Two Fat Ladies: Obese Clarissa Dickson Wright, Dead At 66

    March 19, 2014
    Tina Volpe
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Clarissa Dickson Wright has died at the age of 66.

Dickson Wright and her late co-host Jennifer Paterson, both now deceased, were unashamed of being “fat”.

Dickson Wright was a BBC 2 cooking show chef who starred alongside Jennifer Paterson in the popular show Two Fat Ladies from 1996 to 1999. The show ended due to her producer and co-host’s battle with cancer that took her life in August of 1999.

Dickson Wright told the Guardian in 2009, “If you’re fat you’re fat. I hate this modern-day political correctness, that you don’t call things by their proper name.”

What is astounding are the followers of the show, to the tune of 70 million during their stint – in light of the obvious ignored or blatantly disregarded problems with the obesity crisis, which medical expert Thomas A. Wadden Ph.D. explains:

“Obesity contributes to over 300,000 deaths per year, principally through its association with cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and several cancers. Obesity currently is the second leading cause of preventable death and will soon surpass cigarette smoking, the leading cause. Health economists estimate that obesity costs our nation approximately $100 billion a year. And these figures say nothing about the personal suffering of those affected by obesity.”

Flaunting and promoting obesity on television, claiming that being fat can be “fun” is obscene. The obesity crisis is only getting worse, and glorifying such a deadly, as well as preventable and avoidable disease is irresponsible and ridiculous.

Their deaths may have been obesity related, however, producing such a show can not in any form, be considered funny. Obesity is not funny anymore, especially with the rise in childhood obesity, banning shows like this would be best for the entire planet.

And to be honest, there is nothing attractive about being obese, and the majority of people who are overweight despise being fat, which is why there are multiple gyms in every corner of the U.S. and losing weight is the number one New Years Resolution.

Being fat is a choice – and 99 times out of 100 it can be avoided and reversed by proper diet and exercise. Embracing obesity is just a death sentence.

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  • Cathy

    I watched that show all the time and did not watch it because they were fat, I watched it because they made wholesome food that I wanted to learn how to make for my family. You sounded very rude in this article!!!!! People are overweight, get over it!!!! You and your idiot comments will not change that… and yes, everyone who knows they are fat is aware of the health concerns, no one needs YOUR opinion, it is shoved down our throats daily!!!!! These were two ladies that I enjoyed watching and I was not shallow enough to just look at their weight!!!

    • Roxann55

      Amen. Clarissa and Jennifer will be greatly missed. The author of this article is a jerk. Period.

    • Missy Jost

      I SERIOUSLY doubt that those two pigs made WHOLESOME food! Do yourself a favor…go to a gym and get on a diet! I promise, you’ll feel better and not be SOOOO crabby! Life really isn’t that bad! When you look and feel amazing, life IS amazing! TRUST ME! About 6 months ago, I got FAT (I’m talking 150 – 155 lbs!) and now I’m not anymore, and life is AMAZING! Trust me, you won’t be as mean and crabby to your friends, family and co-workers as you are to complete strangers (i.e. – THE AMAZING AUTHOR OF THIS ARTICLE!!!). Good luck with the weight loss! You can do it!!!

      • bitchpig

        Nobody cares about you and your “fantastic” life. Go out and live it, or you might get fat again.

      • neet

        What a nasty cow you are. Do yourself a favor and go straight to hell you foolish bitch.

      • Lola

        My prayers are with you. You call Cathy mean and crabby….yet you call these two women that elected to live their lives in the way they chose “two pigs”. Life can not be all that good if you have to rip others apart. I have no weight issues and life is bliss…it does not make me superior nor inferior. You sound completely sad and uneducated. Cathy might need to work on eating better…but you need to focus on building your self-esteem.

        • PerennialLady

          Amen! Total lack of self esteem.

      • K Stoley

        Pigs…well that is very nice of you to speak ill of the dead….you can go back to purging now.

      • shieroc

        Why would you call those two now deceased women pigs? That’s just rude and insensitive.Wow!

