Victoria Jackson Loses It On Twitter, Gets Spoofed

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Victoria Jackson, a former “Saturday Night Live” cast member and comedienne, has garnered negative attention over the past several years for her outspoken rants about gays, God, and politics; however, none have come close to her latest tirade on Twitter after the election was called.

Jackson tweeted several times about America being “dead” now that Obama is back in office, and is adamant about trying to prove that Mitt Romney was closer to winning than we all think. Her opinions aren’t being taken seriously, however, as she’s being blasted all over the web.

The actress previously angered “Glee” fans everywhere when she spoke up about an episode in which two male characters kissed, saying, “Did you see Glee this week? Sickening! And, besides shoving the gay thing down our throats, they made a mockery of Christians – again!”

Her rants have been compiled into one spoof by comedienne Julie Brown, who takes on the blonde’s quirky personality with ease.

Victoria Jackson Loses It On Twitter, Gets Spoofed
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  • Pat Braun

    Yeah, she’s a crackpot. She never was funny on SNL either. But i’m still surprised she turned out to be a screaming right wing fundamentalist hiding behind the good book. She was obviously impressionable enough for some Bible thumpers to influence. But Im even more annoyed that they kept showing the gay kiss over and over. Im a live and let live guy and I know they were trying to shove that kiss down Vickie’s throat but I didn’t really need to see it more than once.

  • james

    Amanda, you’re a huge liar and traitor to America. Victoria is telling the truth and you’re such a sell out that all you care about is yourself and to heck with your country. You are setting a terrible example for your children by lying for Not-The-President Obama.

  • fletcher christian

    obama has 4 years before he goes to prison…we’ll get mofo yet

  • http://webpronews.com ed jones

    She is a bit bizarre.But her emotions come out because she realizes we are becoming a secular(Godless nation).It is not only breaking her heart but also many of us out here.These Christians in name only have to give an account on Judgement Day just as we all will.

  • Chuck

    The idea of hate is just that hate. Christians do not live in hate, we are not perfect and at times we don’t like everyone but to hijack the Christian idea by labeling yourself a model of Christian living goes directly against the basics we are taught in Sunday School. I hope we can move past giving these types of people any attention anymore since what they have to say is not worth hearing. The Bible teaches love and peace as do all religions at their core. Religion or theology is meant to help the human mind in it’s journey of discovery, but recently some have used it to avoid taxes, make personal wealth or control countries with an iron fist while living as a false example of religous purity. The debate of politics has become annoying since the loudest voices on TV blame while doing nothing to help the process or running our civil society. It is weak to point fingers, stand in the way and complain when you are well cared for…… We should be ashamed that our country has an overwhelming amount of charities listed on tax roles while homeless sleep on our streets and the poor go without basics like food so they can pay for gas to get to their under paying job. It is a true shame on us to have people trying to live off what most retail stores pay these days while writing these workers off as less than important since they are not in a professional position….well Hell people we still need these workers and all your stupid kids can’t be CEO of another fake internet company……come on now, time to play nice…

  • Jigsaw Jones

    She didn’t lose it, what she said is correct. How dare she have an opinion that differs with the rule of communism. We are bombarded with a lot of misguided crap and now that the main street media get to determine what the ‘real’ news is this country will never be what it once was. And you stupid people will never understand what that means.

    • Kevin

      You are an idiot? Hate is hate no matter how you disguise it?

    • _JIM_

      Communism? Are you kidding me? I’m about tired of that comparison because it’s downright moronic. I see ZERO similarities to how Obama runs this country and how a real communist government runs their countries. If it’s so bad here why don’t you pack up and move to a real communist country like North Korea or China? Then once you’re there be sure to complain publicly about how the country is run. You would get a big taste of what communism really is when you’re being thrown into prison or executed on the spot. Comparing Obama’s presidency to that of a communist leader’s is just a way for sore losing conservatives to whine. The simple fact that you are able to publicly say things like that shows that your government is far from communist. If you want things to get better maybe you should write your great Republicans in control of the Congress and tell them to start working with our President instead of against him, and us, now that they didn’t achieve their main goal, from the past four years, of trying to get Obama not re-elected. Since they couldn’t even do that right maybe now they can work with the President so that they can actually accomplish something positive for our country and the people who really need it. Instead of pandering to big business and the rich who don’t need the help.

