Unborn Baby’s Fingernail Collapses Mother’s Lung

    January 7, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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With the miracle of life comes the inevitability that something could go wrong inside the womb, and there are times when healthy mothers wonder how they got through those nine months unscathed. For one 32-year old mom, something as small as a stray fingernail or hair from one of her in-utero twins was enough to nearly cause her death.

Angela Cottam’s lungs collapsed after she suffered severe internal bleeding, and with five weeks left of her pregnancy, she delivered her daughters prematurely. The babies had to be resuscitated immediately, and Cottam needed seven pints of blood, 22 transfusions, and spent 12 hours in a coma. Doctors say that an errant part of one of the babies was the culprit–either a hair or fingernail–and must have passed into her bloodstream, causing all kinds of chaos in her body.

Cottam says that after her recovery, she realizes just how close all three of them came to death and has had a hard time dealing with it.

“There are moments when I’ve been on my own and I’ve had a little cry and thought ‘What if?’ But I try not to dwell on that and just thank my lucky stars the doctors and midwives on duty that day recognised what was happening. Knowing that I almost died has changed my perspective on life, I’m more laid back and I am enjoying being a mum more than ever because I know we were so close to losing so much,” she said.

Mom and baby girls are recovering and are expected to be just fine after the ordeal.

  • http://yahoo givecreditwherecreditisdue

    What do I think? I think it is absolutely disgusting that this mother did not give the credit to whom it should have went to, and that is GOD! Ultimately, it was up to Him if her twins and herself were going to live or not. What is she talking about, lucky stars? These ignorant fools will thank anyone and everyone but who they should be thanking. This changed her perspective on life, how? It sounds like she still has no clue of what life is really about. Hopefully, in her laid back time, she will start expanding her thoughts beyond her immediate self and recognize the Lord as who blessed her babies and herself with continued life. I am happy for her that they are all ok. Thank GOD!

    • bob

      Shut up, you sound like a clown.

      • R

        See what you did Bob. You took all the glory of the story and drew attention to yourself. Was that your intention?

        • R

          Sorry Bob that comment was meant for the original poster

        • R

          Sorry Bob my comment was meant for the original poster

    • idontbelieveingod

      you are an idiot. modern medicine saved her and her babies lives.

    • WNYGoo

      You’re joking, right? Ignorant fools is what I call someone who believes in made up zombie over science and medicine.

    • R

      It is not for us to judge on who she thanks. She is greatful reguardless and joyful in life. So I ask is that what Jesus would have said? Shame on you for not behaving in a way God would have wanted you to…….

    • umreally

      Seriously who are you to judge someone’s view of the world. First the article said absolutely nothing about this woman’s religious perspective. Secondly, it is none of your concern. Being judgemental and preachy is no way to win followers to a cause, a religion, or an ideal. You just want to complain about someone else to make yourself feel closer to your god. If you have to do that to be a good whatever-you-are than i want no part of it.

    • Suz

      What about the doctors who spent years learning the skills to perform the operation needed to save the mother and twins, and yes we should give thanks to God for guiding their hands.

    • Jean Marie Hudson

      My thoughts exactly. You put it so well. The derogatory comments — don’t let them bother you. They will find out the truth someday.

    • Michelle

      It is absolutely none of your business whether she believes in God, or if she decides to thank him. None. She and her children survived. If you want to thank God, then go for it. That doesn’t mean she has to. But please don’t try and force people to believe what you believe. It makes you look like a fool. The Bible does not say that you have to choke the life out of every conversation with your thoughts on God. What is DOES say is that only God can judge someone’s actions. And as I’m doubting that you’re the second coming of Christ, you’re not exactly following the words that you so deeply cherish, are you?

    • http://yahoo Christine

      Too many people who call themselves “Christians” are too judgemental. Stop telling other people how to talk and believe. I AM a Christian, but it’s because of those “Christians” who go to church every Sunday, and then get out and steal, fornicate, cheat on their husbands and wives, etc. etc. that make me sick. Stop telling others how to believe. God sorts it out. You don’t have to (nor is it your business to do so).

