Walmart Food Stamps, EBT Glitch Empties Shelves

    October 14, 2013
    Jennifer Curra
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If a temporary glitch incorrectly showed that there were no restrictions to your bank account, would you proceed to max out the card with unlimited merchandise? A similar situation involving the EBT system for food stamp benefits took place at the following two Walmart locations: Mansfield, Louisiana, and Springhill, Louisiana.

According to Springhill Police Chief Will Lynd, “I saw people drag out eight to ten grocery carts. It was definitely worse than Black Friday. It was worse than anything we had ever seen in this town. There was no food left on any of the shelves, and no meat left. The grocery part of Walmart was totally decimated.”

Shoppers continued pounding store clerks with carts full of merchandise until Saturday at roughly 9 p.m. CT. At that time, a Walmart employee made an announcement over the intercom explaining that the complications derived from the EBT system had been resolved where the computers were able to show accurate balance amounts. Shopping carts loaded down with every imaginable food item were left vacant in the aisles.

Springhill Police Chief Will Lynd surmised that situation. “At that point in time, they knew the jig was up and they couldn’t purchase what they wanted to,” he said.

Shopper Stan Garcia said, “That’s plain theft, that’s stealing that’s all I got to say about it.”

While the situation in Louisiana left many store clerks with an unprecedented amount of unnecessary work, employees at the Walmart in Philadelphia, Mississippi, became fearful when a small riot broke out according to the Clarion-Ledger. When the EBT cards were not working, many of these grocery shoppers left the store without paying for goods.

Walmart spokeswoman Kayla Whaling talked with KSLA-TV about handling the situation, and choosing the best avenue to ensure safety for the customers.

“For the safety of our customers we did make a management decision to close the store. We’re looking into everything; looking at surveillance video and working with the local police,” Kayla Whaling said.

Seventeen states were affected by this EBT system glitch, and people were unable to purchase groceries as a result.

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  • Steph

    That’s pure greed! These people knew how much would be on their cards. That’s fraud! They should lose any of those welfare benefits their getting! Throw their arses in jail!

    • Yelaina Thompson

      Where the hell do you store 10 carts of food????

      • Samantha Madison

        They are most likely going to sell it for cash to family, friends and neighbors. Even if they sell it for 25% of what they “paid” for it, they think they are above it. I just hope Walmart and the Government proceeds to press charges and not only take away their benefits, but also charge them with fraud. I am hoping the court system is going to be quite busy over the next few weeks. I just hope they don’t take a small amount from these thieves until it is paid. It should be NO benefits at all. If they have children, they should lose them and deal with how they will eat on their own. These people knew well in advance. I just don’t understand how Walmart could think all these people had that much in benefits? Bottom line, these thieves need to be held accountable.

        • Susan T

          Walmart knew what they were doing and will get paid somehow.

      • misty

        now you know they are going to try to sell everything!

      • Tia


  • Larry

    So, All of these people were STEALING, YES? I love this country.

  • Larry

    Worse than GREED, actually, IT’S THEFT, Yes I hope the govt. (as efficient as it is) revoke all food stamps from these people who do criminal acts.

    OH WAIT, I was talking about our crooked GOVT, never mind, Carry on WALMART Shoppers, ……clean up in aisle 3!!

    • Johnny

      We really need a purge

  • Galen

    Welcome to Obama’s America!!!

    • Larry

      YUP,,,a welfare state,,,welfare country

      • Galen

        Ubetcha! but he’s getting what he wants.

    • Christine Lund

      Anyone making less than $1000 a month receives $16 a month in food stamps in Texas. Elderly and disabled people are starving here. There are eighty year old women begging on the corners in 90 degree weather. Hundreds of middle aged people begging on hundreds of corners for food money. Sure, some are responsible for their situation but now we have whole families living in cars because of a complete refusal by the Republicans to do anything that doesn’t give them and their backers ungodly profits. How much money did it cost for Congress to sit on their hands for the last five years? Knowing what has happened to so many middle class people! There a lots of older women and never enough room on cold nights and in bad weather at their shelters. They must have thought they were dreaming. Too bad, all those future benefits gone forever.

      • Vickie

        80-year old women begging on corners for money? Why aren’t they on social security? They can collect from age 62 if they had worked at all in their lives. My mother was a stay at home mom all her life. At age 62 she went to work at a school cafeteria to make up the quarters she needed to collect social security. Something is wrong with what you are claiming.

    • Vickie

      Typical comment from a moron. Was Obama the president when Katrina hit the gulf coast and all those animals were looting stores? I suppose you’ve got some kind of screwed up justification for that too.

      • Galen

        Oh you are right, that is not Obama’s fault. Those are just the scourge neanderthals incapable of living in a civilized society that were the ones looting after Katrina, just look at the piles and piles of designer jeans and Nikes they were making off with, they were having a hayday. Those scumbags have always been here, and will be here long after Obama is history, but those are the ones who Obama loves the most because all he had to do promise them lots of free sh*t and they piled on buses down to the voting polls to vote in their Santa Claus. Oh and by the way moron, did you post your comment on your free Obama phone???

  • Larry

    UNREAL BRO 1….It dont make no sense!!

  • http://yahoo calvin stackpole

    Someone has to pay for all those groceries. Oh i forgot, the taxpayers will pay for it as usual. just add it to our bill. our clueless government is bankrupting us,

  • icecold45771

    they should be prosecuted which is being talked about now and benefits taken away. Anything over $300 is a felony.. Some people it could be grand theft..

  • matt lewis

    why dont these bums get a job than they wont have 2 steal!

    • ron santos

      This is wrong taking advantage of the snap program like this. Butas far as jobs go this country has yet to replenish anywhere near the amount of jobs lost over the past 5 years. “Get a job” is by far easier said than done when there are not enough jobs out there to begin with.

    • Wow

      In case you haven’t noticed — the employment situation is very bad now. But of course, all people are bums in your eyes.

      • Shane

        Anyone who wants to work can find a job. It might not be a dream job or pay great but it would be enough to eat rather than take from other people who do work. I used to work at a temporary service and I can tell you that NO ONE was ever turned down. We’d find jobs for EVERY applicant. We couldn’t get enough applicants to fill the jobs and this was in the worst of the recession. I hope you wise up for your own good.

  • Ashley

    I think that is wrong. My friend is on food stamps and she used to work at those stores. As bad and hard as it got for her to work there, and she did quit. She wouldn’t do that to any store or former employer it’s just not the right thing to do. I do think they need to bring the jobs back so this kind of thing doesn’t happen. That is disturbing.

