The Price is Right Begins Casting Male Models

By: Sean Patterson - August 14, 2012

CBS today announced that The Price is Right, the daytime game show known for the phrase “a new car!” and games such as Plinko, will be getting a male model to join its cast of female beauties.

A five-episode web series will air this fall featuring some possible models for the show. The show will be a competition, and viewers will be able to vote online for their favorite models. The model who receives the most votes will win a one-week modeling gig on The Price is Right, which will air the week of October 15th. The web series will tape on September 4th and 5th, and the winner of the series will be announced on October 5th.

CBS will invite men who are over 18 years of age to an open casting call at Studio City in Los Angeles on August 30, from 10am to 2pm. Models will then be featured on The Price is Right website, where fans can vote on the men. The semi-finalists from that casting call will be featured in the five-part web series.

Want to be a male model on The Price is Right? Those interested can fill out a participant application to be considered for the contest. Some of the questions on the application include “Have you ever made or appeared in a home video or photograph in which you or another person appeared nude or topless (female)?” and “Have you ever been convicted of a felony?”

Though this is a contest for a one-week appearance on the show, it could be that CBS is looking to test whether male models could work on The Price is Right. The show has traditionally featured tall, leggy women who show off products, flip price cards and roll out props for various games.

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  • john

    the beginning of the end for the price is right

    • robby

      I agree men on that show, gotta have those sexy babes shorty skirts higher heels.

  • Taylor

    country is becoming too gay and on the decline. Next thing you know we’ll have a transsexual in a beauty contest meant for women.

    • Danah

      there has already been a transgender that has gone through all the surgeries in a beauty pageant this year.

    • cherie

      oh u don’t know they did already oh yes………

  • KryptoniteBalls

    See, this is what happens when Bob Barker isn’t in charge.

  • cherie

    well,well,well. at some point have’nt the price is right been doing different thing and going in different direction over the years, we have to remember that these are ever changing times……

  • Bob smith

    This is sooooo gay, this will be the beginning of the end for this show, you will see they will bring a tranny next.

  • robby

    Is drew carey bi-sexual-next thing you know he’s in high heels.

  • jared

    i didn’t know all male models were automatically gay? if seeing a man present a new car offends you, you really need to relax and quit judging people. theyre not giving BJs on the show dipshtz. gay gay gay blah blah blah.

  • Edward Rasmussen

    The ’80s version of Sale of the Century featured both male and female models. Gender did not make a difference with that show. I don’t think that casting male models will diminish the quality of TPIR.

  • Joseph

    The Price Is Right Show finally “Jumps the Shark” just like the Progressive Ads now…

  • Marilyn Hermant

    Shall we all bring dollar bills to the show? If it ain’t broke , don’t fix it..

  • Steve

    Seacrest will be at the front of the line. Stupid TV whore.

  • Oscar Hoover

    First: Will a male be added to the model staff, or replace a model. Audience won’t stand for that like producers did to others who quit. Unless there a a set of male models, it would be boring only having one. The current method of having guest presenters is the best way, and using the announcer as you do now. It’s pretty apparent when you cut back and use only 2 instead of 3. If’s you want to add more variety pay other celebrities to make guest appearance who aren’t just there when you get a promotional fee for their appearance. Get some of the old time TV stars to come in for scale, so the audience gets to see them and applaud.(they need only stand there and not model) Kelly Ripa has been using different guest male hosts during the week, every since Regis left, and the audience likes it. (if you want a new feature why not feature some of the TPIR winners coming in t show what happened with their prizes, i.e. a video of a previous car winner picking up his car with the new car showcase, pictures of their previous Maui Vacation when you offer a Maui Vacation Showcase. They would probably do that just for the cost of coming back to the show and a signing a release form.