The FABtotum Is More Than Just A 3D Printer


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Last week, I said that Zeus from AIO Robotics may be the new god of 3D printers. That's because it could print, scan and fax 3D printed designs all in the confines of one machine. It's going to hit Kickstarter soon, but another similar device has already found similar success on Indiegogo.

Say hello to the FABtotum - a 3D printer that also doubles as a 3D scanner and CNC milling machine. In short, it can do make just about everything you could ever think of out of any material you could think. The 3D printer can handle all the plastic creations while the cutter can handle foam and plywood. You can add your own cutter to handle heavier duty materials, like metal.

Warning: The following video contains excessive amounts of dubstep.

FABtotum Personal Fabricator - 2013 Indiegogo Campaign from FABtotum on Vimeo.

So, how much does this three-in-one maker machine cost? You can buy the DIY kit for $999 and it comes with all the materials necessary to build the machine. If you want them to assemble it for you, that'll be $100 more at $1,099. It's already much cheaper than whatever the Zeus is going to cost, and it's a pretty good deal for what it gets you. The ability to add your own extruder and cutter heads to the device only makes it more valuable.

The FABtotum has 39 days in its quest to raise $50,000, and it's already raised $61,506. It just goes to show you that 3D printing devices are incredibly popular on crowdsourcing sites.

[Image: FABtotum/Indiegogo] [h/t: Fabbaloo Blog]