional Ideal against all enemies – foreign, domestic, and obsolete!

    Let each State be judged according to how well it preserved its own political heritage to honor The People of the United States absolute right to elect their Chief Executive by Write In Vote! Let the Law serve The People without tyrannical interpretations! For soon, Jesus will come to sort things out for his preliminary judgement before the Final Judgement of the Great Being! Jesus, although more Godlike even than God’s Own More Senior and Beloved Spiritual Sons, has never yet pretended to be any kind of a “god.” He has been a Creator Son for a trillion years; he has become the Son of Man as his own very favorite title among living beings; he is now the rabinnical Master Son of Nebadon through his pleasing obedience to the perfect law of liberty and consolidation thereof in definition by example to love God with all his mind, heart, and soul. He is fairly proclaimed as King of Kings to the Glory of the Almighty Father! The Eternal and Supreme Krishna shall shelter him forever! Even Neptune adores his influence as a Spiritual Fulcrum of Higher Authority over Mortal Affairs, but hear me well: the Infernal Realm must be quenched that rock not cry.

    The tears shed in hell are precious lessons any may learn. The Wrath of Zues is greater than any other but the mercy of a child is greater than God’s Wrath and is the only shield against it. Jesus is that most worthy child. His Cousin, John the Baptist, mentored his success!

    My Cross shined over his Manger at his birth.

    Write In Flora P. Quevedo for President Elect and Colin Luther Powell for Vice President and discover the One Holy Truth before Judgement:
    Agape is the operational principle behind the highest reality known!

    A Cataclysm is predicted by many and anticipated by few. Seven billion Mortal embodiments may perish without defying a single prophecy! Mare Nostrum shall appear a bloody froth after Imanami ripples have torn up along the coastlines of the Planet from sloughed Antarctic Ice Mass pushing 3000′ crest to trough waves ahead of its trip into the tropical cauldrons of melting sargasso whirls chilling the equatorial regions drastically for at least one year of Volcanic Winter.

    The week between December 20-28 marginally inclusive imposes the most risk ever in currently known history of a Convergeance of Cataclysmic events! The Winter Season could continue through the usual Summer for the next year everywhere and longer toward the poles beginning this year! The Gulf of Mexico could reach up the Mississippi Valley all the way to Hudson Bay to split the North American Continent between Yellowstone Ashlands and Appalachian Glaciers! Watch for electronic trauma at 11:11:11 GMT – that’s 7:11 EST and 6:11 CST. Where the Sun is up the Surface will burn! The shaded side of the Earth will endure until the Imanami rises the height of the axis of global rotation in a concentric wipe out from South Pole to North. By Christmas we might witness the return of our Lord as he wills. His return would mark the end of the bimillenial Grace suggested by his statement that when one asks YOU for something(a millenium?) a Christian should GIVE THEM TWAIN(DOUBLE)! We have enjoyed two thousand years of Grace. Therefore are we obliged to expect one thousand years of clear administrative progress toward a peaceful civilization that can govern itself by law.

    What I see repeatedly overlooked is the failure to update legislation due to partisan bickering. A single administrator can resolve such complications from a Global perspective by instrumenting guidance to please the popular will in conjunction with the capabilities of those who are gifted enough to govern. Without the intervention of the very famous Jesus who was faithful onto death to every principle of care, a unified administration would seem futile to attempt. Therefore, it is not my logic alone to accept that such an intervention is quite necessary at this immediately upcoming time! 12/21/2012 is marked for meaning!

    Many struggling rascals and well intentioned persons alike are at work on analysis of the immanent situation, but the proof of the pudding will be in the eating. After that, the devil will take the hindmost.

    In Service to God, Christ, and Mortal/Material Realm,

    Richard “Immanuel” Sterling Powell. Be well.