    • Shane

      You are very confused hun. This is not a result of a bad economy. This is a bunch of animals acting like the savages they really are. These kind of people don’t want to work and wont no matter what the economy is. It’s not the government place or anyone else’s place to bring jobs to people or to feed the people who don’t work. Anyone who wants to work can find a job. It might not be a dream job or pay great but it would be enough to eat rather than take from other people who do work. I used to work at a temporary service and I can tell you that NO ONE was ever turned down. We’d find jobs for EVERY applicant. We couldn’t get enough applicants to fill the jobs and this was in the worst of the recession. I hope you wise up for your own good.

      • Delusional

        Shane you are delusional. When was that, 20 years ago. I cry BS. I work in the industry now and I am an economic analyst.

        Your claims are nothing but BS.

        • Shane

          I live in the real world friend, unlike you. This was 4 years ago, right at the height of the recession. Anyone who wants to work can find a job. What do you think the millions of illegal aliens are doing here? Working!!
          You sound like an overeducated imbecile.

          • @Shane

            Your comments are old and tired. Just a bunch of nonsense. You are a racist and trying to cover it up with “logic” that is flawed. All you have to do is read your other posts.

            I work and have advanced degrees. Your facts are just not correct. Sorry, but you are just trying to stir up people.

            It is not working.

      • ron santos

        I take it you last worked for a temp agency when there were enough jobs out there, not now where, for example, I am using 5 temp agencies since July and have yet to get a job.
        And I’m not turning down any job offers.

  • Shane

    I don’t even have to say it. Anybody with eyes can see this for what it is. Thank God the media is finally covering something like this. Usually when boons act like boons it is covered up rather than covered. Funny how the black guy thinks it’s so funny and calls it “human nature”. Stealing is not human nature!! Not for white people anyway. It is sickening that we have to live in society with animals like this, let alone have to pay for them to live and now to steal.

    • Polk

      So you’re saying white people don’t steal?

      • Shane

        Look at the statistics friend and you’ll see who’s really doing the stealing.

      • Shane

        Of course there’s a few white trash thieves out there but like I said, it’s not “human nature” for white people. Don’t blame me, it was a black that said it.

    • monkys8mypanties

      I’m white. I’ve seen white people steal. Do you honestly think that only black people steal? If you do, you’re an ignorant and racist POS.

      • David

        Take it easy, that is not what he is saying, check out the video, white trash steals too!! Black trash steals and overall trash takes things that are not theirs. What he is saying is that more of the black type are in this video!!

  • richard skipper

    there is a 50.00 dollar limit on these cards when there are glitchs.walmart should eat what these crooks took out when they both knew damn wlll that they were not entitled to the amount of food stuff.also there was rumors that these thieves were buying t.v,s.also when the cards came back on line these thieves left their full carts and fled the store.

    • Shane

      Or maybe the thieves who stole it should be held accountable? Just a crazy notion.
      You cant buy a tv on an ebt card.

    • Bird

      Walmart should retrain their managers and employees to always question a situation that is outside of the norm. When their is unlimited spending on a government benefit, then there is definitely something wrong and outside of the norm.

  • richard skipper

    also I have a question on ebt. is this for food stamp purchases only are the food stamp and welfare checks combined in this card/if not why would anyone try to buy a t.v.

    • ron santos

      mot ss us t same card or both sand welfare however there are 2 separate divisions on the same card, snap balance and cash balance.

    • ron santos

      damn comp froze up whaile typing, should have read “most states use the same card for both snap and welfare…..”

  • Hypocrites

    The Pentagon lost $2.3 TRILLION dollars and the FED lost $9 Trillion dollars, yet there are fools on here who are complaining about there taxes going up over a copy of thousand of dollars.

    Morons …. stop your complaining about the small things and look to the much bigger things. The money listed about is enough to give every man, woman, and child in this country $40,000.

    Furthermore, the vast majority of people on EBT actually really need that money.

    • Vickie

      Stop posting under various names. You called me a moron for complaining about those walmart shoppers stealing, yet you talk about $40,000 for every man, woman and child? Then exactly how will those individuals support a military that will be there to defend them when they need it? Most of those individuals with their new found forty grand will spend it stupidly. People stealing from the government is not a small thing, moron!

  • Congress Can Vote

    Congress can vote themselves a raise ….. this is the same thing… those people voted themselves a raise.

    • Susan T

      So that makes it right for others to steal?

  • just me

    WHAT….. PEOPLE ON EBT CARDS DO SOMETHING THEY KNOW IS WRONG>>>>> SHOCKING, not. to many takers in this country. I say the people that took advatage of this have to pay for it. Basicly goverment pays walmart and the people get no more money in their account till the bill is payed….. what for the outcry, what are we suppose to do till then? well you should have thought about that, Like the 70% of us that are paying your way does everytime we make a purchas. Its called responsability, why does it happen at walmart always? well I would say thatthe people that shop there are the bottom rung of socity.

    • Jen

      Bottom rung of society?? Thats pretty harsh to lump sum everyone who happens to shop at walmart. Ever consider that some people live in small towns where walmart may be the only place to shop? Jack@#$!

    • Vickie

      Wow, you claim to be responsible yet you make a blanket statement about people who shop at Walmart. Who the hell are you to judge? I shop at Walmart because it’s the only game in town unless I want to drive out of town and waste gas to buy groceries. Shame on you for making such a bigoted statement. That’s it, you’re a bigot. No two ways about it.

  • Funny

    I do tax returns for a living. Half the people on this board who are complaining about people not working and stealing …. are the ones cheating on their taxes.

    I can’t stand hypocrites and this nation is full of them. Also, most people in this nation do not have mercy for anyone, but most people expect mercy for themselves when they need it.

    • Vickie

      Just because you do tax returns does not make you some kind of expert. You have no evidence for making such a rash statement about “Half the people on this board.” Such a statement makes you a hypocrite.

    • Susan T

      First of all anybody can do tax returns but, it doesn’t mean they know that they are doing.
      Second, you are doing these people’s tax returns so you cheating for them.

  • misty

    walmart is equally stupid as the crooks. Nobody goes in Walmart and by all of that stuff like that, not even Black Friday! Walmart should have just cleared the store and shut down and not allowed anyone to purchase anything until things were fixed. Too many people in one place was definitely going to end is chaos and mayhem.

    • Shane

      Then when they didn’t get their way they would have caused a riot and caused more damage than the item’s they stole cost the store and hurt innocent people like the savages they are. In the end Wal-mart made the best choice in that situation. The lesser of the 2 evils.

    • You Know What

      I have tried to post this comment three times but WebPro keeps censoring it.

      Our Pentagon lost $2.3 Trillion dollars in 2001 and the FED lost $9 trillion dollars. You can look this up quite easily on the net. It takes all of one minute. We complain about a couple thousand dollars but the real money, we do nothing about.

      I do not know why WebPro keeps censoring this comment. These are facts — even congressmen have had hearings on this.