      • James W Griffin

        Who cares… If you use to be fat. Two pigs? Really? I could call you a neurotic, anorexic, bulimic, but I won’t…

      • Pat Miller

        I hope you fall in pig poop after the comments your dumb self had to say.

      • Thomas

        Sounds to me like Missy will say anything to get attention. I find it sad, that for her, negative attention, is still attention. OKAY, YOUR 15 MINUTES OF FAME IS UP. GO AWAY!!!

      • Candy

        People can see through you, Missy Jost. You wouldn’t have to go on and on like that about AMAZING if you were truly happy, lol. There would be no need to advertise, it would simply shine from you. Happy people want others to feel happy. Miserable people want others to feel as bad as they do. I really wish you much happiness and peace :)

      • KAT


      • PerennialLady

        Why are you still mean and crabby then? You don’t look tiny in your avatar. Such a mean spirit. And no, I am not overweight.. have been but am not now and haven’t been for the past 18 years.

      • jude

        Enough with the frakkin “AMAZING” – you sound like an idiot.

      • Froggage

        You clearly never saw the show, so you don’t know what sort of food they made; then, to top it off, you call them “pigs.” You say you losing weight makes you less mean and crabby? Maybe you need to drop another 10 lbs, then, and keep going until you can show some proper respect for the dead and the complete strangers on this board whom you just assume are fat and are telling to lose weight. The author of this article isn’t “AMAZING;” she’s rude and smug and completely graceless, and so are you.

      • Melissa

        you are what’s wrong with this world…Please get an education…

      • The Mad Cracker


        • Been There

          I bet your parents and friends are real proud of you. As for the other comments, I agree with them. I pity you and not the obese people who you choose to defame. Remember KARMA, it will get you in that formerly fat ass.

      • Jerry

        Good grief Missy – life is amazing as a self-centered narcissist? Are you trying to convince yourself or was your post meant for a wider audience?
        Speaking as a guy reading your post – you accuse others of being “mean and crabby” and yet you call people fat pigs? Too funny (on you). You’re so busy looking in the mirror at yourself that you have no idea what an unattractive person your self obsession has made you. You’re completely unlikeable which makes you physically unattractive as well. Come back and post a picture of yourself in a few years after no one will marry you (or stay married to you) and after you’re all dried up and no longer even desired for an easy lay.
        And your other posts stating that this article had real statistics? LOL – you’re a total airhead. This article was so badly written with such made up stats that you’d have to be a total moron to believe them. LOL. I didn’t realize people could lose brain cells on a diet but I think you may be proof! :)

      • Sharon

        Nice tribute Missy Idiot!

      • Miss Marple

        Every time Missy Jost says “amazing,” a puppy dies.

      • Bri

        Wow, 150-155 is fat? How about enjoy life how you want to enjoy it. That includes letting others as well. You don’t have to be a gym rat to feel good about your self. Last time I checked not all “Fat” people are crabby as you say….

      • Irishmists

        Another shriveled soul. Your lack of empathy, let alone common civility and kindness speaks volumes that beauty of body does not necessarily reflect beauty of soul and spirit.

      • MissyThePoint

        So you are using your “weight gain” as camouflage as to why you are a BITCH. If I were you I’d stop going to the gym and wasting your time — you’re a ugly bitch on the inside..you just advertised it! When you wake up in the morning will you still think you’re “all that” — kudos to those around you that have to put up with your “crabby” narcissism!

    • BL

      How about writing an article based on the headline? The show was called “Two Fat Ladies”, they were fat but they were very enjoyable to watch. They were two awesome ladies who loved life!! Hopefully they are enjoying their 2nd lives together!

    • alyce1213

      I watched the show very frequently. I like them, they were entertaining and I appreciate their love of food and cooking. But I would NEVER characterize their food as wholesome. They were shameless in over-buttering and over-indulging in rich foods.

      • Abby

        You don’t know much about good food, honey……..

