Trailer For J.J. Abrams Strange Novel "S." Released Online


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Around a month ago, Bad Robot released a trailer for J.J. Abrams' latest project. At the time it seemed it was for something called Stranger, but no one really knew much else about it... only that it was quite odd.

Now we know that it was for a book called S., from Doug Dorst, co-created with Abrams. The latest trailer sheds a little more light on what it's about.

Check out the trailer for yourself below:

E.W. has the following description for the novel:

" basically about the relationship between a grad student named Eric and a college senior named Jennifer. They trade notes in the margins of a (fictional) 1949 novel by a mysterious author named V.M. Straka. S.contains the novel within the novel; copious handwritten notes between Jennifer and Eric (“a conversation that plunges them into the unknown,” according to the book jacket); and dozens of pieces of ephemera between the pages like newspaper clippings and a napkin with a map drawn on it. (S. will come shrink-wrapped so none of this extra material falls out.)"

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