Today Is Resident Evil Friday, Apparently


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While SOPA and PIPA, or the apparent defeat thereof, is dominating the current newscycle, someone forgot to tell us about the fact this weekend belongs to a property no one would've initially guessed.

No, I'm not talking about the NFL with its Conference Championships; I've got a the 49ers and the Patriots for those of you who are wondering. In fact, with the release of not one, but two trailers -- granted, one's for the video game and one's for the movie -- apparently today, Friday, January 20th, belongs to the Resident Evil franchise.

The question is, which one is the winner? Are people more excited about the yet another video game sequel or yet another movie sequel? Considering the smash-hit success of the video game franchise and the lukewarm reception the Resident Evil movies have received, the nod goes to the sixth installment of the video game, and not the fifth installment of the movie series, Milla Jovovich or not.

Confused yet? Good, let's watch some trailers. First, the trailer for the movie, Resident Evil: Retribution:

Is the movie sport the "Retribution" tagline to let Resident Evil fans know this time, things will be different? Doubtful, but one can only hope.

And now, the long-awaited video game sequel, complete with Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy, and Ashley. If you played the incredible Resident Evil 4, you are very familiar with keeping Ashley safe. This time, however, it looks like Ashley will take part in the zombie ass-kicking, which should those of you who can't stand escort missions.

Ashley also looks a little older, so maybe she'll get her wish of hooking up with Leon.

All things considered, after watching both of those trailers, I'd much rather see a Resident Evil movie done by the same guys who designed the game's cutscene segments than another ho-hum, "hey, isn't my wife, Milla hot?" entry from Paul W.S. Anderson.