        • alyce1213

          Honey, I’ve been a foodie for over 30 years, I’m a fabulous cook, I’ve eaten in some of the best restaurants in the world, and I know the difference between what is rich and indulgent and what is wholesome. Honey, I said I liked these two — I took issue with the use of the word “wholesome” — whole foods, minimally embellished with fats and other flavors — to describe their cuisine. Honey, you don’t know what you’re talking about, yet you judge what I know about food. Buh-bye, honey.

    • PerennialLady

      They were great! I agree, if somebody wants to be overweight, leave them alone, it’s nobody’s business but theirs. These two women were such fun to watch and had such great spirits, loved their recipes as well.

    • Sharon

      Me too Cathy, I loved their personalities and they made some fine foods

  • Fat Person

    I would like to point out that obesity is NOT always a choice. There are emotional, mental and physical issue that factor in to obesity in many cases. Judging someone for being fat is the same as judging a drug addict or alcoholic, food happens to be some peoples crutch. Awful, judgmental and hateful article! Why is it politically incorrect to judge or discriminate against any other sector of the population but this one, that is wrong!

    • Fayt Strife

      Their are also genetic factors that contribute to obesity. But the biggest factor that contribute’s is lack of mobility. Humans are supposed to be mobile to be able to get up in the morning walk around and look for food. Not get up i the morning make some breakfast, get in a car drive to work, sit down for six hours, drive home and eat a bunch food, then go to sleep. That is why their are so many obese people over eating and lack of exercise.

  • Missy Jost

    GREAT ARTICLE! Thank you SO much for all of the facts! Sadly, idiots won’t pay attention, though! For the first time EVER, obesity is killing more CHILDREN than STARVATION! Obesity is a disease! Unhealthy fat people, like both of these NOW DECEASED WOMEN, end up with SO many health issues, like heart issues, diabetes, liver issues and YES! even Cancer! I have NO idea why people choose to say stupid things like, “I’m fat and proud! I’m fat and happy!” I had a situation over a year ago, and ended up gaining 50 lbs. for being on a steroid for 6 mos., and I had never felt MORE miserable, depressed, etc. I was embarrased, felt ugly, was out of breath, my skin was disguisting! Six months later, it was gone!! Thank GOD for 24 Hour Fitness and Visalus!
    THANK YOU for your comments! It’s nice, refreshing and makes those of us THAT CARE AND LOVE OURSELVES happy, and reminded of the TRUE AND REAL STATISTICS! xoxo

    • Leslie

      Just because you’re anorexic doesn’t mean that you have to hate on people who refuse to relate their self-esteem to their body size. Get over yourself, please.

      • PerennialLady

        She’s so child-like. Sad.

    • t

      I agree that Obesity is nothing to be celebrated, however It isn’t acceptable to tease and belittle someone for their appearance either. Most people who are overweight do feel alone and withdrawn for many of the reasons you speak of – Depresses because they are tired, being made to feel ugly, unaccepted and finally deemed lazy…who wouldn’t feel depressed -maybe wanting to even overeat over those emotions. Get some sensitvity.
      Obesity can be caused by multiple different problems such as low economics (can’t afford healthy food, carbs are cheap don’t keep people full for long), health problems- which you should relate too and physical and pyscho – social problems.

    • neet

      Who cares you freaking douche bag. No one wants to hear your boring life story which you feel the need to share. You sound like a really bad info commercial.Go back to throwing up in a toliet (which was the real way you lost the weight) and taking laxatives.

    • Mary W. Harrison

      Please don’t go out in the rain Missy. I would not like to see you drown.

    • Miss Marple

      Missy Jost, Somehow I think you’re either the author of this article or you know the author. You are WAY too supportive of this ridiculously rude piece about the death of a beloved cook show celebrity.

      You are also WAY too involved in YOU. There is a helluva lot more to life than counting calories and watching that scale. You sound uptight and really in need of people telling you how FANTASTIC you are. Spare me, please.

    • Leslie

      Just because you are thin doesn’t mean that you have to hate on people who refuse to relate their self-esteem to their body size. Get over yourself, please.

      • PerennialLady

        Just because you’re thin also doesn’t mean you’re healthy.

