Transgender Newsman Switches Genders, Again


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A transgender newsman last week determined that he is not, in fact, female. Don Ennis, a national assignment editor for ABC News announced to his friends and family this week that he is once again male, according to an email obtained by the New York Post.

Ennis had reportedly come out as transgender back in May. He began dressing as a female and asked his colleagues to call him by the name Dawn. He announced that he would be separating from his wife, and began receiving hormone treatments for a male-to-female transition.

In the email, Ennis explained that he recently suffered from two days of what he calls "transient global amnesia." He states that he began to believe that it was the year 1999, and was confused as to why he was wearing a wig and bra. Ennis even went as far as to accuse his wife of playing a prank on him, but relented when he found his growing breasts.

Ennis soon regained his memories, but stated that his identity as a female did not return. He stated that he is now dressing as a man again, and using the men's restroom. His desire is now to be the male Don Ennis once again.

"That will be my name again, now and forever," wrote Ennis.

"I am now completely, unabashedly male in my mind, despite my physical attributes."

Ennis explained that he had visited a hospital for testing before his amnesia and was informed that he had a hormone imbalance. Since his transition back to a male identity he has been receiving hormone treatment and will reportedly undergo surgery. In the email, he explained that he was "misdiagnosed" as transgender.

Ennis assured the recipients of his email that neither his transition to a female identity or his more recent switch back to a male one were practical jokes. He also stated that he would continue to be an advocate for LGBT rights, including same-sex marriage.

"It's so odd to be experiencing this from the other side; as recently as last Friday, I felt I was indeed a woman, in my mind, body and soul."

(via New York Post)