The Dangers of Red Meat & Pink Slime [Infographic]

    March 29, 2012
    Chris Gabbard
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Its pretty well known that red meat is bad for you. But with “pink slime” making headlines lately, people are more aware of the dangers and pitfalls of red meat more than ever. Even though a lot of major corporations have agreed to do away with pink slime, it is still around in things like school lunches and dog food.

But what are the real risks of red meat? In countries with the highest consumption of red meat, heart disease is the leading cause of death. Coincidence, or part of something more sinister?

For every serving of meat you eat, your risk of dying from heart attack increases by 19.5%. Your risk of cancer increases by 13%. Just one serving a day, increases your risk of heart attack by 27%, while substituting that with chicken will reduce your risk of early death by 14%.


  • Luke

    Congrats on having a lower BMI, vegans! Being malnourished is certainly something to be proud of!… This kind of junk should be banned from the internet.

  • Rich LoPrete

    The only thing that’s malnourished on Luke is his brain!!!!

    • Bill

      Spoken like a true vegan… You hipsters need to stop spreading b.s. all over the internet. More than 600 people lost their jobs this week because of lies about boneless lean beef trimmings. If you don’t want to eat meat, fine, but don’t ruin it for the rest of us!

  • Sam

    Actually, the infographic cites vegetarians as having lower BMI’s, not vegans. Being healthy and malnourished are two separate life styles and considering the US’s average BMI is 28%, I wouldn’t say that a 30% decrease would put people at risk for malnourishment. It’s a shame that people lost their jobs, especially with the economy the way that it is. This infographic isn’t “ruin[ing] it for the rest”, it’s simply informing the public of what is in their food and how it affects them; two things that everyone has a right to.

  • Alex Wisdom

    Ok, there is a lot here to deal with but most of it falls into the “whatever” category. The one that stands out it the cholesterol factoid. All (ALL) the research about cholesterol comes from three sources. Some done on rabbits, some on rats and emperical strudies on humans. The rabbits don’t eat meat at all, so when fed meat their bodies get destroyed because they have no way to deal with the glucose in the meat. Rat studies show nothing conclusive and the human studies only show that cholesterol is present when there is heart damage. But cholesterol is a componet of cell membranes. So when your body is destroyed be whatever crazy/stupid diet you are on, cholestol is there to rebuild the cells that are being damaged. So of course it is going to be present in people with heart damage but it does not cause heart damage(it’s reparing it!). P.S. People who eat a lot of any one thing are unhealthy. Meat, veggies, coke, etc.

  • charles

    As a nuclear medicine technician I must stop and stay the creator of this articla is just beyond stupid… First off we are programmed to eat red meat. Without the vitamins and minerals specific to red meat no one one would have even been able to write such a BS story. Vegetarians are in no way healthy, they require the addition of vitamin supplements to replenish theat which they lack from not eating meat. There is no.conspiracy to this, eat too much read meat you get gout. Don’t think because you ate one steak your chances of dying have just gone up 19%. The writer of this article should really never post again. And if you don’t want to eat red meat so be it, but don’t stick your lies on to everyone else, trying to deny everything we’ve been doing up to this point is wrong which is eating animals as god intended

    • Luke

      Great response! This article is such a joke and I am glad that other people can see through its b.s.

  • jason

    This is an awesome website. it has lots of statistics for my project thanks. PS im in 5th grade

  • Connie Boree

    The TRUTH is out there for anyone who cares about it…we eat way too much meat in the US!

  • rick

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