    • bad31

      I’ve been on steroids for two years and never gained a pound. In fact I’ve lost weight. Let people live the lives they want, not how you feel they should.
      Congrads on the weight lost, as we all know it can be hard.

    • Louisa Baton

      Yay be sure to smoke a cigerrette while you explain this to us.

    • YouMustBeJost-ing!

      I truly feel SORRY for you, Missy, because you truly feel inside that you just have ALL of the ANSWERS to why some people can simply make their “obesity” shed away by simply “working out” at the gym and eating better.

      Sure, obesity is an “epidemic” in this country (and others, too), but can your SMALL MIND comprehend that there are number of obese people out there who have pituitary glandular problems, thyroid issues and other genetically-inherited maladies that can be the underlying causes of their obesity!

      What really GALLS me is that such VAPID, JUDGMENTAL HARPIES like you and the author of the above article (Tina Volpe) can write in such UNEDUCATED and ILL-INFORMED, venomous broad strokes about overweight people. Again, why is it such judgmental, “I’m-so-healthy/such-great-looking-person” like YOU and Ms. Volpe can make your shallow snap judgments of how other people should live their lives!

      Christ sakes, Clarissa was a very funny and beloved entertainer (as evidenced by the majority of fond posters here!), but YOU, Volpe and a few other VAPID IDIOTS have to PISS on the NEWLY and RECENTLY DEPARTED before their even buried in their graves! You know, maybe instead of RAINING on everyone else’s fond memorial postings for Clarissa (and Jennifer, too!), you should instead take your “CRUSADE TO ERADICATE OBESITY” onto a separate Facebook Cause Page — instead of INSULTING everyone else here with FOND recollections of two FUN, LOVING, “Two Fat Ladies.”

      For the life of me, Ms. Jost, I just can’t see how you are ever going to take your “ONE-WOMAN CRUSADE TO ERADICATE OBESITY” to singlehandedly end this malady??!! This would be as INANE and totally ILLOGICAL if myself or someone else wrote that we could place a spotlight on WIPING OUT drug or alcohol addictions — or any other malady in society. I can understand trying to raise money and advocating trying to find CURES for certain maladies, but your INANE, VAPID suggestions here points our own vanity and ignorance on the subject.

      By the way, I’ve read news stories about the HEALTHIEST OF PEOPLE like “marathon runners” who have HEART ATTACKS and drop dead during a long race. All sorts of HEALTHY, happy people drop dead for various reasons every day in this world, so I hope your “happy, healthy” body stays that way and you have the Grace of God not to ever get SICK or suffer an unexpected accident — no one deserves that fate (but it happens in this world all of the time!)…but no one else deserves HARPIES like you and Ms. Volpe ragging on “less fortunate people” than you two!

      I truly hope you live a happy, healthy and long life, but I wish HAGS like you and Ms. Volpe would sometimes keep your STUPIDITY and INSENSITIVITY to failings of other mortals to yourself. In other words, you may want to shut your pie-hole and put a cork in it before you spout off like an ignorant, insensitive and idiotic BIOTCH that you come off as here! Just food for thought!

      RIP, Clarissa and Jennifer…and thank you for all of the levity, love and light you brought to MILLIONS of viewers here and abroad! 😀

    • HealthyNotAlwaysHappy

      Hey, Ms. Jost, I’d like to pair you up with another perceived “happy, healthy person” in one Oscar Pistorious of South Africa. Now, if you can manage to put on a happy, healthy face all of the time and NOT get cross with Oscar, you may be able to survive the indignity of getting your head blown off like his previous girlfriend did!

      Counter of what you and author Volpe write here, “HEALTHY DOES NOT ALWAYS EQUAL HAPPY,” moron! Please do me a favor and think about this before you and Volpe spout off like idiots here!

  • loser

    Yeah, we get it, being fat is bad. This is a well-known fact. Do you think you’re revolutionary or something? When you die, I hope some hack journalist uses it as an opportunity to remark on how ugly, rosacea-afflicted pigs such as yourself are making bad bacon. Seriously, what the fuck. Have some respect for the dead & living. I really don’t understand how egos inflate to this level. Fuck you and fuck the soapbox you’re standing on.

