TV Anchor Suspended, Fired For On-Air Profanity

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A news anchor for a Bismarck television station announced he was fired today after making his premiere with a string of obscenities.

A.J. Clemente was so excited for his first broadcast that he let loose some extreme words right as the show was coming back from a commercial break on Sunday night. His co-worker, Van Tieu, apologized for the outburst during the evening show, and the station issued an apology to viewers saying Clemente had been suspended. However, Clemente tweeted today that he was let go following the incident.


Of course, Clemente isn’t the first person to drop an F-bomb on television. News anchors have a lively history of tripping up in front of the cameras, and the great Tom Hanks did it a few months ago on “Good Morning America”.

TV Anchor Suspended, Fired For On-Air Profanity
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  • MsMertie

    We all make mistakes. This is learning experience for him, and a funny story to tell his grand kids. He is keeping a positive attitude about the whole situation, and I think that we should look at how he is handling it. The news Station let him go for a cursing, I think that is extreme. I think that would have been a “slap on the hand moment.”

  • Michael

    this gaffe seems to have diverted attention away from the fact that he did a terrible job in the first place.

  • Peter Krejci

    Are the people who comment on these all inbred?
    vulgarity is such an ancient idea in the first place… why should someone be fired for saying something that is common place on all the top viewed tv shows? you people need to get a life.

  • http://www.oasishealthcentres.com.au Anne

    I thinking firing him for accidentally swearing was a little hard. He obviously wasn’t ready to be a professional, but he didn’t deserve to be fired over it.

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