UFO Sighting In Wee Hours New Years Eve – California

    January 3, 2014
    Tina Volpe
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You have to wonder about the condition of the people who think they saw a UFO in the wee hours of New Years Eve. But before doubt sets in, to their credit, there were people in several cities who saw the same lights. Could this be the real thing?

ABC News reported on January 3rd that air authorities have confirmed that there wasn’t any “unusual flight activity” so that might mean that the people who were seeing lights, could have really been seeing something in the form of an alien space craft.

“I seen like six bright orange colored lights. They were almost like in a diamond or triangle shape. It was weird. And so they started just separating,” said Kaye Pinlac who took video on his iPhone. Others reported seeing similar lights in the sky but it was the way that the lights moved, witnesses said, that suggested these weren’t fizzled fireworks or falling stars.

The cities that have claimed seeing these “strange lights” were Stockton, Sacramento and Auburn. Reports from all the people who called in or were interviewed claim to have seen something similar: Hovering lights in a pattern that moved together like some sort of object in the sky.

“It was bright enough to shine directly through the trees without any problem seeing it. Whatever it was moved up and to the left… It hovered there for probably about 60 seconds, then it took off at a high rate of speed,” Mr. Pinlac added.

What is the most eerie (and almost believable) of all is that these possible UFO sightings came just days after a mysterious crop circle was discovered in the state.

On the other hand, the Quadrantid Meteor Shower had already started on that very night and expected to peak on Thursday night. Could it be the New Year’s celebrations made these meteors just look like UFO’s – surely not everyone was inebriated though.

When you have more than one person seeing the same thing, and something as detailed and intricate as the crop circle that showed up in a farmer’s field – it kind of makes you wonder, and hope, and then wonder some more. Could it really be?

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  • brian chester

    I live in Yuba City, CA it’s a 45min drive to Sacramento, CA. I saw about 10 paper lanterns take off from a house around 11:50pm on New Years Eve. The lanterns flew in the sky with amazing speed(fast as a plane) and similar routes through the sky. They appeared red when at a distance and went where the wind took them which was towards sacramento. Most stayed on the same flight path due to the wind currents they where caught in. The wind gave it the appearance that they would stall & change directions… I believe aliens are out there but this was not the case here… After seeing the public’s & media’s reaction to these flying lanterns I now believe that the Phoenix Lights in Arizona were most likely a group of flying lanterns, which by the way make no sound.

    • @brian

      While I don’t dispute what you are saying about California, the Phoenix lights were not lanterns. Whole communities of people at Little League Baseball games went on record saying they saw a craft. A huge craft. This thing was huge. The freaking governor admitted he saw something huge. The mainstream media wouldn’t cover the eye witness accounts. They never do. They just mock people.

      Also, if you look at the video from the Phoenix lights you will see that all the lights formed a definite outline of a structure. Those would have had to of been some amazingly coordinated lanterns to do that. They also weren’t flares either. Flares and lanterns don’t hold fixed positions.

      • http://sitarjoe.com sitar joe

        for sure. symington wouldnt bullshit about this.

  • adrian

    I live in Daly City, Ca, it was little passed midnight, my family and I stepped outside the house and we noticed an orange ball of light slowly moving across the sky. After about 30 seconds of watching the orb, it slowly faded away into the night sky.

    • ken

      Hey Adrian, I lived in Daly City also. Today is Jan 04 2014. I was playing badminton in my yard with my girlfriend, at 4:36pm i saw an orange ball shape flying object in the sky flying toward pacific ocean. The color is orange because it was a reflection of the sun. At the beginning i thought it was a soccer ball on the sky but it is not falling instead going toward the left side. I rush out to the street and saw it went to the pacific ocean. Aircraft and balloon won’t have that kind of speed. This all happened in 15-20 seconds. Today is not windy and clear sky. I never expected to see something like this…

    • ken

      Hey Adrian, I lived in Daly City also. Today is Jan 04 2014. I was playing badminton in my yard, at 4:36pm i saw an orange ball shape flying in the sky toward pacific ocean. The color is orange because it was a reflection of the sun. At the beginning i thought it was a soccer ball on the sky but it is not falling instead going toward the left side. I rush out and saw it went the pacific ocean. This all happened in 15-20 seconds. Today is not windy and clear sky. I never expect to see thing like this.