    • Roxann55

      Loser, well said. F-bombs and all!

    • neet

      @ Loser, well said indeed.

  • janice

    being fat is between a person, and their doctor. this article was written by a man that thinks women should be ultrra skinny, and a trouphy on his arm. bwing skinny is just as dangerous, and those who spend their time at the gym, can drop dead of a heart attack just as easy as a fat person. I think this person should do more research.

    • You are a moron!

      typically spoken by a fat, lazy loser! You do not drop dead at the gym or anywhere doing any exercise unless you have some RARE disease. Exercise does not kill, but you are all so knowing with your useless and incorrect diatribe!

      • Abby

        Ignorance is bliss……..

  • Terrific Woman

    It’s people like Moochie who make being fat a bad thing. Shame on her.

    • K Stoley

      What the heck is a Moochie?

  • Emily

    The writer of this article is very biased, a jerk indeed. These women were comedians who cooked and made a seriously funny and fun show. That’s why they had so many viewers. Unlike the writer of this article, they did not take themselves so seriously, endearing them to many. This dude probably works out 10 times a day and drinks protein shakes, whatever. She deserves to be treated with a great deal more respect.

  • Melissa

    Yea. I think the writer of this article wears their soul on their face.. what a jerk!!

  • Reader

    There is a way to speak tactfully about a topic and obviously the author missed that during journalism classes.Obesity may be a choice in most cases but that doesn’t make anyone’s point more or less valid in any case; to each their own. Besides from the picture the author chose as an avatar it doesn’t look like she has ANY room to speak about anyone’s weight problems.

  • Rob D.

    Never saw the word obese in a death announcement before. I guess they didn’t want us to think that the “skinny” Clarissa Dickson Wright had died.

  • highlatte

    They lived their lives and were happy. More people should do the same. It is not, obviously, generally healthy to be obese or fat. My mother-in-law was a squat little fat lady all her adult life. She lived to be 93, was always happy and did not fail till the last two years of her life. Most skinny minnies and vegans will never live to be close to her age.

  • Biff Cumberbatch

    Your cheeks are a bit fluffy; Tina Volpe must have the Fats.

  • Leave the fatties alone!

    I love fat people because they make me look even better than I already do! Seriously, I work out two hours a day and have a ‘kickin’ body and I actually read those hours on the treadmill so, I am smarter than all you fatties too! Fatties know to take the fork out of their mouths and choose not to. Keep it going….many thanks to all of you that keep the rolls coming and the men running!

    • K Stoley

      Another ass blowing stink.

  • just sharing

    “go on a diet, and go to the gym”, what a crock of bull that is! You don’t know anything about this, really. Sew your mouth shut.

  • Whybemean?

    Even though she was fat, I’m sure Clarissa Dickson Wright was loved by somebody who is mourning the loss of this woman. The author seems to forget that. I’d rather be fat and kind than skinny and mean any day.

    • alyce1213

      Kindness and thinness are not mutually exclusive.

      • Whybemean?

        I totally agree! Best of all, I’d rather be kind and healthy.
        I was just making the point that the author was being mean regarding a person who is dead. How would she feel if someone spoke about her mother this way after she passed? There is a much kinder, more thoughtful and considerate way to make her point.

        • alyce1213

          I agree.

  • K Stoley

    Stupidity is what is killing people. Not all fat people are trying to commit suicide or should have to hide in a closet because of the attitude of the close minded people that are commenting here. Many work hard at dieting and exercise to try to overcome heredity and other psychological and health issues. If you (Missy Jost) and this ‘author’ feel the same fine, just don’t expect the rest of the world to believe you have the answer to life. Also, its pretty lame going after someone after they are dead and can’t speak for themselves. Interesting to read that you think can do it for them, huh?

  • carolrhill814

    I never watched the program but just because they were heavy doesn’t mean they died because of that they might have had other problems that caused their death.

  • shieroc

    I enjoyed watching the show, they seemed to be enjoying life and loved cooking. I loved their spirit’s that’s why I watch them. May they rest in peace.

