Things Tim Howard Could Save, or Why We All Love the Internet

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As USA goalkeeper continued to make amazing save after amazing save in Tuesday's World Cup match against Belgium, people started making jokes on Twitter like Tim Howard could've saved my parents' marriage and Tim Howard just saved me 15% on car insurance. Seriously, did you watch the game? The man was incredible. His efforts, combined with a relatively porous US defense led to Man of the Match honors (in a losing effort nonetheless) as well as a new World Cup record – most saves ever recorded.

Hell, we're trying to get an airport named after him right now.

These early Twitter jokes eventually morphed into probably the funniest trending hashtag we've seen in some time. Most trending hashtags? Idiotic. This trending hashtag? Absolute gold.

Here's the best of #ThingsTimHowardCouldSave

Goddamnit, this is beautiful.

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