      • Vickie

        Why don’t you just stick to the subject at hand instead of screaming about government waste? Real government waste took place when those EBT cards were being used fraudulently and dishonorably. Basically, you are excusing the all out thievery of those EBT card users just because you think the government spends too much. Maybe you should run for congress so you can do something about the “real money” you are speaking of. I’m getting tired of your posts.

  • oceansidemom

    Every thing they purchased is recorded, so they deduct benefits from future payments to cover what they spent. This just seems beyond stupid and now their family may do without during the holidays. The system went down in California for a few hours Saturday, leaving a trail of filled carts to restock. According to the article Walmart was one of the only places that still accepted EBT payments. They limited the purchases to $50 until they could access the current balances from the system.

  • Why Wont This Post

    I keep trying to post the fact that the Pentagon lost $2.3 trillion dollars and the FED lost $9 trillion dollars, but WebPro won’t let me post these very real statistics. Just do a search on these.

    My God. We complain about a couple thousand dollars at a Walmart, but won’t hold our government accountable for anything.

    Please don’t censor people. It isn’t helping anyone.

  • Why are you censoring?

    Jennifer Curra … why are you censoring comments about government waste. Are you afraid people might actually do research about the topic?

    I keep mentioning the 11 Trillion dollars that the government has “lost” since 9/11 and you will not allow any of those posts to go through.


    • Why are you censoring?

      Wow. It took three messages for that to go through. I wonder what keywords are causing automatic censoring of comments.

      In 2001, the defense department lost $2.3 trillion dollars and the Federal Reserve lost $9 trillion dollars in the years after 9/11. Do your research people.

      You are all in an uproar over a couple thousand dollars when your government just lost half our national debt.

  • Tara

    This is why people complain about food stamp users. I get food stamps. I work, I even make over minimum wage. I pay taxes. I like to think of my food stamps as getting my own taxes back:)I have never felt ashamed to use the help. After seeing this I feel ashamed to be a food stamp user! I don’t want to be lumped into the same category as people like that!

    • joe

      You do get taxes back from your tax return! How where you able to even receive food stamps if everything you say is true? You are no better then the people that abused the clutch… Having your cake and eating it too..The American dream!

    • alma

      you go!

    • Jean

      Using Food stamps when there is a need is exactly what the program is for. Those taking food above their limit are thieves and should not be allowed to continue to use the cards.

    • David

      Tara, you are in the 5 to 10% that use the system the right way then, you have nothing to be ashamed about. I am sure you are the type of person that when you are able to get off the food stamps, and you will be able to, will get off them and be better off! I commend you for having a job and using it properly, these people are not like you, they are just using. Stay strong and don’t let the bad apples discourage you!

    • Susan T

      If you don’t want to be lumped into the same category then pay for your own damn food!

  • Juanita Watson

    It is no worse then congress getting paid for doing nothing but taking tax payer money and no one seems to care about that. No Work=NO PAY period . How many working people get paid when the work place is closed down ? Really convenient how those idiots in congress get by with little or no regulation that is the real problem for the United States.

    • Susan T

      So that makes it o.k. for other people to steal?

  • Timothy

    I am in Ohio and walked 3 miles to walmart that morning to get some sale items and use coupons at 10:00 am everything was fine. Then I walked over to biggs to get butter got there at 10:30 EBT was down but they did my transaction on paper thank god. I still had to walk home and stopped at CVS to get more sale items but EBT still not working. I think walmart made a bad call the best thing to do would be to allow all people 20-40 EBT on paper with card number and there signature end of problem. P.S. that was stealing no matter how you look at it, the person in charge should be fired….

    • Susan T

      If you as a grown man can walk miles to all of these stores then you can get a job and pay for your own food. I don’t feel sorry for grown men who can’t support themselves. If I can support myself as a woman then there is no excuse for a man!

  • Why are you censoring?

    Here is the bottom line with things. People on here are complaining about food stamp users when the politicians in Washington “lost” 11 trillion dollars. I cant tell you where they lost it because every time I mention the places my posts get censored.

    2.3 trillion at the 5 sided building in washington and 9 trillion at the largest private bank in the world. You can look up the facts yourself.

    You think food stamp users are crooks? My God, just look at your leaders.

    • Duh

      So you’re saying that because we have a lying thieving evil government, then everyone else should act that way and further take advantage of the tax payers? Maybe you don’t work, but we who do work are sick of the government thieves and the fraudulent welfare people (not everyone on welfare are lying thieves). By the way, everyone already knows about the govenerment. Duh!

      • @Duh

        No what he or she is saying is you are so angry over mere peanuts and you never go after the people who are really screwing you.

        Read what they said. Not what you think they are saying.

    • Andrew

      So food stamp users aren’t crooks…?

      • @Andrew

        Read what you just wrote. Read it closely.

        Yes, Andrew. Food stamp users are not crooks. The vast majority need the money.

        • David

          Sorry @ Andrew no they don’t, research has shown and if you have one intelligent bone in your body, you would have done your research, only 5 to 10 % use welfare properly. I am sorry you are ignorant to the situation but it is true!! Do you want the other actual statistics or will everyone call me racist too???? Majority are African American, live in section 8 housing, not had a job for more than 2 years from 18 to 40 and have more than 3 children!!! Research it!!!

    • Vickie

      Leadership qualities, good or bad, do not excuse THIEVERY! You are just as immoral as the greedy poor people who stole groceries from walmart. I’ll bet they had some kind of screwy justification too, just like you do.

  • Nancy

    I was on EBT food stamps for almost a year. I am 60 and have worked since I was 12 years old, but lost a job a little over a year ago. I have since found a job, and was speaking to a Von’s employee who saw my EBT card in my wallet (that had $0 on it, but I hadn’t thrown it away. He commented that they were cutting back on their hours and he may need to go on EBT food stamps. He congratulated me on finally finding a job and no longer being on EBT. That’s what it’s for folks, to get you thru a tough time, not a way of life. There are many of us who are humiliated to have to go to such levels, but when there is not other choice but to starve, all I can say is thank you all for your help and I hope I can help you some day if you need it.

  • http://youtube jerry reid

    Today’s my birthday.

    • Shane

      Happy Birthday Buddy!

  • Kristi

    I can not believe so many people would do this!! I am angry because they KNOW exactly how much in food stamps they get and YES they should pay it back! There are times I STARVE to make sure my family eats because we are not eligible to get food stamps, we make $80 over their “limit”. With the cost of food steadily going up, we are the ones who get screwed while YOU want to take advantage of it? Who in the hell do you think you are? We struggle to pay our bills and buy food, if I were to steal food to feed my family I would be prosecuted, what is the difference here?

  • Monica

    what a shame, that is theft…

    • LadyJazz

      Monica a computer glitch in your Favor is a Blessing for Most people who can’t get a break in this “Pre-Obama” Blood Sucking the Life out of you Allegedly Great County called America the Melting pot of Hot Wax!!!!!!!