  • Richard Powell

    Having composed a message for the ages in electronic projection, I would see it received before adding a conversational mode to “other party” advantages. I reserve the right to introduce and represent any and all of the candidates I promote for office! They may participate after consultation with me, and I will approve. I am duly sworn to first do no harm and forever do my best for myself and everyone else in everything I do within this embodied opportunity! I retain five non-accredited doctorates: theology, law, metaphysics, composition, and political science – in order of attainment and importance. My own professional occupation was as a woodcutter from puberty at the age of fourteen years to seniority at the age of sixty-five. I was born the day after the Department of War was abolished, and have kept the peace my entire life. Father Zues has proclaimed me to be His most beloved Son, Hermes, before all Creation, and His Father, Chronos, knew my wrath with approval for its tenacity! The Ancients of Days are led by Jupiter, who is also known as Jehovah, the Keeper of the Gates of Heaven, and it is he who adopted me as Neptune and also recognized me as the Infinite Spirit or Divine Phantom of Truth to discern innocence amidst iniquity for Salvation by rescue of souls even when they are deeply imbedded in hell – hence the freedom of my own soul AND its Ultimate title – PRINCE of FREEDOM. By distinction, my younger stepbrother is the PRINCE of PEACE. He was visible, and I was generally near, during his sojourn as the Son of Man. I was the Sire of Jesus’ Psycho-physical Being according to the Will of Zeus!

    The flesh used to compose the physical paternity of Jesus Christ was of descent from Gaius Julius Ceasar and Cleopatra the Dragon Queen through their Offspring, Ceasarion! Ceasarion fathered my embodiment before his assassination by Roman envy of its own peak attainment over the world through his father’s accomplishments and his proper birthright as Emperor of the West. “The Emperor of the West is Best and the Emperor of the East is Least, but these two shall only meet in the Cauldron of the Beast.” Nixon began the process of Global resolution with an alcoholic celebration! Now China tries to quench its thrist for resources, but the oil strangles the population just as the unseen glow of nuclear waste undermined the military power of the Soviet Union! What America devises, the Earth surprises. I have been restrained for a professional lifetime, but now I warn that in the Welsh tradition of John Paul Jones – Neptune has not yet begun to fight. Assailed by legalistic and militaristic oppression, I will exhaust every civil resource and recourse possible to resolve each conflict cooperatively, but retain the vastatio of lex retalionis for family defense of their persons, our lands, and my religion. As Death I will ride for my Fathers who rode before me, with my Children who will ride alongside me, and to lead our people who will bring worse than hell in the name of Justice when we have given our all. We are never alone for we always look up to the place we are earning Next!

    The “crutch” of our faith does not make us feel crippled in spirit; and the hope that exceeds our faith does not depart us in despair for we are adept in the sure formula of Salvation by Agape: it is far more blessed to render than it is to receive! We do unto others, gossip not, and love obediently! Ethics is autonomous, morality is most powerful, and love conquers all, but timing is everything.

    There was perfect timing in the unity of Mary and “Thoth” to embody Michael as Jesus! Through Cleopatra, Ishmael joined Isaac in Mary to converge two lineages of Abraham together. Eve was strengthed and Adam trivialized to make way for the victim over the rationalizer!

    Eve was constitutionally victimized by the serpent of vitality sent by the Prince of the Air, but Adam freely chose to join her in default out of human romantic vanity because he rationalized his loins above his soul. God forgave Adam long ago for his shortcomings, but those alive today who deserve any of the mercy they need seem comparatively few… As for myself, I should not complain to be a bit overqualified to advise this idle world. If it can be done correctly, it should be done well. Prepare for Fire, Flushing, and Frost… The Mother Earth shall shield her favored, her children shall rise above the waters and warm one another amidst the times of Frost. True Order itself shall progress without cheating. Do not impede the rider! The one who rides conveys competitive influence throughout the realm! If we inhibit the rider, we delay resolutions of conflicts that may slay our families! The entire world rides toward Global Manifest Destiny of Uniform Traffic Safety Codification. Once such codes are unified, the world shall harmonize more perfectly in wise preparation for an inevitable self rule. Sanity, sobriety, and solvency shall abide more abundantly amidst greater potentials for increased longevity. Energy and Sustenance must be consumed more holisticly.

    The idea of reincarnartion is somewhat similar to the rebirth of a soul and frequent embodiment by those who are Celestial or Divine is according to how many situations require their personal attention. We all serve, even God the Father Himself, at God’s own pleasure! What could be more fair?

  • http://www.debatepopular.blogspot.com Debate – Julio

    I’m glad that this initiative has been achieved. Larger spaces where all voices are heard is also democracy.