This Enormous Robot Comes With Twin Gatling Guns, Can Be Controlled With A Phone

    August 2, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Japan’s Suidobashi Heavy Industry has created this monster. It’s a 13-foot tall robot that shoots water bottles like rockets, comes with twin BB-shooting gatling guns, runs on gasoline and a diesel engine, and can be controlled with a phone or facial expressions.


The company warns, “‘Kuratas’ is an art piece. It is not a normal vehicle, so it doesn’t guarantee you safety and comfort. However, it makes your dream of becoming a robot pilot comes true.” (sic)

Check out this demo:

Kuratas runs on a next generation robot operating system called V-Sido, according to the video. You can operate the robot with a phone via 3G if you pay the $1.3 million it will cost you.

It goes about 10 kilometers per hour, and can be driven in low and high positions.

Did I mention it comes with twin gatling guns?

A couple of additional looks:

[Via Discovery News]

  • Al

    What stops someone to buy this robot and mount real machine gun on it?

    • Eric

      the 1.3 million dollar price tag….