  • Phil

    America didn’t die, Victoria. Just your career.

  • ronco

    Her mental health issues are well documented.

  • ronco

    …@ Pam “”I wonder myself why so many “christians” would vote for a pro abortion and pro everything else that is contrary to the Bible (basis for “christian” beliefs)”” A fetus isn’t a person in the eyes of God. Says so in the bible.

  • Gayla

    If the tweets shown above are what this article is based on, it’s ridiculous. I heard MUCH worse than this from almost everyone on Facebook who didn’t want Obama to get re-elected. This is just another liberal mainstream media attempt to show conservatives in a negative light. It’s ok, if Obama had lost the election there would be ALOT of Hollywood celebrities ranting and raving all over the news. I do disagree with Ms. Jackson’s disparaging remarks about Christians, but I will turn the other cheek on that one and assume she was reacting in the heat of the moment.

  • Bob Jones

    Has it ever occurred to Victoria that there are Christians who voted for Obama? There were a lot among the African American voters. Or are they not true Christians to her? And yes there were white Christians who voted for him. Also Hispanics. Are the votes of Jews meaningless to her? Not everyone views Obama as the Antichrist.

  • Bob Jones

    I am so sick of hearing about the liberal media I want to throw up. This is not news because of the liberal media. She is a celebrity. That is why. And all the people doing searches on her have made it a popular news story. Are they all puppets of the liberal media?

  • Diana

    Go Victoria!! Admirable when a celebrity is more concerned about her faith than her career. And most admirable when anyone takes a stand for the unborn over what the lucky living might think of her personally.

    Put Victoia back on stage – and watch this re-born star rock it!

    • http://yahoo.com Dee

      I enjoy watching and listening to racist conservatives. People who claims their christains?? Because God is NOT a racist. This is why romney lost and Obama won. America is sick and tired of people like Victoria, Karl Rove, Mitt Romney, Lambaugh and Trump even alot of white people are tied of the race game. The good new is these people will soon die off. LOL.

      • el duderino

        For those who comment on the Romney supporters being racist, of course that’s going to be at least partially true. However, on the same note, isn’t the fact that Obama had the backing of upwards 98% of the black vote, a different version of the same arguement? If there was ever a point, that the most racist group of people out there are the blacks against the whites, I’d like to see it. At least the majority of the white vote was based on the issues, as opposed to what color person they preferred.

        • DeathSentry

          Actually, you had quite a few black preachers who were going for Romney on the abortion rights issue until he used the term “the 47%”. After that, they knew he meant them so yeah, even against their christian principles, voted for Obama as the republicans started to become scary (and I say this as one who did as I describe above)

  • Jim

    What do you think must be the mental IQ of these bloggers who are emotionally concerned about what an airhead like Victoria Jackson says?

  • Diana

    In my day, people who used to care about unborn children were called ‘Moms’- now it’s become a mental IQ issue. LOL!

    • Brian C.

      God had nothing to do with the election……period.

    • Diana J

      I am Christian and I would have never voted for Obama. God does have a plan that is greater then our understanding and expectations. I cried when I found out Obama won…but thank God I put my faith in Jehovah not Obama. It may be the end of our great nation but it is just the begginning of a soon to be Great Christian Revival. Jesus is building his army up and weeding out all the Luke warm Christians right now. The Christian youth these days inspire me. To all my fellow believers out there, you must be in the Word very strong. Persecution in America is barely beggining and it is only going to get worse.

      We must love everyone, especially the people who live in ways we do not understand or find suitable for God’s wants. Jesus loves all equally and as Christians we must do the same. You can’t win people over to the Lord if you are to busy finding their faults and judging their weaknesses. I love everyone…EVERYONE!!!

  • Bryan

    For those of you who have said that God didn’t want Obama to win because he would never want women to be able to choose to kill their babies and he never wanted gays to get married…I must say, you must not really know your God at all.

    I think God has a hand in all things that happen…thus, God had his hand in this election, and knew who the right choice was to take this country FORWARD not BACKWARD. This wasn’t an election about Democrat or Reoublican, gay or straight, pro-choice, it was an election about humanity… and God saw fit to elect who he thought was in the best interest of humanity. It’s amazing how all the people who throw God’s name around, and say they believe in him, no longer have faith in him when things don’t go their way. Have faith that God made the right decision!