  • Cindy

    Wow. Tina I am sorry that your parents slaughtered your “family” of farm animals in order to feed you as a child. Thank goodness you are now vegan and able to show the rest of us the error of our ways. I would much rather be a content, loved fat chick than a holier than thou writer who thinks it is ok to accuse a woman of flaunting obesity just because she dared to enjoy life and be on tv. I guess all fat folks should stay in their house and just eat so you don’t have to suffer by being forced to look at us huh? I feel sorry for you, a healthy body cannot hide a bitter heart hon. Take care of your self.

  • http://www.thomaswictor.com/ Thomas Edward Wictor

    “banning shows like this would be best for the entire planet”

    That’s kind of bossy.

  • Sarah

    That is THE rudest headline.

  • Edgar

    Remember Tina Volpe: Being a dick is also a choice – and 99 times out of 100 it can be avoided and reversed by proper self-esteem and kindness. Embracing hate is just a spiritual death sentence.

  • celine

    hey missy,you felt ugly because you are ugly.no one chooses to be fat,you are just as dumb as the author of this article.this is a complicated issue.you’re both idiots! yes i’m fat but I could tell you i’m much more prettier than you with that mask you call a face.

  • Liz Sullivan

    Isnt this the “lady” who suggested we eat badgers ? Well as she liked straight talking – if you eat as she did, you are dead, and shes not going to be missed by many.Why do people waste their lives so needlessly ?

    • Roxann55

      …”not going to be missed by many”? Really? Had you done a little research, you would know that “Two Fat Ladies” was one of the most popular television shows on PBS here in America and in Great Britain during its run. I am sure that they will be missed by a great many people. They were incredibly witty, hilarious, very well educated and entertaining. I am sure that Clarissa lived her life to the fullest. Good for her! Yes, they will be and are missed-by far more people than you or I will be when we leave this earth.

  • Peachee

    To the writer, Tina: What a heartless headline. Did you have to use the word “obese” to describe this woman “dead?” I’m a writer, and this was tasteless.

    • Miss Marple

      Agreed! I’ll bet money that the author of this “article” is between 23-30, has been entitled for her whole short life and is focused ENTIRELY on her face and body. When did THIS crap pass for “journalism”? Insane!

  • Dee

    The person who wrote this is a jerk. The topic was not obesity. I loved both women and watched all the time, still do in reruns. FInd something else to do jerk.

  • eweeeee

    My Junior High school Principle died running. He was skinny as can be.

    This lady was 66. She was old

    • alyce1213

      You think 66 is old?

  • AnonymoDog

    Wow, nothing like using someone’s death to spew your hatred. Hey Tina, lighten up. Have some french fries, you turd.

  • Jes

    Wow! This is probably the worse article I’ve ever read on this site. The ignorance of this author is unbelievable. (plus the fact this is about someone’s death! nice commentary on life) You should educate yourself before you post about obesity. Despite over eating issues, there are many people who take medication and it causes them to gain weight as well as cancer conditions. Before you go fat shaming and stereotyping everyone, get yourself educated. You are a big part of the problem…

  • ella

    This article shits on the lives these two great women lived and instead turns into someone putting their own personal opinions on blast. Next time call this article, “Using celebrity to talk about how fat people are kinda gross cuz of some science and not much research”

    • chickenparm

      Beautifully put.

  • chad

    A true idiot wrote this article.

  • miguel

    Tina you look “fat”. Is that your personal choice to be a whale? Seriously who the hell are you critisizing when you are clearly obese? Nice headline. Maybe it was their choice but have a little respect for the dead. Take your own advice and stop at one Krispy Kreme..

