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By: Mike Sachoff - July 5, 2010

The U.S. General Services Administration has launched a newly redesigned featuring new mobile applications and better search functionality.

"Revamped with direct input from the public, leverages cutting-edge technology to provide faster, easier, more innovative government services directly to the American people," said Dave McClure, GSA Associate Administrator of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies.

"Through mobile apps, citizens can leverage government information to make decisions affecting their daily lives, whether checking airport wait times in line at the airport or scanning a bar code at their local store to check for food and product recalls."


USAgov’s new search engine, powered by Bing, is nine times faster than the previous website and helps users navigate through government information with "related search-as-you-type" function.

Initially featuring 17 mobile applications, said it plans to expand the number and invites the public to share feedback on app they find useful by using government information available on and

The mobile apps gallery features product recalls, U.S. Postal Service tools, U.S. Transportation Security Administration’s MyTSA, Mobile, National Institutes of Health’s mobile MedLine Plus and body mass indicator calculator, Environmental Protection Agency’s ultraviolet index, U.S. Department of Agriculture’s My Food-a-Pedia, National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s alternative fuel station locator and, Department of State’s mobile and U.S. embassy locator, EPA Mobile, FBI’s most wanted, Federal Emergency Management Agency mobile, NASA app, and Veterans Affairs mobile. provides information from and links to more than 10,000 pages of federal, state, and local government information. Information on student loans, child care, small business licensing regulations, visa information, and more are available through the website.


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    Does anybody know on which OS or for which smartphones the application has be generated?
    The report didn’t mention it.

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