Utah Police Officer Kills Family, Then Himself

    January 18, 2014
    Tina Volpe
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There are no answers today as to why a healthy 34-year-old police officer killed his wife, his two children, and his mother-in-law before turning the gun on himself.

The gruesome murders were not discovered until Joshua Boren didn’t show up for his night shift at the nearby Lindon Police Department, authorities said.

Boren was an officer with this small Utah police department who had complained previously about marital problems. Spanish Fork Lt. Matthew Johnson said the couple had been experiencing marital problems in the past few months, but co-workers say Boren appeared upbeat and didn’t show signs of distress before the killings.

Officers were sent to check on Boren when he didn’t show up for work. Officers said lights were on, but nobody answered. When the officers looked through windows they saw blood and shell casings in the living room of the home, and knew something was terribly wrong.

When officers entered they discovered Boren’s mother-in-law, Marie King, 55, dead in one of the bedrooms, while Joshua Boren and his immediate family were all in the next bedroom.

The other victims of this murder/suicide were then identified as Joshua’s wife, Kelly Boren age 32, his son Joshua “Jaden” Boren, age 7 and daughter, Hayley Boren, age 5.

“There were no warning signs,” Johnson said, adding that police had never been called to the home. “This was a total shock to everyone.”

Police stated they did not find a suicide note and had no information that led to these shootings.

The small town of Spanish Fork is home to about 36,000 people and sits about 9 miles south of Provo, Utah.

Boren worked for the Utah County Sheriff’s Office for seven years before he was hired by the Lindon Police Department in October. Sources said he was hired out of more than 70 other applicants.

“His conduct, behavior and professionalism were exemplary,” Lindon Police Chief Cody Cullimore said in a statement. “We are working closely with the Spanish Fork Police Department to investigate and hopefully come to an understanding of this tragic occurrence.”

The Lindon Police Department employs approximately 15 uniformed officers and patrols a city of about 10,000 people.

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  • The Anwer

    The answer is that people who go into law enforcement are often crazy. Police officers have the highest rate of domestic abuse out of all the professions in this world. No one talks about this or even covers it. If you are a woman and want to get beat, marry a cop. Their rates are much higher than even combat soldiers. Fundamentally, it is because they A) are control freaks, B) paranoid and C) view people a less than them. Research domestic violence issues. The sad part is that the number of cases are probably under-reported because you have to go to the cops to report domestic violence.

    • @The Answer

      I agree. Cops talk about evidence. Well lets look at the evidence against the police. America locks up the most people in the world. We have the highest numbers of victimless crimes. We are constantly hearing about prisoner abuse in our prisons. We constantly see police abuse in the public. In fact, this very website had two stories about police abuse earlier this week. One story was about a homeless man getting killed by a cop. Then we have this story.

      People need to stop believing that nonsense they see on TV about cops. TV is flooded with shows that glorify cops. The reality is that those shows are not even close to being like reality. We have a problem with police in this nation.

  • Bill Johnson

    “The Answer” is absolutely spot on. My father retired a police lieutenant from a major metropolitan city in 1983. His generation of police officers found the majority to be gentlemen with a degree of humility who wanted to help people. Sadly, those cops are long gone. Now the majority of police officers should be going to Tough Guys Anonymous. They’re mostly fake tough guys who couldn’t lick a postage stamp under normal conditions. Many of them are on steroids and are avid weightlifters. Their outrageous salaries here range from $90,000 — $200,000 yearly for mostly riding around & finding a place to hide. That’s not a misprint. Their hardest job is keeping a straight face while robbing Joe & Mary Taxpayer. There was a sea change sometime after the 1960’s. I was always pro-cop because I was raised in a cop family and was always around them. I never thought I’d say this but today I hate cops. Especially, state troopers. They are far and away the worst of the worst. True, true brownshirts.

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