TV Host: Sex Addiction To Blame For Divorce

By: Amanda Crum - May 3, 2013

TV host David Tutera recently filed for divorce from partner Ryan Jurica, and Jurica claims that Tutera’s addiction to sex and prostitutes is to blame for their split.

The “My Fair Wedding” host says that Jurica’s claims are untrue, and Jurica has just checked himself into rehab. In the middle of all this, the couple are dealing with being expectant parents, with twins due via surrogate in just a few months. Both men are asking for full custody of the babies.

In the court documents, Jurica says, “After repeated attempts at marriage counseling and therapy, we have been unable to save our relationship due to [David’s] addiction to sex. [David] has engaged in a pattern of hiring sex escorts and prostitutes to support his addiction.”

Tutera fired back by releasing a statement:

“The allegations against me are baseless and untrue and I will fight vigorously to defend my reputation in the court of law as well as the court of public opinion. I believe them to be fabrications of a desperate individual in order to gain a legal advantage in our separation…I am saddened by these developments; I am angered by the lies; and I am committed to moving beyond this painful moment to focus on my professional commitments and the upcoming birth of my children.”

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  • Bruce S.

    Hi guys-

    First of all..way to avoid all the psycho troll comments! Thumbs up to that.
    Hey, I don’t claim to be a counselor or anything. Actually, about the only thing we have in common is that I am a gay man in a long term relationship, too. (Headed for twenty four years.) All I can say is that if there is love there, you two can get through this. Stop pointing fingers and take a long look in the mirror..both of you.
    I don’t know exactly what either of you are doing, but I can take an educated guess..My answer to it is that the grass may seem greener under the influence or in bed with the hotty who’s so easy to get now, but you can both believe me when I say it isn’t..and in the end you are both going to be sorry. Mark my words.
    Think of the children first and try to get to where things were before they went awry.

    The grass only SEEMS greener..

    • babynurse

      Are you kidding?!!? Those poor kids! WHY do we let the dumb women have children for gay couples? Now we have children that are going to be confused from the beginning of life, and our society condones that? If your gay, be gay, but your relationship is not natural so don’t bring helpless children into this. Gays don’t conceive, they recruit. The LAST thing we need is more homosexuality! God almighty!!!

  • zombiewoman2525

    I am soooo nosy. I want to know were the prossy’s male or female. Did he use protection? He invited us into his life, NOW, I want to know the juicy details.

  • waata

    Wait they are gay? How can one be a husband…gay marriage isn’t recognized in the “real” USA!

  • donald aissa

    recruit?? wtf!! i can’t believe someone would even bring that into the conversation…remember god don’t like ugly..and that comment made you ugly…