    If you don’t have faith that all will work out in the end, you aren’t much of a Christian…

  • Diana

    Agree with you Bryan! I stated the same sentiment the night of the election – and going forward. SO not worried about who is elected. But we still have the right to a continued forum to state our opinions, views and preferences.

  • Brian C.

    I wish she would just die. She is such a loon.

  • Brian C.

    She wasn’t funny on SNL. She’s never been funny. She’s a complete lunatic in the same way as most Republicans, religious hypocrites, Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, Ted Nugent, Donny Boy Trump, Sarah Palin and Karl Rove are.

  • Diana

    Not a laughing matter. I doubt if Victoria is even trying to be funny on some of these issues. It’s just sad when American citizens wish such ill of other citizens for simply stating heartfelt opposing views. It used to be called the American way.

    Must be that ‘wacky tabacky’ taking over in people’s mindsets. But we’ll have to defer to consistently bleary-eyed Brad Pitt on that one. Must be a WHOLE lot of fun being his kid!

    Lot’s to look forward to.

  • bubba

    “…they made a mockery of Christians – again!”

    I think Christians make a mockery of Christians.

    • http://yahoo nlw


    • http://Yahoo.com Robert Arguinzoni

      I agree…the so called Christians are the first one to commit mortal sins and then hide behind the bible asking for forgiveness. The biggest hypocrites of all time!!!

      • Valerie

        Haha yes! You took the words right out of my mouth!

  • http://Webpronews Ed.R

    She’s a not funny, cockeyed pig. Really, who gives a damn about what she thinks? President Obama will be one of the greatest presidents this country has ever had, that is, if you racist loons don’t do him in first, and I fully expect you to try.

    • spruse

      One of the greatest Presidents? SO how much of his Kool-Aid have you drank? This bozo has done nothing in his time in office except blame Bush for everything yet he has fixed nothing. He is a disgrace and will go down right there with Carter as one of the worst Presidents ever.

      • http://yahoo nlw

        Along with Bush, if you please.

      • Walt

        Spruse, I totally agree!

        • http://Yahoo.com Robert Arguinzoni

          Hey Walt all I hear is the same blah blah blah we have been listening to for so many years. Do you plan on raising and taking care of all of the children that are born due to rape or someone who is definitely not ready to raise a child? What about the religious fanatics that have killed doctors or bombed abortions clinics….are they going to Heaven for killing? Don’t be stupid.

  • cafenitro

    Do Republicans never tire of being wrong?

    • Walt

      What are we wrong about, cafenitro? Because we reject sodomy? Abortion on demand? Partial birth abortion? Communism/Marxism? A president who divides the country and pals around with domestic terrorists, like Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, of the Weather Underground? Of a president who added $6 Trillion over just 4 years. Who supports Planned Parenthood, which has killed over 53 Million babies in 40 years? Republicans are wrong? You have got to be kidding!!

      • bob


        Get an education…….

        1) Not all Republicans reject gay rights or abortion. Not all Democrats support gay rights or abortion

        2. President Obama is not a Marxist or communist. Just like President Bush wasn’t a Nazi or a fascist.

        3. Dick Cheney and Bush divided the country by stealing the election in 2000. President Obama was able to CLEARLY win both elections without CHEATING!

        4. Not all gay people engage in sodomy. There are plenty of straight people that engage in sodomy. Lesbians can’t engage in sodomy.

        5. The number of abortions have gone DOWN since Obama took office. What did Bush do to end abortion? NOTHING!

        You’re a joke Walt!

  • Nicole

    Someone mentions that the “liberal” media puts Republicans in a bad light. Republicans are doing it to themselves. Anytime you have crackpots like Ted Nugent, Rush Limbaugh, Karl Rove, and the forever ranting Donald Trump speaking for your party, what do you expect? Also, how can you be so shallow as to think Blacks voted for Obama just because he’s black? The important thing here are the issues! These issues include health care, education and the right for women to have control over their own bodies among other things. I care about what would happen to my parents if they had no access to affordable health care! I’m concerned about cuts to education and students being able to afford college if they want to attend! I’m concerned about a woman being able to get an abortion if she wishes if she has a pregnant from a rape! I’m concerned about Romney’s complete lack of diplomacy in dealing with world leaders. He has already managed to piss off a lot of people. I don’t want to be a sitting duck because of his inability to keep his big mouth shut. I think about all of these things and people usually vote according to the issues that affect their lives! Everyone does not have a big pile of money at their disposal. Romney simply could not identify with the majority of people. Unless the Republican Party finds a way to adapt to the changing demographic, they will become extinct. First thing that they need to do is to stop injecting themselves into peoples’ personal lives! Government has no right to tell people whom to marry or if they can have an abortion or birth control! I know just by reading comments that there are a lot of racist Republicans who vote just on the color of someone’s skin. Just because you are that brainless and shallow, don’t think that we are the same! Look around, the world has changed and left you trying to live in the past. I believe in technology and progression, not living back in the 1800s!

