Trayvon Martin is Added to Church’s Nativity Scene

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A church out of California has stirred the pot with their controversial Nativity scene. The Nativity scene at Claremont United Methodist Church includes Joseph and Mary, but Jesus is nowhere to be found. Instead of including Jesus in the scene, the artist that designed the scene decided to use a bleeding Trayvon Martin. Many people are furious with the altered Nativity scene, calling it “blasphemous,” among other things.

Martin was shot and killed by George Zimmerman in February 2012. Zimmerman was eventually charged with second-degree murder and manslaughter. The high-profile case ended in July 2013 with Zimmerman being found not guilty, a verdict that left many outraged. Since his death, Martin has become a symbol for race relations and gun violence in the U.S., which influenced artist John Zachary’s decision to include Martin in the scene.

The controversial scene shows a hoodie-wearing Trayvon Martin hunched over with blood spilling out of his chest. The blood spills over to the front of the Nativity scene where the phrase, “A Child is Born, a Son is Given” is written.

Check out images of the Trayvon Martin Nativity scene below.

Zachary, the Nativity scene designer, insists he wasn’t trying to make a religious statement with his inclusion of Martin. Instead, Zachary says he is trying to send a message about gun violence. “My feeling about it is that we have so many guns in our country and there are so many killings and it’s unique to our children. And I think that people still need to talk about it in a reasonable manner until there’s something done about it,” Zachary said.

The artist also said that he hopes that, like Jesus, Martin will be seen as a symbol of hope. “He was, in my view, an innocent child like the innocent children killed by King Herod,” Zachary said. “I think the Nativity has to be relevant to our time. I think Jesus is a symbol of hope and I think he has to be seen in today’s context.”

As you can see from the Twitter posts below, some people don’t think that using Trayvon Martin in the Nativity scene was remotely appropriate.

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Trayvon Martin is Added to Church’s Nativity Scene
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  • Caroline

    This is pretty sick. Forgetting what the Christian part of Christmas is about. This church has lost its purpose in the community. Sick.

  • SK

    I may not have been sure of it then, but since the trial, George Zimmerman has more than proven to me that he’s guilty as sin and has major issues with anger management.

  • Truth

    Really the stuff people post on the internet, will never come out face to face. All this racism, and hate towards each other is beyond ridiculous and beyond ignorant why can’t people just get along

  • marie

    To all of you who so called Christmas is about Jesus are so hateful. Jesus wasnt hateful like you.how can you talk about Jesus and hate at the same time and shame some of you so call christians.I guess Jesus only died for your sins not Trayvon right wrong he died for all of us but because we are to blind to see and pass the whole thing we use Jesus to justify our hatred and the reason why trayvon should not be there. For the christians you all wondering why the world refused to come in it is because of people like you who cannot forgive and cannot love others. my question is what would Jesus do? I am pretty sure a lot of you hateful people will be on line to go to hell if you dont repent your wicked ways.

    • http://yahoo karen s

      I remember my Mother saying, “they’re going to hell in a handbasket”. I worry for my grandchildren growing up in this world we supposedly “live” in now. It’s only getting worse, and my great grandchildren are even more at risk.
      Trayvon didn’t have to die. Zimmerman should have never been carrying a gun to begin with. He was only neighborhood watch. You call 911 and report, you don’t chase someone down with a gun. I would fight for my life too if someone was chasing me with a gun. As for the nativity scene, I get what they are trying to do, but I don’t agree with it. They could have added him somewhere else in the scene, and saved alot of uproar.

    • Annette

      Thou shall not judge

      • Annette

        This was meant for Marie (above)

  • Ender

    So so wrong and so idiotic. You want to honor someone, you don’t put them in the place of Jesus.

  • mommymoon

    Try spending time with your own kids rather than march to NOWHERE.

  • Theresa Marsh-Ennis

    Are you kidding me !! Trayvon Martin taking the place of Jesus ?

  • Theresa Marsh-Ennis

    Not 1 riot broke out when OJ Simpson got off scott-free for killing 2 white people and yet George Zimmerman stood trial and was also found NOT GUILTY, difference is white people accepted the verdict and let it go, black people & black communities protested & continue to portray Trayvon Martin as an innocent victim… This nativity scene is just another way for blacks to continue playing the VICTIMS !! !! !! !!

