Tim Cook Announces New Mac, iPad Discounts For Apple Employees

    January 26, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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If you haven’t already heard, Apple had a big quarter.

The company just released their Q4 earnings, and with the help of the holiday season, absolutely destroyed all expectations. Apple posted Q4 revenue of $46.33 billion, beating the expected figure of $38 billion. They also reported a record quarterly net profit of $13.06 billion.

Partly in celebration of these record numbers, and party to talk about the future, Apple CEO Tim Cook held a Town Hall with Apple employees Wednesday morning. Employees could attend in person or online via AppleWeb. Cook said in an email “we’ll review our record-setting results and discuss some exciting new things going on at Apple.”

But Apple employees were treated to another surprise, as Cook announced an incentive that will help them upgrade to the latest Apple technology for their personal use. According to 9to5Mac, Cook told everyone that soon, they will get $500 credits on new Mac purchases and $250 credits on new iPad purchases.

These will kick in sometime in June of this year with two catches: First, employees can only use the credit once every three years. Second, employees must have been at Apple for at least 90 days before they can use the discounts.

I guess Apple’s huge successes as of late are trickling down to employees. And if they keep selling iPhones faster than babies are being born, Apple employees can probably expect stuff like this to continue.

$500 off a Mac is a really nice discount. But Google had one of the best employee giveaways ever when they gifted brand new customized Galaxy Nexus phones to employees for the holidays.

  • F. Hewson

    So, a $500 credit once every 3yrs works out to be an annual employee bonus of ~$170. Pretty generous for a company that just made $13b in a quarter.

    • BK

      750 credit actually. and multiply that by a hundred thousand employees.
      here’s a “generous” tip for you, learn math before typing.

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