Three Bodies Found On Farm; Young Missing Mom Believed Dead

    May 7, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Three bodies were found on a farm in Kansas on Monday, and investigators believe one of them belongs to a young mother who disappeared with her 18-month old daughter last week.

The bodies were discovered when two friends of 21-year old Kaylie Bailey visited the home–which belonged to her boyfriend, Andrew Stout, and his roommate, Steven Eugene White–to check on some animals there. The women–Kortni McGill and Corey Schlotzhauer–quickly smelled a foul odor coming from the garage and called police, who did a brief search of the home and found nothing. After they left, the women decided they weren’t satisfied with the quick inspection and returned with another friend, 21-year old Shona Osladil, to investigate. They then found a decaying body beneath a tarp that had been weighted down.

“I reached down and saw teeth through the square in the cinder block. I said, ‘Corey, there’s a body here,’” Kortni McGill said.

The reported reason the police didn’t find the body is that it was covered in trash, but Osladil is extremely unhappy with the way things have been handled.

“I’m very frustrated,” she said. “Without us going out there how long would it have been before they found that body?”

Investigators aren’t releasing details regarding how the victims died, saying it is crucial to their investigation. The baby, Lana Bailey, has yet to be found. They are, however, looking for two men in connection with the murders: Kyle Flack, 27, and Cyle Mathew Bailey, 22. They are believed to be driving a Toyota Corolla.


  • http://yahoo Al Smith

    Sounds like the police should have inspected and followed their smell. Thank GOD for the good ones. Thanks for friends that had to know about their friend. If the 2 are identified as the killers, string them up in the same yard as the house. It is getting crazier thought out our country.

  • Dolores Clark

    Another quick search by police.Dont these guys know how they make their department look.Good God !!!! someone please wake up at these police departments.Good thing thse girls went bck..The officers who responded need to be suspended immediatly,for good,no pay,no retirement,no nothing like the service they rendered.

    • Reta Lane

      Thank goodness for those persistent young people or they might have got away with that triple murder.
      I just read about those 3 women they found alive and how the police was called there twice and they did nothing but go knock on the door.
      All those police personnel should be fired and how could they not smell a dead body.

      • Thalia

        Not defending the police here, but it’s possible the cops didn’t recognize the stench for what it was, especially on a farm. From now on out, they certainly won’t forget. Most rural cops are not equipped to respond to homicides the way urban cops do. These cops likely never encountered a homicide victim before on a case they were called on. They certainly didn’t expect any dead bodies and likely wrote off the young people as kids spinning stories. I can see how it happened. But that’s no excuse. Heads should roll – except how many cops are there in rural KS? 2 or 3?

  • Sweet Sue Ohio

    I hope TPB will find the baby soon, and that she is all right.

  • http://webpronews linda lee

    Both these upstanding citizens have records. The older for 2nd degree attempted murder, younger for burglary, served time at the same prison. So lets give one big shout out for early releases and re ha bil la ta tion!!! It looks as though the cops who showed up already knew who lived there!! lindalee

  • http://Bing Norma Pollock

    It seems that many people do not do the job they are paid to do anymore.