  • http://yahoo raidergsmith

    So Wal-Mart is kind enough to accept ebt cards for these “people” so they can feed their families and yet they choose to steal from Wal-Mart? What low lives. Notice who the “people” are.

    • Bud

      Most of these are not ‘People’. They do not support themselves and contribute nothing to society. They are parasites on the system. All they know to do is have more babies so they can get more free money.

    • Vengeance and Recompense

      Walmart accepts EBT cards for profit and profit only!

  • Dawn

    I call BS… They will not get away with it. The welfare system will have the last laugh when they put a hold on all of the EBT or whatever it’s called ( I’ve never received foodstamps ) until the overages are reclaimed.

  • John

    PEOPLE, ARE YOU SERIOUS? ITS WALMART; THEY NEVER TAKE A LOSS, THIS WAS NOTHING BUT AN INCONVENIENCE, WALMART SUPPORTS THE FOODS STAMP PROGRAM MORE THAN ANY SINGLE ENTITY IN THE COUNTRY. The employees wages should be on par with a GM employee. who feels sorry for Walmart, they will chalk it up as a food pantry day.Stop drinking the red Kool-aid, it will only trick you into bad mouthing yourself, as many are just a breakdown from qualifying for the EBT program.

    • David

      Sorry John but I think you drank the Democratic Kool-Aid. I bet you believe in Obama care too! this is just plain misuse of funds by greedy people. Did you here the story about the Texan who had 4 trillion deposited in his bank account, he did nothing because he knew it was a glitch! These people didn’t do nothing they called their friends on welfare and took advantage of the system!!!! I hope Wal-Mart increases prices and each food item says because so many to advantage when they should have known better. Will you still be against Wal-Mart?????

    • Vickie

      That doesn’t excuse THIEVERY! I can’t believe what I’m reading on these comments with so many supporting the thieves and blaming Walmart. How about if Walmart just pulls out of a community and nothing is left but high dollar mom and pops? Food stamp recipients should be glad there is a Walmart nearby so they can get better value for their food stamp dollar. I can’t believe there are so many dishonest people defending all out thievery!

  • Andrew

    Normal human reaction??? Really?? Comments from one bin of trash about another should be censored. Time for “population control,” AKA trash collection in that area.

  • Brian Henderson

    Can you expect anything less from these animals?? I am curious were most of the shoppers black cause I guarantee they were mostly black. Now you can call me a racist but if you watched the videos you will see that I am right. Then black people complain saying they are being discriminated against, now look at this instance and they wonder why…

    • tina a brown

      Why does it matter what ‘color’ the shoppers are?? I am calling you a racist because that’s what you are!! Your statements confirm it…A**H***!!!

    • tina a brown

      Why does it matter what ‘color’ the shoppers are?? I am calling you a racist because that’s what you are…A**H***!!

    • tina a brown

      You are a racist!!

    • k

      Springhill, LA is 75% white..just because they show the few blacks doesn’t mean it was the majority

    • LadyJazz

      Wood Brain Brian Henderson learn your demographics and stay off the chat & blog lines! Springhill, LA 75 -80% White Folks!!! Perhaps…just perhaps the few blacks that left the piled up shopping carts loaded w/Republicans prank on the poor EBT democrats had a right to be mad after all the “Lily White People” emptied wal-mart shelves and made a CLEAN GETAWAY …duh! You Low 000000.666% wattage Light bulb.

    • Vengeance and Recompense

      You are so stupid. I am Black and educated with about 13 years of college. I used to teach your kids and have been in business. Almost all black people I am close to are professional or educated. Food stamps by race from 2011.

      Link: http://www.dailyjobsupdate.com/wp-content/uploads/Food-Stamps-Race.jpg

      White: 36.6%
      Black: 22.8%
      Hispanic: 9.6%
      Native American: 3.3%
      Unknown: 19%

      I am sure you don’t care, just are a racist as another person noted.

  • Brian Henderson


  • Shane

    I tell you what. I have stood in line with a single can of chili because that’s all I had money for. While a couple looking quite healthy, even more so than I am. Standing there with two shopping carts loaded with steaks, roast and the like. Pulls out their little white card to pay for it. It’s disheartening to say the least.

    • @Shane

      Shane. You are doing nothing but making things up. All anyone has to do is go down the page and read your comments.

      You are such a little liar. You must be a teenager.

  • Sick of the EBT program

    Just wait when these low life cretins have to REPAY what they spend by NOT getting any food for a few MONTHS…they should lose their BENEFITS for pulling such a stunt…

  • Poochee 64

    no good thieving thugs..free loading bums. you notice who the majority is. disgusting bunch of losers. should lose all their benefits. (puke)

  • Sam

    We needed stamps once. I mean we really needed them! I was working and my wife went in to apply. They made her feel so cheap and low, she just left in tears. I will peck 5hlt with the chickens before I ever try that again.

    • LadyJazz

      Sam, Please try it again in the future if you need Your Tax $$$ dollars at work to actually work for you… they insult you so they can “ALLEGEDLY” keep the cash & food cards for themselves. Just like the 2012/2013 Tampa Florida Big Big Big Food stamps Employee F.B.I. sting(Raid)< on the Cockroaches! What"s a No, to your starving kids…No, means a Yes is coming around the corner, okay I'm cheering for you and all who really needs it in desperate times…like 10 month employees and injured on the job and can"t work for 4-6 months employees. Allegedly Underpaid according to their work ethics, State Employees have to learn that EBT MONEY do not belong to them, they only work there for now!!!

  • Zandler

    It doesn’t faze me one bit. MANY welfare recipients been stealing from us TAX PAYERS for years. It just so happens they found another way to do it for a short time. Walmart should contact welfare and report them. If you go to a bank and the ATM said you have $1000’s of dollars more then you should have by bank error, YOU are required to pay it back to the bank if you taken it. Same goes for this error. Return the food or pay the consequences. Plus all welfare recipients need to be drug tested in EVERY state. That should eliminate about a 1/4 of all welfare people that don’t pass. And they won’t be able to collect again….EVER!

  • sarah

    First, Walmart clerks knew their was no EBT cards with unlimited amounts. So why did they check these people out? They should have called a manager and stopped the sell until the problem could be resolved. If someone got ugly, you call the police. I don’t understand how this was allowed. Walmart should eat the loss and not be able to take the loss off their taxes. They have the account numbers of all the EBT cards and by law if you misuse the card you are removed from the program. Lets see the “press” report when Walmart reports all the users. The accounts are in their computers, it’s how they collect from the government.

    • Chloe Fisher

      In all probability, Wal Mart allowed the purchases because if they did not, they would have been slammed in the press as being heartless for not allowing “those poor in need to buy food for their children” — And who knows, they may have done it from altruistic motives, not realising how bad the situation would get. After all, this mass stealing should not have happened, ant the person making the decision may not have thought it possible.