      • http://yahoo Christine

        Besides, people, I don’t see where this story is about God. You’re missing the point.

        • Kay

          Christine, this is the internet, lol, be glad they aren’t going off on Obama.

  • Sophia Jackson

    That is so true. All creditshould be given to the most High God. In Him is the beginning and ending of life. She should be praying constantly over those baby girls as they are indeed blessings from God. This is divine intervention. Never before have I heard of such things happening and the fact that all three are alive is more than enough to give God thanks for. I trust and pray that she will see the necessity to instil Godly practices into these little girls life from now as they have been ordained to be on this earth in such a time as this.

  • http://webpronews Cate lynn

    That is really scary. How they can detect the fingernail in the womb and to do that much damage to the lung. Not only does the guy above sound like a clown, he is a biblethumper and needs to save it for church.

    • Capiscan

      This article is really poorly written. I googled it and the mother got amniotic fluid in her bloodstream during the delivery. She actually had an embolism which caused her lungs(both!) to collapse.

      I couldn’t figure out how a fingernail or hair strand could get past the placenta. Easy. It didn’t.

  • A.R.

    thanking lucky stars and everybody else except for the one that gives life and takes it away: Almighty God!UNBELIEVABLE! thank you, God for your mercy!

  • http://webpronews cate lynn

    The guy above really is a clown. God did not save them, modern medicine did you moron. If there was a god, we would not be suffering like most of us are around the world. So save your biblethumping for church. I am happy that the mother and twins are doing good.

    • I believe

      We suffer because God gave us Freedom of choose. He does not control us. If you follow him you will be rewarded in heaven if you chose not to follow him you won’t be rewarded.. It is the people that choose not to follow him that do the bad things and unfortunately those bad things happen to good people. As for modern medicine god gave them the brains to do so…

  • Mrs. P

    These comments are hysterical! You guys all need to get a life. As for this story … just another reason not to have kids.

    • Elizabeth Young

      You are a sick person hope u don’t have kids or they would grow up to be ignorant just like you. If you have nothing good to say about the goodness of what happened STFU!!!

      • Lindsey

        Elizabeth Young- No you need to STFU and there was no goodness out of a woman almost dying. People who do not want kids have the right of opinion just like you do. Perhaps your brats are just as ignorant as your are. Not all people think kids are the center of the world. I know I don’t.

  • OkButGiveYourGodAllTheCredit

    If you’re going to insist your god be given credit for saving the mother and babies, then you must also give him credit for allowing them to suffer while he plays the evil game of “Will I let you live or die, and how long will I allow you to suffer?”

    You must give your god the credit for all the disease, natural disasters, rapes, murders, torture, and any other bad thing that happens because you said it’s up to your god to decide when these things happen.

    Only an ignorant fool would worship a sadistic, twisted puppetmaster like that. That’s religion you’re spouting, not God.

    • Elizabeth Young

      Gods not the only one that has any power. Satan is there right along with him. Cant have one without the other. Read the Bible!!

      • OkButGiveYourGodAllTheCredit

        So Satan has more power than your god? You can’t have it both ways – your god is either totally in control, or he isn’t.

    • I believe

      Yes I do believe God for all these things. God can not be everywhere. Bad things happen because there are bad people in the world and I believe in God just as I believe in the Devil and because I believe in the devil bad things happen. Tell me this if people don’t believe in God then why do they celebrate christmas as I have some friends who don’t believe in god but still celebrate which makes no sense to me.. You have the right to believe what you want just as I have the right to believe what I want that is why we have freedom of religion.. God does not control everything he sits back and watches and judges as it is not up to me to be the judge it is up to him so if you chose not to believe good for you but I choose to believe…

    • ACatholic

      @ OkButGiveYourGodAllTheCredit:

      First of, you must be an athiest to be so ignorant in religion. You can’t simply understand it because aparently your version of “God” didn’t give you the knowledge to do so. What a shame right?
      First of, I’m a Catholic, and this to ME, get it, I hope you do. Is a wonderful example of our living God and how he makes miracles every day. This woman is happy and thankful, it doesn’t matter to whom or what, for giving her the opportunity to survive. Religion is to everyone what they believe. It doesn’t matter what anyone believes in, the point of religion is to feed the spirit and keep it hopeful.
      Second. My God, the God that I know and worship, is not evil. He created good. Not evil. Evil deviated from good. And just as God exist to me and other people, He gives us hope that good will prevail one way or the other. Despite natural disasters, good comes out, example: Katrina, many people helped those in need.

      One more thing. If you’re gonna post something about religion and God. Don’t be so pathetic to sound and make yourself look stupid. At least get informed before you comment.

      • OkButGiveYourGodAllTheCredit


        I have no problem at all with God. I have a major problem with religion.

  • Elizabeth Young

    WOW!!!!! Its amazing what all can go wrong when you are pregnent and yet we still have the ‘balls’ to do it. My youngest was born still born and I think GOD everyday for giving the doctors the knowledge and the knowhow to bring him back. I give thanks everyday that I get to hold my now almost 2 year old. Thank god everyday for them beautiful babies that GOD seen fit to let you keep and let you live to raise them. PRAY DAILY!!! It works. My kid is living breathing proof!!!

  • Lee

    Thank God for His protection (yes, and for modern medicine) – It amazes me that both her and her babies survived.

    • Diana Spencer

      What the hell does God have to do with this? It was the DOCTORS that saved all the lives!

      • Kay

        For all you know the doctor is thanking God for his success in saving her. Cussing and using caps isn’t necessary, believe what you will and let others do the same.

      • Paco Taco

        A D-Bag you are….

  • Teresa

    It is so sad that in a society where everyone is different and peoples beliefs are different that people still argue over the dumbest things! Geez! If the guy wants to believe his GOD helped in this situation than let him. If you think modern science saved her than believe that. But quit acting like a bunch of school yard bullies and leave each other alone. This story was about a mother and her babies!! Get a life!!

    • mindy

      Thankyou. I am agnostic, but I am always considerate to those that can believe. What matters is if someone is a caring,considerate person, regardless of their beliefs. What matters is life and how you choose to live it. Just be human towards each other and stop behaving as uncivilized animals.

  • Heather

    My goodness people. Really. Just realize how short life is, versus fighting whoever who should get credit. How someone who almost died after the birth of my twins to a disorder called HELLP Syndrome. I thank God and the medical teams of Johns Hopkins Hospital and St. Joseph Medical Center in Maryland. They saved my life and the life of my twins. Birth and life are miracle. And that is what she discussed. Not fighting over stuff. Get a life. I am so happy that this woman gets to live another day to see and watch her twins grow.

  • SueB

    It amazes me that nearly every story has the usual “God vs. No God” comments. You don’t know the whole story of whether she said “thank god” at some point and it wasn’t reported, whether she believes in a god of any sort (or just says thank god out of habit). If you believe then YOU thank whatever god you believe in and don’t worry about it. Be happy that the woman and her babies survived and they are together. Or ignore it and walk on. I was raised Baptist, and I don’t recall a scripture that said “you shalt go forth and browbeat all others who do not believe/speak/act as you do” or anything remotely like that. In fact, as I recall my teachings, bullying behavior like some of the comments on here is exactly the opposite of Christian behavior.

    • http://att Cathy

      I agree,”judge not less ye be judge” only God has that right not us and you should not mis quote what is in the bible. That was a horrible way of putting anything. God bless her and her baby girls. He watches over all of us.

    • Ami

      thank you.

  • Yesyou

    It must have had fingernails like that baby in the 1974 movie “It’s Alive.”

