This Is What It Looks Like (on Facebook) When You Lose a Presidential Election

    November 9, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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Losing a Presidential election must be hard. Mitt Romney has a wonderful family, he’s healthy (per Presidential physical), and he can continue on with his life knowing that nearly half of the country wanted him to be President – he’ll be ok. But still, it has to be tough – I can only imagine.

Of course, the amount of people talking about Mitt Romney will drop off with every passing day. People will continue to talk about President Obama, and will soon begin to talk about the possible GOP candidates for 2016. But Mitt Romney is going to lose popularity, it’s inevitable.

The Washington Post ran an article that said Mitt Romney was losing Facebook followers by the minute. It makes sense that a losing Presidential candidate would suffer some sort of momentum loss in the social media department. But they’re reporting a loss of nearly 600 friends an hour. I thought I’d look at some data from Facebook and Twitter – and they’re right. Mitt Romney’s social media momentum hit a wall after election day.

Behold, this is what happens to you on Facebook when you lose a Presidential election (courtesy PageData):

For weeks, Romney was consistently gaining between 120,000 and 160,000 new Facebook likes per day. Suddenly, yesterday, Mitt Romney’s page hit a brick wall. Then he started losing likes. Followers are jumping ship. Over 32,000 unliked him on Thursday, and over 13,000 have unliked him today.

Plus, there’s that giant plunge in “people talking about this.”

When I first looked at Mitt Romney’s Facebook page today, I saw that he had 12,078,406 likes. Just 15 minutes later, his total likes dropped to 12,078,211. That’s a plunge of nearly 200 likes in 15 minutes. Whoa.

Over on Twitter, it looks similar – although not quite as tragic. Every day from October 1st to election day, Romney gained followers. On the low end, 6,000 a day. On the high end, 30, 40, 50 thousand. Yesterday he gained 1,156 and today he’s gained 55.

Just for a comparison, President Obama has gained over 1.1 million Facebook likes since November 7th. He’s also gained nearly that amount of Twitter followers. To the victor go the social media spoils, I guess.

  • David Earles

    I’m very disappointed like nearly half the country that Mitt Romney lost the election. We realy need jobs and to be independant of foreign oil. President Obama had a chance to create perhaps millions of jobs but he vetoed the pipeline.
    I hope Mitt Romney runs in 2016 so I can vote for him again.

    • rahtid

      your disappointment id bearable
      Hope you volunteer to help Mitt run in 2016

    • Bee

      You are missing the fact that America has a different face now. Mitt symbolizes and looks like the ghost of Christmas past. He is not the face that will attract young voters, Hispanics, Asians, and Blacks. His religion is scary because most consider it a cult. The Republican party selected the wrong candidate for the job. He will be no more relevant in 2016 than Sarah Palin was in 2012.

      • Luanna

        You nailed it Bee. Mitt symbolizes the straight, white, male of yesteryear. I am so grateful Americans made the correct choice. Now we stand a chance.

  • Mitt Romney

    Sup Dave,

    Sorry to say in 2015 I will have ascended to my celestial home on Kolob.

    Sorry brosive.

    Oh, and by the way lol you voted for me. n00b. pwned.

    Also, Paul Ryan is a Steve in that whole Adam and Steve scenario. You know what I’m saying.

    So peace be with you my child, and suck it up.

    Mormons 4 life.

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  • http://www.oirs.ca Len

    I guess no one wants Romney likes or Romney appearing in a FB users friends list because no one likes a loser! Either that, or they were all Democrats just keeping an eye on Romney’s accounts to have a laugh over whatever his next gaff would be and now don’t want to see his name anywhere.

    Personally, I have Obama’s and Romney’s FB pages liked and follow both on Twitter. I won’t waste my time going back and changing the status either. If Romney’s people stop using either service a program I run to identify abandoned accounts in both Twitter and Facebook will deal with them as they would any clutter in my social media accounts.

  • Gray

    You are absolutely right!!@Bee

  • russell cutshall

    I vote for MIT. this year and I will vote for MIT again in 2016 if he runs, and if the Dims have not taken that away along with our country by then. At this point in time I am not sure if this country has a future.

    • Luanna

      This country will ALWAYS have a future, despite the fact that the Republicans win sometimes, too. I am grateful America re-elected President Obama. If the Republicans expect to win in 2016, they better find a competent candidate and lose Mitt the fool. I firmly believe no one actually viable would run against Obama this year, and the serious Republicans are waiting for 2016. Oh what a glorious country this would be if the Democrats hold on in 2016!!!