    • http://yahoo nlw


    • Walt

      Nicole, I couldn’t disagree with you more! You have bought almost all the lies that the Democrats and the liberal media have put out over the years. We definitely need to govern immorality. If not, our country is doomed. We will need to tell people that they can’t marry their parents, or siblings, or animals, or have multiple spouses. Sodomy is ungodly, immoral and brings the judgment of God on a nation.

      • bob


        Nobody cares what you think because the fact that you compare being gay to marrying an animal is sick. Consenting adults should have the FREEDOM to do what they want in their bedroom as long as they aren’t hurting anyone else.

        People like YOU drive some insecure and impressionable gay people to commit suicide because they believe the crap that you spew about them being immoral. Being gay is no more of a choice than choosing to be blind or deaf. It just is. I believe it’s God’s NATURAL choice to control the population.

        You should go join that Nazi Church….Westboro Baptist Church. They speak your hate and garbage as well.


    • Walt

      Nicole, as for Abortion: God states that there are 7 things that He hates, one of those is the shedding of innocent blood. That would include abortion. In the OT, if a person killed a pregnant woman, the person was guilty of 2 deaths, not one. Let me be as clear as I can be. If you, Nicole, and you Democrats/Liberals/Obama supporters continue to reject God and His Word, the Holy Bible, you will end up in torment forever in the Lake of Fire, Hell. I urge you to repent before it is too late for you!

  • Jay

    The only racists I’ve seen are Obama supporters actually… Jay Z being the biggest one. Why do you people care about our presidents skin color? Are you that adamant about it that you’ll wreck our country to say “we got our black president!” ? I suppose at this moment ignorance truly is bliss…..

    • Nicole

      Wow, just don’t get it!

    • http://yahoo nlw

      I agree totally, I myself am a black american and it kills me to hear the black community go on with that “we got our black pres.”
      He even said during the first election, don’t vote for me because i’m black. Black america, quit being so racist.

      • Jason

        Yet another hateful religious hypocrite. Grasping at whatever straw is available and working hard in order to spin until it supports her point of view. She should go work for the hate mongers at AFA radio.

        • Walt

          Jason, it is not hatred to stand up to ungodly, immoral stances that the Democrat Party and Obama are pushing. The Bible clearly teaches in both the NT and OT that those who practice homosexuality/lesbianism, will perish. Let me be clear, They will go to Hell for eternity. Do you really want to encourage that for people? If so, you are not their friend!

          • Michael Riemer

            You are so correct Walt.

          • Bill

            It calls it an abomonation, just like eating lobster, so if you’ve eaten lobster you’ve sinned just as much.

          • bob

            Don’t push your book of fairy tales on anybody else. Being gay is not a choice. I love how you pick and choose from the Bible what you want and not want to follow. Typical hypocrite. Luckily your so called scare tactics and crazy beliefs are becoming extinct! PURE GARBAGE just like Victoria Jackson!

      • Jason

        oh yea, you’re full of sh*t nlw and everyone knows it.

      • Walt

        Glad you are honest to make the statement you made. If statements like your come from nonblacks, we are accused of being racists. Thanks!

        • Walt

          My comment was to nlw, not Jason, by the way.

    • Walt

      I agree with Victoria. With all the information available on Obama and his team,(communist/Marxist/radicals), and his pushing homosexuality, sodomy, lesbianism, and his stances on abortion, including partial-birth abortion, I feel ashamed that Americans reelected him. Hilary said 4 years ago, “Shame on you Barack Obama.” Now I say, Shame on you America! Shame on you!

    • Walt

      Yes, when 93% of blacks vote for Obama, with his pushing homosexuality, lesbianism, abortion on demand, including partial birth abortion, planned parenthood and massive deficits, it tells me that all those black churches and black “Christians” are a sham.
      They put skin color ahead of God and His will. These phonies will give an account before Jesus Christ someday, and I don’t think it will go well with them!