  • Tia


  • http://Yahoo Dolores

    I bet none of these people will have to pay a penny back! They do not care – with what money will they pay Walmart back. If they take the ebt card away to make up for their stealing, the first thing they will scream is that we are starving their children and taking away their entitlement. These people will steal, cheat and do not feel one ounce of remorse. Just don’t turn your back if you want to keep your shirt.

    • David

      Who, exactly, are “These people” that you refer to? I see dishonorable behavior involving money and property across the socio-economic spectrum so regularly that I have come to regard it as an American social norm.
      The ethics crisis is a result of the dying off/loss of social influence of what Spielberg called “the greatest generation”, those Americans who lived through the depression, fought WWII, and rebuilt this nation afterwards. Most Americans under the age of 40 have no direct experience of the social values and mores of this generation, but were reared in the Nixonian era of lobby-ism and credit mania. They are the most materialistic generations whom I have ever known, they are dangerous, and they are coming to an age at which they will have control of the economy and become the dominant social force in the nation.
      So Gen-X’ers,

      • Vengeance and Recompense

        What Speilberg?

    • David

      Who, exactly, are “These people” that you refer to, Dolores? I see dishonorable behavior regarding money and property crime across the socio-economic spectrum so regularly that I have come to regard it as an American social norm.
      The Ethics Crisis that the behavior which this article describes is the result of the dying off/loss of social influence of what Spielberg called “The Greatest Generation”, those Americans who lived through the depression, fought in WWII, and rebuilt this nation afterwards. That renaissance was characterized by a universal American social conscience that no longer exists.
      Americans younger than 40 have no direct experience of the social values and mores of this generation. Reared during the Nixonian era of lobby-ism and credit mania, they are the most materialistic and self-serving generations that I have ever known, and they are poised to become the base of the Republican Party within the next ten years.
      So beware Gen X’ers. Spend the inheritances that you receive from your Baby Boomer parents wisely. Gen Y is just behind you, and will become progressively more dominant in shaping American economic and social values and mores as you become less-so. They will steal everything they can from you, including your livelihood if given the opportunity, and leave you to starve.

      • Vengeance and Recompense

        Dishonor according to biblical standards comes in many ways. If you have ever lied, stolen, had sex outside of marriage you are guilty. If God is not first in your life, you are committing sin.

  • Christ Would Be Ashamed

    Christ would be ashamed of the lack of compassion shown on this board.

    The vast majority of people on food stamps need the money. The children need the money. I keep hearing the same old tired statements I have heard for 40 years — all of which are stereotypical and BS.

    The reality is the government wastes so much money on defense, on useless wars, on pork belly projects, on going after people like lance armstrong (100 million down the drain for that), on government conferences, on presidential retreats, on shipping hundreds of thousands of jobs overseas, etc.

    Yet, many people are bitching about a program that actually feeds people? Yes, there will always be someone who takes advantage of things – but my God, you are venting your frustration at the wrong people. It is easy to beat on the poor of this world. Why not beat on the people who are creating the poor?

    Christ would be ashamed. Actually, he is ashamed of this country. He is letting it collapse because people have lost their way and their compassion.

    • Vickie

      Christ is ashamed of you for supporting thieves. What they did was dishonorable. They are just proving the opinions people have of them. I remember all the looting of stores after Katrina. These people were looting those Walmarts in just the same manner. Criminals behave like that. Shame on you for bringing Christ into the picture.

      • @Vickie

        Obviously, you do not read things closely. Did I say anything about Christ condoning stealing? No.

        I made reference to the lack of compassion for the poor in these comments. You are reading into what I wrote. Which, is typical – you only hear what you want to hear. I stand by what I wrote and I would have no problems talking with Christ about this. None. By the way, the first person Christ took to heaven with him was a thief — the holier than though people like yourself were the ones who crucified him.

        Shame on me for bringing Christ into the picture? Shame on you for not thinking with the compassion of Christ.

    • Vengeance and Recompense

      You are right. Americans are so self-righteous and two-faced.

  • Christ Would Be Ashamed

    Christ would be ashamed of the lack of compassion shown on this board.

    The vast majority of people on food stamps need the money. The children need the money. I keep hearing the same old tired statements I have heard for 40 years — all of which are stereotypical and BS.

    The reality is the government wastes so much money on defense, on useless wars, on pork belly projects, on going after people like lance armstrong (100 million down the drain for that), on government conferences, on presidential retreats, on shipping hundreds of thousands of jobs overseas, etc.

    Yet, many people are bitching about a program that actually feeds people? Yes, there will always be someone who takes advantage of things – but my God, you are venting your frustration at the wrong people. It is easy to beat on the poor of this world. Why not beat on the people who are creating the poor?

    Christ would be ashamed. Actually, he is ashamed of this country. He is letting it collapse because people have lost their way and their compassion.

    • David

      Christ would not be ashamed, Christ never asked for a hand out, don’t use his good name unless you know the reading and where it came from! the man that was to proud for you so he was put on the cross????? he didn’t do that so you could mooch off of others, he did that so you could thrive as a human. If you are not contributing you are just taking up space. Christ would feel sorry for you for even posting this. to allow people to live in a way that does not mirror his image, I.E. stealing, you should be ashamed to call yourself a Christian. You can feel bad for those on EBT but by NO means can you be ok with what they did!

      • @David

        Obviously, you do not read things closely. Did I say anything about Christ condoning stealing? No.

        I made reference to the lack of compassion for the poor in these comments. You are reading into what I wrote. Which, is typical – you only hear what you want to hear.

        I stand by what I wrote and I would have no problems talking with Christ about this. None.

    • David

      Christ helps those that help themselves not wait for their welfare check each month!!!

      • @David

        Christ also knows that is a cop out used by people who have a lack of compassion for others. Christ’s whole life was about mercy for others. Yet, people refuse to give it. Everyone wants it given to them — but few people give it to others.

        David, I hope one day you find yourself on the end of a welfare check. Maybe then you will understand and learn compassion.

      • LadyJazz

        David, I personally do not get Government checks or stamps (EBT) however, it”s not easy as your Bird-Brain Ass may think (or not). Those State Gov’t.whiches/folks ask’s for your life history 32 pages long they don”t care > right thumb print, DNA, blood, Stool sample, urine sample, your kids left Eye, your nostrils, one”s dead parent(‘s) back Molar Tooth, your grandfather Mustache, anywho… I’m sure You don”t understand those needy 50 – 65% of people who is using their Tax $$$ dollars -at- work to feed them & their kids!!! After all EBT CAN’T BUY “METH” Jerk!

      • Vengeance and Recompense

        I bet you don’t read the Bible. Who says all these people wait for a welfare check…which doesn’t provide enough.

