The Last Of Us Gets A New Multiplayer Mode


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The Last of Us remains in many gamers' minds as one of the best single-player experiences of the year. It also sports a competent multiplayer mode that Naughty Dog is starting to expand with new modes.

Sony announced that the latest patch, version 1.03, for The Last of Us includes a new multiplayer mode called Interrogation. Unlike other games that are content in charging players for new modes, this new mode is entirely free.

The new mode is called Interrogation, and it's pretty unique among multiplayer mode. The mode requires players to interrogate five opposing players to find out where that team's lockbox is. After that, players will then have to unlock the opposing team's lockbox to gain access to their supplies.

Naughty Dog has said that it has more DLC planned for The Last of Us so don't expect the new multiplayer mode to be the end of new content. In fact, we should be seeing a nice combination of single player and multiplayer content going forward.

For a full breakdown of all the new content in the latest patch, check out the Naughty Dog's Web site.

[Image: Naughty Dog]