Uconn Gunman Commits Suicide Following Standoff

    July 24, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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The Uconn gunman who was spotted on campus Monday afternoon took his own life after a tense all-night standoff with local authorities. After communications broke down with police, the man, whose name has not been released to the public, shot himself on the shoreline near the university. According to reports, no one else was harmed during the incident.

Around 5 p.m. on July 23rd, area police were altered to a peculiar individual lurking near the University of Connecticut’s Avery Point campus. Witnesses claimed the man was armed with some sort of handgun, though his intent was unclear at the time. Upon locating the man’s car around 10 p.m., authorities decided to close down the campus. Students who were attending the oceanography camp at the time were kept under police guard.

The search led police to the shoreline, where they found the individual wielding a handgun. Although authorities attempted to communicate with the man repeatedly during the standoff, he eventually became irritated with the process. As a result, he threw away his cellphone and refused to continue negotiations.

Sadly, things began to worsen as the night progressed. After the man began behaving in an increasingly erratic manner, police tried using non-lethal methods to bring him down. Neither bean bag guns nor flash bombs could make the man surrender his weapon. Just before dawn, the individual turned the gun on himself, ending his own life in the process.

University spokeswoman Stephanie Reitz explained that none of the students were ever in danger, though, according to Lt. J Paul Vance of the state police, the situation was dangerous for “everyone involved”. The school was expected to reopen this morning at 8 a.m.

Image provided courtesy of Uconn Today

  • JB

    Please learn to proof read your articles. Instead of “altered”, it should be alerted. Journalists are getting so lazy.

    • Adam

      Maybe they meant altered as if they were on another call and got altered to this one…I’m guessing you are the asshole in this one.

      • http://none Jb sucks askholes

        A young man murdered himself and JB the douche bag is worried about the semantics of altered vs alerted, you suck JB

    • KY

      Also, as per AP style, journalists “[a]lways use Arabic figures, without st, nd, rd or th” (as in “July 23rd”).
      In the time element in the last sentence:
      “The school was expected to reopen this morning at 8 a.m.”
      “this morning” is unnecessary because it introduces redundancy. 8 a.m. already indicates that the reopening is happening in the morning.

      • http://yAHOO Robertarvid

        Redundancy is OK if the poverty stricken journalist major gets paid for each word. Don’t be so mean!

  • David

    It may be a good idea to use a picture of the actual campus in question. The picture used in the photo is of the main campus in Storrs. The incident occurred at the Avery Point campus in Groton. Almost 50 miles away.

  • JoeThePimpernel

    I love stories with happy endings.

    • Unlisted

      I love massages with happy endings too!

  • AJ Riley

    At least he killed himself and didn’t assault any of the students.

  • http://none Jb sucks askholes

    click on the writer of the article and look at his “qualifications”, were lucky we didnt get an STD from reading this article.
    At present, he enjoys terrible movies, weird 90’s industrial music, and collecting dusty VHS tapes. He’s 34, married, and very pale.

  • J

    In this case “this morning” is not redundant in that it referrs to the day (as opposed to tomorrow or Friday) and not the time of day.

  • Mr_Mr_Broke_my_Wings

    What the hell is going on with kids these days? Is it too much pressure to succeed? Is something in the water/air causing a bunch of genetic brain defects?
    It’s getting so you can’t even go out to get a coffee without worrying if the guy behind you is going to snap and go on a shooting spree.
    When I was growing up the most we worried about was getting beat up. Then you could count on whomever was doing the beating would stop when the other person had enough or was on the ground. Most times after that it was over and you became friends. Now there are no rules or honor.
    We need to “nut up” and start punishing and deliver consequences. We are all too worried about being sued and hurting feelings. Many kids don’t get criticism in grade and high school. When they finally get some not so good feedback they do not know what to do except get revenge and make everyone sorry. It’s sickening and now that my kids are in college I am worried. You never know who is going to snap.

    • http://yahoo.com Vladmir

      Good insight… I think growing up the greatest fear you had was being raped or sexually assaulted. Nothing is worse than that… Nothing.

    • http://www.nygazette.com Charles Williams

      I’m thankful I’ve already graduated… ^_^

    • Mr. Kris

      They removed God from public school and the public in general. So, how’s that working out for you ?!?

      • larry

        It’s working very well. This has nothing to do with religion and you obviously have some sort of fanatical issue with religion which is very dangerous.

      • Spence

        Hello What has God got to do with it. First if he/she were all that powerful, he/she would have intervened on behalf of the Aurora Victims. Next, if you want to hang your hat on that religious fantasy, if Jesus died for your sins, he must have left off those 12 since I cant wait till the likes of James Holmes feels the same pain.

        • Superstarseven

          Wow, look at you talking about something you know nothing about.

  • barb wis

    Instead of focusing on gun laws, etc. it would behoove us to address mental health issues

  • dale

    First of all, I would to have loved growing up in the area where all you had to worry about was getting beat up and then becoming friends. I was in high school in the early 90’s and remember how the gangs were becoming very popular and hearing the gunshots and sirens each night.
    The awareness and lack of knowledge there is surrounding mental illness in this country with so much media and information out there is just stupid. We, as a country, tend to take interest in things when they become a probloem or when they affect our lives. Learn about things now and help prevent them in the future rather than bash spelling time of day. if that is your goals be a teacher or editor. if you actually want things to change, get the knowledge and do something about it

  • Amym1979

    The campus in question is a small campus without student housing. None of the students were ever in danger. He was not out to hurt anyone other than himself. It is a beautiful waterside campus and I’m sure he went there to find peace. He was a amazing person. We were all blessed to have him in our lives. The word gunman is taken way out of context. Yes, he was a a man and he had a gun….he was not raining terror on a college campus. He never would have hurt anyone else….he was a fireman and made his life about helping others.

  • DeeDee

    Everyone keeps saying “what’s wrong with kids these days? or “What’s happening to society?” I’ll tell you what it is…it’s kids being raised on violence and on society taking faith out of everything. Before anyone freaks, I’m not suggesting a ban on violent movies/shows/games. I’m saying some common sense on limiting children’s access to it. And I’m not suggesting we preach in schools, just that there stop being such a ban on being a person of faith anymore. Maybe from allowing faith to flurish, people may gain a little hope. People may learn to build relationships instead of the “me me me” mentality. But alas…it’s a pipe dream probably. I’ll still try. But when kids are bombarded with constant violence, selfish displays of immorality and hopelessness, without a single ray of sunshine, what do you expect them to grow up to be?

    • Amym1979

      article does not state, but he was a 30 year old firefighter. not a troubled teen.

    • http://yahoo.com leticia vasquez

      your right. I only wish everyone else could see it this way before it’s to late.

  • DR

    I have this feeling that this guy was Black, simply because people “spotted a suspicious man”. Let me guess, he was wearing a hoodie with a pack of skittles….right? SMH!!!

    • marcetmann

      He wouldn’t have been suspicious if he was white and dressed as the Joker with dyed hair. He would have been normal huh? SMH!!!

  • Aaron

    What is going on with kids/people these days?

    When we start taking a look at what we are ingesting on a daily basis… between the GMO foods, GMO Sweetners and pharmaceutical drugs that is when we can start getting to the bottom of it.

    Most of the recent mass shootings by young people have been traced to anti-depressants. In the insert of the drugs it even says that they may cause suicide or suicidal thoughts. The media blocks these facts because they get money from Big Pharma.

    Start questioning the things you are not told and you will get the answers.