    • Vickie

      Christ would be ashamed of immoral behavior like stealing from a grocery store. So since people on foodstamps need the money, they should turn to stealing? Is that it? Really? They stole those groceries and you are supporting them because they are poor? No wonder people are beginning to build underground bunkers in some parts of the country to protect themselves from the kind of all out greed that took place in those Walmarts. What a shame that people become such animals. Basically, you are sounding off on government spending and excusing criminal behavior. Wow, I’m glad I don’t know you. You are immoral. And you have the nerve to bring up Christ? I think he would be ashamed of your immoral attitude of excusing thievery. Sounds like you’re one who has lost his way.

      • @Vickie

        You do not read much do you? At no point did I condone stealing. You are reading into what I wrote. I mentioned the lack of compassion for the poor and I put this incident into context with other losses in our society.

        In this country, people condemn the poor and like you, have no compassion. You are angry at the world and probably yourself, so you lash out on people that obviously need help.

        I am immoral? Hardly. It is people like you — the ones who think they are righteous — who are immoral. You just have selective morality. On some level, we are all responsible for poverty in this world — even you. Do you by chance shop at a Walmart? How do you think they are able to sell at such low prices? Because for many of the items in the store there is someone overseas making a quarter an hour to produce them. Those people live in abject poverty. We are ALL responsible on some level for the wrongs of this world. Christ knew this — why do you think he said that everyone has sin.

        Go live in your bunker. It will not save you.

      • @Vickie

        You assume I am male — typical.

        Paranoid people build bunkers. A bunker will not save anyone.

  • David

    this just goes to show that 90 to 95% of people who are on welfare take advantage of every situation that has arose in their life and as long as we continue to give these ungrateful losers free money the country will continue to be in a downward spiral. If you think this is to harsh, think about all the food that is going to spoil that could feed the hungry, and if you still think it is to harsh talk to the single mom down the street working 2 jobs paying for her 1!!!!!! kid and not asking for welfare or having 4 more to have more!!!! not to mention the fact that this food would have ended up probably being sold on the cheap for drugs!!!! Bitter not me I served this country for 5 years in the U.S. Marine Corps and watched as my friends I served with lived paycheck to paycheck to feed there families!!!! I apologize to the 5 or 10% that use the system to get back on their feet and then move on, because these people make the entire group look bad. I believe the next president should run on the merit of doing away with welfare, unless you submit to blood, urine and hair drug tests prior to getting your check.

    • Vengeance and Recompense

      It’s the system. Those who want to use it for a temporary helping hand get turned down. If you want a permanent hand out, it seems to work better for that person. THE SYSTEM IS BAD.

  • tina a brown

    Once again….an article that brings out the worst in folks!!

    • LadyJazz

      Yep! Ms. tina a brown I thumbs up you on that one. My dear that”s how the “MEDIA” rolls!

    • LadyJazz

      Yep! Ms. tina a brown I thumbs up you on that one. My dear you know that”s how the “MEDIA” rolls > Negative!!!

  • TuTu

    Nobody has stated the obvious…Lack of income/poverty is not a character flaw, and I see this as all about people’s character. A thief is a thief is a thief. Noone is to blame here but the thief!! WHY do people constantly have to place blame, and play the victim??? If you qualify for assistance, and choose to accept it, then accept what you qualify for, be accountable, pull your head out of your Ass, and be a responsible human being, a decent role model for your kids and grandkids, and let’s break this rediculous trend of entitlement, greed, and bad character. Stand up and be a decent human being. That costs nothing. I have recieved assistance at times in my life as well, and have paid it back by paying it forward and helping another person with a smile, a kind word, or a hand when I can. I did not pay it back by being a greedy, entitled thief.

  • Shana

    This just prove how greedy Americans are. I would’ve never done anything like that. I want to know where the hell were those people going to put 10 carts full of food in there house,smh

  • hollywoodnc

    What did you expect from ne66ers? These are self centered/self serving/self loathing animals, with NO CLASS or CONSIDERATION for anyone else but themselves.

    I bet the chicken, watermelon and kool aid shelves were stripped bare,
    along with the kids cereal and candy for the niglets.

    • k

      Springhill, LA is 75% white…why bring race in this…I knew this when I saw the name of the city that it was white folks

      • Susan T

        Where do you think the 25% was?

      • Ryan

        I don’t know, watch the first video, only white person I saw looked like she might work there. They should have shut the whole system down until it got fixed.

    • http://yahoo BK App

      Springhill is predominantly white and Mansfield is predominantly black. Your point?

    • racist cracker or nigget

      you stupid bastard, you have shown you’re just as much a nigglen as them, by your comments…i’m sure there where nigglens, of every race defrauding America, why don’t you get a job…I’m tired of paying for you…

    • LadyJazz

      Ha! As in not funny > mr./ms. or both “hollywoodnc” your Illiterate Desert Dwelling “Snowflake Ass” really sounds like the “Short Yellow Bus”…locked in the closet type from age 2 til now!!! Your RACIST ASS is out of the closet now…good for you > you Low Wattage 000000.666% light bulb. I’m sure you make your grandmother who is probaly your REAL MOTHER oh soooooo proud…Wannabe Tea Party Jerk!!! * Springhill, LA 4real Woodbrain-nc!

    • Vengeance and Recompense

      You are crazy.

    • MollyJazzy

      To hollywoodnc That comment you made was not nice, it shows how ignorant and low class you are.

  • Stephanie

    To agree with a previous comment, the employees in the store should have first applied common sense and called a manager. If the first person would have been stopped, the rest would not have tried. Now, that was not the case, and they were allowed to purchase (steal) any amount that was above their allowed amount. Now,to address people on food stamps. Please do not stereotype. I have been at a place in my life that I used them, but I used them as a stepping stone, and not as a place to lay a foundation and not ever move. Each person, whether on food stamps or not has to make a decision to want to do better than where ever they are. These few did what most folks would do if the back door of the bank was blown open and money was floating down into the street. Everyone’s temptation level is at a different place, but we don’t know what we are capable of until we are tempted. And believe that Satan is not going to tempt you with anything that you have not considered or looked at twice. Who knows what will happen. Will Wal-Mart press charges? Will their benefits be revoked? Don’t know but the law has legal right to do what it will.

    • Vickie

      Here we go, another person willing to blame the store for being victimized by a pack of wild dogs. I’m not stereotyping food stamp recipients, God knows my own family has needed them at one time in our lives, but we used the card honorably. But where is the honor among these people who stole all those groceries? Why didn’t they return the groceries they stole? Why did they just get bummed out and leave carts full of groceries in the aisles? You are putting this at the level of temptation? I put it at the level of all out thievery and just plain dishonesty! I hope they get their benefits revoked since the cash registers have numbers of the EBT cards. This is a moral question, Stephanie. If you found a wallet with I.D. intact and $2,000 cash, would you keep it or return it? These animals misusing their EBT cards at Walmart would keep the money, believe me, because basically, they are immoral people to begin with and that’s all there is to it. No stereotyping them just because they are on food stamps, oh hell no. They’re just thieves stealing from the taxpayer. I’m glad I don’t live in this area.