    • Me

      Well, maybe whatever community that did not support OJ Simpson should have stood up and said something.

    • Me

      You have a choice to stand up for what you believe, and if you don’t then that’s your choice. My culture has taught me that you don’t have to fight unjustice with fighting. We can fight it it with awareness. Of course, many don’t like that because we know stick up for ourselves and stick together when it comes to it.

  • Debbie

    OMG this is the worst case of disgrace i’ve ever seen. He does not belong in the navity scene. I’m sadden that someone lost their life and I have my opinion of what happened as does everyone else but a jury did not see it as murder. There are better ways to get your message out but you don’t use the navity to do it. That is just wrong.

  • Pam

    This is just absurd. Trayvon was not Jesus and he absolutely does not belong in the nativity scene. Put Jesus back!!!!!

  • Me

    Just because someone’s background is not as clean as the next, does not mean they deserve justice. I often think, if I had been been in his shoes as a black male, I would not be here as well. Someone posted about Trayvon being expelled twice. So what? Did he deserve to lose his life because of that know. So much ignorance on here. smh.

  • http://Facebook Stephanie b

    Omg is this really bothering you guys. Do you not have lives that something like this made as a memorial for someone is going to bother you. Get over yourselves, I feel so bad for the parents of that little boy who have to read arrogant comments. You don’t like it fine but shut the hell up. You guys are a bunch of damn winers. It’s not hurting you or anyone else. You want one with baby Jesus then start building your own shit..

  • Stephanie

    Christmas has absolutely NOTHING whatsoever to do with Trayvon Martin and to add him to a nativity scene is wrong on so many levels I don’t even know where to start. WTH is wrong with people?!?! Christmas is about Jesus’ birth. To signify it with something else, especially something like this, is very inappropriate and demeaning to those of us who know and understand what Christmas is truly about. SHAME ON THEM!

  • Linda

    Wow, out of all the victims of crime in history, only Trayvon deserves to become part of a nativity??? I thought the nativity was about Jesus’ birth. To put this nicely, what a bunch of bull****!

  • jep

    Yeah…comparing Jesus with a black THUG. Stupid no matter how you look at it.

  • Annette

    Who is really behind this? The Rev JJ or Al Sharpton? This is despicable.

  • http://logical Kendra

    No-one knows what actually happened all we had was the words of a felon who wanted to be a cop. Only God knows what happened and HE WILL BE JUDGED. We all will be GOD SAID LOVE YE ONE ANOTHER not to be racist, kill ect. Point being if he had let the Cops do their job and not try to do it for them none of this wouldn’t have happened God gave the dispatcher the words don’t follow him and if you are afraid as he claimed to have been HE WOULDN’T HAVE FOLLOWED HIM. His father lived there so he had to have been seen there before ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE US ALL!

    • http://logical Kendra


  • M T

    Travon’s PR Camp rivals that of BeyoncĂ©!! Where are the pictures of the tattoo faced marijuana carrying teenager that Zimmerman shot? This is out of hand!!!

  • Renee

    This is disgusting. I truly believe that the court made the right decision in letting George Zimmerman go. Was he guilty of murder? Maybe but the court couldn’t prove it. This is nothing more then an act to get the pot stirred once again. Nothing can be done to bring this kid back from the grave so why insist on doing this? IF they really want people to be aware of gun violence then why don’t they go into the inner city and photograph the young gang members walking around with guns terrorizing innocent people. Guns aren’t the problem, it’s how these young children are being raised. IF the parents would take the time to teach them love and respect for others, like Our Lord Jesus Christ did then most of these needless deaths would stop.

  • Christine

    THat’s just stupid!

