Toyota Recall (and Lexus): Almost 400K Cars Included

    September 4, 2013
    Kristen M. Foster
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Ford, now Toyota, watch out automakers, you know everything comes in threes. Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc. announced today two voluntary recalls in concerns for safety. Owners of affected vehicles will receive notification by mail. The company also directs customers to its websites and the Customer Experience Center.

The first involves 2006-2010 model year Highlander Hybrids and 2006-2008 model year Lexus RX 400h’s, about 133,000 vehicles total. The hybrid system’s inverter assembly transistors can be damaged by heat from variations in characteristics of the transistors built in parallel circuits. If this happens, warning lights on the instrument panel will light up and in limited incidents, the hybrid system will shut down, preventing the vehicle from being driven.

The second covers 2006-2011 model year Lexus IS 350, IS 350C and GS 350 vehicles, numbering approximately 102,000. The concern involves bolts used to secure the variable valve timing control devices, which can come loose and stop the vehicle while it is being driven. Early warning signals include odd noises post-start-up.

The company also revealed today that August was a banner month in comparison to Augusts of the past, posting August 2013 sales up 18.4% year-over-year. Toyota division group vice president and general manager, Bill Fay, complimented the auto industry as a, “bright spot in the economic recovery.”

The recalls also involve Toyota brand vehicles across the globe, adding up to a total 369,000 covered. Spokespersons state that no accidents or injuries have been called in over the security concerns.

This follows a series of recalls in June over braking issues in the Prius and Lexus hybrids, April recalls for airbag defects and October 2012 recalls over power window malfunctions.

Company-sponsored Twitter and Facebook accounts are keeping silent, focusing more on fun factoids and features about the vehicles and leaving the heavy lifting to corporate websites and the US Post Office.

Though perhaps this Tweet was conveniently placed:

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  • Dale Helland

    Yea Toyota sucks!!!!!!

    • zorro

      what’s the matter can’t make cars without defects anymore?????What you make too many cars than you did before????Well this AMERICAN will only buy AMERICAN cars where profits STay IN america

  • rose

    With technology and creating new things… better options and making life better comes glitches… At least they are recalling before people are dying and have to sue for a recall!!! Think Jeep Cherokee and other american cars and their companies!! People died before they ever took responsibility!!

  • f u

    oh please half the sh…t you buy is made china or a latin country. i swear some americans are f..ken retards!!!

    • Dianne

      Well, guess what, idiot, the cars being recalled are made here in the U.S by Americans in Texas and North Carolina. Now whose the retard?

      • mike b

        Toyota is a foreign corporation,controlled ultimately by Japanese business model and executives. They choose to put more of the corporate money into advertising the virtues of an inferior product rather than spending it on better materials,research and quality control.Their problems are systemmic and global and reflect why their cars are more recalled and less reliable than all other companies doing business worldwide.

  • eggsonthesmile

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  • Essam

    I bought Tundra 2012 wit 19 K miles, and I have weekly problems and every time I take it to TOYOTA coolsprings at Franklin TN, always say this is normal sound, hahaha and you file a case with TOYOTA USA California, the have nothing to do with that always you come to zero solution.

  • Jimmy

    Oh no, Mr. Bill, not again!! Does Toyota Care come with a crash helmet? Banzai ! ! !