Twitter UK Gives Away Advertising Credits For User Feedback


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Twitter UK wants to hear from its users and they are willing to give you something in return if you just give them some feedback.

What they want to know about is how you've seen businesses or organizations using Twitter to connect with their existing customers or attract new ones.

Here's what they say on their blog:

It’s no surprise really, since Twitter brings people closer to the things you care about, and that often is the coffee shop, boutique, pub or restaurant in their neighbourhood.

Now, we want to hear your stories.

How to enter: Tweet using the hashtag #ukbizstories and tell us how you’ve seen a local business use Twitter creatively to connect with the community and reach their customers. We’d also love to hear from local business owners directly about how you’ve used Twitter to engage your customers.

We’ll select and reward the businesses with the best examples with up to £1,000 free Twitter advertising credit to be used for our Promoted Products.

The contest ends on July 30th, so you don't have a lot of time to get in the running. This is valuable information for them. I would imagine they'll be using the feedback to help refine the platform and offer new features to better accommodate advertisers. It's definitely worth entering, free advertising is as good as gold. Of course, they also provide some small print regarding the limitations of the contest.

The fine print:

* Not all advertisers and businesses who submit entries will win free media.
By submitting a testimonial, you grant Twitter permission to share your testimonial (including your name, profile picture, and any other text or media associated with your Twitter account) in case studies, presentations and other promotional materials. Twitter may work with those businesses we have selected to find the right Promoted Products to promote their account and Tweets.

* Twitter’s award of Promoted Products is solely within Twitter’s discretion and all use of Promoted Products is subject to Twitter’s terms of service and any terms applicable to Promoted Products. Twitter may require advertising credits to be used within a certain time.

* Additional terms may apply.