  • Eyelers

    I worked at a doctors office, and he had a sign that read, ” God does all the work, I just collect the payment” Hahaha . .

  • http://www.webpronews.com/unborn-babys-fingernail-collapses-mothers-lung-2013-01 Terese

    I BELIEVE and am glad I do !!! Maybe a few of you might need God for something someday? trust me he will still be there for those unbelievers, I am just happy this women and her two precious little girls were saved.

  • streetwit

    Thank-God for his mercy in allowing them to live for now, as the death senctence was pronounced on man in the Garden. Man chose to sin, and those wages are death. No one is promised another day and in His mercy to give them time to repent and turn to Him, He should be praised and thanked. Pray they all will come to see His mercy, repent of their own sinful nature, they too, are born into, soon and have eternal life and also a life filled with rewards on judgement day. If we’ve lied even once, looked with lust, dishonored parents, blasphemed, we must turn to him with nothing but that plate of sin and trade it for Jesus’ righteousness (propitiation, Rom. 5). Best deal on the face of the earth. No one will see the kingdom without this, and salvation is OF the LOrd. Only He can make on born-again and He will only upon Godly contrition of sin. Then he will reveal himself to you. IT is not blind assurance.

  • Lila

    One of the reasons why I will not do a at-home birth.

  • Ali

    this is so NOT what i needed to be seeing, being pregnant for the first time. ugh.

    • LuvLeeRita

      :) You’ll be fine. My sister had twelve kids, I’ve had two of my own. What happened to that poor unfortunate woman was one in a million. Positive thoughts and blessings to you.

      • Marla

        An occurrence like this is relatively rare, so try to keep that in mind. Enjoy your pregnancy and think positive.

        • lyz

          Its actually 1 in 80,000

        • lyz

          But stay positive.. youll be fine :)

    • Melissa

      Awww hunny, nothing to worry about. This is a freak thing. You are good, and so is the babe 😉 Don’t worry! Good luck!!!

    • pia

      Don’t let all of these naysayers make you worry too much during the most beautiful part of your life- you may manifest problems that weren’t there already from the stress of freaking out over you-don’t-know-what. Take your vitamins, don’t smoke, and relax. And keep your ob visits. If there IS something wrong, which is not probable in most pregnancies, there is most likely nothing you can do about it anyway. So relax and have a healthy pregnancy and thusly a healthy baby. AND DON’T LISTEN TO ANY OLD WIVE’S TALES.

    • Mary K

      It makes the news because it’s so extremely rare. You’ll be fine!

    • Nicole

      I can assure you that this situation is not a common one. While there is always the chance that something could go wrong in any pregnancy, most women who recieve regular medical check-ups will have relatively uneventful births. This situation could have been caused by anything from a mild trama to the mother, something she may not even have thought would be an issue, to there being a genatic flaw with her ability to produce a healthy plecenta. I personally know of a woman who contracted a clod late in her pregnancy and ended up with a couple of broken ribs, simply because she coughed and the baby kicked at the same time. No two pregnancies are the same and as I said before, there is always the chance that some minor thing can happen. That is why it is important to stay informed about what is expected ( as long as you keep in mind that every pregnacy is not ‘textbook’), have a good birthing team behind you, and to enjoy the whole process while it is happening. I am sure that you will be just fine, and wish you the best of luck with your first birth.

  • Doreen

    In America today, twins are being killed in their mother, and it’s called “Choice”. I wish all babies were allowed to be born. My brother’s wife’s pediatrician wanted to kill their baby because Robert had Down’s. And the pediatrician did eventually win, and Robert died. (He was murdered before birth)

    • B.Joe

      If you can afford + support all your financial burden,you should have the right to have your newborn.If you can’t you should’nt have the choice.Too many couples are depending on government charity which just is’nt feasable anymore..sorry.

    • Ami

      while i understand your feelings and agree with you about it being wrong, i have to say that i don’t see what this has to do with this article. it’s about something that happened by accident, not something the mother tried to do to there kids. i am sorry for your loss, though. my prayers are with you in that respect.