  • True, there is nothing attractive about being obese, but then there is nothing attractive about being judgmental, either. Your judgement of others will come back to you and hurt you in the long run, too, even if you don’t see it now. This article is shameful. Someone died. More respect should be given for this person, who is no less human because of her size or condition. Obesity is not a choice, anymore than being an alcoholic is a choice. I don’t know a single alcoholic, drug addict, or obese individual who wants to struggle with these demons. Addiction is a disease that should be treated with compassion, grace, and perseverance, one day at a time. Looking at others and telling them that they are better off carrying around unneeded extra pounds may feel right to you, but what are you hiding inside yourself that you have to magnify someone else’s weaknesses at the time of her death? Do you feel superior because you lost weight? Do you feel it necessary to tell others that being thin is better because you are now thin? I don’t see you as better, but as broken. You have lost pounds but gained a hardened heart. This article does no more for an overweight person than telling someone who is upset to calm down. Rethink your words; once written, they cannot be taken back. Words can kill, as surely as the obesity you focus on here.

    • Miss Marple

      “You have lost pounds but gained a hardened heart.” Damn, that was well said.

  • Sandy

    Totally rude article, the author should be ashamed. Talk about acting high and mighty. This was a good entertaining show, they were funny and unique. This is how you write an article about her passing? Horrible.

  • Heather

    What pisses me off about the article and that bitch Cathy is we don’t know how Clarissa died. Just because she passed away doesn’t mean it was related to her weight. I have known 4 people to die within the past year and they were skinny, One died from a heart attack and she was a vegan and ran marathons, She weighed 115lbs. Others died from cancer and no where near obese. So this article was already making a prejudicial assumption that these women died from obesity.

    • Heather

      Sorry Cathy I didn’t mean you. I meant the Missy Jost that made the comment of calling these two ladies pigs. I was so angry reading her comment and put your name by mistake.

  • miguel

    Tina Volpe is an orca telling others not to be fat. Give me a break.


    Is he ever WRONG! I loved that show then and still watch it occasionally on the DVDs of it I bought…along with their cookbook. (I’m small and not over-weight). The 2 Fat Ladies were hilarious, creative, witty and pure delight. If only we had more shows as good. (The guy’s arrogance makes me furious. It is, after all, none of his business unless approached for consultation.) RIP Queens of the Kitchen. You brought us much joy and were missed upon Jennifer’s death and for all time.

  • mary stolberg

    Tina, your face looks fat and your hair looks awful because of your greasy forehead! There is nothing attractive about you. May the two fat ladies, who brought joy to the world rest in peace. You can go to hell for your stupid comments.

  • Jude

    The author of this article is a complete asshole. If people want to be fat – then it is their god given right to do so. The show was not loved because Jennifer and Clarissa were fat – it was loved because of their candor, honesty and because it was DAMN funny. Keep your dumb ass opinions to yourself and go eat something.
    To Jennifer & Clarissa – Here, Here!

  • quinn

    This article is disgusting, insensitive and poorly written. The author is both a bigot and poor researcher. It is such a shame anyone can pass themselves off as a journalist/writer these days. If Tina Volpe was even half as entertaining, or as good at her job as Clarissa Dickson, this article would have at least been slightly insightful or worth the minute and a half of my time it took to read it.

  • Uncas

    I remember the two ladies who were almost parodies of the quirky Briton. Their cooking was hardly healthy- they were big supporters of meat and were not only morbidly obese, but seemed to revel in their ugliness and one of them smoked constantly. I am surprised that Ms. Wright was so young- she looked much older. Thank you Ms. Volpe, for your article- yes life style does make a difference and you are what you eat!

    • osama haventgotten laden

      Yes! Death to the morbidly obese! They don’t deserve to be alive! Chop off their heads before they breed! Burn their houses! Brutalize their loved ones! KILL THEM!

  • stool sample

    Tina Volpe is a disgusting cow who tears vegetables from their habitats and shoves them up her cavernous twat for masturbatory purposes. Every time she spreads her legs a colony of bats goes screaming overhead. The vast darkness is eternal and musty-smelling, with the lonely sound of cave-water dripping from a stalactite. She cruelly abuses and devours the vegetables after unsolicited coitus. Eventually they are shit out, and the corn kernels in her stool are a sad reminder that the world is a terrifying, horrible place full of fugly vegan soccer moms who somehow can find their voice after choking down the cock of their Lord and Savior.

