The Next Big Thing in Social Media – Using Your Brain

Make Sure Trends Make Sense For Your Business Before Following Them

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What’s the next big thing in social media? Is it Google Buzz? Is it Chat Roulette? Is it Foursquare? Is it Gowalla? Is it something you won’t hear about until tomorrow, next week, or next year? While it is certainly a good idea to be aware of trends, it’s also important for businesses not to get to fixated on them, and go rushing into things that may or may not make sense for them.

Shiny Object Syndrome

As 10e20 President Chris Winfield discussed with us at Search Engine Strategies last week, a lot of people get caught up in "shiny object syndrome". This is essentially where businesses get caught up in the hype surrounding the latest service, trend, or fad, and feel like they have to be involved to stay relevant, and jump in because of that.

This is not the best way to go about things. "You should never get involved in something, just because you think you have to," he said.

Winfield made a great point: think about if you had put a large amount of time and money into a Friendster strategy or an Orkut strategy, only to find that these networks would never offer you the benefits you could’ve received from using these resources on a Facebook strategy.

It’s important to consider your goals and think about what you need to measure in your social media efforts, from a business standpoint. "Not all companies should be measuring the same exact things," notes Winfield.


Perhaps the best approach you can take is to have a relatively portable social media strategy. In other words, look for ways to engage with customers that don’t limit you to a particular service. That way, if they flock to a new one in the future, you can go along with minimal hassle. Maintain consistency in your brand’s persona and how you deal with customers, and you’ll probably find that this can be transported from one channel to another, despite technological adjustments that may need to be made to the strategy.

One good thing that businesses likely have to look forward to is a more open web, which will allow users of separate services to communicate with one another. Just yesterday, Cliqset and Status.net claimed to have implemented the first live example of the Salmon protocol, and for the first time ever, the users of two independent, public web entities are able to communicate with each other, without being on the same service as the person they are communicating with.

"This is a great demonstration of Cliqset’s larger vision of social networks being siteless, and we think it’s going to be the future of how all services interact and, more importantly, how users of these services interact," Cliqset tells WebPronews. Major social media players are already heavily involved in similar initiatives.

The Next Big Thing in Social Media – Using Your Brain
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  • Social Media-izer

    This article is going to make your readership tank! What were you thinking??

  • Guest

    Yes, We need to define our social media strategy… well said.

  • http://www.webpro.in Bharati Ahuja

    Yes, surely we need a plan and a strategy for integretaing social media.

    The web marketing companies need to guide the clients and stop using the herd mentality . Usually people say everyone is on Twitter so we have to be on Twitter too.

    It is your web marketing company to decide whether a Facebook campaign would suit your plan or a Twitter account would be more beneficial.

  • http://serpeoseo.wordpress.com Website Ranking Company Philadelphia

    Mainly for the exposure and the success of social media exploitation, a company should be in a position to offer a good or service on the internet. Regional service establishments can benefit from the pay per click offerings but the ROI factor will probably not be there. As for free exposure that can be used for search engine placement in the SERPS, content must be leveraged.

    Leveraging well written articles will pay off especially if done in house. Even paying for a writer and SEO expert can be significantly beneficial for an ailing website (in the SERPS). Using a blog or forum that is wired by RSS feed is a great way to use social media. Google picking up on the “nofollow” Twitter tweets in real time is a sign that big search is serious about following social media.

    Offering a product on Facebook as an advertising medium would seen beneficial to internet offerings on a national scale. For regional companies, the old way of search will be a mainstay for a while, it seems. Facebook will continue to grow if managed properly. Competition is out there with new social sites popping up everywhere, some that allow the one way backlink with anchor text.

    There are a number of ways to exploit these sites but content will remain golden. Leveraging good content, a good webmaster can achieve many successes including beating the infamous sandbox effect.

    Bob W- Serpeo-SEO

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