    • Alaira

      To Doreen and anybody else responding on pregnancy/children topics OTHER than this particular type of situation/topic: And by this, I mean a pregnancy medical issue where there is no control by the parent. This aticle is NOT about abortion or state aid for parents with kids. Go to an anti-abortion/welfare website to vent your opinions.

      • Merri B

        AMEN to that, Alaira. People are absolutely raging over things having nothing whatsoever to do with the article. The article had to do with a freakish event that was beyond anyone’s control, no one did anything wrong, the medical personnel worked furiously to save the babies and mother, and they all survived. NO ONE MURDERED ANYONE OR WENT ON THE PUBLIC DOLE. There are other blogs for that.

    • Chloe

      Doctors cannot force an abortion. It was her choice and most likely a correct one. A child with Down’s will lead a very difficult life. It does not become an actual “murder” unless it is human which is highly unlikely because a doctor allowed the abortion. It is not considered human in the early stages of pregnancy because it cannot survive on its own. This decision is not yours to make but for everyone else. What if it were a rapist’s baby? Incest? Or any other reason… it’s the mother’s business and hers alone. She’s the one that’s going to carry the child for ten months and then raise it. What about her life? PROABORTION.

  • helen

    thats scary. My son was born with a tooth. I guess I was lucky it was still in mouth & not my lung.

  • mo garcia

    This complication is a result of an injudicious use of pitocin. The postpartum hemorrhage is also a result of too much pitocin used during labor. Obviously this woman’s labor was mismanaged by the same doctors who played heroics with her life.

    It is called iatrogenesis.

    • Sara

      She reportedly had to deliver five weeks early and the babies were underdeveloped. Pitocin is a drug used to induce labor, it is highly unlikely that it was used.

      • Capiscan

        She was induced.

    • blessed2do

      You are so right, they gave me too much of it at my daughters birth and I almost bled to death. I am suffering right now with Sheehann’s Syndrome because of it. I never fully recovered. I wish more people knew about this. Thank you for being being so forthcoming!

    • Cindy

      You have to remember that the unborn fetus is attached to the mother through the umbilical cord and the placenta. It circulates the fluid in the amniotic fluid and it brings nourishment to the fetus from the mother so that is probably how the fingernail or hair go into the mother’s bloodstream and traveled to her lungs. And yes there is a God. He is a spiritual being. You don’t need scientific proof. Seek Him and get to know him for yourself and He will reveal himself to you in the spirit. Psalms 145.18 The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth.

  • Capiscan

    So how did the fingernail or hair get out of the placenta?

  • lisaeliliz

    It is amazing what women go through to give life!!! females are the most amazing beings in nature, like a miracle…

  • Chloe

    How do we know that a God really exists? We DON’T. People who devout themselves entirely to religion and do not look at the possible lies are ignorant and in denial. The percentage of atheists are increasing worldwide, much more than there has ever been. Where’s the scientific proof that a god really exists?! Nada.

    • Merri B

      What in the world does your rant have to do with the article?? I think you’re on the wrong blog.

      • Alexis

        I agree with Merri hahaha

        and its people like Chloe who make our world so negative and ignorant. There doesnt have to be scientific proof to know that God is real. Keep your nasty comments to yourself.

        • Tammy McMurray

          You are on the wrong website. Chloe–SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!

      • http://digitaltunes Collossal Collinss

        Where is the scientific proof that GOD does not exist

    • Micaela

      although i’m an atheist and i agree with you, i don’t think that entirely relevant to this article…

    • http://yahoo h. ann

      CHLOE I so agree with you and if anybody is being nasty it’s alexis . believe what you want and don’t condemn those that don’t believe your version . please Alexis if your god created the world he sure screwed up when he created people , he should have stopped when he was ahead ….

