Valerie Plame: Hillary Clinton is Similar to FDR

    May 27, 2014
    Mike Tuttle
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“Republicans clearly see her as the biggest threat to a Republican victory in 2016. They’re going to throw everything at her. And they’ve already started with Karl Rove’s vicious and vile attacks about her mental well-being.”

Last week, after a fund-raising event in Santa Fe, N.M. for the Super PAC Ready for Hillary, former CIA agent Valerie Plame, also known as Valerie Plame Wilson, spoke of her support for Hillary Clinton and what she could bring to the presidential table.

Since 2003 when Plame was “outed” from the CIA after journalist Robert Novak revealed her identify as a CIA operative, Plame has lived in New Mexico with her husband and children and has written a best-selling memoir, Fair Game, which, in combination with her husband’s book, was adapted into a major Hollywood film starring Naomi Watts and Sean Penn.

Now, along with writing a new spy thriller novel, the 50-year old is setting her sights on supporting Clinton’s possible presidential run.

When asked if Clinton is aware of Plame’s support in Ready for Hillary, Plame said, “I imagine she does. I dare say Hillary Clinton has many, many friends. But she has to know that we’re engaged. She was very kind to us when Joe and I went through the darkest days of the leak of my name in 2003. And of course Joe worked in the Clinton White House.”

However, Plame says that she doesn’t have any inside information as to whether Clinton will run for president or not. “I really think that she is still weighing the pros and the cons. Like anyone else she’s human and probably wakes up one day convinced and then the next day not so sure,” Plame said, but added that it’s pretty obvious that Hillary is waiting to make any sort of announcement until after midterms.

Plame did go on to speak about a few of Clinton’s platforms, such as Zero to Five education and pre-K, adding that Jeb Bush has also been a strong voice in this initiative, and Clinton’s call to action for women at the 1996 Beijing women’s conference.

“I’m at the Santa Fe Institute right now,” Plame said. “There are lots of nuclear scientists here, and I can tell you it doesn’t take one to figure out that women empowerment in terms of education and opportunity around the world make the world a better place.”

When asked by ABC whom she would compare Hillary to, Plame said that “FDR comes to mind.”

“She gets down into the nuts and bolts and figures out ‘what’s the policy, what’s the substance?'” adding that “even those that hate Hillary admit she is a work horse and not a show horse.”

But if Hillary doesn’t run? Who would Plame support then?

“I think someone like Elizabeth Warren,” she said. “She’s awfully articulate and very attractive. And there is a strong populist feel through the nation right now. And she taps into that.”

Plame’s first spy novel, Blowback, written with mystery writer Sarah Lovett, was released in October 2013.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • rulegal

    Hillary is no FDR! Liberal idiotic idea.

    • wifenum2

      Describe for me what Liberal idiotic idea is or just what you describe as Liberal idiotic. In my mind their are not idiots but the Conservative idea: two wars that were not affordable, giving the wealthiest the biggest tax breaks idiotic ideas come to my mind.

  • Richard

    The only thing that Hillary has in common with FDR is that they were both born on this planet. Just another article trying to get the Democratic masses to rally behind her in 2016. As a democrat this makes me feel like I want to jump ship. The last our country needs is another Clinton in the WH.

    • wifenum2

      Well the last people we need is another Bush above all. Do you not remember the good economic times and what exactly happened with our economy when a Bush took office from a Clinton?

  • Whodo

    There is one great big difference, Hillary is brain dead and married to Bill (Cigar man) Clinton.

    • Scamuel

      He AKA Blow Job Billy Clinton and Slick Willie Clinton!

      • wifenum2

        Possibly are you jealous?

    • wifenum2

      Big deal I am sure he is not the only man that has used a cigar!! Hillary is no where brain dead in fact the people that accuse her of that are really mature people. I doubt if those people could have been a U.S. Senator or Sec, of State. Hillary lets go!!

      • JanisL

        The list of Republican Cheaters club members far exceeds the Democratic one, ahem! You know the old GOP saying, if a woman has enough HAIR, adultery is OK. haha

  • Whodo

    Hillary has yet to answer for her role in the debacle in Benghazi! Lives were lost because of her incompetence.

    • Scamuel

      Hillybilly and Benghazi Barry Obumma are going to together screw the Dimmocraps over this year and in 2016!

      • wifenum2

        Doubt it because people will remember what the Republican party stands for: NOTHING but the wealthy and big corporations. The rest of us are left out.

    • wifenum2

      Lets here what those that accuse could have done to stop Benghazi!! A better tactic would have been less obstructionism and more actual work to help instead of being a problem.

  • Scamuel

    Plame be fulla of Muslim Shiite!!

  • Hoppytoo

    Oh, Lord, help us.

  • hammersmith

    We do need a new FDR. Obama didn’t rise to the occasion, either by not being strong enough, or simply the circumstances he inherited.

    • wifenum2

      He is strong enough but lets talk about the Congress and their great approval rating. What do they actually do that you would call an accomplishment? NOTHING!! but have the best health insurance, best working hours, a huge decorating allowance….the list goes on and on.

  • JanisL

    I daresay she can be equated with Eleanor Roosevelt, a dynamo in her own right! I detect the green-eyed monster already plagueing our Republican friends! Snark.