  • mslind

    Was it really necessary to use the word obese? she someone daughter, might be a Mother, Aunt, Sister or whatever people should be careful about what they say and write. Look at yourself, (perfection is not there and don’t fool yourself it’s not). I enjoy the show and the food they cooked and their wonderful personalities its a great lost and certainly to her family.

  • meerkat13

    Oh, lighten up. Not everyone is meant to be skinny, and thin people die, too– sometimes from smoking, drinking and drugging instead of eating a real meal once in a while. God bless Clarissa for having fun in her life and sharing it along with her good cooking. May she rest in peace.

  • Debbie

    Being fat is not a choice. I can’t believe that anyone would believe that statement. This is the worst article I have read.

  • Pat

    Judgmental much, Tina? What kind of a legacy are you going to leave? Will people remember you as fondly as the two fat ladies? Lighten up, it’s an obituary, not a soapbox. A little kindness goes a long way.

  • gotta

    Tina Volpe……you have a fat mouth…you are ugly

  • Afraid to say

    I am expecting to be blasted for being someone who is neither over or under weight. I noticed that most people who write on here who are not obese, are blasted by those who might very well be, then assumed to be anorexic or bulimic. Are there really THAT many people out there who think everyone they see who is slimmer, is doing one of those things to maintain a normal weight? That viewpoint is very much WAY off base. I noticed that even if I ate the same, once my activity level slowed, I had to boost it back up or gain weight. That, in no way, makes me be pompous or full of myself, or anything else, it just makes me be me. I have had to lose some pounds over the years and found it to be quite difficult, for we must eat. I do know for a fact that the obese children and adults that I am around on a regular basis, are not eating anything close to healthy food and pretty much couch folks. In their cases, their obesity is all on them, I DO know that medications can make one heavier and even exercise won’t stop that, but most people are not obese because of meds and none of those close to me are, it is their bad choices they make. The kids, I feel so very sorry for because obese children have a harder time not being obese as adults and they are not the ones who developed their own food choices early on, that is on their parents. Having been an obnoxiously skinny child, I can assure you that whether you are skinny or obese, folks will say things and make fun of you, so nobody should feel justified in calling the others anything that is hurtful. I am sad to see how many folks have responded in such outrage over anyone pointing out that being obese is unhealthy because it is. I too, feel better when I can keep my weight under control, and that means I have to cut out my favorite Coke and sweets, etc. in order to get that done, but the point is, if I don’t, it gets out of control. Again, I am no supermodel and don’t pretend to be but I am sad, sad, sad that so many of these comments come from folks who get downright outraged if anyone doesn’t agree with them that remaining obese is just asking for an early death for that very reason. Being defensive doesn’t make one any healthier either, it just helps folks fight the need for change.

    • pleasure enough

      I think you’re missing the point of everyone’s anger. The author was using this woman’s death as a springboard for her opinion. I agree with you otherwise, but I hope you understand what a tasteless conceit this was. People, however, shouldn’t stoop down to her level. Telling her it was a disrespectful thing to do should have been enough.

  • MoiraB

    What an entirely rude and horrible article. Nasty, Tina Volpe, very nasty. Were you a bully as a schoolgirl?

  • Louisa Baton

    Other than being hateful what was the point of calling the lady obese? We got the point from the title.

  • mel

    WTF did the video have to do with the article? NUTHIN!!

  • Irishmists

    Of all the things these joyous women were, of all the triumphs and things they accomplished, despite personal failures – you summed up their lives with a title “obese actress dead”???! I tell you, your shriveled ‘journalistic’ viewpoint is appalling and pathetic. The largess, the joy, in which these two magnificent women lived, beats your puny, small writing all to hell and back!

  • Shane

    I never comment on web-pages but in this case I had to. Not only is this an insulting and disrespectful use of a person’s death its piecemeal nature and lack of any real unique or tangible point reveal shoddy writing on your behalf. Tina Volpe, this is an extremely poor case of “journalism” and if this article is representative of your journalistic skills you might want to rethink your career choice. Shame on this website for even publishing it and shame on you for using someone’s death to further an agenda, especially one so feebly constructed.