Toshiba U845W Takes the Ultrabook in a New Direction


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Toshiba announced today the arrival of several new slim ultrabooks to add to this ever growing market. Normally, this would be nothing special, as all the major laptop makers have now entered the market. What makes Toshiba's line-up special is the addition of the ultra-wide-screen U845W.

This variant of the Satellite U845 ultrabook is unique in that it comes with a 21:9 aspect ratio used on many current films and movies. This also allows for 2 windows to easily be opened at once on either side of the screen. It may be a big hit for travelling business people, as it is truly a laptop for both business and pleasure.

Toshiba is calling the U845W the world's first "entertainment optimized ultrabook". As well as the ultra-wide 1792x768 resolution screen, it also comes with premium Harman/Kardon speakers, Ivy Bridge processors and tons of ports.

The 14.4 inch wide screen is optimized for CinemaScope's 21:9 aspect ratio, and eliminates any need for letterboxing (the black bars on the top and bottom of widescreen movies played on more box-like aspect ratios).

The construction is of machined aluminum for the chassis and lid, with a strip of textured rubberized paint running along the edge of the lid and palm rest, and covering the bottom of the chassis.

Laptop Mag got to test it out and has provided a review:

The machine will cost $999 for the entry level configuration. This comes with Ivu Bridge i5 processor, 500 GB Harddrive with 32GB SSD cache and Intel HD 4000 graphics. It weights just under 4 pounds and gets around 8 hours of battery life.

For those that like Toshiba ultrabooks, but don't want to throw down that kind of cash, the U845 offers the same look without the widescreen or the price tag. This system starts at $699 with the same internal hardware as the U845W.

Toshiba also announced the release of the Protege Z935, an updated version of the ultralight Z835. This version boasts a weight of 2.4 pounds and a .3 to .6 inch thickness. It ges 7 hours of battery life and starts at $899.

So there you have it - three new ultrabooks from Toshiba. One claims to be a top of the line entertainment bundle, one an economy version of the same, and one in the ultralight category.

They will hit store shelves July 15.

[h/t: PCMag]