      • http://yahoo Mary Marin

        I agree, with Vickie. The EBT cards have numbers that identify the thieves that took advantage of this temporary glitch. I think they should be prosecuted as thieves, and their benefits revoked. They chose to be greedy, and should have used common sense in the beginning. They KNOW what their food stamp limit is, and should have considered the consequences that would follow. Wal-mart should not have to pay for the thieves that came through. I feel that the state should prosecute the thieves because they know who they are, and where they live. This is the same as stealing, what a shame ! What values do they teach their children ? Obviously none. Just a bunch of losers and trash , taking advantage of a system meant to help them. They should not receive any benefits in the future , that would be justice and a reason for others not to take advantage of the benefits, if it ever happened again. Prosecute the thieves promptly and make them make restitution for the amount they have stolen above their limit.

      • Vengeance

        Americans pretend they are so righteous, but most are not. People make decisions based on the context. I am a Christian, but the worst people and most maltreatment I have received most of my 68 years have been from so-called believers. Who knows maybe this was in God’s divine plan. Businesses always take advantage of people and get away with it. They still billions and are fined millions.

        • Vengeance and Recompense

          One of the biggest thieves are banks. They used to pay up to 10% for using your money..now rarely 1%. Research it if you have the nerve.

    • Susan T

      When was the last time you were able to get a hold of a manager at Walmart?

      • http://yahoo Mary Marin

        It took about three minutes for me to get one at the Wal-mart in Gladstone MO. My daughter and I were at the deli, and the sign said they closed at 9PM,and it was 9:50 when we arrived. There was a lady being helped, and she said she had been waiting 10 minutes to get service.When she left, the deli clerk said he would not help us, it was time to close. I replied that the sign said the deli would be opened until 9, and it was 8:55, so we should be helped. I said, “Perhaps I should get a manager, since it’s not 9 yet”? His co-worker said:” Go get a manager,who cares”? I walked toward the registers, and told someone to call the manager, and he was there in just a few minutes, to take care of the situation. One thing was clear : the deli would remain open to help anyone in line until 9PM, and all customers in line would be helped in the future. No one should have to receive this kind of rude service, it should be promp.tly reported

  • inviibleman

    Definitely the closest to charity that walmart will ever come.

  • Ashley

    First off all color, religions, and nationalities are on food stamps/EBT not just one type you bubch of racist bigots. They are not animals, savages, or whatever (maybe slightly unethinical). They are human. Don’t tell me that anyone of you self rightous mofo wouldn’t have done the samething if you had a chance, if you found out thatthere was a glich in a store’s system and you were able to buy as much groceries as possible. Rather you were on Food stamps or it was another form of payment. As for the store in question, shame on them (management) for not doing their job to prevent this from happening. As soon as they found out they SHOULD have post up signs that their EBT system was done and would not being taking the cards til the problem was fixed. You can’t tell me they didn’t know that there was an issue any earlier then they did. IMO I don’t see these people paying it back or getting their beneifts taken away misusing it. Because legally they didn’t misuse it. They bought food with it like it was ment to be used for. Walmart and the goverment can’t go after them for it. Not legally anyway. They can try, but is it really worth it?

    • billy

      No, you fkn loser….I wouldn’t!

    • Vickie

      Really Ashley? Are you telling me it’s Walmart’s fault that these people were so greedy? Are you telling me that these shoppers couldn’t figure out that something must be wrong with their cards and stop to question what was going on? Are you telling me that these shoppers are innocent for taking advantage of a situation? If those shoppers were so innocent of wrongdoing, then why didn’t they put back all their groceries on the shelves instead of walking out and leaving carts full in the aisles. Good, responsible and decent people would have done that. Can we now expect these people to now return the groceries they stole? No, these people are freaking animals and they are guilty of theft. The people they stole from are the taxpayers of that area. THAT is who the government is, Ashley, the government is the people who pay their taxes day in and day out so that others who don’t have enough can get their fair share. And these animals just went into those stores and raked everything off those shelves not caring who they hurt. IMO those animals should be prosecuted, every damn one, because they are guilty of fraud. They knew exactly what they hell they were doing. The cards used have numbers on them and those animals’ identities are known. Yes, it would be worth it to see them prosecuted and their benefits taken away. Only animals behave like they did, like a pack of dogs fighting over a bone. Shame on them and shame on you for supporting their fraud.

    • http://yahoo BK App

      Wow! Ashley is living proof of what’s wrong in America today.

    • http://mine me

      Yes sure thats why when you Look in the Video all you see is Blacks, Who else starts the Riots? Get Real its always them as they think the World Owes them something. God for bid they did not get there Welfare and Drive there Brand New Cars with The Music Blasting. Wake up and see the Real World.

  • TPM

    I watched a video of this activity. All parties that I saw bilking the system (again) were black. Their purchases (spelled theft) could be tied to their cards and they could be held accountable. But, it’ll never happen. In Obama & Holder’s America, blacks have been getting a free pass for the past 5 years and this trend will continue.

    I would hold Walmart accountable for the theft, as opposed to passing it on to the taxpayers. Then Walmart and Xerox (who provides the system) can decide how to share the loss.

  • Susan T

    How did the one cashier working handle all of that?

  • Chrissy

    Stealing is stealing period. I can bet you after one person discovered this glitch they were on their cell phones calling the rest of there families and friends and this frenzy took off. I feel each one that took advantage of this should be prosecuted for theft and have there benefits taken away if they have no children at home. We can’t punish the innocent children for the greedy act of the parents. Yes they were animals, no this isn’t the first time ” blacks” raided stores in times of crisis or glitches. Let us not for get Katrina where the blacks were carrying out TV”S!! They should have just plain been shot on sight. I’m not racist, I’m an equal opportunity dislike and I dislike any one who can’t respect a system that gave you benefits to eat with. Good thing the atm also didn’t go rogue, can you image if they were able to get as much cash off there ebt cards too! I wonder then if they’d be arrested for stealing money?
    Our justice system is to soft. I say bring back the 16th century, and have public floggings in the town square, throw rotten food at then and put up a stockade so people passing by could make fun of them. Maybe then this crap would stop.

  • http://mine me

    Give the Blacks any chance to steal or Riot.

  • http://mine me

    Another Reason for the Welfare Blacks who sit home an there Lazy asses to get something for free.

  • Jason

    This hapened in Mississippi as well. Is there no way to track the purchases? Make the people who STOLE the stuff pay for it!!

