“The Bridge” Pilot Gets Rave Reviews

    July 11, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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“The Bridge” premiered last night on FX, and those who watched have positive things to say about it.

The new drama, which focuses on two detectives investigating a series of murders near the Texas/Mexico border, will have a lot of surprises in the first season. Star Diane Kruger talked recently about the show and about her role in it, which is something we haven’t seen on television before: a lead character with Asperger’s.

“We decided early on that we were not going to label Sonya’s condition in the show, which I think is very important and very interesting, because we didn’t want her condition to be her defining character trait,” Kruger said. “I thought that was really brave and it’s pretty ballsy in my eyes, because in the first episode… she’s so odd and you don’t really know what it is that’s off. And I think it will be great to get the opportunity for the next 13 episodes to see her [nuances] and her layers and to understand a lot of her back story that has made her the person that she is today.”

The show has some pretty dark subject matter and is very character driven, focusing on the relationship between Kruger’s character, Sonya, and fellow investigator Marco Ruiz (played by Demian Bichir).

“I think that the two characters, Demian — Marco Ruiz and Sonya Cross, are an unusual combination of detectives. The show’s not your usual cop show. It’s a very character driven show, and you think the show’s about one thing and then it goes in directions that will be quite unexpected,” she said.”The setting between Mexico and America is unique and I don’t think [it] has been done on television before. And I think the backdrop of the unsolved crimes as the missing girls from Juarez, the relationship between America and Mexico, is very interesting to see and shine a light on.”

From what viewers are saying on Twitter today, it seems like the pilot was a bit laid back compared to what we’ll see in later episodes.

  • Dave L.

    Total waste of time watching this garbage, could only get through about TWENTY minutes of the program before I removed it from my DVR schedule. There are better things to do on Wednesday night.

    • JK

      I agree..out of curiosity I hit the net to see the reviews, and seems no one wants to pan it? It was almost unwatchable and I stuck with it til the end, surprisingly. Clunky story and terrible direction. No suspense at all. no mysterious ‘aura’ or level of secrecy about the serial killer, they show him and his motives right out of the gate. The acting is terrible. I understand these sort of things are sold in a minimal amount of shows ordered, but this is one to let sink.

      The big ‘tell’ is she has Aspergers? please…Lame

  • jake3_14

    It’s been documented that managing a “problem” employee like Cross eats up the equivalent of one day/week of a manager’s time. I just can’t believe that someone with Asperger’s that pronounced could ever become a homicide detective, much less stay in the job. Maybe she could work as a lab tech.

    And all the giveaways in the pilot prevent any suspense from building.

  • Jeff

    The sad music following the death of a character who was on for about 20 seconds was pretty cheesy. Showing me the serial killer in the first episode, a little too soon. I will watch again, because there is nothing else on, but I don’t see this one lasting too long.