      • joyeustabe

        “with us not turning the other cheek, nor loving thy neighbor as thyself, judging not least you be judged, we are all sinning, Walt – a sin is a sin…accordingly only one is the ultimate sin…… “and if you say you have no sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us…Jn1:8″.
        We as followers of Christ, have such a real limited knowledge of what it is to be a true Christian…..My prayers are with you

      • bob


        Stop pretending to know all the answers. You know NOTHING! Mitt Romney was a cult follower and NOT a Christian! Jesus would be a Democrat if he lived on earth today. He cared about the poor which Mitt Romney and the RepubliCON party does not!

        Your party caused the massive deficits, fought immoral and illegal wars and did NOTHING to end abortion when they were in power.

        People like you are the devil in sheeps clothing!

    • Walt

      Totally agree, Jay!

  • http://mrmidnightmovie.com jewish producer


    Same person.

    • Walt

      Please, don’t insult Victoria that way!

    • bob

      NO FREAKING WAY! Roseanne Barr is talented and doesn’t have her head up her ass. Victoria Jackson has no talent, no career and is just a self-loathing MORON!

  • Walt

    Victoria is correct! Let me make it crystal clear to all those who vote Democratic and support the stances of homosexuality/Lesbianism. Those who practice those sins will not make it into Heaven. They will certainly, without a doubt end up in Hell, the Lake of Fire, a place of eternal torment for ever. No chance of escape. I hope this is clear. The only escape for gays/lesbians is to repent of their evil ways, and accept Jesus Christ as Savior.

    • http://Yahoo.com Robert Arguinzoni

      So you think that because they are gay they don’t accept Jesus as their savior? Your as dumb as a bag of rocks.

      • http://yahoo nlw

        His name is Walt…..

    • Julia

      You are a seriously dumb fuck.

    • Wood

      Walt, put down the fiction and back away slowly…

    • Bill

      Hey Walt, you know that eating from the oceans and streams “that which has neither fins nor scales” is also an abomination to God? Go tell that same rhetoric to the stores, restaurants and people who participate in this terrible abomination that they sin just as much as the homosexual. You are also sinning a great deal by judging them as only God can judge.

    • Bob

      Walt, let me make this clear. People that think like you are morons and it will be people like you that end up in eternal damnation. Good luck and don’t forget to take susnscreen.

  • Michael Riemer

    “Did you see Glee this week? Sickening! And, besides shoving the gay thing down our throats, they made a mockery of Christians – again!”
    She should “rant” about this kind of thing, it is sickening!!!! She is so very very correct!!!!

    • Walt

      Michael, I try not to watch the current tv shows. I stick to the news shows or other programs that are history or documentary based. The current shows are horrible, I won’t burn my eyes watching them!

      • sean

        You are a blithering idiot. Romney is a used car salesman down at the local Lexus dealership. Speaking of cars….didn’t Romney say we should let the American auto industry sink? On the overall bailout. I’ll take Warren Buffets opinion that it was necessary to avoid a complete meltdown. Simple facts, unlike your twisted fascist right wing ignorant bullshit.

      • sean

        P.S. Victoria Jackson with her helium voice monotone was NOT talented. She sucked. She was lame. Overrated.

    • http://Yahoo.com Robert Arguinzoni

      You as big an idiot as Victoria Jackson.

    • Wood

      Micheal Reamer – methinks you are closeted!!!

    • bob

      Michael Reimer,

      First of all it’s clear that you’re gay like Michelle Bachman’s husband. Any straight guy wouldn’t be that obsessed about gay people unless you are gay yourself. I find it comical people like you who judge people all day long when you’re really just projecting how much you hate yourself. SO SAD!

  • fiction

    It’s sad to me that so many people base their lives and everything they believe to be true and moral on an archaic book of fiction. Seriously!

  • dennis

    Hear that sound? That’s the sound of Victoria Jackson’s career crashing.