  • nilegirl

    Excuse me! But did anyone notice that there was not one single white person STEALING from Walmart! They cannot buy food, but they are the main drug users and they ALL have the latest cellphones. How do you think it became so crowed with AFRICAN AMERICANS?????????? Yes, cell phones that are also paid for by the state. Yes, Martin Luther King had a dream, BUT I DON’T THINK THIS WAS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I thought all this time I was not racist!!! I am sorry to say, “yes” here is one jew who has to admit this shame. “I HAVE BECOME RACIST”.

  • Rich

    Yes, the people were stealing.
    But Walmart was also in the wrong for continuing to honor the cards, if they new there was a “glitch” in the system and people were taking advantage of it. And how could they not know, when hundreds of people were checking out with multiple carts full of food with their ebt cards.

  • momjust1

    This is just senseless so to speak because even if the food was unlimited for a short while these people still owe it back, and in a sense it is concidered wellfare fraud ! Glitch or no glitch these people owe that back! If that state’s assistance program works with walmart I am sure they can track the recipts for which ever costomer along with the I.D. number on their food stamp card. They need to go after these people and as far as these workers and or manager of these stores should be held responsible and punished by their company because once learned that the food cards had issues, they should have stated that their machines were down because of a glitch out there in wonderland somewhere. If walmart did not want to state their store machines were down they could have stated to the costomers that there was an alowed 100.00 and they would have to run them through later that day and asked for a photo id and wrote their info down on the receipt just incase there was any overage amount and explained that they would be held responsible to pay that amount or further action would be taken. Or have someone call and check on the food amount on their card before ringing them through and do not go over that amount. I am sure they can link these sales back to the people who knowingly tood advantage of the store and the government!

    • http://yahoo Jorge

      Yes your right about letting the customer know, the system was down. But not go throw all that I.D stuff. Just tell the customer ( I’am sorry the system is down and you’ll have to come back later.)

  • momjust1

    People need to stop with the relation between drugs and a food card! Not all family that need that assistance do drugs. So that is the most insane thing. First of all, and this is just a scenario—- People that are diagnosed with disabilities can get a food card, ok then there are these people that think they should leagalise p*t, ok then you get a disable person with a p*t card making it leagal for them to use it !! WHAT DO YOU CALL THAT. I call it WRONG ! But if they are allowing it, why complain and ask for a drug test..! If people actually think about how everyone in the U.S get away with the things they actually do, then everyone is wrong (in their own way). Some people think its ok and some from the past years have thought it was ok to purchase homes that over met their needs and spend more than their pocket could afford and they then thought it was ok to file bankruptcy. That is not ok people !! Its wrong in so many ways. Why is it ok for them people to turn around and end up doing it again a few months later after filing bankruptcy? I feel no shame for those people who have lost homes and it sometimes makes me want to laugh about it because people like that think they are above others by having what they HAD and now its gone. Nobody budgets and lives within unless you are very determined to and if you are not affraid to be proud of what you can ACTUALLY afford. Grow up people, stop compairing one side of things when in all reality… there is wrong all over !!

  • BKK

    This is one of the reasons Republicans want to get rid of programs like these. The behavior of the individuals with the cards is appalling and unfortunately, these few, make it more difficult for those truly in need and respectful of the system. The individuals basically stole and should be prosecuted. And honest card holders should have notified the government agency responsible and/or the police. Walmart should have done the same and perhaps should also be prosecuted. Their attitude was too open and also showed a lack of respect for the government and poor judgment.

    • Vengeance and Recompense

      Many government officials have money and are living a good life in DC. It is easy to get rid of things when your needs are “kingly” and you think you have power. I am a female African American Veteran and I am ashamed of how this country responds in general.

  • http://yahoo Darin beltran

    Investigate all you want. The people who took advantage of the situation live this life style,going to jail is part of a normal life.

  • Cat

    So deduct it from the next month free handout! They knew exactly what they were doing! I guess it’s not good enough to get a little free, they are entitled to as much as they want free! Stupid system anyway – make them stand in line for their handouts!

  • http://yahoo Jorge

    The Wal-Marts should have let the customers know the system was down at the time and were not able to use there card. Yes the customer took advantage and so did Wal-Mart. You know why? Becouse Wal-Mart gets there money any way. “System down or not” The number on the card is Wal-Marts Paycheck. The customer should have a negative balance to repay. and balance not payed per customer is Wal-Mart’s. The customer did not steel from Wal-Mart. They took from “us” the tax payers. Wal-Mart and the customer. they worked as a TEAM. So now pay back like a team.

    • sweets

      Best comment I’ve seen on here :)I agree with you

  • Darlene K

    This just prove to the world how very stupid some AMericans r. Common sense will tell u, the govt food stamps tracks what u buy & since u spent way over the amount they give u. U will NOT hav it available until what u spent on your shopping spree is paid for. I guess, Stupid is, as STupid does!!!!

  • http://att.net alenskipper


  • kat

    ok I am a white 33 year old single mother who is going through a rough patch and as of sept I have been on food stamps ($40 a month is all im approved for because of my $1,000 income plus $400 child support) and I never once heard anything about the unlimited ebt cards until after it was going on so my question is, “how did all of these people even know to run to the walmarts with the unlimited cards” I diddn’t hear anything about it until the next day. I would not have tried to get anything that I couldn’t have paid for because I can’t afford to pay it back. It’s sad that people think everyone on food stamps is Black and on drugs as I am neither but I do see some people walking through store with 2 and 3 carts full of food items while I have the calculator out to make sure that my daughter who is anemic has enough of what she needs for her diet with out going over my budget. Hope to be out of this rut soon but till then it is what it is.

    • tehill

      Cut your budget more and you won’t need food stamps. Get another job too.

  • Kim

    Now that we know more about the EBT incidents at WalMart a few weeks ago, we now learn that these weren’t just “dozens of people”, nearly everyone of these individuals were WalMart employees.

    When the EBT system went down different employees of two WalMart stores called co-workers telling them the EBT system was down, between the two stores as many as 42 individuals, WalMart employees, came to the stores and engaged in fraud and de facto theft. While the electronic system failure opened the door of opportunity, the fraud came from WalMart’s own employees.

    At both of these stores, every single junior associate employed with WalMart is on SNAP Benefits because WalMart refuses to pay their employees a living wage, and WalMart knows that the government will subsidize WalMart’s profits by compensating their employee’s low pay with SNAP. Over one million WalMart employees qualify for and subsidize their WalMart income with SNAP benefits.

    In my view, this is a Moral Outrage on the part of WalMart, a multibillion company who could pay every employee $100 per hour with full time employment and still reap profits over a billion dollars. Not one of these employees should have been eligible for SNAP benefits, everyone of them should have been paid enough as employees to disqualify them.