Toy Story 4 and Finding Nemo 2 are Rumored to Be in the Works at Pixar

    July 18, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Toy Story 4 and a sequel to Finding Nemo are apparently being tossed around the offices at Pixar, according to various reports. Although it’s been several years since Andrew Stanton and Lee Unkrich’s fish-oriented endeavor enjoyed its theatrical bow, Pixar is rumored to be considering a return to the oceanic depths for a follow-up in the very near future.

“Finding Nemo”, which hits theaters this September in 3D, stars actor Albert Brooks as a dad who goes on a quest to find his missing son. Although the film isn’t my favorite Pixar endeavor — that honor currently goes to “Wall-E”, though it could change at the drop of a hat — I think there’s definitely interest from the masses for a sequel. I guess its fate will depend upon how well the 3D version of the original film does during its theatrical jaunt later this year.

As far as “Toy Story 4” is concerned, it’s really a no-brainer. The franchise has enjoyed a fair amount of success over the years, with the most recent entry snagging a lifetime gross of $415,004,880, which is certainly nothing to sneeze at. Back in 2011, Tom Hanks hinted that the studio was working on another installment of the wildly popular series, which makes these recent rumors sound a bit more believable.

Sadly, all of this sequel talk indicates that Pixar isn’t interested in developing any new properties at the moment. Although recent efforts such as “Wall-E”, “Up”, and “Brave” have made a fair amount of scratch at the box office, they haven’t come close to securing the sort of revenue as “Toy Story” and “Finding Nemo”. Since crafting films of this nature takes a long time, it might be a while before Pixar delivers anything original. That’s kind of a bummer.

“Monster University”, the highly-anticipated sequel to Pixar’s 2001 hit “Monsters, Inc.”, opens in theaters on June 20th, 2013. Check out the teaser below.

  • Shashank

    I think the release date for ‘Monsters University’ written is June 30, 2012. Which I’m guessing is wrong?!

  • Amanda

    Release date for Monsters University is actually June 21, 2013, as mentioned by IMDb.

  • Courtney

    As a kid of the 90s, I will watch all of these movies. I may be an adult now, but I will always love these!! I’m so excited!! :)

  • Lauren

    Could they just PLEASE focus on a sequel to The Incredibles?! This is so frustrating lol

    • Courtney

      I feel the same way. I love the Incredibles and I feel it is the only Pixar movie that would make a good sequel.

      • moses rios

        Heck yea i loved the first one

    • http://aol.com Ashton

      No not really

  • Jenny

    ok, i love toy story as much as the next person – BUT… i think that horse has been beaten dead now. the toys have moved onto Bonnie and w/out Andy its just not the same Toy Story. … as for Finding Nemo 2 — FINALLY!!!!!

  • Adam

    Please fact check. 3 out of their next 4 announced projects are originals.

    There’s Monsters University next year, a prequel, then three original films – The Good Dinosaur by Bob Peterson, the untitled brain movie by Pete Docter, the untitled Dia de los Muertos movie by Lee Unkrich. One would assume, after that, another big time sequel would be lined up just in case any goes wrong. Hence Finding Nemo 2 or Toy Story 4.

  • Sheilla

    Would love to see Toy Story 4 and Nemo 2, these are my daughters favorite movie, and Monster Inc. is mine… So happy about the second one….

  • tabitha

    i would rather them take their times and make quality movie then to ruin the dignity of either movie.

  • Tina

    I would like to see them make another “Incredibles”. My kids and us really liked that movie.

  • Jim

    Still waiting for ‘Bugs Life 2″

  • Krii

    A Finding Nemo 2 would be fine. They should definitely leave Toy Story alone though. After that heart-wrenching/warming ending of the last movie, any other continuations would just ruin it.

    I’d like to see a The Incredible 2. There’s a lot you can do with superheroes.

  • jack V

    Ellen FINALLY got her wish! We love Finding Nemo, and they going to make a sequel. I agree with the rest of these guys, They need to make a sequel of “The Incredibles” and “A bugs life” and leave “Toy story” alone.

  • NCS

    YES to a Finding Nemo sequel, NO to Toy Story, that story was finished already, leave it alone.

