Texts From Bennett & Pancake Rapper Viral Hits Are The Same Person

Mac Lethal looks to be latest internet sensation

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I’m not sure which cliche to begin with, so how about, you can’t make up stuff like this. The viral nature of the internet struck twice for one person in the past 24 hours, with a tumblr site and a seemingly unrelated YouTube video involving a rapper cooking pancakes.

Meet Mac Lethal.

Our story begins on a site titled Texts From Bennett. Here, someone documented text messages from their 17 year old cousin Bennett. According to the site creator, Bennett is a “17 year old who thinks he’s a Crip, works at Amoco, has a girlfriend named Mercedes, and is one of the most unintentionally funny and brilliant souls on the planet“.

Here’s an example of one of the texts, which was just uploaded today. The description for the image is “Bennett and I discuss dog bites“:

Texts from Bennett

The messages get even more ridiculous, with one concerning the movie Old School, or is it Vincent Van Gogh?


You might be asking yourself, wasn’t there a viral YouTube video somewhere in this story? Well, of course there is. Because the gentleman on the Texts from Bennett site is none other than the rapper Mac Lethal. As discovered by a Reddit user – “The rapper who was on this video from earlier today on reddit, Mac Lethal, is Bennett’s cousin. He’s the one texting him.“. On the same day that Texts from Bennett picked up steam, so did his YouTube video. Which is none other than Mac Lethal rapping to “Look at Me Now” by Chris Brown while cooking pancakes. Oh, he’s rapping about cooking pancakes too.

So, our latest internet sensation not only has taken YouTube by storm but became a leading topic on Reddit based on a completely unrelated, but just as hilarious website.

As many have mentioned while watching the video, you can’t use metal spatulas on a teflon pan. Let’s try and keep it professional.

Update (12/02): According to a report from the Washington Post, the Texts from Bennett site is a sham. For shame. Mac Lethal has played us all; the site is still funny by doesn’t really have that same magic now that it’s fake. Fool us once pancake rapper, shame on you.

Texts From Bennett & Pancake Rapper Viral Hits Are The Same Person
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  • K

    How do they know from the texts that it’s the guy in the video?

    • juice

      They don’t, this is another piece of chum journalism.

    • ion

      I’m a longtime Mac Lethal fan, and he has been sharing these texts with us for quite awhile now through twitter and his facebook page. It’s him.

      • eddie b

        yep it’s true been marveling for a cousin like Bennett for years

  • Kyle Hunt

    in his defense, i do believe he refers to it as a “scratchula”

  • Enrique

    That’s not “Bennett”, that’s a rapper called Mac Lethal. :|

    • Your dumb

      Rtfa idiot

      • chris


        He puts them up online himself, probably using something like http://www.fakeiphonetext.com/

        Nothing is real. Welcome to the internet, please enjoy your stay.

        • Hobosammich

          hey dude, follow your own link, create a fake convo, and look over at the battery bar. then look at the pictures above.

          • chris

            The important words in that post are “probably” and “something like”

    • JBlack

      Bennett is supposedly his cousin probably not real, but people gotsta learn how to read damnnnnnn

  • http://sfoysternerd.blogspot.com/ The SF Oysternerd

    This guy is ridiculous…lyrically, not incredible, but linguistically incredible…I mean, easy Blackalicous-level…that’s big…respect MacLethal

    • http://sfoysternerd.blogspot.com/ The SF Oysternerd


  • juice

    Where’s the proof in the reddit link? The reddit user is only speculating, no evidence is presented. Great journalism, dingus.

  • juice

    In fact, the man in the video looks nothing like a 17-year-old. He looks like a 30 something with a full grown beard. And a tattoo on his hand.

    • Yurdog

      The rapper isn’t the 17 year old. The rapper’s cousin is the 17 year old. Fail.

  • JBlack

    Someone needs a TV show!

  • LaurPar

    So just to clarify.. The rapper in the video, Mac Lethal, is not actually the 17 yr old kid named Bennett, from textsfrombennett.com or whatever that tumblr site is. He is, however, a relatively well known rapper that most likely created the “textsfrombennett” thing on his own.. Acting as both Bennett and Bennett’s cousin..? Mmmk, think I got it.

  • Professor Anarchy

    Rhyming like Twista don’t make you dope. George Watsky PWNS this clown on substance. Grammar too!


    How much did you have to pay Aesop to do a track?

  • D

    So is he saying Bennett is his cousin or he made up “Bennett”. Cuz part of what makes this so funny is that supposedly its real and “Bennett” has no idea the blog even exists. So if he just admitted that it is fake then he’s stupid because it’s not as funny now.

  • evans

    ^youre an idiot

  • http://robertclifton.tumblr.com/ Bert Clifton

    I got a T-Shirt from Texts from Bennett today, it came with a free Mac Lethal CD…

  • http://netwrok.us/videos Viral Videos

    hahah thats awesome!

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