  • Greg

    Nicole, you are wasting your time trying to change the opinions of all the right wing trolls, just let them believe what they want to. There is a percentage of the population on the other side that will not be dissuaded by facts, because they believe in their heart of hearts that THEY have the facts AND the moral high ground (because of their Christian faith), and it doesn’t matter what you bring forth as hard physical evidence, you can’t change their mind. They view this is some sort of “test” that God wants America to pass to become great “again” (I happen to think America is still great. Always has been, hopefully always will be). Despite absolute proof to the contrary, they will go on believing that the president is a 1) Kenyan 2) Muslim 3) communist/socialist, etc. etc.

    I suffered through 8 years of W’s administration, and I was embarrassed every time the man got up on television and opened his mouth, but I took solace in the fact that I knew it was not possible for one man to completely destroy this great nation. Unfortunately the Bible thumpers are not capable of taking the long view. Because of their cosmology, they are incapable of compromise, tolerance, or forgiveness, and that’s a shame, because from my reading, there’s a whole lot of those things (and compassion, did I mention compassion?) in the philosophies of Jesus.

    The beauty of it all is that Karl Rove’s vision of a “permanent republican majority” is never going to happen. It’s obvious from the attempts at voter suppression that even they can see the writing on the wall. Nicole, rejoice in the fact that a more diverse America, which we are inexorably heading for, will eventually sound the death knell for the totalitarian social views of the conservatives. And that is a good thing.

    Oh and right wing trolls? I’m done. You can go ahead and spew your hateful vitriol now. I’ve got broad shoulders, I can take it.

  • Ed

    Good for Victoria Jackson. She defends God and the principles of being a Christian and she gets bombarded with idiots for insulting their god, Barack Hussein Obama. It’s getting a little sickening how people fawn over this fraud, con artist, and incompetent. The only reason people voted for him in the first place was to prove they weren’t racist. This time, people voted for him to prove how stupid they are. Imbeciles! You go girl! Victoria don’t listen to the heathens who worship at Obama’s feet, you keep on defending God and His principles, and you’ll find peace in an eternity in heaven! God bless you.

    • bob


      Go get some mental health support now. You and wacko’s like Victoria Jackson are the like dinosaurs. Luckily you’re so called “ideas” and hateful views are becoming extinct!

    • Maddy

      Ed, I voted for President Obama because he was the best choice for a candidate……I don’t even this about his color of skin! If you were a true Christian, you would not talk like this comment of yours. May God forgive you!

  • Nessa

    Wow that is some truly ignorant crap coming out of Victoria, but she was always lame. It looks like her and Walt could be best friends though. I would ask if republicans ever get bored of bible thumping and repeating themselves, being whiny losers that never practicing what they preach. Always using the bible to advance their selfish causes and tell others what to do, while ignoring things that are inconvenient.. like how it’s easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. On the same page that it says no gays, it also says no trimming of the sides of your beard. It also says judge not lest ye be judged. I think Walt is painted into a corner, uh-oh! Careful guys, a cornered animal is dangerous. Open a window and get a broom.

    Oh, or as he would say, I’ll be swimming in a lake of fire.. or some sh*t. Sodomy is awesome! I guess he’s never tried it, LOL. Ya have to feel bad for those people wasting their lives on a book. I wouldn’t care if they weren’t such pushy bastards.

  • ron jones

    Victoria Jackson NEVER had any talent. I was always amazed that she had a presence on SNL…she does not even have good comic timing. EVERYTHING she did was always the same. She played ONE looney character! Her limited acting gigs after SNL are laugable (and not in a good way!) Now I find that she also has no sense….too stupid to realize that NO ONE on earth cares what she thinks and studid enough to say such inane things in a public forum. This is, of course, another 3rd rate Hollywood hanger on who is desperately trying to revive a long dead career. This ditzy broad is no lady and she has now twitted herself stupid self into oblivion! Let’s all give thanks for that!!!

    • Ricky

      SNL=Saturday Night LEFT. Has been and always will be.

  • connie ross

    Go Victoria!

  • Margaret Wilkins

    I vannot believe what I am reading here! The disgusting hate-filled vitriol that is published here is mind boggling.
    Firstly I was brought up believing in Christianity and this hate is NOT part of the teachings of Christ!
    Having read the crap spewed forth by Victoria Jackson and her ‘believers;, it stikes me that this woman is suffering from some kind of INSIGNIFICANCE disease and would do Anything to get her name out there and noticed! No way is this person going to the same heaven I am! What happened to ‘love thy neighbour’? I am so glad I don’t live in your country, at least here in Australia we are not subjected to this kind of hate rantings!

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