Twitter Down for Some Users, Maybe Blame Justin Bieber [UPDATED]

By: Josh Wolford - January 21, 2013

UPDATE: (4:55 pm) Service appears to be coming back for some users. But you can see where Twitter users have been complaining.

UPDATE 2: Twitter is aware of the issue:

“Some users may be experiencing issues accessing Twitter. Our engineers are currently working to resolve the issue,” they say on the Twitter Status site.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: It appears that Twitter is down for many users. Most of us in the office cannot access (desktop or mobile), but the Twitter mobile app (iOS) seems to be working sporadically.

The site DownRightNow reports likely service disruption and many user reports of Twitter being down.

Twitter’s status site lists no site issue at the time, but we just noticed the outage a few minutes ago. The last major Twitter disturbance occurred last week (January 16th).

We’re joking with the Justin Bieber thing – kind of. We told you earlier today that he was just a few followers shy of surpassing Lady Gaga as the most-followed Twitter user. If he finally beat her, maybe beliebers broke Twitter?

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  • nonofurbusiness

    wtf can he do about it it’s not like he follows his self lol

    • http://webpronews saraystarr

      oi leave jb alone he probabily didnt mean it

    • http://webpronews saraystarr

      and how do u no that jb did it do u have proof of it

  • Jeremy Stover

    It sucks, because twitter is one of my main advertising sources. I wonder if this is just a mistake or if this is an attack. I guess we will see. Good luck on getting your tweets seen!

  • http://webpronews saraystarr

    hey leave justin bieber out of this he can controll himself maybe u cant follow ur self and next time think about all the beliebers on this site and wonder if any no u because i would run if they do so dont mess with the biebs because u dont no what over a million girls can do