    • mrsluteran


  • 4ever Young

    Yes to Toy Story 4 and Finding Nemo 2. It is better than letting our young children see half dress people, and hear a lot of nasty talk.

  • Levi

    LEAVE TOY STORY ALONE!!! No one wants to see that amazing franchise milked past its expiration date.

    • http://aol.com Ashton

      Don’t insult toy story ever again

      • Raven

        It’s insultIng to Toy Story to actually carry on and ruin the prefect ending it has, so yea “LEAVE TOY STORY ALONE!!!”

  • http://aol.com Ashton

    I don’t think that they should come out with the Incredibles2

  • http://Www.Facebook.com/dequantaeh Omg pixar

    Incredibles Needs a sequel and so does Nemo. You could ask millions of people what they wuld rather watch, most of them could pick Nemo.

  • yani

    i will love if they make the incredibles and bugs life 2 and toy story also im so excited for monster inc can wait and for finding nemo im already 21 and i still love this movies and alwasys will and makes me happy that my kids love watching what i watch when i was child:)))

  • delta

    Toy story four should be made what kind of adventures will woody and his gang will have at bonnie’s house

  • Jayz

    Toy story 4 must be made along with 5 , 6, &7… Toy story happens to be the most creative children film, somethn adults also can enjoy….keep the toy story film, brand, and legacy alive 4ever.

    • Traicy(reply)

      yes,i would agree with you.

  • Traicy

    I know that toy story had great finishing,but my little brother loved and watched all of it.i watched it too.but my brother and i are waiting for toy story 4.i am not interested in these but somehow i loved this one.so… it would be great to see toy story in bonnie’s house or new adventure since theres no andy but bonnie.so hope for best of toy story4…

  • V

    I love toy story all 3 movies !!! Are awesome!!! There is no other movies like toy story !!! Love woody, love buzz, love Jesse, love mr & mrs potato head just love them all!! Please Pixar make toy story 4 please!!

  • Bugs

    it really doesn’t matter if you are an adult or not. These movies are really fantastic. I just love them all. PIXAR should make toy story 4 and finding nemo 2, but don’t forget people also love sequels for the other movies like the Incredibles. A Bugs Life is not actually that original cause its just PIXAR’s version of ‘The Ant and the Grasshopper’ story. I don’t if its a good thing to put a sequel to that.

  • andrea

    Toy Story 1, 2, & 3 were about Andy and his toys. The third one was a great ending for him and his toys. I think it would be silly to make a fourth one with the little girl.

  • LFB

    I think Pixar has to make TS4. Buzz has to make his move! He has to ask Jessie out! I am fairly certain she would say yes, and then they have this scene where they are eating plastic spaghetti, etc. and Mr. Pricklepants is their waiter, and… well, you get the idea. Also, what if Bonnie was in Middle School+ for Toy Story 4? Or would that be like Emily in TS2? Anyway, in all likelihood, Pixar would make it. TS3 had a huge box office. Why wouldn’t they try to top it?

    • TOY STORY 4

      I agree! Come on buzz! and maybe ken and barbie will have a wedding and children!!!!

      • isaac

        How can toys have children? They do not have wombs or working penises.


    I think that Toy Story 4 should come out. Hopefully Andy will return from college and have a adventure with Bonnie. If this is the last one (hopefully not!)maybe Andy realises they can speak.Please make a Toy Story 4!

    ” “

    • Buzz Lover

      I agree your brillaint!

    • Im Sora

      Toy Story 3 was the perfect ending. You can’t ruin the trilogy by adding a 4th. Of course i would be at the midnight showing to ts4, but i think it would ruin it.

  • Emily

    I agree on a sequel to the Incredibles I mean from the end of the movie it look like heroes were allowed back so they could do the children like Violet Dash and Jack Jack depending on how long its been in the movies universe learning to be heroes since they were used to hiding who they really were and you could either have a new villain or Buddy aka Synestro somehow survive and be put on trial for the murder of the heroes and somehow get off with like community service since at the time he did it supers weren’t allowed to use their powers and these supers did

  • Hannah

    That would be sooo awesome if they made Toy Story 4 and Finding nemo 2