Tonya Harding Still Getting Over Nancy Scandal

    January 23, 2014
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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Tonya Harding was accused of hiring someone to take our her rival Nancy Kerrigan back in 1994. A friend of Harding’s ex husband hid in the darkness at a skating rink where Kerrigan had been practicing and hit her in the knee with a police baton as she attempted to exit the ice.

Photos of Kerrigan grabbing her knee and yelling “Why” appeared in almost every magazine in the country in the weeks after the incident.

Harding at first denied that she had anything to do with the attack, but later pleaded guilty to related charges in court. She was ordered to pay a fine and to complete 500 hours of community service. Although Kerrigan didn’t take home the gold at the Olympics that year, she still did much better than Harding. Kerrigan took home the silver medal and Harding took home eighth place.

The attack became known as one of the worst in Olympic history and few people aren’t aware of it. This has made it very difficult for Harding to move on. Filmmaker Nanette Burstein recently brought the attack back to the attention of the public with her documentary, “The Price of Gold.”

Harding was interviewed during the documentary and revealed some startling information about her life. She still claims that she did not have anything to do with the attack and was unfairly blamed by United States Figure Skating. She also admitted to being abused both physically and verbally by her mother and ex husband.

Harding says that she has put the past behind her and is hoping others, including Kerrigan, will do the same. “Everybody is entitled to their opinion, it was 20 years ago. We both have gone our separate ways. Get over it, okay? Its 20 years. I’m sure that she’s done and I am too,” she said.

She now has a simple life with her son and enjoys doing landscaping projects in her spare time.

Do you think Tonya Harding had anything to do with the attack that almost ended Nancy Kerrigan’s skating career?

Image via Wikimedia Commons.

  • james langley

    she is such a nasty pig. she should disappear off this earth.

  • Biased America

    The rich, pretty, snobby, and nasty woman known as Nancy got all the attention and the media vilified the poor, working class, not as pretty girl known as Tonya. I hate to tell America but many people are forced to plead guilty in America’s courtrooms. Tonya would not be the first. Justice in America is an illusion.

    At the end of the day, Nancy’s Disney comments and actions define who she is. She is just a rich bitch.

    • wynkyn de worde

      To Quote Chevy Chase “Biased America, you ignorant slut”. N. Kerrigan was NOT from a wealthy family,(as the whole above ground world is aware of), so crawl back into your insulated little hole,and quit making a nuisance of yourself! ;-P

      • Steve

        wynkyn de worde,

        First, you did not “quote,” you paraphrased.

        Secondly, it was Dan Aykroyd, not Chevy Chase.

        Please get your facts straight before you attempt to insult people.

        • Tonya

          It was Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtain..lol.

      • Tonya

        define weathy

    • http://none James

      Absolutely Nancy is a (SNOB, rich bitch). I am an ex speed skater, Nancy is not as talented as she thinks she is, I am glad she did not get the Gold.. her skating form was not perfect..
      I was a fan back then of Nancy, but upon looking back at it all
      I am no longer a fan,. the victim was Tanya..

    • Mike

      Amen—I hated that bucktooth snoot.

    • knwmn

      Obviously written by someone who never had a goal they worked to reach.

  • sonny FREE

    She always looks nasty and her sex tape was more like a ad to not have sex FOREVER.i PUT HER RIGHT UP THEIR WITH JUSTIN BEIBER GEORGIA BOY ZIMMERMAN ALL FROM THE SCHOOL OF KARDASHIAN.

  • Gottin

    Ummm, careful proofreading would have improved this story. There are lots of minor typos and incorrect use of commas. I know this sounds like nitpicking, but when you’re writing for the Web, quality counts. :-) Otherwise, it’s a good story.

  • Patty

    Hhhhmmm, I think Tonya is much prettier than Nancy! I believe Tonya wanted to win fair & square, not by taking out the competition with an injury.

    • http://none James

      I also believe this to be true..