    • Bonnie

      Where’s there scientific proof that GOD (singular, THE not “a”) doesn’t exist?
      Just because there are lots more atheists today than there ever has been doesn’t mean that GOD doesn’t exist, it just means there are a lot more ignorant people period.
      It isn’t only people who “devote themselves eitnrely to religion” who believe in GOD, but lots of other people who believe in GOD too.
      the people who have the need to have to see,touch, or whatever t believe in something are the ignorant ones, and I feel sorry for them!
      So, tell me, how do you know you “evolved” from some one celled organism? Did you READ it somewhere, did a scientist tell you and that’s why you believe it? And, if that’s the case, why aren’t we still evolving into somethind other than what we are?

      No matter what, it’s no different the way you believe really, than how those of us who believe in GOD think, so, if you prefer to believe in that way, you can.

      • Amanda Guarneri

        Bonnie, just because someone is an aetheist does not make them ignorant. Just because someone choses to be religious, that doesn’t make them ignorant either. What DOES make someone ignorant is generalizing an entire group of people based on their beleifs AND trying to force your beliefs onto others.

    • Amanda Guarneri

      Chloe – actually I do agree with you in one way. There is no way to prove there is a God. But, if some people want to believe then that is up to them. The only time I have a problem with it is when they try to shove their beliefs down my throat. HOWEVER – this has NOTHING to do with this article! So what, exactly, is your point??

    • Sam.I.am

      F*** You Go Get A Life You Fata**.All of a sudden you chose what people believe in?

    • Clyde F

      It seems as though you are trying to push your “beliefs” on people who in NO way asked for them……. Sounds like some other group I know of. Can you guess who?

      Let me know if you need a hint lol

    • Deborah

      Give me scientific prof that air exists seeing isn’t believing sweet heart. I know what I believe in and what you believe in is all your own. But that was a miracle that something higher then us had to have preformed.

    • Angela

      Everything is proving that there is God, even science does. Talk with doctors that do surgeries day-in and day-out; analyse your own body. If you would not have a capability of thinking, you would not be so ignorant, so thank God for your brain, and hopefully one day it will help you see HIS existence.

    • Wrig2253

      All I have to say is that when time is over and you are standing before God you can’t say “okay now I believe”. Would you rather believe in something now and have your soul saved for eternity or believe in nothing and be damned to hell for eternity. It is all about BELIEVING!!

    • Rick Cross

      Chloe, the percentage of pedophiles, rapists and murders are increasing too. Does that make it right?

  • evee

    OK Cloe explain how you got here!!!!!!!!!!

  • Barbie

    Chloe, are you ok? You appear extremely bitter. And on the wrong blog. Jesus will make you better if you let Him.

  • Marge

    God gave us free will. How we use that free will is up to us. Only God can judge

  • Tyrone Jackson


  • http://yahoo.com James

    This article proves god does exist. The sperm and egg may make a baby but that does not give it a soul that comes from the big guy upstairs. God is all around you and will always be.

    Keep your negativity to yourself because this talk is just depressing to the world and has nothing to do with the article.

  • http://www.baleeladujuliana.wordpress.com Baridakara

    there is God. Period. I am a believer

  • Pk

    The article proves Mankind is capable of handling the vagaries of nature…. if this had been in the middleages all 3 would be dead. Kudos doctors and Mankind.

  • joseph

    Thats why its called “Allopathic” or western medicine. Its greek for “heroic”. Only bad part is that “Heroic medicine” on the grand scale does more harm than good. All the while doctors in white coats pat each other on the back and bask in the general public putting them on a pedestal for being a “hero”. 22 blood transfusions……the lady probably has HepB, AIDS, or some other nasty disease that will manifest itself long down the road now.

    • Tim

      joseph you are a fool.

    • te

      22 blood transfusions? That in itself can cause problems. There are a lot of doctors doing bloodless procedures now and patients are thriving better.