  • Shyne_E_Star

    I live in Fresno, CA….. and right when it became the New Year at midnight, my roommate and I went outside in the backyard to hear the fireworks and gunshots, as I was looking up at the night sky, I also saw 3 triangle like dark orange red lights, floating mystically in the air!!! They seperated slowly apart from each other…..I was in aww!! I knew it was not an aircraft or anything like that.

    • TinMan

      I’m guessing you’re a CA HS grad. Just a hunch.

  • http://sitarjoe.com sitar joe

    I guess lanterns made the crop circle in that same area a couple days before these sightings.192 of them, right?

  • http://sitarjoe.com sitar joe

    Disclosure Project folks;Held in Washington DC. Top military , NASA and airline personnel tells it all. You Tube it! You will rethink the whole ET thing after watching retired top ranking officials talk about things that will blow your belief system out of its cradle.

  • W.G.

    UFO sightings on New Years Eve. It must have been the liquid meal they had that caused them to see these objects.

  • mari

    my mother, sister, and brother in law all saw these same lights in new Mexico I thought they were crazy till I saw this

    • Dc51

      I feel ya’ just about 3-4 months ago when I saw 6 orange lights in the sky at night and saw those lights in a straight line and all of a sudden started to separate and float from left to right and back into line then suddenly started to disappear. I met up with my friends right after and told them about the stort but they didn’t believe the story. People got to see themselves to believe… What an irony

  • TinMan

    Any phenomenon that can be explained by floating lanterns is almost certainly just that.

  • Dave

    I live in Sonoma county, NorCal, and we stepped out into our backyard just after midnight to take in the sounds of the fireworks. We were looking southwest and right above the treeline was a reddish, orangish pulsing orb. We thought it might be some sort of “New Years blimp” or something. We were also cold and wanted to get back inside so we didn’t get any pics. But it was there, slowly moving, mostly stationary above the treeline. It had a presence that I can’t describe. Almost like it was alive. Pulsing, and much larger than any celestial body (Sirius or Jupiter). We shrugged it off as anomaly until a couple days later I noticed that many others across the west coast, country and even world saw the same things that night.
    For those saying this was a “Chinese lantern” and being the skeptical discreditor, you are wrong. This was no lantern. Others saw these orbs zoom off at a high rate of speed. Some formed diamonds and triangles with the other orbs. There was intelligence behind them. If y”all think that legit sightings don’t occur, google “1997 Phoenix
    Lights” and enjoy. There was a massive ship spotted that night by the whole city, was that a Chinese lantern too? Lol
    I believe they were showing off, trying to get our attention, wanting us to acknowledge their presence. I think they’re hinting that 2014 might be the year of full gov’t disclosure. Along with the crop circle….interesting times!

    • linda

      I saw 6 of the orangy they were as high as plane it was new year eve at 12:03 here in philadelpha pa I have pictures I ran in got the camra and took them

    • amy

      Im in napa norcal. my son and i also saw what sonoma and others did that night. i also filmed. can see!!!

  • http://www.chrisinnewberg.blogspot.com Christopher Smith

    The government is never going to admit to knowing anything. http://www.chrisinnewberg.blogspot.com

  • http://UFOSightings BECCA

    we must be a very conceited race to think we ARE the only beings in the Universe

  • http://webpronews chris ewing

    what suckers you all are

  • http://webpronews chris ewing

    what suckers you all are

  • Alex

    I saw the EXACT same thing two nights ago over the San Fernando Valley from Sherman Oaks. Then they simply flew directly across the sky vanishing from visibility.
    I was right near van nuys and Burbank airport I could see all the planes clearly as the sky was clear. People let fear trick them into believing what they want. Do not be fooled these are Real! I thought it was all fake as well but when I saw them I thought. ” OMG this it. They’re here and they’re gonna land”. Was quite scary.