  • Mike

    I dont think she had anything to do with it. She was denied her right to make a living skating….. why wasnt THUG Ray Lewis?

  • Conny

    This what Tonya has to live for the rest of her life is what she had done. But there is a fine line where she has to let this go too. She should not have to let this destroy her life. Everyone makes horrible mistakes in life and everyone has to pay for them one way or another and she has. She knows what she did was wrong and she can’t keep beating herself up for it.

    • donald cook

      Conny … i do not know that Tonya did anything wrong. to assume so, just because a dysfunctional justice system may have have forced her to plead guilty, does not mean a fig. Please do not attempt to tell other people how they should live; or get over trauma.

    • http://none James

      I don’t believe she did it at all.. she should not have to pay for this the rest of her life..

  • Laureen 5032

    To Biased America: Nancy was not rich, she came from a working class family. She was shy and always conducted herself with honesty and grace. Tonya and her people were white trash. She got what she deserved.

  • http://yahoo jerry

    Tonya Harding, a gifted athlete, no doubt about it. Tonya Harding, a deceitful criminal skank, no doubt about it.

  • http://Yahoo Tisha

    In all fairness, no one besides Tonya and her ex-husband has a right to say that they know what went down. But I personally have a hard time believing that Tonya didn’t know that it was going to happen. There was a lot at stake if Tonya won, including money, fame and endorsements. Tonya would have been the one to be worrying that her competition had the advantage in the competition, and it seems likely that some discussion went on about what to do about it. But if she knew who or when or how……who knows?

  • Lucifer

    If it wasn’t for the attack and subsequent media attention 24/7 when it was still fresh no one would know about Nancy or Tonya, I say let them both be forgotten and the best thing we as the public can do is stop allowing the media to grab our attention and then waste it on stories like this. With the world falling apart around us there is much more to worry about then if someone had another hurt so they could ice skate 20 years ago for the olympic which is nothing more than politics and nationalism taken to the extreme with athletes as the pawns.

  • http://WebproNews Pat Witt

    None of us will ever know the truth re: this incident .
    But what I found interesting was the fact that many of those who responded are very aware that a guilty plea in a criminal court means squat !
    Indeed the judicial system is DYSFUNCTIONAL !
    And the fact that people are forced to plead guilty ( when they are not ) happens every day .
    Criminal lawyers advise clients to take a plea ( even when not guilty ) to avoid further expenses or to avoid a trial or to avoid the risk of a less than competent judge or one who does not have time to deal with all the records and testimony ,etc.
    Look at OJ Simpson ! He now has admitted the murders ! But he had a dream team of expensive lawyers who got him off – GUILTY AS WE ALL KNEW HE WAS !?!
    Tanya did not have a dream team .
    She ( like most of us ) could not afford one .
    If she was involved , she already has paid dearly .
    If she was not involved , she deserves our pity .
    Nancy has lived happily ever after so how about focusing not on either of these women but on the DYSFUNCTIONAL JUDICIAL SYSTEM that just keeps hurting decent people who cannot afford fat cat lawyers !

  • http://none James

    I believe it was completely her ex husbands doing.. Tanya was not guilty of this doing, she did not have motive, her husband had motive.
    why would someone sabotage there own career, that does not make sense
    and her concentration of off ever since the incident. the press planted the idea in the publics mind.. that she was guilty.
    I believe she was not guilty. Tanya was a victim of all this worse than Nancy..

  • http://none James

    Nancy after the Olympics ended. Nancy was in a parade.. and after the parade was over she called it a stupid thing to attend, kind of letting the people down for the nose in the air kind of person she really is.. SNOB

  • http://none James

    Nancy is a snob.

  • Bob

    Of all the articles that have appeared in the last few weeks about this subject, this one is the most poorly-researched and poorly written. Sorry…

  • Dan B.

    But what about the sex tape that Tonya and the ex-husband made while they were together. I know it was getting around back then, but haven’t heard nor seen of it recently.

  • Name

    Tanya Harding was and is a piece of shit!