That NRA Ad About President Obama’s Kids Gets a Funny or Die Response

    January 17, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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As you may have already know, the NRA has released an ad that attacks President Obama because his kids have armed Secret Service to protect them.

“Are the President’s kids more important than yours,” asks the ad. “Then why is he skeptical about putting armed security in our schools when his kids are protected by armed guards at their school?”

Here’s that ad:

And here’s the response from Funny or Die, who argues that the security needs of the President’s family and the average family are different and comparisons are irrelevant.

  • Jay Spurr

    LaPierre –

    Your organization has gone over the edge on this one, pal. Our President and their family have been protected since the Civil War … and for the only REASON … he is OUR President and because we have had too many wacko’s like the one’s who have taken them out.

    Your comment … bad guys with guns can be countered with good guys with guns … is an absolute non-sequitor.

    To bring the President’s children into this debate, ESPECIALLY, knowing why the Secret Service does what it does for the the President’s family is an abomination.

    I WAS an NRA member but no more. You people have lost it. I hope the Congress overturns your misguided lobbying effort and does the right thing. Assault weapons were never intended to be for self-protection.
    They are not in the same league.

    I will do everything in my power to ‘de-throne’ you idiots from any issue regarding gun control because you and your manufacturer cronies aren’t interested in gun rights … it’s all about money and political tripe.

    Screw all of you idiots … Somewhere in our past your advocates must’ve been red neck ‘gator hunters and pond scum. Go back to the swamps and let the educated work for the REAL issues.

    Jay Spurr
    Captain, US Navy (Ret)
    Gun owner and hunting enthusiast who supports RESPONSIBLE gun ownership and registration.

    Background checks and fingerprinting trumps ANYTHING !!

    • Rdcress

      Actually Jay, there is not question about the Secret Service protection of the president and his family. That’s SOP. The issues is that fact that the school employs 11 other armed security guards. Many of the other elitist in Washington send their children to the same schools. Get real Jay, it’s not about protection or hunting or any of the other lame arguments. It’s about an individual right in this nation and the principles upon which this nation is founded. Deal with the criminals, deal with the deranged. If you are so fond of gun registration why don’t you simply move to England or Australia? It’s obvious that you react with your emotions rather than any intellectual analysis of history and the atrocities committed by government unchecked. True Britain and Australia are not herding people to the gas chambers yet but I certainly wouldn’t want to be subject in their empire where the old and frail get 22 hours when the state deems them unfit for additional treatment. I guess the new age military indoctrination has really worked on you.

      • http://uni21st.com amixer

        Very Funnie

  • wayne johnson

    its a big mistake to put police in schools because some students have been beaten by police in schools so that would be out for me

    • Randy D

      Let’s see….That’s like saying “No need for schools because someone could die in one.” What a moron.

  • Kevin

    Jay, I couldn’t agree with you more. These NRA crazies have gone over the top this time. Amixer….no this is about slandering the president of our country and his family. The argument is about gun control. There is no need for citizens to own assault weapons. If and when the “evil gov’t” decides to trump us all I’m pretty sure that the tanks, the F15 fighter jets, and I don’t know…. the atomic bombs, are probably going to make the average citizen pretty much defenseless; however, no one is arguing that we should have all of those in our garage. Secondly, would the NRA please stand up: Dear President of the NRA, will you please release the names of the schools that the children of you and your top 20 advisors attend? Hmmmm….. I bet not, probably because they are very much well secured by guns. Thank you all… and to all… a great debate!


    The NRA may have gone to far but that does not mean that maybe we shouldn’t have professional armed guards in schools


    We should not be attempting to keep certain types of guns from being owned and possesed by all the pepople just ot keep certain people from owning and possesing all guns.