Voice Recognition Comes To Chrome (Stable)

    February 22, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Google launched Chrome 25 beta last month, which included support for voice commands via the Web Speech API. Now, voice recognition has come to the stable release.

Developers can use the API to to integrate speech recognition capabilities into their web apps, so Chrome users can benefit from the feature.

Google has a demo here, if you want to see how it works.

The release also disables silent extension installs in Chrome for Windows.

“This keeps Chrome fast and safe by ensuring that you consent to every extension that’s installed on your computer,” says Google software engineer Glen Shires.

The new features will come with the auto-update as the release is rolled out.

  • http://www.voicerecognition.com.au russ

    It’s going to take Google years (or Microsoft for that matter) to catch up with Nuance’s dragon naturally speaking speech recognition engine. It great that Google is having a go but they are ten years behind nuance on this. I’m using the Australian version of dragon http://www.voicerecognition.com.au/ and its very accurate software and allows me to do all my email and word documents very quickly.

    That being said – never underestimate Google eh?