  • ucfaith

    You people are just a cruel as satan himself. Trayon Martin didn’t stand a chance and if this picture respresents gun violence, I am in total agreement as we are all children of the king just as JESUS… We all know that racism is the real issue here— Jesus wasn’t white either, but yet you walk in stores and find pictures of a WHITE Jesus portraying that he was a WHITE man. But yet you get mad when a black boy is portrayed as the son of GOD. I think it represents power and I still feel that Trayvons killing is payback becasue for the first time in HISTORY a black man got away with MURDERING two white people, yes OJ Simpson did it, heck yeah —- now you can feel the pain of how it has felt when you white folks have been killing us off for years and still trying to do so now. Sick society !!!

    Get some mental help people, you all are sick FUCKS… RIP Trayon Martin. Fuck George Zimmerman !!!

  • http://kenwiezer.com kenneth wiezer

    I’m dancing in the street over this brain storm idea. This just goes to show you that a trouble boy needed help and got it to late!

  • Stella

    This is an insult to Christianity and a ridicule of the birth of Christ! How dare they? NOBODY has the right to substitute the birth of Christ with any social, political or whatever propaganda.
    We African Americans are beginning to push this “Trayvon Martin” thing too far.
    This is obviously an attention seeking move. We should know better as Christians. I’m scared of what this world is turning into.

  • Disgusted

    This is totally insane, Jesus is the reason for the season not Trayvon Martin… Any church who does something this stupid isn’t a church at all. I believe in God and Jesus, this so called church is worshipping Trayvon Martin not Jesus…

  • sonia

    Our savior is the reason for Chrismas. Unfortunately, most of us are guilty of replacing him with our own selfish acts of materialism and self gratification during the Christmas season. If you’re critical of this artist, you better be one of the truly few Christians who actually keep Christ in Christmas. Otherwise the stone you’re casting should be cast back at you.

  • liz

    That is wrong on so many levels. The nativity scene is about the birth o our Lord Jesus Christ. Not a forum for what is going on in this world. People should be more God like and maybe these things wouldn’t happen. My son was shot and killed. He was not a gang member. His killing was random. But I would in no way portray him in such a dispicable and disrespectful manner. Trayon only made headlines cause he was black. Well it was a black boy that killed my latin son. What about that? Really people. Believe in God and what he stands for and maybe the killings would stop. Don’t glorify it!!!

  • Teresa

    This is not about whether trayvon is a thug or whether he was the victim. This is about a CHURCH replacing Baby Jesus in the nativity Scene. Christmas is about the birth of Jesus, not the death of Trayvon. It is utterly disgusting that anyone would do this, most especially a CHURCH who is supposed to preach the Birth of the Savior. This church should be ashamed and embarrassed and the congregation should be outraged!

  • Jennifer

    I do not think this is at all okay. I am very sorry the family lost their child, but Christmas is not about Travon Martin. No one should ever try to replace Jesus even if this is “symbolic” to this artist or church. You can try to be more like Jesus by following his way according to the Bible but you certainly can not replace him.I also feel like people have played on Travon’s death and used it to their benefit to promote their agenda which is also wrong.

  • http://Chika74 Lidia Gonzalez


  • zack

    I find it funny how some of you are judging the church’s idea, yet some of you probably worship celebrities before you even think about Jesus. Don’t be a hypocrite to yourself to judge someone else. Let me ask you this, on your birthday do you give thanks to Jesus? Or do you go out and party because its your birthday?

  • John Kwarack

    If the Methodist Church wants to associate itself with “No Limit Nigga”, that’s their business.

  • Noah

    It’s California… what do you expect? The congregation should, if they were Christians, abandon that church….

  • http://yahoo bryan

    if someone did this to a freakin menorah or the karon people would be getting there heads cut off the person who did this is going straight to hell in a handbag

  • jim bananas

    lets add the little criminal to Mount Rushmore.

  • jon

    One difference.
    Treyvon was real.

    Jesus was made up to control people and sell ipods!

    Where’s the phony outrage when a pink bunny started hiding eggs?
    Or when they started adding days to christmas so you could shop more?

    Or when a turkish saint became a old fat white guy delivering gifts to children?

    Or when they changed “Jesus'” birthday from spring to winter?

    Grow up people.

    How can you get mad about changing something that has been changed dozens of times.

    Its like getting mad at the alternate ending to the muppet movie!


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