  • Angela

    I beleive in God however working in healthcare I have seen the impossible happen..thankfully this is also the beauty of the advances in medicine…lets give credit to both…and leave the prochoice and proabortion comments out of the arena no one should judge someone unless they have walked in their shoes..i am prolife in the beleif in the aspect that i believe that ALL life begins at conception..but i am also an angel mom who has lost a child at 25 weeks..though i eould give anything to have her…I know rationally that her life would have been a poss. short one and she would have been a very sick child…that being said congrats to the mom and to the doctors that were able to save this womans life

  • andrea


  • miriam hopper

    Wow, So glad to see that the little girl was given the respect of being called a baby, and not a fetus! Is that because she lived? Life itself is a miracle, and we all came here the same way.

  • mr.sir


  • VJ

    Kudos to God. If it had not been for God putting everything in the earth for us to discover there would be no electricity, technology medicine, hospitals, equipment, machines etc. And it is God who places in us a sense to discover.

  • matt

    jesus freak calm down. it was the doctor that did the work not some fake ass god

  • GrannySue

    Hmmm… Did I miss something here? New medical break-thru perhaps?

    If certain chemicals in blood cannot pass the placenta into the baby’s bloodstream – presumably because they are too large – how the HECK is a bit of fingernail, or even a hair going to get through it?? After all, it is the placenta that the umbilical cord is attached to, which is in turn attached to the inside of the uterus – with only ONE exit.

    Hair and baby nails are not like the copper rods from the old style IUDs that used to pierce the uterus. So. What are these doctors on – and Mommy better get a second opinion on this one.

    I smell an early retirement for Mom and a fully paid for college education for two VERY lucky little girls!

    • JanRan

      I agree with Granny Sue, it does sound a little strange.

      • Svetlana Safronova

        I am totally agree with your statement.

  • Ashley Whalen

    Well i hope for a bettter future and NO MORE CLOSE CALLS ,God bless all three of you and the rest of your family ,and enjoy thise little princess’.

  • Ashley Whalen

    Godbless all three of you ,I pray that you all have no more close calls and you enjoy your two Princess’.

  • http://www.yahoo.com Lashae

    Neither of yawl should be commenting on this saying nothing !

    LAme MF

  • http://www.divinebabies.wordpress.com Grace

    This does not make sense at all. As a doula and midwifery student, I am nearly 100% certain that there is no way an unborn baby’s fingernail would ever reach a mother’s nails (nor would it be sharp enough, having been immersed in water for its whole life, to puncture a lung). It’s physiologically impossible. The baby would have to rip through the amniotic sac, through the uterus, and reach through half a dozen organs to reach mother’s lungs, and the other option (through the placenta?) is also impossible. The placenta is attached to baby via the umbilical cord, and there’s no way for a fingernail to enter the cord’s blood, nor would that nail reach the lung after going through the filter of the placenta. If the cord takes surgical scissors to cut outside of the womb, how would a soaking wet baby’s fingernail ever get through it? I call fake on this story.

    PS. If you want to make up a story to make people say “WOAH!” and frequent your site, you may want to do some research on the subject first so you can actually make it somewhat believable.

    • EL

      Other article mention she had amniotic fluid embolism, which can cause hair, fingernails, or anything else to pass through the bloodstream from the placenta bed, which causes an allergic reaction.

      • http://www.divinebabies.wordpress.com Grace

        Yes, I was actually wanting to amend my comment here, since another site explained it much better as a fluid embolism, which makes much more sense than what is described here. A more thorough explanation (including quotes from docs and mom) would have made this much more believable. The way this article is written implies something totally different than what actually happened.

  • June

    There are no such things as “lucky stars”, only God and his grace. Without that none of us would be here, including doctors. I have 2 law degrees and I believe a divine creator made us all. BTW, I suffered a stroke in 2011 and doctors nearly killed me by misdiagnosing me with a “complex migraine”, doping me up with morphine, and trying to send me home. They are far from perfect, but in this case, thank God their training and wisdom prevailed.